Once upon a time, there was a sleepy village where many people who raise children without spanking lives.

There are fancy houses with shiny rooftops, built with bricks, large windows, large doors, and a set of dual lighting for their doors.

There are fancy streets build with bricks.

There are tall trees that are protected from being cut down.

There’s a large crop farm where lots of crops are planted,–usually a large orchard where fruit trees are planted, they also have a berry field where berries are grown. There’s a subway system that is being built underground, but they don’t rely on coal to power their town; however, they’re fighting the mine fire that was burning for some decades. There are windmills being maintained to generate 100 GW of power to serve the entire village. There’s a coal mines closing. There are oil refineries closing. The abandon mines are being cleaned. And the old dairy farm is converting into a garden of plants what villagers eat. This is a transition what they’re establishing because, this is necessary to limit costs of dairy, and meat production, and raise production of meatless substitutes. Almost 22 of these dairy farms are converting to a vegetarian-friendly farm. a new tax for dairy products are currently being inplemented, but it may take a few years to install.

This is a peaceful village where many villagers don’t smoke tobacco. Chewing tobacco has been outlawed since 4 days ago. There are many children who were enjoying a beautiful night where smoking levels has been reduced by 100%. Some of these villagers are having a tea party before going to sleep. Some of these villagers told stories about fairies, and other fictional stories. Most of their tea what they drink are hot because, its cold outside… imaging having a tea party in this village where tobacco is prohibited. There’s no smoke shops, there’s no tobacco shops, and there’s no tobacco fields. This strategic prohibition hhas helped citizens quit using tobacco products altogether. And this effort has been enabling people to live longer, and go tobacco-free,–just like other nations where tobacco is banned or taxed by 55%! Many of these tobacco shops has gone bankrupt, and they shut their doors. Unlike a stable tea industry, tobacco stocks begin to go away. And new shops has converted old tobacco shops into vegan stores, and fish markets with strategic taxes to limit fishing to prevent overfishing, and overloading fish farms.

The sun is rising high, the sky is turning blue, and the birds are waking up to experience fresh air without coal smoke… slowly; people start to wake up from their long sleep,–beginning their new day for school, work, construction, saving the forests, saving the planet, and phasing out oil and coal. However, this village is starting a phase of transitioning to renewable fuel as a default fuel system.

Outdoor lights start to turn off, and people begin to populate the streets! And there’s me walking down the street with my peers,–going to the library to get a book to read, and go to the toy store to populate a protected church. “Its a beautiful day in this village,” I said, “I’m going to get started with believing in fairies, and help put an END to spanking,–for good.” The sidewalk is laid with solid bricks, and they’re laid like a solid grid pattern that is strong enough to withstand heavy objects. They used to have just traditional cement sidewalk slabs, but they just reverted to bricks because, they’re stronger, and they’re resistant to fire. Just wondering why they’re finding ways to make our neighborhood as good as they used to be. However; this neighborhood has been changing for days, and this neighborhood has been advocating for anti-spanking laws that are extremely strict,–preventing religion from dodging these anti-spanking laws. Well, that caused some of these churches to be vacant for years, and have so many attendees reduced by 88%.

Sometimes, we have to deal with the long line to the library. Maybe they’re having a local event where fairy-believers get together to removing spanking traditions from families, schools, and other places. There was a news about a parent who was end up in prison for spanking children. This village has a first convicted spanker who is still doing time in prison, and ordered NOT to spank children,–or allow anyone to spank children indefinitely.

Once the library has been opened to the general public… we started entering the library. The lights are turning on, the recycle bin is emptied to restart the cycle of recycling, newly functional renewable energy services are running, and new solar panels are installed to help cut air pollution.

I started searching for a book about fairies… There are lots of books to choose. But I have to watch out for these books that are infected with erotic content that is NOT for me. But who in the right mind to hide erotic content in children’s books? This is kind of like a bad way to entertain children. However; the librarian has the power to audit, and remove erotic content that is NOT suitable for work and children.

It takes time for me to find this book.

I finally found a book to read… it was a correct book about fairies! And I was looking for this book for years. It was on a shelf where public domain books are available to read and reuse. This shelf has a sign that reminds us about these legitimate books that can be reused without any restrictions. I was so happy to find this book, and get ready to read.

