A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.1: Packing Up

I woke up extra early to pack up my gear,–before I ever go to Fairyland… if it exists.

I discovered some of my clothes that needed to be cleaned. I believed some of my dirty clothes needs to be washed in bulk because, I don’t have an actual washer and dryer for my house,–due to lack of space for the 2 machines.

I do have a plan to establish my very own house,–after I successfully own my first fairy.

I do have enough money to support my fairy. If I wanted to keep my fairies… I have to take really good responsibility with them, and care for them constantly. For example; you owned a fairy who is a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat meat at all. You fed her some vegetarian food 3 to 4 times a day. You allow your fairy to exercise, and rest in her dedicated room,–or large cot with surrounding wooden bars like a crib. Since fairies fly constantly… a supply of diapers is necessary to prevent your fairy from having accidents, or messing up your entire house with fairy manure. However; I never owned a fairy before! But I’m giving it a try to get myself started with owning fairies.

I decided to warm myself up by practicing riding fairies in my imagination. This is necessary for me to extract what I’ve dreamed up last night. Typically, fairies in my dream are larger and useful than smaller fairies. Most small fairies are too difficult to catch up with. However; use of a leash is not a good idea. Most religious groups like Judaism prohibits use of a leash for religious reasons. However; I don’t have any toys that matches my imagination.

So, I found a toy that is larger than a rocking-horse. This is a large rocking-butterfly. It was used to be owned by an arcade, but it doesn’t exist because, it went bankrupt years ago. Maybe the corporate narcisist has caused it, and hid all of the fraudulent activity.

“This toy will do,” I said, approaching it, “if it was a fairy, I’ll fly!”

This ride-on butterfly may look like an ordinary butterfly, but it has a head of a fox, and a body of a dog with butterfly wings,–and a tail like a fox.

I begin to mount on this toy. It’s kind of soft to sit on, but it has a strong structure built in. It has handle bars that are adjustable, it can handle a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Maybe this toy was donated to me, but I found a letter from an owner of an arcade who supported a cause,–regarding my mother’s misuse of my funds for paying bills. Well, the letter is kind of too worn to read, but the braille copy of this letter is worn down, or damaged during transport.

So, I started riding this toy, and imagined I’m riding a fairy. Well, this template what I’m currently using is going to match a fairy what I want to ride later on in the future. Choosing a fairy isn’t going to be easy because, some fairies are erotic by design, but erotic formats are NOT suitable because, it’s unclean, and it’s not right for me.

Although; finding a fairy isn’t easy for me because, there are too many fairies who weren’t a match for me, finding one can be difficult, and daunting. I always use common sense when choosing a fairy.

I kept a book with me as I ride this toy. And I can hear other people downstairs. Turns out… there’s a nurse who is caring for her rabbits, and she is currently having a meeting with other nurses who were currently finding a way to keep this home occupied while I’m not there. Those are the nurses who work overnight, and they live in a dedicated diverse village where overnight workers dedicated their lives to work overnight, and sleep during the day.

I stopped my toy, and locked it to a still position as I get ready to go downstairs to check my mail.

I ran out of my room, passing 2 nurses who were about to remove a broken light bulb from a ceiling fan.

So, I grabbed some books from my mailbox to read a book about taking responsibility of my fairies. And there’s lots of guides to get me started. But I’m targeting for large format fairies.

I can feel lots of pictures of fairies in this braille book. But it doesn’t have any description what kind of a fairiy it is… Maybe this is a common fairy, or a fairy in the olderversions of FairyTales. But I have to look them up on the internet to find out if this manual of getting started with fairies is legitimate. However; I’m taking an extreme look of this book to find out if this content is a fake, or legitimate book. I heard of these fraudsters who were involved in copyfraud, and other crimes. The good news is… this village takes copyfraud extremely seriously! That means, copyfraudsters are subject to arrests, forfeiture, and fines,–while victims of copyfraud get their content back.

I kept scanning through this book… I can see there’s a problem with this book! It’s a fake book. And I have to send this book to a store to report a problem with this book.

