A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.2: My Fairy Experience

I woke up early,–after I had a dream about fairies. And I’m still Currently finding the way to study fairies, and fairy culture. I have to find the way to study all kinds of fairies. Since I don’t have a book with me anymore… I have to go back to the library to get me a different book to read about fairies. Most of these books about fairies are NOT original,–due to Islamic terrorism. And 22 librarians are trying to get these books back to them. There was a rumor about a new policy that just banned the Quran from all libraries, and Sharia law, and other foreign laws will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I still hear sirens sounding. And the chase is still active. This village takes issues with Islamic terrorism extremely seriously… untold; 200 Muslim men has been arrested, and many women and young girls has been saved. And many of these churches has been protected against Islamic terrorism. Okay if you don’t know why this village is currently cracking down on Islamic terrorism… they passed a new law that will protect women from Islamic cultural laws that infringe the rights of women and young girls. That means; it will be a crime to stone a woman, burn down the church, unlawfully censor content, traffic children, rape, and other crimes. At this case; they made it illegal to allow a brother to kill a sister, allow ‘honor’ killings to be performed, sacrifice women as a ritual, sacrafice animals as a ritual, spank children for any reason, persecute Christians, harm the LGBT communities, and burn synagogues. This new law is so powerful… that caused the rape culture to be outlawed permanently,–for good. “That’s really helpful when they banned the rape culture as a safety feature for this village what I’m still live in. I should write a book about this place,” I said, getting out of bed, “my grandmother has taken over my parlor to sleep. She was still waiting for her home to be repaired. I have to let her know I’m still there.” I walked across my room to get myself dressed for today. I have to get ready to go back to the library to find a real book about fairies,–so I can learn more about the fairy culture, getting myself tuned up for believing in fairies is one important thing to do!

I felt kind of refreshed when I had a dream like this. I decided to make a wish in my another dream in the future because, I am experimenting on following my dreams. Some people follow their dreams… and some people don’t. Not just people have dreams; animals also have dreams too! However; my dreams are complex because, I started believing in fairies since years ago.

I can hear the overnight nurse checking on my grandmother who is still asleep. I believe her nurse has started to take over our house,–after she arrived from home. She used to work at a nursing home, but she resigned because, she discovered some issues with some workers who were brought to light for abuse. And that caused some of these nursing homes to change with new regulations! It’s kind of a good news when there’s new regulations to help combat abuse at all costs. However; the nurse is still asleep. Maybe she became my safeguard when she responded to my mother’s abuse scheme what she hid for a long time. Her jobs is also important for her to watch out for any signs of abuse of my brothers and sisters who were struggling with their lives.

Meanwhile; one of the nurse’s rabbits has started to wake up, and get started in the morning. Her buck rabbit is now ready to become a therapy animal for the abused and neglected! Since the nurse is a careful breeder who breeds rabbits as a living. She’s been breeding rabbits for 3 decades. But these rabbits what she is currently breeding are just raised for therapy animals, not for meat. The reason why these large rabbits were raised as therapy animals instead of meat production because, this nurse is an activist who condemns eating rabbits as cruel, and dangerous. She joined a newly established religion that prohibits people from eating rabbits.

I got out of my bed, and start to stretch my legs.

I have to stretch my legs because, I have to get started during the day. Almost all of my clothes being dried has finally ready to use,–so I can get out of my dirty clothes. I can hear the nurse coming to my room to check on me. “Your available attendent is here to get you started with believing in fairies. And there’s a perfect temple available the is suitable for fairy-believers,” she said, getting her laundry folded,–after her clothes are fully dried.

