A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.3: The Fairy And The Genie… Choose One!

After I spent some time at the arcade; I decided to find me a fairy to fly. The lady who dressed up like a fairy queen has discovered me with my banner of me riding a fairy in my dream. It was my old art work since years ago. But this fairy queen is actually taking a closer look of my project! And she has to find someone to enable me to browse for a fairy who is right for me. “This is fairy what I’m trying to choose,” I explained, “this fairy must match these specifications found within my dream.” The fairy queen has taken my banner to the service center to enable some people to find me a fairy to fly. However; I’m still riding a white rabbit to navigate inside the large temple. But this religion is still being tuned,–so fairy-believers, well… fairy-believers don’t need dictators! Like people in the USA… they prefer equal rights, and freedom. But there’s a newly developed nation that is taking off somewhere around the world… but I never heard of this place! And I believe they successfully saved the Christians from being persecuted by Muslims, and 4000 Muslims has been extradited to the USA to be sent to prison after a guilty verdict. And that is a powerful move to stop the Islamic Sharia law. And my experience at the arcade has raised lots of funds to protect the church from being persecuted, and prevent terrorism.

So far, other people has chosen a fairy, but some people has chosen a different fairy that isn’t a fairy. A fairy can turn into any animal you wish to ride an animal, or as a companion animal.Some fairies do turn into animals,–depending on a fairy type. Most good fairies do this trick! Maybe this rabbit what I’m riding is a fairy.. if she’s a fairy, but which fairy has turned into a rabbit like this; reamains a mystery to me. “This rabbit may be a fairy,” I said, “I can tell if this fairy has turned into a rabbit.” The white rabbit has stopped for one minute, she discovered the another rabbit calling her. He might be a candiddate for being a companion animal. But the rabbit breeder who owns these large rabbits is getting ready to go to the vet, and have a checkup. However; this rabbit what I am currently riding has already had a visit with a vet since days ago. The white rabbit continued navigating down the hallway. Since I don’t force her to do a thing… I rather let her take her corse. When riding animals, don’t use a circular format like an amusement ride, use a corse route instead. Going from one place to the another,–with a return time is the better way. But interchanging animals for riding is needed because, they need breaks, food to eat, recess, and some sleep. However; this temple has a clean record of managing their animals what they own. Most of the rabbit manure is sold to power companies to convert it to fuel, such as: biogas, solid fuel for power plants, and other products. most of the food what their rabbits eat are grown locally, or bought at stores. Thanks to reducing air pollution, and removing contaminants with air cleaners, these rabbits has captured more air what they used to do,–making them larger.

I decided to visit this large rabbitry because, I was interested in figuring out how these rabbits were bread larger, and strategically trained for riding. Inside this rabbitry are: automated food supplies, air cleaners, rabbit camp integration for everybody, a set of large hiding places for rabbits, a pure water supply, manure drop off station for rabbits to relieve themselves with a built-in self-cleaning system, a room for resolving fear of rabbits, dedicated rooms for people who were patients who were getting their fear of rabbits resolved, and the movie room for displaying movies about rabbits.

This place never closes because they rely on religion to keep themselves running. They take religion seriously. But they don’t allow anyone to eat rabbits because, they believe rabbit meat is considered as “dirty” meat.

Not even one rabbit is slaughtered for meat or their fur because, they respect rabbits as citizens too.

Turns out… these rabbits were strategically bred to be service animals for people who were in temples, hospitals, recovery centers, nursing homes, abuse-protection shelters, and more. Most of these rabbits were also strategically enlarged for the purpose of riding them,–just like this rabbit what I’m riding. However; most of these rabbits are rotated because, this temple often sell rabit manure as fuel for power plants to run electrical services. Like recycling, no need to discard manure as trash. But most rabbit manure is converted to biogas and other fuels, and the liquid manure is sold as fertilizer for plants to be grown for food, or decorative plants. Most flowers for tea were grown to keep this temple at float. I believe if their rabbits are larger, they can get the most manure generated to turn into fuel.