So, I wrapped a rubber band around this book, and placed it inside the shipping package. This is necessary to enable an author to see what’s exactly happening with their content. I think this man who is Islamic has been involved in copyfraud for the past years. And he’s still on the run,–fleeing from the USA to Canada. He’s on a website,–where’s he is wanted for fraud. He committed EBT fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, murder, hazing, arson, wire fraud, check fraud, bank robbery, DUI, treason, and animal cruelty. I’m really scared of this man… but I kept hearing the news about the man who is a total monster. Maybe I can help this village find this man. But I’ll give it a try.

I went downstairs to get myself ready for a bath. There is an emergency supply of hot water what I can use. That makes it easier for me to shower. I have to keep my shower door locked to keep myself protected against spying by bullies, and other thugs.

As I take a shower; I listened to the news about the coal-burning plant that is being demolished to promote a new park for a windmill to reside, and promote clean air for everyone. Why this park needs to be established because, they are about to plant new trees to cut down carbon, and remove bright spots where its susceptible to drout. They also passed a law to outlaw future coal-mining. That means; it will be illegal to mine for coal. And oil-refineries will be closed to switch to renewable oils as an alternative to conventional oil. Well; this is the sign of a modern oil crisis starting.

After I taken a bath; I started to dress up for a long trip to Fairyland… if exists. I kept the radio running to listen to other news that is broadcasted to my stereo what I just plugged up days ago.

I grabbed my keys, and started going out the door of my house,–bound to the store to buy me some items,–along with other items for my new fairy. It’s kind of dark outside, but I have a flashlight to enable other people to see in the dark. I can hear other people going to church to pray. Most of these churches were protected against Islamic hate crimes. That means; at least 4 officers are patroling the buildings to keep the church complexes safe for anyone… It’s kind of like protecting large buildings against terrorrism! Those are NOT that kind of officers via a police department,–instead these officers are dedicated to keep terrorism out of our society.

As I reached the store; I decided to get me some items for a long trip to Fairyland. Since long trips may lead to possible problems; I have to get me a set of adult diapers, large suitcases, and a set of emergency items to keep myself safe. I also have to buy some items for my new fairy,–if I’ve been accepted to own a fairy. If all that fails, I have to find a different place to own a fairy… “That’s some items what I need to keep my fairy supplied with necessary items. Without them, my fairy will not be happy,” I said, going through each aisle, and choosing items to buy. I started to grab a last set of clothing, and warmers,–and a set of shoes for my fairy, and headed towards the checkout counter.

After I shopped for items; I ran back to the house to set out my existing items to bring with me as I go to Fairyland… if it exists. However; I do have a planned alternative place where I can go to. I can hear some of my peers outside playing ball with other peers who were just getting ready to go to their tennis meeting at the another state,–such as Iowa. I’ll be missing some of my peers who were so helpful with my situation. They got me recovered from my mother’s harsh acts since years ago. Although; I’ll meet them later on Saturday night.

All of my peers has hopped on a bus, and started pulling away towards the long road to Iowa.

During the beginning of the day at 7:00; I started to make my breakfast to get started in the morning. I have to make eggless scones to add fruit to my balance breakfast of meatless ham, and some veggie bacon. This is necessary for me to get started with vegetarianism… I can hear the news on my recorder about the tapeworm and rabbit fever outbreak,–due to consuming rabbit meat, and pork. That’s when the synagogues established a prohibition of rabbit meat to take vegetarianism seriously.

After I ate some breakfast… I decided to get ready to go to the another place where fairy-believers live. In common, there’s no temple available for some people who believe in fairies. I have to pack up because, my house sitter is about to arrive in some days later on. I can hear my grandparents mentioning a news about the another Muslim man who was being arrested for kidnapping the Catholic priest. Well, I know this man! Its Muhamed Omar-Mustafa! He was my oldest peer who used to go on trips with me to the mall to try out a new arcade what they opened its doors since years ago. He’s only 25 years old, but I can hear him running from the police,–trying to reach my home to watch over my home as his job. I also heard sirens, and loud officers with their police dog attempting to bite down on that man.

