Chapter 0.3: The Fairy And The Genie… Choose One!

After I spent some time at the arcade; I decided to find me a fairy to fly. The lady who dressed up like a fairy queen has discovered me with my banner of me riding a fairy in my dream. It was my old art work since years ago. But this fairy queen is actually taking a closer look of my project! And she has to find someone to enable me to browse for a fairy who is right for me. “This is fairy what I’m trying to choose,” I explained, “this fairy must match these specifications found within my dream.” The fairy queen has taken my banner to the service center to enable some people to find me a fairy to fly. However; I’m still riding a white rabbit to navigate inside the large temple. But this religion is still being tuned,–so fairy-believers, well… fairy-believers don’t need dictators! Like people in the USA… they prefer equal rights, and freedom. But there’s a newly developed nation that is taking off somewhere around the world… but I never heard of this place! And I believe they successfully saved the Christians from being persecuted by Muslims, and 4000 Muslims has been extradited to the USA to be sent to prison after a guilty verdict. And that is a powerful move to stop the Islamic Sharia law. And my experience at the arcade has raised lots of funds to protect the church from being persecuted, and prevent terrorism.

So far, other people has chosen a fairy, but some people has chosen a different fairy that isn’t a fairy. A fairy can turn into any animal you wish to ride an animal, or as a companion animal.Some fairies do turn into animals,–depending on a fairy type. Most good fairies do this trick! Maybe this rabbit what I’m riding is a fairy.. if she’s a fairy, but which fairy has turned into a rabbit like this; reamains a mystery to me. “This rabbit may be a fairy,” I said, “I can tell if this fairy has turned into a rabbit.” The white rabbit has stopped for one minute, she discovered the another rabbit calling her. He might be a candiddate for being a companion animal. But the rabbit breeder who owns these large rabbits is getting ready to go to the vet, and have a checkup. However; this rabbit what I am currently riding has already had a visit with a vet since days ago. The white rabbit continued navigating down the hallway. Since I don’t force her to do a thing… I rather let her take her corse. When riding animals, don’t use a circular format like an amusement ride, use a corse route instead. Going from one place to the another,–with a return time is the better way. But interchanging animals for riding is needed because, they need breaks, food to eat, recess, and some sleep. However; this temple has a clean record of managing their animals what they own. Most of the rabbit manure is sold to power companies to convert it to fuel, such as: biogas, solid fuel for power plants, and other products. most of the food what their rabbits eat are grown locally, or bought at stores. Thanks to reducing air pollution, and removing contaminants with air cleaners, these rabbits has captured more air what they used to do,–making them larger.

I decided to visit this large rabbitry because, I was interested in figuring out how these rabbits were bread larger, and strategically trained for riding. Inside this rabbitry are: automated food supplies, air cleaners, rabbit camp integration for everybody, a set of large hiding places for rabbits, a pure water supply, manure drop off station for rabbits to relieve themselves with a built-in self-cleaning system, a room for resolving fear of rabbits, dedicated rooms for people who were patients who were getting their fear of rabbits resolved, and the movie room for displaying movies about rabbits.

This place never closes because they rely on religion to keep themselves running. They take religion seriously. But they don’t allow anyone to eat rabbits because, they believe rabbit meat is considered as “dirty” meat.

Not even one rabbit is slaughtered for meat or their fur because, they respect rabbits as citizens too.

Turns out… these rabbits were strategically bred to be service animals for people who were in temples, hospitals, recovery centers, nursing homes, abuse-protection shelters, and more. Most of these rabbits were also strategically enlarged for the purpose of riding them,–just like this rabbit what I’m riding. However; most of these rabbits are rotated because, this temple often sell rabit manure as fuel for power plants to run electrical services. Like recycling, no need to discard manure as trash. But most rabbit manure is converted to biogas and other fuels, and the liquid manure is sold as fertilizer for plants to be grown for food, or decorative plants. Most flowers for tea were grown to keep this temple at float. I believe if their rabbits are larger, they can get the most manure generated to turn into fuel.

This temple likes rabbits because, they can eat some plants that can cause some problems with their gardens. Weeds what they eat naturally helps other plants grow safely. This temple has been gardening for years! And they’ve implemented a ritual to help cut carbon by 99%. Some gardens wanted to implement cold environment adaptation for their other temples where cold air is required for their temples to retain the heat. These rabbits are friendly, and they are smart creatures as well. “Looks like this place is kind of okay for now,” I said, briefly stopping the white rabbit what I’m currently riding. These other rabbits who were donors were enjoying their times with other rabbits. Unlike other places where rabbits are bred for other purposes, these temple members has implemented a meat-free policy that will protect all rabbits from slaughter. If I can get my calculations correct; if you were a previous owner of rabbits; you may need to start recycling, and save our planet, or if you spared a rabbit from slaughter; you may need to build a temple that will be surrounded by a garden,–or if your rabbit dies; you may need to build a temple that is large enough for a spiritual rabbit to enter the temple. Looks like they’re allowing other rabbits to enter this temple because, it’s easier for them to save money, and promote responsibility of owning rabbits. I continued riding the white rabbit to continue exploring this large rabbitry.

Meanwhile; Mary has arrived at this rabbitry. She is about to adopt a rabbit as a new companion animal for her family. She is choosing a brown rabbit who is going to be a gentle giant for a child who was saved from child cruelty since years ago. I can’t believe Mary is already set to own a rabbit. Maybe she went to some temple about 4 years ago. “Did you find a fairy that is right for you?” Mary asked. “There’s no fairy available for me,” I replied. I stopped the white rabbit with and interested joy as Mary starts removing unwanted traps that are set by terrorists who were involved in animal cruelty. I can hear one Muslim man who is slamming someone’s rabbit with frustration. But that rabbit doesn’t deserve to be slaughtered for meat, or as a punishment! That man should be taken to prison for cruelty.

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Have you imagined riding a rabbit?

For the past 8 years; I’ve been imagining I was riding a rabbit in my imagination. It took some time for me to develop a new format of my imagination that will change the way how my imagination works forever.

I’ve imagined riding a white rabbit in a large garden. The large garden is taken place in my dream,–where 12 of these fairies were at. That’s the time when I first started believing in fairies. Why I’m riding rabbits in my imagination as I believe in fairies because I established believing in fairies since 10 years ago. For me to maintain my ability to believe in fairies; I have to either ride a rabbit, or mouse to continue.

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