So, I found a table to read this book to learn more about these fairies, and other myth-based creatures. Some of my peers are just reading bibles to study their beliefs. And they’re getting ready to set up funds to protect Christians from being persecuted, and prevent terrorists from burning down churches. Some of my peers used to be police officers who were designed to arrest arsonists who were terrorists. This library is so quiet; I can able to hear the teacher reading a book to an abused child who wanted to live the different way… and there was a therapy rabbit trying to keep him calm. His mother who was involved was ordered NOT to spank children, or make contact with this child,–due to a sentence what she was facing. She’s currently facing probation up to 20 years; and a century of forced spank-free integration for a family. Since this child has wished spanking is banned; that caused many of these cruel parenting methods, and cruel rules in most families to be end up prohibited. I hope this child gets a loving home without violence. “Poor child,” i cried as I stopped reading, and listened to the probation officer interviewing the teacher who was so upset because, this child didn’t go to therapy what she expected his mother to do so, “I think his mother is neglecting him each day, and she wasted money on gambling, bribing bullies, and supporting the trade of items used for spanking children.” The probation officer is strict because, he is watching over this suspect for possible signs of violent outbursts. Today… in this village, spanking a child is a serious crime. And you can go to federal prison for 22 years, and 99 years of “no spank” orders for all family members. His therapy rabbit is good at keeping him calm.

As I open the book, I discovered raised images that is stable enough to last for a long time. It’s a picture of a fairy in a friendly fairy clothes. “Perfect,” I whispered, turning the page to the upcoming story what I’m going to read, “and now, I can start believing in fairies,–if this book is legitimate. If I found a reputable source of these books; an author will make his/her first revenue with her content.” I started reading the book while my other peers find other books to read. Like my other peers who were about to believe in fairies… they will form a religion in a future. Its kind of fun to start a religion that is new and modern.

As I read a book; I can hear librarians helping other people find books to read, and check out other books. Some books are being returned because, they’re due before this date. However; this library is dedicated to serve the public free books to read. My peers who were about to sit next to me are setting their books on a table to read soon Although; my peers are also going to camp because, they are the only people who are about to be deployed to other nations as a way for the United States to free up residential homes. This project is designed to help our country reconsider other countries, and find ways to integrate with other communities.

After I read a book; I placed it back on a shelf to get ready to go on a long walk to the mall to ride a large carousel to keep the anti-spanking laws going. Well, I always ride a carousel on my birthday each year. This ritual is necessary to clear away older parts of my dream that are bad. This program is now being implemented as a way to protect our children against exploitation by their own parents.

I exit the library. The librarian has never seen me read a book about fairies before! I was proud to believe in fairies because, I wanted to change my life to get out of an abusive family.

As I walk to the mall via a long trail, some of my peers has started to ride their bikes to the store to get themselves some lunch.

As I reached the mall; I went to the sandwich shop to get me a long sandwich to eat. I have to rely on a card to purchase a sandwich because, I don’t have any money to buy my own food. This is an outrage when I was ripped off by my own mother.

I started eating my sandwich at the table.

What makes this place really special… they don’t allow anyone to spit into anyone’s food. And they take this case seriously. They don’t want anyone to get sick, or end up hospitalized.

I am the only person who is sitting at this table where it has an anti-spanking sign installed with LEDs embedded as a way to keep the signs lit 24/7.

I can hear other people ordering their own food at the counter as a way for them to have lunch too.

As I eat, I overhear about new anti-spanking laws taking place in this village. That means, spanking will be considered a federal crime, part of assault and battery category. That means, religion, tradition, personal belief, or any other reasons will NOT be exceptions under any way!

However; there’s 1 single parent who is currently on an ankle monitor for child cruelty, and she is eating a bland PBJ sandwich that is considered junk now these days.

Well a sandwich what I am eating is a vegetarian sandwich!

After lunch; I ran towards the rides for everyone of all ages. This is the fun part for all customers who wanted to have some fun. Every person always have their rights protected at all costs there!