However, Mohamed has used an axe to shield himself from being bitten by that dog… I heard her groaning in pain. And I can hear the other dog trying to take him down. I heard one of the officers asking me to stay indoors because, they’re attempting to capture the kidnapper! Four dogs were barking, 4 backup officers are on the run. And there are 22 more units. Almost 4 more police dogs were wiped out by this man. Is he 20 times violent than he was in prison? I’m not for sure. But I have to use a scanner to find out.

As I listened to the scanner, there was a good news; my peer who always get into trouble is wanted for kidnapping, so as his gang members. Many of my other neighbors has sent tips to the police to keep track of these suspects. This persuit has been documented by the news crew. And no censorship will be tolerated under any circumstances. All pursuits via police are in the public domain.

I kept working with all my equipment as I pack my suitcases, and my only card what I used to purchase items, and monetize content what I build on my website. Since I’m a fairy-believer; I have to be very careful NOT to force anyone to believe in fairies. I rather let others believe in something what they want to believe in by default. This is necessary to protect the rights of other people who were believing in what they want to believe in!

Once I got my items packed up; I decided to watch some movies on my little TV set that is used to be owned by my big sister who once watched some scary movies that are not safe for children. I have to choose a show to watch. There’s over thousands of shows to watch for free,–due to falling corporations who were been overpowered by open-source models of providing content to customers who were watching TV shows that were used to be broadcasted on TV during the old days of television.

Wait a minute! There are still some traditionally-licensed content on these channels. But these corporations are about to go bankrupt like a bomb on steroids. I can’t find some of my favorite shows what I want to watch, maybe the company was held accountable for fraud, providing material support to Islamic terrorist, and copyfraudsters. That caused their copyrights to be forfeited without warning.

As I watch TV; I hopped on my favorite soft ride-on toy rat as I listened to some of these older shows that are now republished as public domain content… I believe this content still has copyright info embedded. This is a known sign of copyfraud. But all copyrights and trademarks has been forfeited,–due to a recent news about a corporation who is involved in fraud, and copyfraud. And they’re been held accountable for evading the public domain. I can hear a narrator mentioning a website where you can purchase VHS tapes for the older customers, and DVDs for newer customers who wanted to reuse content safely. These shows used to be broadcasted on some of these channels what I used to watch, but I don’t remember these channels that well,–due to recent changes to TV vendors. Although; its kind of early, but it’s only 9:00. Maybe my alarm clock has went out, but I did brought it in to be serviced, and rebuilt. However; some of my other peers who were playing outside has discovered some of the other people who were going home from church as they discovered 22 Muslim men arrested for attempted attack on religious properties own by the public owners. I heard some more info about the arrest of these men from the police scanner what I use for keeping track of the police activity.

I’m still watching a movie that is a part of a project to stop terrorism, and save Christians from being persecuted by Muslims. Since I’m not Islamic… I’ll never go to a mosque… and convert to Islam. There’s too much Islamic terrorism links at these mosques. Never the less! There’s many tax liens placed against these mosques for evading taxes. Halal food is NOT Vegetarian because, that requires animal sacrifice to be confirmed as hallal food. I’m leaving meat off my plate because, there’s a panic attack,–due to a dangerous meat industry. In some cases, meat industries are being taxed to the highest level. For example; If you purchased 20 lbs of pork for a pork dinner; you will be paying 75% of these taxes. That’s enough to empty your debit card clean. For example a purchase of pork up to 20 lbs can cost you up to $44. I prefer to leave pork off my plate because, I rather spare some pigs from misery!

The nurse has arrived at my house… she is currently removing all of the expired meats from the outdoor freezer. I’m currently watching the another film that focuses on putting an end to violence against women. And this content is protected against Islamic censorship that is condemned by the electronic activists around the world… this is a new movie to me, and its been funding these organizations to protect all women, and young girls from rape, and allow victims to keep rapists behind bars, or sentenced to execution. This film has received many edits like a website that allows movies to be reused via a specified license that supports reuse,–free of charge.

Hours later… I decided to fix me a vegetarian sandwich with meatless versions of beef that is NOT beef. The movie still plays because, this is a long movie marathon… that means once 1 movie is done playing; the another one begins to play. It will only run during Friday on each week. There are some of the food what I don’t want to eat… I have to be careful NOT to choose any meat product. However; some of my peers has told me to empty my freezer to protect myself from these dangerous meats that are recalled from stores.

