A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.6: A Ride On A white Cat

I still have lots of time before I go to sleep!

I am getting my player to play audio-books as I sleep later on. I am programming my device to enable my device to play books for 7 hours. The nurse has to take Eilene to the vet for a weekly checkup as a way to keep her healthy, and active, she often eats more food when necessary, but she often needs to have her diet adjusted to confirm if she can get a correct amount of food. “Now my machine is set,” I said, activating the play button, “now I can sleep as this machine runs.” I can hear the nurse signaling Eilene to enter her carrier when taking her to a vet for a long checkup. Maybe the nurse cares about Eilene… and she has been trying to worship wererabbits as a way to support our culture with rabbits, and protect them against being eaten by humans. In fact, the nurse has a necklace with a charm that is shaped like a rabbit’s head. It’s a metal version with glass. And she has a collection being implemented around this house. However, she sells off her old collection to stores to make some money, but she always pay lots of taxes like an American citizen! And she takes taxes very seriously. I was glad when she pay taxes because, taxes help the USA run properly, and support public schools, and maintain prisons,–and explore renewable energy.

As I get out of my room, I walk down the hallway to go to the living room where the nurse is still getting ready to go to the vet for her rabbit. “This is my appointment for tonight, and I have to be checked each week,” said Eilene, getting ready to read her book. The nurse is using a cart to roll her carrier. “The vet office is still open, and it never closes, and we have to catch your appointment, you have to get your diet checked for errors, you did eat enough food,” said the nurse, “after you visit your vet, we will go back home, and sleep, other rabbit-owners has been trying to get a certified vet to make sure their bunnies are healthy like us.” Eilene has relaxed her ears, she thought other people who own rabbits has been trying to find a legitimate vet, she heard a news about a scammer who illegally put their bunnies to sleep, and taking their money. Insurance fraud is a known issue, and these scammers has been taking advantage of these villagers who own rabbits. “There’s a scammer who is lurking at our clinic dedicated for rabbits,” said Eilene, presenting a page to the nurse, “I have to alert you about this because, if I was put down; that will be sad! And you may end up having your rabbits being stolen and illegally sold as food.” The nurse uses her phone to call a legitimate vet as a way to protect her independence. She uses her card to track down a legitimate vet who she worked with for 22 years! “This is a good idea to call her just incase, and warn her about these scammers who were involved,” said Eilene, getting ready to continue reading her newspaper, “and looks like I found myself a mystery!” The nurse agreed what Eilene just said, “it may take some time to catch that scammer, and bring him to justice with a help of our police department. And on the cover of this newspaper, there’s a white man involved,–scamming black villagers who own rabbits as pets or therapy animals.” The nurse stops the cart, she can see the door to our house is still closed, but she can see other people who were trying to find a scammer who is hiding. It’s still kind of bright outside, but the sun is setting!

She opens the door to get a better view, the light next to our door is active, but the streets are kind of noisy, and many of these villagers are just going back home to sleep after working, but overnight workers are just getting ready to work overnight. It’s like a street that never sleeps! However; this neighborhood has been changing for years. I thought the nurse is going to take a bus to the largest animal clinic in this village, and she has been spending over $20,000 to care for her rabbits for many years, and she has implemented a memorial book for her past rabbits what she owned since she was a child, and she worshiped a wererabbit to establish a new religion today. I think she started a religion, Church of a Rabbit Queen. And she has been advocating rabbit ownership for many years!

I believe this scammer is lurking somewhere! “Watch out for the scammers who is illegally running a rabbit meat trade,” I said. Eilene doesn’t want to be slaughtered for meat because, she condemns eating rabbit meat as dangerous, and disgusting.

The nurse exits our house, and she wheels out her carrier,–bringing Eilene to her vet. She closes the door, and lock it shut with her key. I can hear her other rabbits playing as her partner takes over caring for my nurse’s rabbits. Well, she owns a cat, and she supports efforts to save the lions, tigers, and other wild big cats. She grew up with cats because, she worshiped a werecat when she was a teenager who started owning cats for her birthday, and her parents has came up with an idea to start a religion that worships a cat!

I’m currently trying to find a movie to watch, and my subscription service is going out, and I have to rely on a different network to watch TV. And they told me about a Disconnection of my services, until notice.

I powered on my TV to find a movie to watch, maybe the cable service is disconnecting my entire home because, no payment has been made by my mother who illegally used my funds to gamble, and buy unnecessary items. This is a waste of money, and this is fraudulent. SSI fraud can be scary, and even blind people can be victims of fraud!

I only discovered 1 movie to watch, and I believe this movie was made in the 80s. But I never seen a movie like this before. But this movie has no audio-description because, there’s no company who manages this movie, I think this company has gone bankrupt when they’re in serious debt,–after a copyfraud case, and bribing the trolls. In fact; this film is now in a public domain! The channel owner has displayed this content to support the activists who condemned copyfraud as a serious crime. Over $500,000,000 has been donated to keep these activists at float.