This temple likes rabbits because, they can eat some plants that can cause some problems with their gardens. Weeds what they eat naturally helps other plants grow safely. This temple has been gardening for years! And they’ve implemented a ritual to help cut carbon by 99%. Some gardens wanted to implement cold environment adaptation for their other temples where cold air is required for their temples to retain the heat. These rabbits are friendly, and they are smart creatures as well. “Looks like this place is kind of okay for now,” I said, briefly stopping the white rabbit what I’m currently riding. These other rabbits who were donors were enjoying their times with other rabbits. Unlike other places where rabbits are bred for other purposes, these temple members has implemented a meat-free policy that will protect all rabbits from slaughter. If I can get my calculations correct; if you were a previous owner of rabbits; you may need to start recycling, and save our planet, or if you spared a rabbit from slaughter; you may need to build a temple that will be surrounded by a garden,–or if your rabbit dies; you may need to build a temple that is large enough for a spiritual rabbit to enter the temple. Looks like they’re allowing other rabbits to enter this temple because, it’s easier for them to save money, and promote responsibility of owning rabbits. I continued riding the white rabbit to continue exploring this large rabbitry.

Meanwhile; Mary has arrived at this rabbitry. She is about to adopt a rabbit as a new companion animal for her family. She is choosing a brown rabbit who is going to be a gentle giant for a child who was saved from child cruelty since years ago. I can’t believe Mary is already set to own a rabbit. Maybe she went to some temple about 4 years ago. “Did you find a fairy that is right for you?” Mary asked. “There’s no fairy available for me,” I replied. I stopped the white rabbit with and interested joy as Mary starts removing unwanted traps that are set by terrorists who were involved in animal cruelty. I can hear one Muslim man who is slamming someone’s rabbit with frustration. But that rabbit doesn’t deserve to be slaughtered for meat, or as a punishment! That man should be taken to prison for cruelty.

Mary starts riding her rabbit as I get ready to track down this rabbit killer who is harming our rabbits. “Let’s save these bunnies from an illegal slaughter by that greedy man,” I yelled, riding the white rabbit fast,–constantly hopping along the path. I have to reach the field where other rabbits are located. Mary begins the chase to save this rabbit who is owned by a professional breeder who is strategically breeding rabbits for riding. But most of these larger breeds of rabbits were used for this purpose, and most of these rabbits who were used to be raised for meat were now candiddates for becoming non-meat rabbits because, many rabbit owners wanted to outlaw production of rabbit meat!

However; the Muslim man has been arrested for his crime. Thanks to a newly developed law that really sent Sharia law, and Islamic societies packing… this man is no longer going to work with rabbits because, he was the theft of these rabbits, and he’s facing 22 years in prison, and he will face a fine of $200,000,000,000,000 fine,–and $700,000,000,000,000 restitution. He was wanted for arson, murder, and animal cruelty,–and robbery.

As I exited the rabbitry; I ridden the white rabbit down the tiled hallway to reach the library to find a proper book about fairies. I have to find a new fairy who is right for me. But none of these fairies are NOT suitable for me because, some of these fairies are wearing clothing that is NOT friendly for families what I expected to. This hallway has a set of LED lights implemented to keep the hallway lit, but some of the hallway lights are NOT on because these skylights are used to let the light in from the sky. The walls have smooth bricks that are glossed with protective paint that is made of 100% non-toxic materials, and it will not harm the environment. The tiled hallway is tiled with strong tiles that are designed to handle lots of people, and they also have glass tiles that enable you to see the lower floor. Like most glass flooring tiles… they’re designed to let you see what’s upstairs or downstairs. That enables this temple to reduce as twice of much energy than ordinary temples. These skylights are strategically engineered to enable energy from the sun to generate power. Defrosting elements prevent snow from building up on the cells of the skylight itself. If these skylights can do this, how much power you will reduce?