As I get dressed, I listened to the scanner radio to catch up to a current capture of these terrorists who are wanted in prison for arson, and fraud. In fact, my friend, Muhamed is being scheduled to arrive in court by the next week. He was once in prison for attempted murder, and attempted robbery. His father, and his mother has been stunned because, Muhamed was taken to jail last night! His daughter who was attending school has warned her teacher about her father who is involved in murder,–bringing shame to her family, or bringing her family to shame,–when brought to light. “This is a serious news,” I said, putting my blue jeans, “why such people are doing this to our children, and why they’re doing this? This is kind of terrible.” I was calm, but the child who is complaining about her family who is involved in murder, but the police department has tried to keep the child calm via a police dog who is dedicated to comfort a child who is in danger. For some reason my radio has switched to a standard radio to capture the news. I managed to put on my belt that is leather-free. That means… its made of cloth only. But the cloth material is stiff enough to keep my jeans from falling. I have to take some time when I rely on these clothes what some my neighbors donated to me since days ago… I put on my shirt to match my jeans. Going on a quest to find me a fairy to fly won’t be easy, but I’ll find one that is right for me.

So, I put on my socks, and shoes that are designed to prevent myself from slipping as I enter the fairy-based temple. I do had an array of fairies within my collection what I usually share to my peers. Those are a set of fairy figures that are once owned by one of my past peers who is an activist who wanted to put an end to spanking, and rape culture. I believe her wish is about to take effect later on. “Let’s go on a quest,” I said. I unboxed the fairy what I was I dreaming of flying. That will enable me to enable other fairy-believers to guide me through of selecting a fary to fly. Although, the nurse who is currently downstairs has ready dressed like a fairy! But she’s on a quest to save the Christians, and stop Islamic terrorism. She needs to attend the church for some people to help our village combat crime against Christianity. However; the nurse condemns spanking because, she classified it as cruelty, and reckless bodily harm to anyone… she has spoke up for children who were spanked by parents illegally. And she once pressured the government to implement an anti-spanking law that is so strict, all child are protected against being spanked under any other way! This powerful anti-spanking movement is still rising today, and the society is slowly changing. But only this village is changing.

I continued dressing up for my quest for finding me a fairy that is right for me.

Once I’m done dressing up, I ran downstairs to get ready for breakfast. My house sitter is just doing her work early. And she has to guard this home while I’m not there. She is currently making tarts for the rest of my peers, and my grandmother who is taking refuge after her home was damaged by Muslim gangs who were involved in mass fraud, counterfeiting, copyfraud, and bank fraud. I had 1 experienced fairy-believer who is getting me started with believe in fairies. She has a job to find a temple that is available for me to visit, and start becoming an official fairy-believer. I just can’t wait to believe in fairies because, this is a wish what I just written since years ago. “Oh, great! I have to use my cold food to get fueled up for today,” I said, getting ready to open the freezer to get myself some waffles to warm up in a toaster oven, “good thing… I can brown some waffles for myself as my house sitter gets ready to do her long job. Since its Saturday, I have to clear up my entire home to enable people to steam up the entire house to cleanse it thoroughly.” The waffles felt cold all right, but the freezer with a bulky design is built to last! It was donated to me since years ago. I used it for storing frozen vegetables.

So, I ate my breakfast as one of the skilled fairy-believers read a book to me. They have to monitor a set of books for possible signs of fraud, and other issues. I had a plan to go to the fairy-based temple to find myself a fairy to ride,–making it easy for me to keep up with them. I had my TV set turned off last night because, I have to save energy… and reduce carbon. Some of my other peers has arrived to get their lost items recovered, they needed to get ready to fly to the another country. They’re flying to the UK to study British, and British culture.

I took some time eating as I play the video about fairies. I have to use a vintage video player that supports DRM-free media. Due to software freedom activism… copy-protection schemes has been halted. And Every creator who went DRM-free has reduced waste by 400% and counting. These experienced fairy-believers has been trying to steer me towards the right set of videos about fairies. They have rights too! Not all fairies rely on an owner when cared for… just like caring for rabbits, dogs, cats, mice, rats, or any animal.

After I ate some breakfast; I decided to go to the fairy-based temple to find me a fairy to ride… this is NOT a fetish under any other way! My grandmother is speaking to a nurse about choosing a vegetarian meal that is designed to extend life,–instead of eating meats within a standard diet.