After I ate some lunch; I decided to go on my computer to look up which of the following farms are involved in contaminating our food system. Turns out these farms where cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, goats, and even rabbits being thrown, beaten, stabbed, confined, and killed. And this is standard via a meat industry. And I shared it to my peers who were NOT aware of these following issues. It takes some time for my apps to do some work,–due to the slow internet connection. I did contacted the ISP for help… turns out they have a problem with their services,–due to Muslims attacking the underground cables that were used for internet, phone, and TV.

Once I spread the word to my peers about this issue, I decided to go to my library to get some of my books returned to the library,–while these books what I bought from a store stays here. I have to clear up this place to enable new books to be inserted.

I pack up some of my books what I want to keep. I do have some other books that need to be donated to some book stores where they support internet activism,–preventing copyfraud, fraudulent lawsuits, and fraudulent trademark claims from happening. I discovered one of my other peers who are Muslim placed under house-arrest for violating probation. His father who is a convicted predator was ordered to stay away from online gaming sites. That means; he isn’t able to use any social network. However; he owns a website! Well, I always stay away from him because, he’s the man who is totally banned from publich parks, and fairgrounds.

As I went outside… I met one of these officers who were arresting some of my peers who were involved in blowing up the church. They didn’t come to my tea party because, they live in a hotel that is far away from my home. Although; I’m bringing these books back to the library to free up shelfspace for newly purchased books. The library never closes because, there are lots of people choosing books to read like crazy! I didn’t publish a new book yet because, I have to get my primary computer rebuilt to meet the standards for use of open-source software. That means… no DRM, no copy-protection, and no worries about malware. My official new laptop is coming in the mail to replace my money-hungry computer that uses, proprietary software that is built to infect machines.

I arrived at the library to return these books. It was quiet because, people are reading… some people are just reading books to children, but there’s a child who was recently pulled from his/her family. And this person is no stranger! Every person is treated like a normal citizen. But many xenophobes has been causing issues.

I returned all of these books what I’m finishing reading. I have to pick up some of these books what I’ve published since years ago.

Once I returned these books to the library… I ran to the store to get me a set of boxes to use for packing.

I ran back to my house to clear away items that I don’t need. But some of these items will be used for this house. Some of my other peers who were reviewing this home are going to watch it over as I make a journey to fairyland,–if its available.

I cooked my dinner as I listen to the another movie as I get ready to go to a place where I need to go tomorrow. It’s kind of difficult for me to do so because, I have to rely on many of these tricky efforts to reach it. All of my items are packed up,–making it easier for me to leave this home,–before the tram arrives.

What I’m currently cooking on an electric range is a pasta that is meatless with mixed vegetables that are good for you. I have to to eat vegetarian meals because I have to take extra strategic efforts to leave meat off my plate as I can. I’m also baking my desserts for my night time film that is going to spread the word about our planet that needs to be saved from pollution.

Once my food is done cooking, I turned off the oven to save energy. This is an endless movie that is currently playing. I think is a cause-based movie that encourage our government to outlaw sales of rabbit meat. This is a good thing because, this new law will make it a federal crime to slaughter rabbits for meat. This is not limited to domestic rabbits. That means… rabbit pelts will no longer be sold! I still have to pack up the rest of my items,–after the movie has finished playing. I have no time to sleep at this time.

I ate my food as I listen to the rest of these movies. I heard the news about these rabbits who were being saved from slaughter. People who were assigned to therapy rabbits are able to keep their rabbits protected. The narrator is explaining why its bad to eat rabbits. These harmful results can range from deadly tapeworms, seizures, and more. Rabbit meat is considered dirty meat because, rabbits don’t chew cuds.

Once I’m done eating dinner during the movies… I decided to clean up all of my mess. My house sitter is going to guard my house for the purpose of keeping bad guys out of my place. The movies are still playing. And they’re playing one final movie,–before the news session arrives. I enjoyed my warm dinner. And I also enjoyed my dessert too! Some of my other peers who were outside are celebrating a new law that will outlaw sales of rabbit meat. And they’ve encouraged a new law that will make it a safe place for many rabbit owners who were raising them as companion animals, show animals, and therapy animals.