As I reach the library; I ridden the white rabbit inside to find a book stocked by a reputable librarian. However; they already protected these books against Islamic Censorship. And they already banned Sharia police because, this village has classified Sharia police as terrorists. Within this library; there’s an array of books, computers, tapes, CDs VHS tapes, beta tapes, tablets, and some tables for reading books. Most of the library itself is interactive! The carpet is black with gold checks, and a bronze border around the entire carpet itself. The walls are also carpeted. The lights are LED. And the windows are tinted strategically to prevent high energy bills from occuring when cooling is enabled. “This is a place where I can find the book about fairies of many types,” I said quietly, slowing down the white rabbit to go around the person who is choosing a book to read., “this is going to be good!” I kept riding the white rabbit slowly down the aisle. Finding the fairy aisle is important when finding a book about fairies. This library has already prevented terrorism from popping up again. And visitors are prompted to report any signs of terrorism,–or threats of terrorism.

Once I finally chosen a book to read, I started reading a book as the white rabbit cruises along the empty path towards the cage where she can rest safely. This cage is so large, it can house over 12 rabbits… but that applies to big rabbits. Most of these rabbits in this temple are trained to be around people. Belgian hares are also included to enable people to raise funds when running rabbit jumping events to help combat slaughter of rabbits, and implement ways to integrate both rabbits and people in other countries.

Once the white rabbit takes a break, I transfered to the another white rabbit to continue a quest to find me a fairy who is right for me. I’m listening to a book because, that enables me to ride the white rabbit without crashing. Most people in this library has read religious books from a Christian church that may be protected against Islamic threats, and conversions. But I never heard of a protected church before! But I’ll check it out later on within my quest to get me a fairy.

I returned the book to the shelf, and ridden the white rabbit out the library to the main hallway. I have to catch up with other people who were going to choose a fairy too! But some of these people wanted to go beyond limits when choosing how their fairies are going to look like. “Okay, this is the next level, and I have to drill down and find a specific fairy who will match my dreams, I’m pushing towards the goal of getting me a correct fairy because, I am trying my best to get one.

However… there are many kinds of fairies what we encounter each day via a fictional world. I’m about to go to the large part of a temple where other fairies are located because, I have to choose a fairy that is going to match my imagination. It’s kind of like finding a fairy to fly safely.

“There’s a fairy what you can fly, but this fairy may be close to your imagination,” said the white rabbit, glancing at this fairy what she never seen before, “I believe this fairy will do. And she has an empty name tag. Her name is Jun. And she wears a crystal crown with a yellow and pink stripes on it, and it says, ‘Make a wish, and your wish will be granted tomorrow’. If you make a wish; your wish will be granted.” This fairy wears a golden yellow dress with pink triangles on it. She also wears a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of bronze stockings, black jeans, flat silver shoes, and a pair of blue gloves. Her wings are purple with a glitter pattern, a black border, angled sides, and they’re rigid. Her skin is light, but her family is part black, and part white. And they take breaking barriers between color seriously. Her hair is red, her lips are red, her nose is red, her head is large, and her legs are long. She also has a tail like a fox, and her feet is like a rabbit, and her arms are covered in fur like a rat. She wears a red apron that goes to her dress,–like a fictional FairyTale character! “I got my wish list, and I already made these wishes,” I said, stopping the right rabbit to listen for Jun to respond, “this wish list is strategic, and I have to confirm if my wishes should be granted.” Jun has pulled out her wand. She begins to swing her wand from one side to the another side,–swinging it sideways. And the fairy dust comes out of her wand. “Your wish will be granted later on, but you have to leave meat off your plate,” said Jun, working her wand, and spreading her wings, “don’t let anyone infringe your right to believe in fairies.” “Thanks Jun!” I yelled with joy, riding the white rabbit down the large room where friendly fairies are located. This room is almost done being built, and the temple itself is almost done being repaired. This room hasn’t been done just yet, and the paint job hasn’t been completed just yet. There are 22 painters painting up a new theme. Most of the theme designers are just using an array of tools to quickly finish up their paint job. Usually, they use recycled hair dryers to quickly dry the paint to prevent smudging, and damage. Like a strategic job, they gloss over their design to shine it up, but parts of it get a matt finish! It’s kind of fun seeing their work being done, and they’re paid when service is requested.