This temple is built with bricks, and it has large windows. There’s a theme of fairies that are in the public domain. This is a new kind of a religious group that is being developed as an alternative to Islam. I never went to this temple before! But I had an option to join this religion… this is new and launched from the ground up. There’s a garden that is next to the building. And there’s a sign that certifies this place is protected against terrorism. And This is a new religion that is officially banned Islam, and lobbied for banning of Islam! That means… this village is protected for good.

I started off by opening the door to the temple… This is a big door what I have to open to enter the temple. The temple door is kind of like a large gate that is made of metal, and other materials. Its kind of old, but it still works. The window is restored many times, and its been protected against any force of any object,–attempting to break the glass.

I slowly walked through the door… the warm air blows out of the entrance. I think this temple is about to start the heater in any moment, but the oil for heating this building is exculusively renewable… I can hear the blower inside the block where the steam unit is housed. The blower drives hot air with a powerful current to distribute heat quickly. It needs this unit because, the entry point gets cold during the coldest days, and the coldest of the coldest seasons.

I walked down the hallway. The hallway is designed like a hallway of a palace someplace in other countries. I have to walk slowly because, there’s people dressed up like fairies; richual equipment, vegetarianism starter guides. books, and items what people via different religions brought during conversion.

As I enter the main area of this building; I was greeted by a lady who dressed up like a fairy queen. She is wearing a large violet dress with a brown apron, a crown with gold wiring inside glass, 2 earrings, a necklace with a bronze charm, flat shoes, silver stockings, blue fairy wings, and an artificial tail like a fox. I never seen a fairy like this before! She is a new leader of this temple.

“Okay, where should I go?” I asked myself, walking towards the main area of this temple, “this is a ritual. I’ll ride a rabbit down this hallway that leads to the main area of this temple.” I discovered a large rabbit to ride. She’s a white rabbit who can handle up to 2 riders. And she wears a quilt on her back.

So, I hopped on her back, and started riding her down the hallway. Most of these people has dressed up as fairies of all sizes. And unlike other fairies… these fairies were designed to grant wishes for everyone around the world. But they don’t support territories where human rights infringement has been around for some years. “That will make it easier for me to navigate this temple. If there’s a fairy for me to ride… she will enable me to fly,” I said, finding the fairy that is right for me. Some of these people who were about to start a fairy study… and the fairy-like service for our village. Well, this is a new kind of a religion. But they implemented to new task force to prevent “honor” killings from happening. That means… women and young girls will be protected. If any family member who is involved in killing anyone in his/her own family or anyone else… a long prison sentence is issued.

I ridden the white rabbit down the ramp to the cellar maze,–where the entry point to the main complex is located. It’s kind of like a difficult way to enter the temple fully. I believe why they had this ritual,– riding rabbits because, that’s important for fairy-believers. But what I’m doing is solving a mystery why they had this ritual for the past years,–after they started a religion. Its kind of like a ritual that was revised from common toys what children ride to learn motor skills, or revised from some old kiddy rides that are repurposed as religious equipment. Some of them are no longer trademarked, or copyrighted, and some of them are in the public domain! This form of reuse of these devices has been used to test these common rituals being implemented.

This long rabbit ride is kind of fun to me, but she was already trained to handle her rider. However; she always get lots of exercise, lunch breaks, and lots of room to navigate. I can feel her rising and falling as she hop across the floor. Most of these powerful machines keep the temple warm in the cold days, and cool during the hot days. And it relies on a centralized system to control the climate inside the temple. They have to use a strong heating system that is modified to keep the temple warm 24/7, and cool during the hot days. I can hear other people ride their rabbits through the maze. I can also hear lots of rabbits hopping. Since there’s no predatory animals to worry about… they can able to play peacefully. Since this is kind of a new religion that focuses on fairies… they are still building their new group. There are 4 people riding rabbits, and 8 of them are just getting ready to go to the main part of the temple that leads outside,–its kind of like a campus, but this is a complex that is once used as an apartment complex, but the company has sold this property to the people who were starting a new religion that is currently being established.