Once all of the movies has stopped playing,–after the end of each movie; the program is heading towards the news block… that means news time is necessary. They have an update about the church that was saved from being burned by mad Muslim men who escaped from prison. They arrested 2000 more Muslim men. Their criminal minds has been documented on many of these major movie producers,–raising funds to combat terrorism. This news report never stops updating. If these men were guilty of their crime… they will be sent to prison for the rest of their lives, and face a possibility of deportation, or in worse cases, execution!

After the news block; I decided to sleep. I have to get ready for tomorrow. I started up my player to listen to these audio-books about fairies… That enables me to jump-start my beliefs for believing in fairies. However; I have to keep my home protected against threats. I hired a security personel to keep my house safe.
This only happens when I’m asleep. But my subscription for this service is about to stop on the next week.

Meanwhile, my grandmother has arrived from the theater where the last films has played before closing time. They have to switch to an open-source version of movies that are free to use to help phase out content with restricted copyrights… this is necessary to transition to reusable movies. She is now taking refuge at the parlor downstairs. I’m currently upstairs trying to sleep. All of these loud sirens is the sign of chasing down terrorists who were being sent to prison.

When the streets has began to quiet down; I started to have a dream of fairies as I sleep. Well, this is a palace where I’m inside of. There are 4 fairies inside this palace. There are no terrorists in this palace so far! The fairy queen has never seen me before! She asked me what I want to wish for… but I already had a wish list. That means I written it down.

I handed over my wish list… she begins to read it as I get prepared to fly with other fairies. It may take some time for her to review my wishes. This is necessary for me to keep track of my wishes. If its successful, that means my wishes will fully be activated.

My Wish List

  • Ride a fairy that matches my dream
  • Ride a white bunny (doe bunny)
  • Believe in fairies instead of believing in Jesus

I hopped on a large rabbit to navigate down the hallway of the palace. They do have large fairies all right… but these fairies what they have in this palace are NOT big enough for me to ride them! But only the fairy queen is the large fairy what I ever discovered. This large palace with a rainbow design has been running for years,–after they won their independence for their queendom. However; this palace has 3 floors, large windows, and large doors. These bright lamps are used to keep the palace lit 24/7. These LED lamps are the powerful alternative to traditional light bulbs.

As I reached the end of the hallway of this palace… I met one of these large fairies who were large enough for me to ride. They dressed up like fox-like/butterfly-like/rabbit-like/fairy-like creatures. But these creatures look like they’re real. I’m still riding a rabbit,–untail she magically transfered me to a desired fairy to ride. She is kind of comfortable… but she is is fully ready to be ridden by anyone,–thanks to all of the strategic care of these fairies.

As I ride a fairy; I can feel her wings flapping. However; she needs to turn into a rabbit-like creature to be capable of carrying her mount. Why this fairy does this trick because, she relies on an alternative means of handling her rider. But other fairies don’t have this feature just yet! They’re just getting started. “This is kind of unique,” I said, riding my secondary fairy. I had a similar dream last night… but this is the different format. How about that! All of the other fairies has never seen me riding a fairy before.

As a fairy what I’m mounted has landed on a platform,–after a short 15-minute ride; I revert to riding a rabbit. Almost all people in this village ride rabbits. And that’s true. Well, I don’t want to force a fairy to be ridden, but this fairy was reluctant to have her first mount ride her. Sure glad I don’t use whips because, its ashamed to hit a fairy to force her to give rides… if you use whips to force a fairy to give rides to tourists, they will be bruised, and be rendered impossible to train in the future.

So, I let this fairy take a break, and eat some food as she freely flies in the garden. I continued riding a rabbit down the path. Think about a long break time for a fairy. Most importantly… she needs to eat during lunch time, and she needs lots of water to drink. It may take some time for a fairy to reset. She needs to memorize her experience during training sessions.