I started watching a chosen movie.

This is a micro movie of some sort.

Suddenly, my TV set has powered off ,and my remote has stopped operating. Maybe the TV needs to power off because, my nurse’s partner has to take over this house as I go to the another place. Out of entertainment, I have to find other ways to entertain myself. I only have a player for playing audio content. This is what happens if you ever fail to make payments to a cable service for someone in your family. Losses caused by lack of payment for cable services is common, and they do take losses seriously.

“I think something is not right,” I said, trying to reboot the TV, “and the remote is now dead!” I stopped for a moment; and I came up with an idea…

Meanwhile, a white cat has arrived in this room, she heads towards the center mat on the floor,–just like where I am currently at, and she is next to me! She is currently, unloading her suitcase. She’s a large white cat with green eyes, and she has a pink nose. She is a large version of a domestic cat, but she is strategically enlarged for a different function. Maybe for show or something. Maybe I can ride her, just like in my dream! But I am totally loaded with my laptop computer with my website active, and my ebooks what I’m trying to publish.

“Looks like you don’t have any entertainment, said the white cat, “your set went out, and your service has been disconnected, but I do have some entertainment for you for tonight.” The white cat isn’t kidding at all! She has entertained many people for many years. “I do have my laptop computer, but I have many books to publish,” I said, powering off my laptop computer, “all of my books are published, I had a dream of riding fairies earlier.” The white cat grabs my left arm, and she said, “how about riding a cat! I’ll give you rides as you pretend if I’m a fairy, your dream is kind of unique, and you can ride me as a fairy. If you ride me, I’ll give you a ride around this house, or around this village. However, you have to be comfortable with riding cats in order for you to ride me as a fairy in your dream. I’ve been doing this for kids and adults for many years.”

I replied, “okay, all of my devices are powered off, and I’ll do it.” I climbed on her back, and the white cat begins to go forward.

“Be sure to hang on tight, and I’ll give you a ride around this house,–this is entertainment before you go to bed,” she said, entering the hallway, “your nurse has to enable her partner to look after you, since you’re a person who is about to ride a fairy, I have to be a fairy for you. Your home will be taken over by a nurse who will guard this place for you.” I can feel the white cat pulling forward,–along the carpeted floor. This floor is kind of flat, but the tiles are kind of crooked, I believe the grout has gone loose overtime, but the tile flooring is easy to rebuild. Four of the other rabbits are still awake, but 2 of these orange cats are currently being entertained by my nurse’s partner who is keeping her cats entertained like kids before bedtime, but it’s only 19:30!

This house is kind of quiet so far. And my TV is about to be packed for later on, this is usually necessary for me to pack all of my equipment before leaving.

The white cat walks down the hallway where I usually use for reaching my little library where I usually store books what I’m recently publishing, but all of my equipment are packed up on a large truck where it will move all of my items to a new place where I’m choosing to live for a while. I managed to hang on tight, and my hands are still strong enough to hang on to a white cat what I’m riding. I felt comfortable riding her. This is normal when I try out riding new animals.

“Looks like you’re moving out of this house, and i’m just wondering why you are moving out soon,” said the white cat, looking at the last shelf that is empty, “I believe your advocate has suggested you to go to the another nation where you can have a similar experience in the USA, but you have to get all of your taxes paid first.” She makes a left turn towards the door that leads to my little sister’s room where it has all of the furniture removed. This is an official room where the another nurse is using it as her little office, she is currently buying this entire house. She has paid over $400,000,000 in taxes for the last 4 months, and she’s been caring for abused children for many years, and she has stopped the spanking, and stopped cruel forms of parenting. “That’s right partner,” I replied, “i have to move out of this house because, I have to go to the another nation where I can freely believe in fairies, and enable the government to keep record of me living away from my mother who defrauded me,-by gambling with my funds.”

The white cat was worried, “this is not good when your mother do this to your funds. It’s your money, but where’s your money? This is bad for your family. My parents who rely on a Jewish rules of managing money because, this is a clean way of managing funds.” I stopped the white cat to listen for my private trash-collecting worker who is specialized in working with the blind residents. “The sanitation service what I relied on has been collecting bounced-checks, and he’s been gathering them as evidence to help the FBi investigate an endless fraud what I’ve experienced,” I said. The white cat continued going forward, she said, “my mom loves me, and she never do it to us, she has stopped over 200 fraudsters since years ago. My mom did tax payments, funding our bank accounts, running her cafe, and even ran her grocery store for our city, and she was good at paying lots of taxes, she don’t avoid taxes! That’s what some parents don’t understand, this village needs to wake up.”

