Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has been established in February 2013; it used to be available on Blogger,–owned by Google LLC. during the development of our site. We start off writing posts as chapters in a book, and we still do! However… we didn’t own a domain just yet because, we were unbanked. That’s the time we only rely on free web-hosting platforms that are simple to use. That is the official place where we actually started. Think about writing the first 10 pages on your book what you’re writing.

Before the establishment of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. It used to be titled as Blind Fairy Works, but things started to change as my blog evolves. That’s when constant evolving begins to start. My Dream Of Fairies & Fantasy is the known old brand/logo that was used to brand my storytime posts. These posts used to be sloppy, and there’s no formatting,–causing some of my readers to steer away from my blog… this is normal for newly started bloggers. Since I can write for fun. I decided to write online because, I’m trying to go paperless. This is my first experience via blogging via a free platform. I started doing a strategic posting, and editing,–and branding. Branding my blog is the one way to get my site recognized. I’m always careful when choosing which brand what I thought up. It’s kind of like doing art, and titling your book.

Strategic Writing and Licensing Content

I discovered Creative Commons licenses… and I was inspired by other creators who wanted to freely license content,–after creating new works. That enables my blog to change forever! That means; no more traditional copyright licenses to worry about. However; I started creating my own characters for my stories. That’s the time before the wiki for my characters has been established. I have to do some strategic character creation because, I wanted to keep track of these characters what I’m creating from my imagination. I created my first fairy character Amanda. She is my first fairy I ever created when writing stories since I was in North Carolina. That’s the time where I used to live.

Days after a YouTube channel, This is your wake ups!! has been unlawfully taken down by Google Inc… I started writing more content on my blog. But my old friend who tried to get help from me has lost contact with me. He was an activist who tried to bring all of the corruption, and other issues to light. Wait a minute! Who in the right mind to do this? That’s neglect.

When going back to Kansas; I started to write even more content on my blog. I reached some chapters that are longer than ever. But I established a milestone! I reached about 3 to 4 posts while I was preparing my blog to be monetized via an ad network. I have to do a strategic setup for my content for the purpose of verifying if my blog is suitable for any ad network.

I created my new character, Annie! She’s my another fairy that indicates my next milestone when writing fictional stories. I decided to keep on writing about fairies and fantasy. Before I had an ability to embed videos; I written my content exclusively in text,–no images.

Inspiration of Saving Our Planet From Global Warming

Some stories what I write has occasionally contain themes of reducing pollution, and going vegetarian… after I was inspired by these petitions on ForceChange via an Environment category. That caused me to think about our world that needs our help.

From 2013 to 2014; we started to write other fictional stories,–so we can entertain our site visitors who wanted to read our fun posts.

Refusal To Publish Sexualized Content

Nobody wants to see content that focuses on people showing off disgusting body parts as a way to attract visitors on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. I refused to publish that kind of this content because, this is NOT the way how fantasy goes! Well, most adult blogs were doing this. With Fairies Dreams & Fantasy; you won’t see nudity; pornography; sexual images; text-based erotica; naked men and women for sexual attraction; sex; and other sexualized content. You only read fictional content that is safe for children and families.

All posts on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy are free of sexual content,–which is necessary because, we don’t believe in creating sexual content because we wanted our visitors to be safe. We stuck with this strategy for the purpose of protecting our independence.

Milestone: Went Vegetarian & Created A New Character

Efforts to ditch mouse-traps has been successful when I started going vegetarian. I believe our site don’t need mouse-traps because, when developing my content; I always inspect my work when using a free blogging platform.

I created my new character, Amy Mouse as I written a new series that focuses on reducing power. That’s the time when I was in my newly established apartment… I went vegetarian… and I left mouse-traps out of my home,–after I was inspired by PETA’s article that tells us why we have to be nice to mice! I’ve also virtually ridden my new imaginary mouse during a new milestone.

During my newly established milestone; I kept writing new stories with my newly created characters. I enjoyed writing and entertaining my visitors. And sometimes I help other bloggers… when supported.

I’ve learned to use HTML for my content. It took some time for me to master it. It’s kind of like learning a new language.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has officially became an activist for our internet, and software freedom. Since our site is still being developed; we have to take extra caution when writing our own stories. During the attack of the TPP… I took extreme caution to protect myself from corrupted spies who were trying to silence blogging.

Brand Changing

It was formally named My Dream of Fairies & Fantasy, but we removed this previous brand, and place it in the public domain because, we’ve rebranded our site to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. So visitors can easily remember our site. The reason why I placed my old brand in the public domain because, I don’t want my old brand to be in a dump of intellectual waste… and cut all of the pollution.

After a successful brand change; we continued writing new stories to keep our entertainment going. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is designed to be updated with new posts,–if available. That’s the signature updates that will fix all problems with storylines found via each series of posts categorized.