I was riding on a carousel at the local mall. I’m riding a white rabbit. Some of my friends wanted to have a tea party with me as they reach my home. My mother hasn’t been staying home recently. That enables me to be free,–due to a court order, ordering my mother NOT to spank anyone; nor allow anyone to hit a child as a punishment, or under any circumstances. This mall is sponsoring anti-spanking laws that will help all children stay away from violence. And be raised with a modern society. Since outdated family traditions are being seized out… that causes newer children to evolved with a new generation. This carousel ride is sponsoring this law! I have over 14 peers with me. And some of them are just getting ready to go to work,–after a carousel ride. This is a newly built carousel that is portable, and its located inside a large house where it has its own heating and cooling systems. That enables this ride to be running for 24 hours a day. And this place never closes. There are over 22 off duty police officers making a play to stop the spank, and take the spank out of our parents. I can hear riots outside,–fighting against this new law. But this new law is designed to save children from cruelty.During my second ride; I ridden a large white mouse that is fully ready to be ridden by anyone. This is kind of new to me because, this carousel has been evolving for some years… this ride is in a public domain! That means, everyone can contribute to this project. Almost everyone on this ride has been funding this mall for years. That enable people to keep the building in good standing. And they’re also implementing new policies to keep Sharia laws out of our society. This is necessary to protect the rights of anyone around the USA, and around the world. If I get my calculations correct… if you ride this mouse on this carousel, you will offset 1000 mouse-traps from 1 house. That can also enable people to apreciate mice. This is necessary to enable our community to transform to an epic community. The operator of the carousel has told me about the ride itself. She is the original administrator of this ride.

On the third ride; I ridden on a large white rat. My friend rides on a white rabbit what I was riding earlier. He is proud to ride a rabbit because, that’s what he wish for! His family has planned to get hem a ride-on rabbit to entertain himself. And most of his family members has populated this ride. That’s more than enough to fund this ride for some days, or even weeks. They only pause this service during maintenance, fund management, and prevention of terrorism. So far, $200,000,000 has been donated to churches where they needed to be protected against Islamic terrorism.

After I ridden the carousel 7 times; I started to run towards the arcade where they sponsor laws to keep Sharia law out of our society. I have to find the game or ride that is available. So far, everyone has filled the arcade. And they were making a difference with their community so far. “I’ll ride a large fairy, or a large butterfly to entertain myself,” I said, running towards the rides. Other peers who were playing games are just waiting for me to join in.

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Chapter 0.1: Packing Up

I woke up extra early to pack up my gear,–before I ever go to Fairyland… if it exists. I discovered some of my clothes that needed to be cleaned. I believed some of my dirty clothes needs to be washed in bulk because, I don’t have an actual washer and dryer for my house,–due to lack of space for the 2 machines. I do have a plan to establish my very own house,–after I successfully own my first fairy. I do have enough money to support my fairy. If I wanted to keep my fairies… I have to take really good responsibility with them, and care for them constantly. For example; you owned a fairy who is a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat meat at all. You fed her some vegetarian food 3 to 4 times a day. You allow your fairy to exercise, and rest in her dedicated room,–or large cot with surrounding wooden bars like a crib. Since fairies fly constantly… a supply of diapers is necessary to prevent your fairy from having accidents, or messing up your entire house with fairy manure. However; I never owned a fairy before! But I’m giving it a try to get myself started with owning fairies.

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Chapter 0.2: My Fairy Experience

I woke up early,–after I had a dream about fairies. And I’m still Currently finding the way to study fairies, and fairy culture. I have to find the way to study all kinds of fairies. Since I don’t have a book with me anymore… I have to go back to the library to get me a different book to read about fairies. Most of these books about fairies are NOT original,–due to Islamic terrorism. And 22 librarians are trying to get these books back to them. There was a rumor about a new policy that just banned the Quran from all libraries, and Sharia law, and other foreign laws will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I still hear sirens sounding. And the chase is still active. This village takes issues with Islamic terrorism extremely seriously… untold; 200 Muslim men has been arrested, and many women and young girls has been saved. And many of these churches has been protected against Islamic terrorism. Okay if you don’t know why this village is currently cracking down on Islamic terrorism… they passed a new law that will protect women from Islamic cultural laws that infringe the rights of women and young girls. That means; it will be a crime to stone a woman, burn down the church, unlawfully censor content, traffic children, rape, and other crimes. At this case; they made it illegal to allow a brother to kill a sister, allow ‘honor’ killings to be performed, sacrifice women as a ritual, sacrafice animals as a ritual, spank children for any reason, persecute Christians, harm the LGBT communities, and burn synagogues. This new law is so powerful… that caused the rape culture to be outlawed permanently,–for good. “That’s really helpful when they banned the rape culture as a safety feature for this village what I’m still live in. I should write a book about this place,” I said, getting out of bed, “my grandmother has taken over my parlor to sleep. She was still waiting for her home to be repaired. I have to let her know I’m still there.” I walked across my room to get myself dressed for today. I have to get ready to go back to the library to find a real book about fairies,–so I can learn more about the fairy culture, getting myself tuned up for believing in fairies is one important thing to do!

