Fairy A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 7: Cold Fall

Jane is on her quest to start her own set of renewable energy sources. New Kingdom begins to phase out the rest of their oil industries. But renewable oil that is plant-based is now overpowering the conventional oil industries. Jane don’t like to pollute air. She is about to plant her own garden as she […]


Windmills in the Cold… Cold Environment

Annie is on the quest to help engineers build windmills that will replace a pesky coal-burning plants that are used to generate power. Annie has studied lots of high winds in the cold environment. She did all kinds of things while she’s on duty; she is now patroling the cold ice cap at north of […]

A Fairy-Rider Without A Fairy (Story)

Chapter 2: My Fairies Might Be On Duty… but Problems need to be solved

Back at the palace, Annie is currently working with New Kingdom’s power system to keep their subway system going. Other fairies are just having fun,–playing games! They’re currently playing pool with other fairies.Most of these fairies are built to grant wishes for anyone,–not just for children!