Meanwhile; I stopped the white rabbit to listen for the bell choir to find other fairies who were trying to find a new fairy-believer who believes in fairies. But most of these people has chosen to believe in Christianity. But most people were trying to implement simple ways to believe in both things at the same time. Some of my peers has left the arcade to go home,–back to their parents to go out to the another place as a camping trip, but I’m finding a fairy for me to fly. However; this temple rarely has genies who were granting wishes for people who were recovering from serious traumatic events… such as: car collisions, abuse, neglect, cancer, financial abuse, and other stuff. “Perfect!” I shouted, feeling a sign that implements a zone to keep spanking activity out of this temple, “I finally found the ‘Anti-Spanking’ banner. I was looking for this banner for some years. And now they’re saving children from cruelty. And it says” ‘If any parent of any kind, or any person has been involved in spanking children,–or allowing anyone to spank a child as a punishment will be punished via a 7 year prison sentence. Corporal punishment is cruelty! No parent is immuned to anti-abuse laws.’ I believe this sign has been posted since years ago.” I continued riding the white rabbit towards the cafeteria to get me some lunch to eat, but it will be a long ride.

As I finally found the bell choir, I decided to listen to it as I enter the large where a church-like place is implemented. These pews are filled with members of the temple, there’s a group of people playing bells, chimes, electronic pianos, some people sing, and some people are taking classes that focuses on believing in fairies. This choir is currently active, and the the guards are protecting them from harm. And most of the people who were attending this temple are families.

Within this place, there’s a set of silver pews, a stage, a set of large statues what you can sit on, a set of balloons hung to decorate this large area, a set of lights implemented to light up the room, and a plaque mounted on a wall that reflect past members of this temple. The white rabbit has stopped for a while as I take a picture. People who were performing in this large area are practicing a ritual that focuses on flying like a fairy. “This place is beautiful!” I exclaimed, continuing to ride the white rabbit down the aisle where people line up for a ceremony that focuses on a ritual that enable people to respect all lagomorphs like: rabbits, hares, and pikas. But this aisle is used for multiple purposes. One of the women who were new members of this temple has left Islam without any trouble. Thiis religion what they’ve joined has already protected them against harm. The imam who is responsible for holding women hostage has been arrested since years ago,–according to their story.

As I reach the upstairs section of this temple; I discovered one fairy who can’t fly! She is currently teaching children about fairy culture. In this classroom; many children are sitting on stools that are linked to each set of desks. Each student is doing each task, and some of them are helping other students. Almost 4 teachers are at work, but 8 of them are taking a lunch break. Almost each classroom has an observation window for some people can figure out if education for children is right for them. It is a school built-in, but they take security seriously. They don’t allow guns, or any other weapons because, this necessary to keep the school, and the temple safe. Most school classrooms have rabbits, rats, mice, and hares as companion animals.

I ridden the white rabbit downstairs to go to the main hallway to reach the cafe. My tummy has started growling! But the white rabbit has stopped for a moment… she looks around for a possible agressive dog who might’ve escaped from his/her owner. But there’s no possible sign of a dog in this temple. She already took cover when she heard that sound. Other rabbits who were saved from being slaughtered for meat were still scared because, they’ve not been bred for pets… however, they’re attempting a change for them, and implement a “no slaughter” group of rabbits to prevent further cruelty. Since this temple claimed rabbits, rats, mice and hares are not pests… they imposed sanctions against pest control services. “And that’s what I callit it ‘protected rabbit breeds’,” I said, commanding the white rabbit to go forward, “this is the place what is now giving a new experience.” Two rabbits hopped passed me, and there was a new owner who care about rabbits, but she is an activist who protects our planet, and our climates. She is also carrying a banner that features a set of windmills that are generating power, and pumping clean water. Usually this temple has an ability to prevent bigots from harming our society.