I felt kind of refreshed when I had a dream like this. I decided to make a wish in my another dream in the future because, I am experimenting on following my dreams. Some people follow their dreams… and some people don’t. Not just people have dreams; animals also have dreams too! However; my dreams are complex because, I started believing in fairies since years ago. I can hear the overnight nurse checking on my grandmother who is still asleep. I believe her nurse has started to take over our house,–after she arrived from home. She used to work at a nursing home, but she resigned because, she discovered some issues with some workers who were brought to light for abuse. And that caused some of these nursing homes to change with new regulations! It’s kind of a good news when there’s new regulations to help combat abuse at all costs. However; the nurse is still asleep. Maybe she became my safeguard when she responded to my mother’s abuse scheme what she hid for a long time. Her jobs is also important for her to watch out for any signs of abuse of my brothers and sisters who were struggling with their lives.

Meanwhile; one of the nurse’s rabbits has started to wake up, and get started in the morning. Her buck rabbit is now ready to become a therapy animal for the abused and neglected! Since the nurse is a careful breeder who breeds rabbits as a living. She’s been breeding rabbits for 3 decades. But these rabbits what she is currently breeding are just raised for therapy animals, not for meat. The reason why these large rabbits were raised as therapy animals instead of meat production because, this nurse is an activist who condemns eating rabbits as cruel, and dangerous. She joined a newly established religion that prohibits people from eating rabbits.

I got out of my bed, and started to stretch my legs. I have to stretch my legs because, I have to get started during the day. Almost all of my clothes being dried has been dried,–so I can get out of my dirty clothes. I can hear the nurse coming to my room to check on me. “Your available attendent is here to get you started with believing in fairies. And there’s a perfect temple available the is suitable for fairy-believers,” she said, getting her laundry folded,–after her clothes are fully dried.

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Chapter 0.3: The Fairy And The Genie… Choose One!

After I spent some time at the arcade; I decided to find me a fairy to fly. The lady who dressed up like a fairy queen has discovered me with my banner of me riding a fairy in my dream. It was my old art work since years ago. But this fairy queen is actually taking a closer look of my project! And she has to find someone to enable me to browse for a fairy who is right for me. “This is fairy what I’m trying to choose,” I explained, “this fairy must match these specifications found within my dream.” The fairy queen has taken my banner to the service center to enable some people to find me a fairy to fly. However; I’m still riding a white rabbit to navigate inside the large temple. But this religion is still being tuned,–so fairy-believers, well… fairy-believers don’t need dictators! Like people in the USA… they prefer equal rights, and freedom. But there’s a newly developed nation that is taking off somewhere around the world… but I never heard of this place! And I believe they successfully saved the Christians from being persecuted by Muslims, and 4000 Muslims has been extradited to the USA to be sent to prison after a guilty verdict. And that is a powerful move to stop the Islamic Sharia law. And my experience at the arcade has raised lots of funds to protect the church from being persecuted, and prevent terrorism.

So far, other people has chosen a fairy, but some people has chosen a different fairy that isn’t a fairy. A fairy can turn into any animal you wish to ride an animal, or as a companion animal.Some fairies do turn into animals,–depending on a fairy type. Most good fairies do this trick! Maybe this rabbit what I’m riding is a fairy.. if she’s a fairy, but which fairy has turned into a rabbit like this; reamains a mystery to me. “This rabbit may be a fairy,” I said, “I can tell if this fairy has turned into a rabbit.” The white rabbit has stopped for one minute, she discovered the another rabbit calling her. He might be a candiddate for being a companion animal. But the rabbit breeder who owns these large rabbits is getting ready to go to the vet, and have a checkup. However; this rabbit what I am currently riding has already had a visit with a vet since days ago. The white rabbit continued navigating down the hallway. Since I don’t force her to do a thing… I rather let her take her corse. When riding animals, don’t use a circular format like an amusement ride, use a corse route instead. Going from one place to the another,–with a return time is the better way. But interchanging animals for riding is needed because, they need breaks, food to eat, recess, and some sleep. However; this temple has a clean record of managing their animals what they own. Most of the rabbit manure is sold to power companies to convert it to fuel, such as: biogas, solid fuel for power plants, and other products. most of the food what their rabbits eat are grown locally, or bought at stores. Thanks to reducing air pollution, and removing contaminants with air cleaners, these rabbits has captured more air what they used to do,–making them larger.

I decided to visit this large rabbitry because, I was interested in figuring out how these rabbits were bread larger, and strategically trained for riding. Inside this rabbitry are: automated food supplies, air cleaners, rabbit camp integration for everybody, a set of large hiding places for rabbits, a pure water supply, manure drop off station for rabbits to relieve themselves with a built-in self-cleaning system, a room for resolving fear of rabbits, dedicated rooms for people who were patients who were getting their fear of rabbits resolved, and the movie room for displaying movies about rabbits.