Suddenly, the white cat stopped at my room where my player is playing books on CD. She can hear a story about a girl who wished she can ride a cat in her dream. “So that’s the book what you are listening to, said the white cat, adjusting her ears, “we don’t use CDs; we only use vinyl records because, we rely on older tech in the 1900s.” She pulls into my room, and I keep a firm grip to her to prevent myself from falling. Her fur works like a rug, but she can adjust herself to prevent her from losing her rider. She’s a smart cat, and she can read books like we do!

As she reaches my mat where I use it to park my shoes, she crouches downward to balance me, and I usually scoot forward to prevent myself from slipping off her back. She pulls out a book, and she starts reading it. She usually reads to kids who were abused, or removed from abusive homes in this village. Two orange cats are just having fun with their owner. I’m still awake, and I’m still finding ways to spend some time as I get myself a fairy tomorrow. If I can get me a fairy, I’ll be flying soon! It can take some time for me to obtain a fairy to ride and fly. Tipically, smaller fairies are usually too small to ride, but large fairies are capable to bare a weight of a person riding her. The white cat has imagined she was a fairy, and she was flying!

The white cat begins to stand back up, and continue walking, she can see 2 orange cats sprinting to the another room where the nurse read books at.

She follows them down the hallway, and she listens to them as she find them. “Your room is large, but you have a hall too,” she said, “that makes my job easier for me. If you continue riding me; I’ll show you the other room where your nurse reads a book to many kids. However; she usually do this when she has patients who were being assigned to her. This is common when she relies on her own time.” I thought my nurse reads a book to a child, but she hasn’t doing this for years. “This is kind of like a ‘fairy rush’… but there’s no rush,” I said, hanging on to the white cat’s ears, ” if you came to the another village, you can see other fairies.” The white cat has never been to a village with fairies before. “This village won’t do for me, I have to stay here, and support the victims of abuse, and neglect,” she said, making a right turn to enter the room where the nurse reads a book, “I work with a nurse who is a dedicated psychiatrist who is dedicated to treat the mentally-unstable,–due to abuse.” I managed to keep my balance as she makes a hard stop towards the couch where the nurse reads a book. I have to figure out how I’ll ride the white cat in this house, and pretend if she is a fairy.

This is kind of difficult, but it takes practice! Practicing is one way to master something new. For this instance, practicing playing piano enables you to be a pianist, or a musician. Practice makes perfect, just like a drill for leaving a building during a fire emergency.

As the white cat reaches a mat, she reads a book as I listen to her. I have to listen to her reading a book because, I don’t have anything to keep up with her reading speed. She can read a book like a teacher reading a book at school,–reading a book to young students. Some children read books as a way to entertain themselves. Well, some kids aren’t able to read because, they can’t process words, or read words like a normal person, picture-based books are intended for non-readers who can only read via graphics. Picture books are the most expensive books what non-readers read. Text-based books are intended for regular reders who can read normally!

Reading is mostly important to me.

At the vet office, Eilene met Mell Jr. She is a tan rabbit who smoked lots of tobacco products. Eilene saw other rabbits waiting for their appointments. “I must have a checkup before I go to sleep later on,: she said, getting ready to read a book about dogs. “I’m afraid of dogs,” said Mell Jr, “I was startled by one since years ago.” Eilene has stopped reading a book because, she just started reading since 1 second ago. Since Mell Jr. can’t smoke in this large hospital, she has to keep all tobacco products out of the waiting room. Due to Mell’s high smoking addiction; she can’t stop smoking, and she was end up with her ears turning black. Buerger’s disease is currently striking towards her. You can tell she has parts of her paws missing, and parts of her tail missing. This is scary!!
Eilene stops reading a book, only for a minute or 2. What she can see is Mell Jr’s empty box without any cigars in it. “Are you okay Mell?” she asked, “I think your ears are about to fall off.” Mell has never heard what Eilene is explaining to her about why tobacco products are bad for you. “After I lost my big toe via my right foot, my surgent has placed an artificial toe on my foot where my big toe is missing, I tried to quit smoking, and get my friends back,” she said, “however, I continued smoking cigars, and that’s when parts of my ears begin to turn black, and you can see the sewn scar where they just cut off parts of my ears. My whiskers begin to break off, and one of my paws begin to have their toes turn black, and my doctor has to pull them off. Losing my body parts, and I’m still smoking. Now my life is this way. My tip to you is; stop purchasing tobacco products, and don’t be a shoplifter.”” Eilene has never seen Mell Jr. smoked before, but she said, “don’t smoke tobacco products. It’s bad for your body! Looks like you’ve been shoplifting years ago, and you were banned from a tobacco shop.” Mell has remembered an incident,–involving shoplifting at a tobacco shop. And she was severely addicted to tobacco. “Now my life is this way, now I’ll be just a mangled rabbit who smoked tobacco,” said Mell. Eilene was stunned because, she has never heard of a rabbit shoplifting at a tobacco shop.

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