This temple has these places that are unique, and its designed like a small city, but this large complex has been harnessing all of the customs that are designed to make our community stable, and peaceful. However; this religion is still a barebone frameworkk. Over 200,000 children has been successfully educated. And Many families has evolved. At this case: a praying area has been designed to be like a fairground, but its indoors! High tax payments has been keeping this village for a long time. Without taxes, the village will not exist. I haven’t reached the cafe yet because, I have to go through all of these places where I can go to in the fure as a reference. This prayer area is open 24/7; and it never closes. And they take actions to prevent Islamic terrorism. And they educate children why terrorism is illegal. Anti-bullying laws are ready active.

I passed the commissary where goods are sold. This commissary is currently getting its goods stocked for guests to buy goods to consume. That can range from boxes of tea, to tea cups. It also has a design of a garden that takes place in a fictional world. It has a blue sky with soft white clouds, green hills, bronze fences, pink roads, and a swing set. They also have a real swing set too! The flooring is green too… but the paths are pink. This light on the ceiling is as bright as a sun. “There’s no sign of vegetarian goods there, but I’ll find the another place where I can find some food to eat. This is a place where my mother don’t want me to go to,” I said. The doors of this store is about to open… and the lights are about to adjust color for the store itself. The gates start to open, and the ads are about to run. However; this store supports renewable energy, and prevent spanking. So far; 2,000,000 children has been spared! That means… violence in families is prohibited at all costs. That should also be applied to animals as well. Lots of anti-spanking centers has been established. If I can get my calculations correct… smarter children who were stable are going to evolve peacefully, and spank-based societies will be gone for good. Almost all members has been helping other communities who wanted to put an end to spanking and abuse in homes, and other places.

I decided to pass the store, and continue going down the hallway because, I have to find the cafe, and get me something to eat. The white rabbit needs to eat too, and looks like she needs a break. She has to take some breaks, and play with other rabbits as a way to socialize with other animals, since this temple prevents people from getting their rabbits overworked. Usually riding rabbits should only run up to 20 minutes. Like a working animal who give rides… he/she needs to take breaks such as: socializing with other animals, and some food to eat, and some rest. That’s why they have owners bringing their animals home,–to care for them. Most of their vet bills has been paid,–thanks to riders who ask their owners before riding. And they have videos that explain riders about their training methods!

As I ride the white rabbit down the hallway, I discovered some of my other peers who were about to go to the Bible School that is already connected to this temple. But they imposed sanctions against spanking children. And they also condemned a family who was involved in a child cruelty scandal. Maybe they wanted to go to this school because, they wanted to stay away from Islam because, terrorism is an issue. This village is implementing a new law that will protect Christians, Catholics, Jews, and other select religions from Islamic attacks, and forced conversions. Its not a crime to leave Islam. So far… they raised over $200,000,000 to fund the new law to reduce persecution, and gather all of the people who were accountable for a terrible hate crime.

However; I wasn’t interested in this activity because, I have to find a fairy that is right for me. That means… I will NOT rest, until I find me a fairy.

None of these fairies in this temple won’t match because, some of them are just dirty, and disgusting… nobody wants to see a fairy exposing something dirty as a way to attract fairy-believers, and that’s NOT the way how the temple goes. “This is NOT right,” I cried, riding the white rabbit towards the another room to report a problem with a fairy in question, “I had to report a problem with this fairy who is dirty, and she doesn’t meet the requirements for this temple.” The fairy in question has tried to fly towards me, but the fairy queen is prevent her from getting close to me. She’s not supposed to have this format of her clothing this is NOT safe for children. However; this clothing is only intended for mermaids because, mermaids don’t need same kind of clothes what fairies wear. I can hear the genie finding the way to be established with a religious temple. That’s when some people started to start a religion that focuses on a genie as a currently worshiped entity. But I have to make a choice… I have to choose a fairy, or a genie. But I have to work hard to get me a fairy.

