Chapter 0.2: My Fairy Experience

I woke up early,–after I had a dream about fairies. And I’m still Currently finding the way to study fairies, and fairy culture. I have to find the way to study all kinds of fairies. Since I don’t have a book with me anymore… I have to go back to the library to get me a different book to read about fairies. Most of these books about fairies are NOT original,–due to Islamic terrorism. And 22 librarians are trying to get these books back to them. There was a rumor about a new policy that just banned the Quran from all libraries, and Sharia law, and other foreign laws will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. I still hear sirens sounding. And the chase is still active. This village takes issues with Islamic terrorism extremely seriously… untold; 200 Muslim men has been arrested, and many women and young girls has been saved. And many of these churches has been protected against Islamic terrorism. Okay if you don’t know why this village is currently cracking down on Islamic terrorism… they passed a new law that will protect women from Islamic cultural laws that infringe the rights of women and young girls. That means; it will be a crime to stone a woman, burn down the church, unlawfully censor content, traffic children, rape, and other crimes. At this case; they made it illegal to allow a brother to kill a sister, allow ‘honor’ killings to be performed, sacrifice women as a ritual, sacrafice animals as a ritual, spank children for any reason, persecute Christians, harm the LGBT communities, and burn synagogues. This new law is so powerful… that caused the rape culture to be outlawed permanently,–for good. “That’s really helpful when they banned the rape culture as a safety feature for this village what I’m still live in. I should write a book about this place,” I said, getting out of bed, “my grandmother has taken over my parlor to sleep. She was still waiting for her home to be repaired. I have to let her know I’m still there.” I walked across my room to get myself dressed for today. I have to get ready to go back to the library to find a real book about fairies,–so I can learn more about the fairy culture, getting myself tuned up for believing in fairies is one important thing to do!

I felt kind of refreshed when I had a dream like this. I decided to make a wish in my another dream in the future because, I am experimenting on following my dreams. Some people follow their dreams… and some people don’t. Not just people have dreams; animals also have dreams too! However; my dreams are complex because, I started believing in fairies since years ago. I can hear the overnight nurse checking on my grandmother who is still asleep. I believe her nurse has started to take over our house,–after she arrived from home. She used to work at a nursing home, but she resigned because, she discovered some issues with some workers who were brought to light for abuse. And that caused some of these nursing homes to change with new regulations! It’s kind of a good news when there’s new regulations to help combat abuse at all costs. However; the nurse is still asleep. Maybe she became my safeguard when she responded to my mother’s abuse scheme what she hid for a long time. Her jobs is also important for her to watch out for any signs of abuse of my brothers and sisters who were struggling with their lives.

Meanwhile; one of the nurse’s rabbits has started to wake up, and get started in the morning. Her buck rabbit is now ready to become a therapy animal for the abused and neglected! Since the nurse is a careful breeder who breeds rabbits as a living. She’s been breeding rabbits for 3 decades. But these rabbits what she is currently breeding are just raised for therapy animals, not for meat. The reason why these large rabbits were raised as therapy animals instead of meat production because, this nurse is an activist who condemns eating rabbits as cruel, and dangerous. She joined a newly established religion that prohibits people from eating rabbits.

I got out of my bed, and started to stretch my legs. I have to stretch my legs because, I have to get started during the day. Almost all of my clothes being dried has been dried,–so I can get out of my dirty clothes. I can hear the nurse coming to my room to check on me. “Your available attendent is here to get you started with believing in fairies. And there’s a perfect temple available the is suitable for fairy-believers,” she said, getting her laundry folded,–after her clothes are fully dried.

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