A struggle with Blogger, and a plan to move to a new web-host as a new home

Since Blogger has too much limitations; we decided to move to our new host who can allow us to run our self-hosted website. We’ve have chosen an environmentally-friendly host who cares about our planet. GreenGeeks is the known web-hosting service that cares about our environment. We’ve learned how to use a self-hosted wordpress site to control our own content, and setup our own policies. According to The Real Blogger Status; these articles tell us more about a problem with Blogger, and other articles. If we want to safely monetize our blog, we have to rely on 3rd party ad networks. And there’s no way to host our own ads. If we tried to host our own ads on a free site; and it was flagged as spam; and we lost our content; that will be a disaster.! Since we have our own site; we can able to host our own ad slots. The Hosting Provider what we’ve chosen is Green Geeks! A web-hosting service who cares about our planet. The Reason why we chosen this service because, its easier for us to retain our content. Whether if we can host our own content to our desired audience, or develop something new… we can able to organize posts like normal.

Blogger’s Barberic Blog Deletion

Blogger has claimed they always delete spam blogs to keep Blogger services running smoothly… but they’re actually going to far! Mistaken identity is common. wether if you are an author who write stories that are fictional, or you write product reviews, or news articles… your blog is susceptible to deletion. Since Blogger hasn’t been making their service easier for their customers… some customers has moved away from Blogger, and find a different platform, they have to be extra careful when using other blogging platforms. We strategically imported our posts to our new site. But we still have this blog on a free platform. But we’re going to redesign our older blog to have classic content to publish.

Transition to our new site

Our new site has been established successfully. We have moved all of our posts in,–so we can continue hosting our site. We don’t need to rewrite our content from scratch. However; we’re going to edit our content what we’re currently fixing. We’re still cleaning up, and playing with our bubble wrap. This is the current cleanup what we just did so far:

  • Moved posts to certain categories. This is necessary to clean up all of the cluttered content, and posts that are going to be published.
  • Repositioned ads and widgets that needed our attention.
  • Reconfigured sitemap to enable visitors to find content,–even when this site grows overtime.

Now we can able to write longer content, and customize our entire site. It was a single blog earlier. Today, it’s a multi-site, or network. We’ve also learned to install and use plugins. But we don’t have any users just yet. But if we’re lucky enough; we will show you how many users what we have.

We have a very low amount of visitors, you can take a look of our analytics below:


Switch To Dark Color Scheme

To ensure Fairies Dreams & Fantasy cuts pollution… light on dark is a default color scheme. That applies to computer users who prefer CRT displays other than LCD displays. If you had an LED display, you are already cutting pollution. It’s easier for this site to be displayed like this because, our goal is to bring back LED, and VFD screens for everyday use,–just like years ago. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy prefers this color scheme because, its better, and makes it simple to read.

It used to use dark on light color scheme. But this color scheme has been causing issues with our air, and our planet, constant lighting onscreen can hurt your eyes,–causing your vision levels to go down. You can adjust your brightness all right, but the catch is… you have to adjust your screen even further. With this new color scheme… you don’t have to modify your settings on your monitor,–unless if you need to.

Why Light Text on a Dark Background has been applied to this site?

What’s been mentioned earlier; reducing pollution is the only reason, and make it easier to read. That applies to legacy CRT monitors on some computers. If you use a laptop computer with a different screen; lit text can simulate as an LED display.

However, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is now hosted via a environmentally-friendly hosting company. Not even 1 pound of carbon will come out of our website. If you don’t remember light text on a dark background… you will see what my site is actually look like. It’s kind of like a DOS machine!

Who is the Creator of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

Aaron Johnson is both a creator and founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. He launched this blog because, he wanted to believe in fairies, setting it as an alternative to believing in Christianity, and other beliefs. He didn’t wish to be a Catholic, believe in God, Jesus, and other beliefs that are not suitable for his life. Although; his mother didn’t even understand about choosing modern education instead of church. But the Good News is; he taken preschool at early ages of childhood. He learn to read and write, and do art, and even communicate with other students.

Although; he used to live in a small apartment in New York. He has a large family. But some of his cousins, aunts, and uncles live in other states. However; he has been abused by his mother, and his big brother and big sister. His IQ level has been damaged,–due to his mother’s failure to take him to therapies to resolve his behavior issues.

Today, he’s a writer of 4 ebooks, and he’s a blogger who writes content that does NOT have any references to Christianity, and God. He also has his own music site, you can visit his site by clicking here.

Why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has some posts updating?

Overtime; if edits has been established; these posts will be better than they used to be. Goal: To fix some possible errors, and add extra context to extend the storyline of each post, or update articles that really needed attention.