I met one of these genies who are willing to help me choose a fairy. This genie is coming out of the lantern that is specially modified to run by batteries, or electric energy. This LED lantern has been developed to light up the shed, or the large lot where lights are NOT installed. “I believe this genie is going to find me a fairy to fly. But the catch is; I have to choose the right fairy with a right format who is right for me,” I said as I ride the white rabbit faster,–to prevent that fairy who is causing issues from catching up with me. Looks like she’s a bad fairy, or something. She used to be a fairy who grant wishes for children only… however… she was pulled from school,–due to a sexualized format scandal. The white rabbit has managed to speed up! She is also trying to find a fairy for me… but she can’t find the right one at this time.

All of the other fairies has other features what this bad fairy don’t have. But this bad fairy doesn’t want to grant wishes for adults, but she has been scaring children away because of her way how she dressed. Don’t try this at home because, its not a good idea to wear this form of clothes. Other fairies wear family-friendly clothing, and they also wear non-sexualized clothing because, they want to be safe for everyone.

Once I reached the room where the another fairy who is the princess of all fairies, I told her about an issue with a fairy who is wearing certain clothing, and performing some dirty stuff what I don’t want to support. The rabbit what I’m riding is currently inside her hutch. She has to take cover to keep herself away from that fairy who is causing lots of issues as we navigate to the dining room that is far away from us.

Jun has arrived here because, she is filing my wish list for my wishes to be activated. A short delay is necessary to prevent my wishes from being stolen by other people who were trying to take our wishes. “I discovered that fairy who was dirty, and she doesn’t belong here. And we’ll never accept erotic style fairies under any circumstances,” said Jun, using her powers to get this fairy who is chasing me under control. Turns out; that dirty fairy has a terrible addiction to erotica, and this temple don’t allow erotica because, they implemented a sexless lifestyle that prevents risks of STDs from spreading. “Nice job Jun,” I said. The white rabbit is now taking a longer break. I’m currently dismounting the white rabbit,–so she can take a long break from being a working animal for giving rides. However; her return time will be set by her actual owner.

I ran down the hall to the cafe to get me some lunch.

Almost all members of this temple are about to get their lunches served… most of their rights of choosing what they want to eat is respected for the purpose of preventing people from eating random foods that may lead to serious issues. There’s no “food police” because, these members have dietary rights that are designed to keep their rights of choosing what they want to eat. But eating rabbits is strictly prohibited at all costs! Since I don’t eat rabbits, I only eat vegetarian foods that are right for mehat.

Right now, people in this temple are having vegetarian sandwiches that are matching a theme of gardens that are planted by activists who were saving our planet. “This is going to be good because, this is the point where I start to leave meat off my plate,–for good!” I exclaimed, heading towards the line of people choosing meals to eat. Ssome premium meals are paid, but it will help fund organizations to save our planet. Jun has not came to the dining hall just yet because, she has to eat a different meal that will not cause any of these fairies to be weighed down,–preventing them from flying. What I discovered earlier, some fairies don’t fly because, they’re heavier than their lighter counterparts. Mary is already in the long line because, she is the current member who is leading this temple as a guest. The actual leader of this temple hasn’t arrived back to our town yet! I believe the leader of this temple has been kidnapped by the Muslim gangs who escaped from the US high security prison someplace in California. In fact; these criminals who were been extradited from Turkey, Sudan, Iran, and Iraq. But who in the right mind to kidnap the leader of this temple? “I better warn Mary about this issue because, I don’t want her to be kidnapped eather,–according to the news on this weeks newspaper,” I said, reading the newspaper in braille, “most of the gangs has been kept under Islamic laws that infringe the rights of women, and other people who were non-Muslim.” Mary is also reading the same paper because, she is finding the way to help fight against Islamic terrorism.

