A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.5: Returning Back To My Main House For Dinner

When I finally returned to my original house, I decided to get me some dinner to eat. However; the nurse has discovered me getting ready to move to the another town, or region. She is currently cooking my dinner that is vegetarian. She has told me a news about mass recall of rabbit meat,–due to people who reported their rabbits stolen! Illegal slaughtering of rabbits can lead you to a 44-year prison sentence. This punishment like this can teach us a lesson because, if you kill a rabbit, you will be fined for the first offense, and other repeat offenses can lead you to be end up in prison for the rest of your life.

I never heard this news like this, but this is a recent news what she was reading on a newspaper.

I was still riding Eilene. She was glad to see her owner again! “I never seen this house like this before,” said Eilene, looking around this kitchen, “I just can’t wait to get me some dinner. Since you are about to move out of this house, your nurse will guard it for you. And all of your bills will be paid because, you have trouble with your funds. However, I’m about to have kits in the future, but I still have lots of time to get me a new home, but this nurse has been caring for me for 14 years, and I’m about to reach my 15th year milestone.” Eilene stops at the nurse who is cooking dinner for me. She has to take some time as she cook meals. If you told someone to hurry, that’s causing issues with quality of cooking meals. However, the nurse already have children, and she still care for them, and she changed lives of 200 children each 20 years, and that caused her to be the best fosterparent who wanted to raise children without violence. All of the coffee what she sometimes drink enabled her to have a long life. And she still cooks with other people as a group.

Eilene keeps a safe distance when her owner cooks food. She has to do this because, she don’t want her to have an accident. She can see 4 police officers seizing my mother’s property that was used to spank children, and deprive them rights, food, etc. They’ve finally got my funds recovered because, there was an executive order of a service what I rely on to get my funds back. And unlike other services that don’t work; it works faster! I managed to keep myself balanced as I ride Eilene. She’s kind of active like a hare, but she knows what to do,–if my abusive mother strikes with a dangerous object.

However, the nurse just started cooking the mealls since minutes ago. It’s still early for dinner because it’s only 14:00. And I need to give Eilene a break from being ridden by me. And I have to find ways to entertain myself. I do have a computer, but the battery needs to be replaced,–so I can reduce use of my local energy system in my house, and I have to reduce my electric bill. The nurse has her other partner who is trying to cart out all of these potentionally unwanted meat in my freezer, but Muslim men has arrived to get it disposed of. It takes 3 Jewish women to supply all of the vegetarian food for this house, and 3 Budists to remove all of the expired food left by my mother.

I dismounted Eilene to gather all of my supplies to get ready to leave this village, and it requires me to take a long trip to the another village where I can establish a new home. But this village has limitations. It takes about a decade for this village to lift all of these limits,–after they phased out all of the meat industries. So far, the pig farm went bankrupt, the illegal beef farm has been seized, the veal farm went out of business, and the chicken farm where chickens are raised for meat has gone out of business. That caused some of the empty farms to be converted into a forest where animals can reside. So far, they planted 200 new trees, and they’ve also moved all of the cattle, pigs, chickens,
and goats to the another unused farm where these animals can play, and be adopted by new owners. The shrinking meat industry is a major victory for all vegetarians who support the vegetarian food industry. And the veggie industry has been growing, and most of their foods are sold for this entire village. These villagers has been upgrading this town for years.

Eilene is now reading a magazine that is related to vegetarianism, and saving our planet. She was glad to take a long break because, she was busy for a long time. However; she is kind of relaxing as she reads a magazine. However, it has 200 pages that contain lots of images, text, and a set of other topics like the fall of the coal industry.

I continued riding Eilene as the nurse cooks each meal. Since she has to do it herself, she has to monitor each meal what she’s making. Those are the meals what her religion accepts because, this meal is important to encourage people to go vegetarian, and reduce eating red meats.

As I ride Eilene, I listened to movies that are suitable to watch during dinner. However I only have 4 tapes remaining in this house, and they needed to be returned to the library,–so other people can watch these tapes at home. Some of These tapes are being sold to new owners because, they’ve been left unused for a long time. I still have my own tapes what I had for a long time.