This place never closes because they rely on religion to keep themselves running. They take religion seriously. But they don’t allow anyone to eat rabbits because, they believe rabbit meat is considered as “dirty” meat.

Not even one rabbit is slaughtered for meat or their fur because, they respect rabbits as citizens too.

Turns out… these rabbits were strategically bred to be service animals for people who were in temples, hospitals, recovery centers, nursing homes, abuse-protection shelters, and more. Most of these rabbits were also strategically enlarged for the purpose of riding them,–just like this rabbit what I’m riding. However; most of these rabbits are rotated because, this temple often sell rabit manure as fuel for power plants to run electrical services. Like recycling, no need to discard manure as trash. But most rabbit manure is converted to biogas and other fuels, and the liquid manure is sold as fertilizer for plants to be grown for food, or decorative plants. Most flowers for tea were grown to keep this temple at float. I believe if their rabbits are larger, they can get the most manure generated to turn into fuel.

This temple likes rabbits because, they can eat some plants that can cause some problems with their gardens. Weeds what they eat naturally helps other plants grow safely. This temple has been gardening for years! And they’ve implemented a ritual to help cut carbon by 99%. Some gardens wanted to implement cold environment adaptation for their other temples where cold air is required for their temples to retain the heat. These rabbits are friendly, and they are smart creatures as well. “Looks like this place is kind of okay for now,” I said, briefly stopping the white rabbit what I’m currently riding. These other rabbits who were donors were enjoying their times with other rabbits. Unlike other places where rabbits are bred for other purposes, these temple members has implemented a meat-free policy that will protect all rabbits from slaughter. If I can get my calculations correct; if you were a previous owner of rabbits; you may need to start recycling, and save our planet, or if you spared a rabbit from slaughter; you may need to build a temple that will be surrounded by a garden,–or if your rabbit dies; you may need to build a temple that is large enough for a spiritual rabbit to enter the temple. Looks like they’re allowing other rabbits to enter this temple because, it’s easier for them to save money, and promote responsibility of owning rabbits. I continued riding the white rabbit to continue exploring this large rabbitry.

Meanwhile; Mary has arrived at this rabbitry. She is about to adopt a rabbit as a new companion animal for her family. She is choosing a brown rabbit who is going to be a gentle giant for a child who was saved from child cruelty since years ago. I can’t believe Mary is already set to own a rabbit. Maybe she went to some temple about 4 years ago. “Did you find a fairy that is right for you?” Mary asked. “There’s no fairy available for me,” I replied. I stopped the white rabbit with and interested joy as Mary starts removing unwanted traps that are set by terrorists who were involved in animal cruelty. I can hear one Muslim man who is slamming someone’s rabbit with frustration. But that rabbit doesn’t deserve to be slaughtered for meat, or as a punishment! That man should be taken to prison for cruelty.

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Chapter 0.4: The Protected Church

As I left the fairy-based temple; I decided to ride the white rabbit to a protected church where it has its own subway platform. Eilene is the white rabbit what I was riding at this temple earlier. She is a gentle giant rabbit who like people riding her… but most people who consume rabbit meat are most likely to be infected by diseases,–due to strategic breeding of large rabbits. We are going to a protected church all right… but we have to take a long road to the city where they have a subway system implemented. Most people has petitioned this subway system to support renewable energy, and save our planet. Jun is flying over us as I ride Eilene down the road. “There’s no wonder why you were going to a protected church,” said Jun, leading the way. “We have to save the Christians from being persecuted by Muslims,” said Eilene, hopping along the outer lane of the road where lots of buses are rolling down the road. Like a highway without any cars… there are still trucks rolling down the street. “Don’t let the terrorists harm this church, we have to warn the queen about this issue what she isn’t encountering. Most of the churches has been attacked by these arsonists,” I said, hanging on tight to Eilene’s soft ribbon what she wears around her neck, scooting forward to hang onto her ears, “they do have a serious protection that protects our subway from being flooded,–due to climate change, since they wanted stronger flood protections to be implemented… unlike most towns that are susceptible to other hazards, people has an option to resolve other issues with their towns where they used to live, they are doing many activities to save our planet each day.” Jun uses her magic wand to poof to the protected church as I plan out a meeting place where we can group together. I changed lanes to speed up. Eilene has lots of energy to speed up. However; she is always careful when she navigates along the road.

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