When I finally reached the main serving area of the line; I decided to get me a vegetarian salad with tomato soup that is going to be served with grilled cheese sandwiches. But these grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t relying on cheese produced via cow milk… they rely on rabbit milk instead! “This is new to me, but what happened to traditional cheese made via cows milk?” Mary asked, getting ready to eat her salad with mixed vegetables, and some egg-free sauces. Since Mary don’t eat eggs… she relies on an eggless diet to comply with dietary laws that are experimental. “I’s been phased out,” I said, “all of the dairy cows had died out,–due to a powerfull snowstorm that wiped out all of the dairy cattle, and most of the dairy cattle has been converted into fuel because, they have to rely on a strategic plan to redesign their food sources. And plant more crops that will feed the planet. About 200,000 cattle has been killed by this killer storm. And these farmers were trying to recover all of their loss revenue, and get replacement cattle from the cattle breeder. And they are trying to get a hold of these services to get it back going. Today, what they said: ‘We’re going to replace cattle with rabbits because, they’re less polluting, and they handle more heat than usual. And we have to tune our bodies to handle rabbit’s milk instead. Unlike cattle farming… rabbits don’t take lots of space because, rabbits are smaller, but we’re getting them larger for riding in the future.’ And that’s what it is!” “This is terrible for these poor cows,” Mary cried, she puts her sandwich down, “why rabbits should be a replacement for dairy cattle? I never had rabbit cheese before! But this is new. Thanks to our villages laws, rabbit milk must be pasturized for our safety. And no hormones should be added under any circumstances.” I started eating my lunch as I get ready to listen to a movie being featured on a large screen that is dedicated to be mounted on the side of this room. Other members of this temple has been thinking about going vegan in the future, but they’re still finding ways to force a cattle farm for dairy to be removed, but rabbits raised for dairy should NOT be slaughterd for meat because, they have laws that make it illegal to eat rabbit meat. Jun usually gets a different meal that is similar to our food because, they don’t want any fairies to be end up being infected with food-related illnesses,–causing problems with this temple. However; Jun isn’t going to have lunch yet. She usually gets lunch later,–to prevent our foods from being mixed up. “This movie is going to be good for me because, I wanted to see it for my family,” said Jun, getting ready to sit at the table. Mary continues eating her meal as I drink my cup of tea. Most tea what they serve are strategically selected for each member because, each member has rights.

Almost all of these members has filled all of these tables that are designed to serve up to 12 members who were guests, residents, or protected people who believe in fairies.

After I ate my lunch; I decided to go the arcade to entertain myself. This arcade doesn’t just support the temple itself, it also support activists around the world who are saving our planet, and reformating our society that needs our attention. Mary is now serving tea to the members of this temple. She has to rely on her efforts to serve the temple for the fairy-believing communities that are designed to help other fairy-believing citizens fight for their right to believe in fairies.

As I play in the arcade, some of my other peers has started to go home for this afternoon. I’m the only person who is playing. And unlike other visitors who didn’t play at this arcade… they’ve missed out on these games that are preserved to enable companies who issued these devices for temple owners, and their religion that is designed to enable fairy-believers to practice their worship.

I discovered one gaming unit that is currently under construction. And its designed for the blind player who can’t see the screen. Most of the money is used for supporting the blind residents who wanted to make their lives easier by using assistive technology.

This temple like upgrading their temple with blind-friendly tools, and equipment because, they wanted to keep their temple compliant with accessibility laws.

After I played at the arcade; I went to the library to read a book as the white rabbit takes a long lunch break to enjoy her lunch. without effort. Mary is now going back home. And I have to go back to my house later on because, I have to pick up my items to get ready to bust out of this house where the nurse is located. And she has to take over this house because, she has to work with the another patient who is susceptible to cancer,–due to smoking tobacco products. Some of my peers has went home too because, they have to get ready foor sporting events to entertain other people who were about to watch them on TV.

Since this temple is receiving upgrades… I have to find the another building where other members of this temple are located.

Jun has told me about some protected church has been helping me get my funds back from my abusive mother who is involved. She has told me to seek shelter to protect myself from bodily harm, and other dangers caused by my family. I was already in ths temple, but I have to go to the next building. However, the nurse is taking over this house where I currently live.

I decided to go back to the arcade to take cover.

Jun was so worried about me because, she is already but I started believing in fairies without any effort since years ago.

By Fairy-Rider

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