During the long rabbit ride, I met Mary, she is planting new trees at this old lot that is going to be a newly active forest that will enable birds to make a home. These trees are also going to provide shade to reduce the sunlight to keep the earth cool. She is glad to see me. There’s over 4000 trees planted in this large garden where it works like a reserve for the bees, butterflies, and other important insects that play a role on our planet. Most of the drinking water is protected against pollution, and most of these bean fields has fed over 2000 villagers each day. And they had a plan to reach the 8000 milestone. So far; they reduced carbon by 88% by establishing renewable fuels, and reducing use of oil, and coal resources. However; they already protected trees from being cut down for logging. And they also explored lots of newly discovered etable plants that are safe to eat. Since strawberries are the most eaten fruit in this garden… they can lead up to a big expensive price. Up to $200 per pound. Thanks to organically grown plants without any pesticides, chemicals, or any other ingredients that will harm the environment.

“This is a wonderful day for planting trees,” said Mary, “I’m planting newer trees that will allow newly established gardeners to extend their entire garden up to 300 miles. This is necessary for some parts of our village to integrate with nature.” I stopped at the pond,–where 2 large geese are swimming at. This pond has a fountain running,–keeping the mosquitos out of our village. This is necessary to keep them out of our garden. The rabbit what I was riding is now eating some alfalfa, hay, and other greens. “There’s over many activists who were cutting pollution. Since you were on a bike earlier… I managed to meet you at the pond,” I said, continuing to ride a rabbit down the path.

Take a look of this path! It used to be a conventional road for people who were silver miners who mine silver. They call this path, “The Black and Gold Pass Line”. Like a road, it used to have motor traffic, but animal-riding citizens, and cyclists are currently using this road to go places. They installed windmills along the busy road to cut costs of laying wires for underground electrical supply from a power plant. Now, these windmills are used to both supply power, and pump water for a large village. Since wind is so valueable… they will never run out of wind. They sell wind-based energy as a way to sustain the village’s economy for at least 20 years!

As I ride a rabbit down the path from the palace, I discovered a well,–where water is pumped to the conversion station to keep our water system safe to use. In common; well water is used to keep the plants water each day. There’s over 22 electric watertrucks that are designed to water large plants, and soak the ground the fight the drout. Sometimes… they use powerful sprayers to shoot water high in the sky,–making a light or heavy rainfall. These machines usually use the brick paths to enable them to navigate the field without harming the plants. They also use underground water pipelines to distribut water across the large garden. They have a cooling station that cools water to keep our water cold, and prevent drout from harming our plants. Since these pipes were strategically constructed… that enables water to travel as fast as 400 mph as a max speed. Most of the water pressure uses windmills to assist high pressure to keep distributing water as a way to keep our plants watered during the hottest days. They can withstand these powerful winds up to 500 mph. It takes about 1000 of these windmills to pump gallons of water across the garden underground. Each windmill is as twice as an expensive mansion! Well, this garden used to be a place where oil pipes are maintained by the refinery. However; these pipes are still being removed because, they’re relying on renewable fuels as a new norm of their lifestyles of running machines. In fact; drilling for oil is harmful for our planet. That’s why this large garden is being planted for the entire village to reduce all of the carbon by 500%. They needed to remove these pipes that are designed to supply oil because, if they don’t remove these pipes… our water system will be polluted! But what makes oil pipelines dangerous is the use of toxic chemicals, and unpredictable leaks, pipe bursts, explosions, and damage to our world.

This garden has lots of carrots planted for most of these rabbits own by the villagers. They also planted other greens that will feed the entire queendom up to 44 years. Stocking up dry food is necessary to prevent starvation, famon, thirst, and other serious situations. Its kind of like having an emergency supply of food. I always have a supply of food for a rabbit what I’m riding. That’s very important for safety.