I’m the first who rides a rabbit out the door. These brick paths were strategically built to enable people who were riding rabbits to travel from one place to the another. But the gardens what they are currently planting hasn’t started to grow just yet. They have to let the construction workers remove unwanted oil pipelines that are lying around for years,–after the first oil crisis. And they’re fighting to save our planet to outlaw drilling for crude oil, mining for coal, drilling for gas, and relying on dirty fuels that are designed to harm our planet. This is a right move to save our planet, but it just started. I ridden the white rabbit across the garden that is strategically planted to capture carbon by 22%. Its kind of like reversing carbon emissions. I can smell the plants, but they’re still dorment during the long cold days. But the other plants that are growing inside are still taking out all of the pollutants. So far, they installed new planter boxes to assist in reducing carbon for the complex. The rabbit what I’m currently riding has stopped to eat some plants as a way to refuel herself. But I’m still kind of warm because, I’m wearing a coat to prevent myself from getting cold like a cup of ice. However; I’m not sure what kind of rabbits what they owned for years, maybe they’re angora rabbits, or giant rabbits. But those are new breed of rabbits that is still being developed. But this breed is intended for riding, companion animals, dairy, and manure for power plants. “Its going to be very cold outside,” I said, adjusting my zipper on my coat. Four other rabbits are eating their food from a dedicated garden that is intended for their rabbits.

The rabbit what I’m currently riding continues walking down the brick path to the main building.

Some people who were visiting this temple has implemented ways to keep this temple running. Most of these rabbits are protected against illegal slaughter of any kind. Since lots of food for rabbits has been supplied by 99%… that enables them to have an 8-month supply of food to offset expenses. “If I can find the art center… I can able to do some art that reflect my belief via fairies,” I said, riding the white rabbit towards the doorway that leads to the main temple building that is equipped with a rooftop garden that is newly implemented. And the roof has a new high fence that will prevent suicide from happening. This powerful effort of reducing carbon as a ritual has begun! However; these buildings were also set with vertical gardens that are designed to pull carbon from the entire complex, and they’re still finding out how much carbon would this temple will gather.

The temple doors begin to open. I managed to stay in line. Other people who were still riding rabbits were just waiting for these doors to open. This awning with a check pattern reflects the sunlight, but the rays from the sun has been gathered by the awning because, its being converted into energy! This is the another way how this temple is going to reduce usage of traditional power suppliers around the world… and now the coal industry is kind of like a thing of a past. These supersensitive panels can take any form of light, and still transmit energy. The lights aren’t on just yet because, the batteries has been changed,–after the older units has been recycled. Many families are just proud to have their spiritual events at this temple.

As the temple doors has finally opened; I ridden the white rabbit inside to find the art center. Within this temple; there’s beautiful lights, shiny walls, beautiful statues of fairies, rabbits that you can ride on, and there’s a bench, there’s a tile floor with embedded lights. These lights are bright enough to see where you actually going. These sensitive tiles are designed to transmit power to the power unit to generate energy to reduce power usage from the grid… and there’s a newly installed ATM machine that enables a person to access funds via a bank, or make payments. Other rabbits who lived in this temple are playing at the largest room where people interact with rabbits,–resolving fear of rabbits. It will take a long ride to reach the art center because, I have to ride the white rabbit around these obstacles, and go over the bridges that are stretching over the rabbit-riding trail! “This is the exact location,” I said, riding her down the hallway, “now… I can find the art center to do some art. Maybe someone will be there.” Other people who were not riding rabbits are just walking, other people are in wheelchairs. You don’t see dogs or cats at this temple where rabbits are located. But “seeing-eye” dogs are still able to serve the blind people who were navigating in this temple… However these service dogs must go through the screen department to prevent them from from attacking rabbits.

I started off riding the white rabbit around these poles that are designed to keep the ceiling from collapsing, and they are also painted with a spiral design that is strategically glassed over with a protective paint that is built to last. I am currently riding her along the path that leads to the bridge where the trail for riding rabbits are located. Since the bridge is strategically built… its resistant to any suicide attempts, and its also integrated with an alarm to warn staff to take action against suicide. This is kind of new to me!