As all 200 new trees has been planted, me and Mary rode our rabbits back to our place where we are camping at this large palace. The fairy queen has discovered us kind of dirty because, we’ve been planting trees like a gardener. We had reached our goal of planting 200 trees like a pro. “It was so fun as we ride rabbits,” I said, dismounting the white rabbit,–enabling her to take a break by eating dinner, “I always give my rabbit a long break after I ride her.” Mary was proud to plant trees because, she has a task to do for our planet. I’m the only person who is shrunk to a small size. But Mary is taller than me. “I can’t believe you were giving your rabbit a break from being ridden. She’s the first to eat dinner with us. Since I don’t eat rabbits… you are lucky to keep your rabbit,” said Mary, getting ready to eat her food as the fairy queen serve her some vegetarian food that is premium, “if you eat rabbit meat… you are susceptible to religious penalties… such as being forced to own rabbits as a pet, mount, companion animal, or a show animal,–or a working animal.” Mary is so strict with her vegetarian diet. She always checks if her food is officially vegetarian. “However, rabbits are NOT fish because they don’t swim underwater,” I said, passing a plate of french bread slices to Mary, “rabbits live underground all right… but they’re NOT vegetables. They do eat plants, but they don’t grow from the ground.” “I agree with your words,” said Mary, getting 2 slices of french bread, “let’s warn the queen about this issue what our world is experiencing.” Mary starts eating as I drink my cup of tea.

Almost all of these fairies are vegetarian, but there’s 1 fairy who don’t want to go vegetarian. She wanted to eat meat. And she hunts rabbits. However; she’s isn’t allowed to hunt rabbits because the fairy queen owns a rabbit as a pet, or mount. I can hear fussing over a rabbit what she hunted in the wild. But the queen is NOT buying her excuse! “I wanted to eat rabbits,” she yelled, guarding a rabbit carcus. She was about to place her in a brick oven where fish is only cooked during Lent. But the oven is actually being used to cook a large fish that is humanely caught and slaughtered for food. She tried to use the oven that is next to the old meat cooker, but she has to enter the temperature with a powerful electronic control panel, “I want to eat meat NOW!” But the fairy queen said, “you will NOT eat rabbit because, its bad for you. We don’t allow any fairy to eat any meat like this. Rabbits should be respected.” The fairy queen is so strict, she don’t allow this fairy to eat rabbit meat. The another fairy queen was depressed when her companion rabbit was killed by this greedy fairy. There are some bad fairies. That meat-eating fairy who eats rabbit meat is punished via getting her wand removed.

Hours later; Mary and I were now at the library where fairy-related books are available. The tables are built for reading books of any size. It does have a common theme with fairies. “I can’t believe that bad fairy has been eating rabbits for years. She’ll get a serious virus inside her for years. And there’s no cure for this virus,” said Mary, pulling a book from the shelf, “let’s keep our rabbits safe,–so we don’t be stranded without them as mounts.” “I get it. That fairy wanted to support the meat industry, but our planet need us for now,” I said, riding the white rabbit to her large hutch where her cooling system is implemented. Mary has looked around to verify if the bad fairy is not present. “There is no sign of her, but she left evidence,” said Mary, looking at the window where rabbits are currently resting, “this is an outrage when she did this!” I closed the hutch door, and raised the hutch itself to enable her to see the entire view of the library itself.

Mary has no way to catch the bad fairy who is trying to distribute rabbit meat, but she has a method to catch the bad fairy. I managed to keep the rabbit hutch safe, and keep track of the fairy queen’s rabbits. Most of her rabbits are protected with a newly established laws! “This fairy is a strict meat-eating fairy,” said Mary, “don’t ride this fairy.” Mary never gives up because, she has a strategy to catch a bad fairy.

I’ve ridden the white rat to dodge the bad fairy who has a whip. She was insane like a vampire! Vampires are scary… they’re often deadly! Those are the vampires who can kill!! Mary uses her butterfly net to capture this meat-eating fairy. Me and Mary work in team to stop the bad fairy.

All of the other fairies has encouraged us to restrain this fairy who is cruel to rabbits. However; the white rat what I’m riding has managed to reach her safety cage to dodge all whips. She enters her large wheel, and turns the generator to power up the fan to circulate air in this room. I can feel her as I ride her as she runs on her wheel. Mary hops on an orange cat to catch a bad fairy because, her butterfly net has failed to house a bad fairy. An orange cat sounds a capture as Mary uses her backup net to catch her.

PLOP goes her net!

A bad fairy is now captured! Mary and I keep the net steady as the fairy queen removes a whip from her.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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