There are many fairies flying over the bridge. Some fairies don’t fly. But I never encountered a real fairy before. But I’m getting myself tuned to interact with fairies. But this is my first experience. What I just remembered in my dream… there are some good fairies, and some bad fairies. Usually, good fairies do good things for us; like granting wishes, solve issues, save our planet, fight biggetry, stop the spanking, stop abuse, and more. However; there are some bad fairies who were making our lives difficult… some bad fairies support the meat industry, support terrorism, and cause lots of other issues. At this case, a meat-eating fairy who is trying to slaughter rabbits for meat, and sell rabbits to markets. However; most of these fairies who were in this temple only eat vegetarian foods, but they can still eat fish. But I’m not sure if these fairies has gone vegetarian to save our planet. These vintage style fairies are designed to make children and adults happy, and be productive. The long rabbit ride trail can be seen with a strategically engineered glass that is too impossible to break. Most of the glass panels are designed to let the light shine through,–enabling people to see in the dark. All of the rabbit’s hopping has enabled me to navigate along this bridge that is currently being rebuilt,–after some of these panels has broke.

I’m heading towards the main area of this temple, and the art center is about 4 doors away from the recycling station, and most of the recycling what they collect are used to fund lots of projects to save our planet. The carpeted section of the art center is intended for sewing projects, and other fabric-based arts. This is the only place where they host art projects. Art therapy is common in this temple! I haven’t do any art for years. But I’ll attempt to get back to my forgotten projects to create new things. These people in this temple take anti-bullying, anti-spanking, anti-rape, anti-abuse, and other forms of activism seriously.

The path what I’m riding the white rabbit on is leading to the main section of this temple. And that’s the place where I’m going to drop off the white rabbit,–so she can take a break. Her owner usually gives her a place to roam, and enjoy all of the exercise… most of these rabbits were strategically trained to handle lots of people in public places,–just like therapy animals are trained.

Once I finally reached the primary section of this temple; I go to the art room to do some art with other people who were believing in fairies. However; I’m kind of new to this place because, I wanted to rely on fairy-based culture to get me out of the previous belief what I claimed to be barbaric, and unstable. Currently, I’m finding a fairy that is a right size for me. But I just came up with a solution, plan out a large fairy to care for, and train her with my own training that will NOT induce any pain and suffering. But many fairy trainers has their fairies removed from their places because, they’re involved in cruelty, and neglect. Like us… fairies need food, water, shelter, and other important things, just like the same way how pet owners take responsibility if their animals. There are over 400 fairies finding new homes because, they’ve been flying away from abusive homes, abusive owners, and other forms of abuse that was brought to light.

As I do my art project, Mary has arrived at the art center. She is getting ready to dress up like a fairy in some vintage books about fairies. “Welcome to our temple!” she greeted. “Ahoy Mary, I greeted, placing my pieces of work inside the drying crate, “I’m finding a fairy to fly with. But most of these fairies will NOT match which fairy what I wanted to fly with.” “This is not good, said Mary, “since you’re kind of relying on a long selection… it can take effort.” Mary is already dressed up like a fairy, but she’s serving the temple for the fairy-believers who were supporting the anti-spanking ritual.

After I exited the art center; I decided to go to the large building where lots of fairies are flying, I need to take a long walk to reach the large building that is located west of this temple complex. Since this complex is made of 100% recycled buildings… These special modifications has been implemented to comply with the serious safety laws that keep the buildings safe. There are 4 other people riding rabbits. But 8 of them are riding fake rabbits,–if people who were first introduced to a large temple. “If I had my own fairy… I’ll fly with her, but I have to be very careful when choosing a fairy to fly along,” I said, walking down the rainbow tile path that leads to the large building. This door is open for all people to visit, and exit. This path with tiles are built to this bridge that is designed to enable the tram to go underneath us. But this bridge has a high fence that prevent people from committing suicide. This powerful safety effort has been installed since one of their bullied fairy-believers has died when he/she has fallen off the bridge. And the bully in question has been sent to prison, and banned from this temple for some years. The garden was used as a welcoming theme to enable pwople to come to this temple each day.

I have to pass some of these ads that are designed to help put an END to spanking children. This is the new kind of ads that are relevant, and these advertisers were inspired by Swedish law that epically put an END to spanking… That means… no violence in families, no hassles, and no abuse! It has a built-in play button that plays the ad manually. As it plays; it shows a 30-minute video about a parent who was arrested for spanking a child, and sent to prison for 128 days,–along with a forced ban against spanking for all of the family members,–preventing spanking from happening in the first place. If the ad is not playing, it shows a picture of a person’s hand holding a whip,–with a prohibitory symbol over it, or a red “X” over it. This ad is specially protected against tampering, and other attacks. This the right move that prevent any parent from attempting to spank a child at home, school, etc. These powerful “no spank” laws has been fueling the anti-spanking movement,–after a historic arrest of a single mother who is now spending a total of 44 years behind bars, and a lifetime order NOT to spank a child, allowing anyone in a family to spank a child, and a lifetime sentence of performing a villain for an upcoming film that will support anti-spanking laws. This kind of a film industry has a new kind of a penal system… its called a “penalfilm” acting with no possibility of revenue.

As I finally reached the large building… I discovered lots of fairies who were flying everywhere. But some of these fairies are larger than traditional fairies. This building used to be a rental apartment building that is once ran by a community where only families who traditionally raise children used to own. Since the spanking scandal has been brought to light; it caused this place to be placed under anti-spanking liens up to $200,000,000,000.00; this historic lien has caused this family to be changed forever. At the front entrance, there’s an adult-sized ride-on rabbit that you can ride, if you ride it; you protect 1 child from being spanked for anything, and prevent exploitation by 75%. So far, 1 adult who is willing to stop the spank has ridden it. There’s a long line at it. There’s also a vending station where items are sold. Like a little store; it sell lots of products, and services.

I walked down the glass path where people watch fairies fly, and do magic tricks. Mary has started a task that is designed to keep the large building clean. She is steaming the walls,–removing all of the build-up that started to collect on these walls.

At the largest room where people are enjoying their time; there’s lots of games, rides, and some tables where people play cards. Its kind of like an arcade of some sort. But I’m still taking a closer look of this large room. It has a theme of a pink sky with green hills, a gold palace, a set of fancy houses, blue streets, and a bronze bridge. But this a 3-D version of this art that is in the public domain. “This place is beautiful,” I said, finding a suitable fairy for me to fly. But some of these fairies are NOT family-safe what I expected to be family-safe… “I have to find the fairy that is right for me. If I chosen an incorrect fairy; that will be a problem.” There’s no sign of a fairy that is right for me! So, I decided to go to the large riding gallery where they had lots of ride-on animals, characters, and other ride-on arcade games, and choose a ride to entertain myself.

So, I hopped on a mechanical animated butterfly. Some of my other peers are now arriving at this large arcade. Maybe its an arcade cult, or something. Everyday, many money has been spent to keep the arcade going, but each ride for everybody (including adults) are linked to a campaign to protect the environment, endangered animals, and stop cruelty. “I’ll ride this butterfly as a template for my own fairy,” I said, getting ready to ride a butterfly, I was lucky enough to ride this ride because, this arcade has opened hours ago. Other people in this arcade are jealous because, I’m the first to ride it.

I can barely hear the choir of people playing bells, and singing. It could be a certain kind of music for fairy-believers. But this music is not intrusive, but this is kind of new to me because, I never been to this place before. But some of my other peers are so upset because, they wanted to believe in fairies that are family-safe. But this temple already has a policy to keep their fairies safe for everybody. Although; flying with a fairy isn’t actually for everyone,–especially people who had fear of flying, and that’s what some people didn’t even understand at all. However; there are some fairies who don’t fly,and they’re may be heavier, and larger in size. Most fairies who only navigate on land have wings too! But they’re adapted to running, hopping, jumping, and leaping. But I haven’t check them out just yet. And I have to go to the another room to see them.

By Fairy-Rider

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