All of the other rabbits owned by the nurse are currently getting their meals served via an automated system. That also enable them to get more food with the right quantity. This is a very slow format, no rushing, no use of small cages, and no use of cruel tools.

Eilene has entertained me as I wait for my meals to be cooked, and served to me. This nurse has worked with abused children for many years, but she is currently getting ready to adopt a child. Her sister who is also a nurse, but an EMT at age 137 has already capped up all of the services to help children. And she discontinued fostering children.

Since it’s kind of early for dinner time, Eilene has given me rides around the entire house that is once controlled by mother who was involved in taking my funds for the purpose of gambling. I can feel Eilene hopping, and she is currently navigating down the hallway! This hallway is bright, but it has regular lighting. Although; I had a plan to replace these bulbs with LED bulbs to reduce energy usage. Eilene believes this hallway is bright enough because, she can see well in the dark.

Eilene has went back to the kitchen, entered the another door,–entering the large room where other rabbits are located. This room is strategically set for the nurse’s rabbits. However; this room has an air-cleaning device to keep the dust levels down. This is necessary to prevent her rabbits from sneezing, or other issues.

This is kind of a bumpy ride, but Eilene has to entertain me as much as possible,–so the nurse can cook foods without any distraction. Since the nurse always feed her animals first, she has to keep enough time for her rabbits to be fed on a regular basis. She believes other rabbit owners are raising rabbits for meat, she doesn’t support the meat industry at all because, she has to keep meat off her plate.

Minutes went by… I was still riding Eilene in this house. She is just doing her thing, and she is full of energy that will last for a while. “The nurse needs some time for cooking, and the noise level needs to be lowered to prevent distraction. She takes safety seriously,” said Eilene.

When the nurse has finished cooking my vegetarian dinner, she fed Eilene some vegetables that are dedicated for rabbits… but she made a custom version of her food without any harsh chemicals or hormones. She has to strategically check her other rabbits to figure out if they needed appointments via a vet, or animal hospital. Since she’s a licensed rabbit breeder, she prefers quality, not quantity! Most of the rabbit manure is shipped to power plants to be used as fuel for the power service for homes, businesses, government agencies, public places, public properties, and more.

I started off with eating some of my carrot soup with my dairy-free pasta and spinach meal. It’s kind of like eating more plants than eating more meat. The reason why the nurse has made this meal for me because, she believes my life needs to be meatless for now. And unlike eating meat with standard meals… its healthy, and you can be lighter than you used to be! The nurse is now living longer than her husband because, she has learned an answer from him. He was a true meat-eating person who only eat meat as a source of food. And he was a hunter who likes to hunt bison, but he was end up diagnosed with stomach cancer because, he was a smoker, and he was using chewing tobacco. She’s pretty young to me! But her mother is over 104 years old, and she’s still alive today. Her family don’t spank children because, they’ve freed the slaves since years ago. And they’ve formed a cult that condemns spanking as barbaric, and fatal to children. The nurse will NOT reveal their guarded secrets of how her family prevented spanking, and saved endless lives.

As soon as I finished one plate, I transitioned to eating my dessert. I’m currently having an eggless cupcake that isn’t considered as junkfood! This is a strategically baked healthy dessert what my mother don’t want me to eat! Since egg sales has dropped, vegan foods begin to appear at local stores. The nurse has told me a news about a skilled fairy person who is an advisor. She is currently coming to this house to enable me to go to the another village, or a different location. I never heard of a person like this before… however, this is my first time becoming a fairy-believer. But I need to find a religion that worships a fairy, or a fairy queen. But finding a religion like this is kind of difficult, and I have to watch out for other places where they don’t believe in fairies. Well, I believe in fairies! But this village don’t have any fairy-believers at all. “If there’s a fairy-based religion, I’ll just have 1 wand, 1 fairy… I’ll fly with fairies,” I said, getting ready to drink some tea after eating one stick of cinnamon bars that are baked with 100% vegan products. The nurse was proud of her baking because, she has never served food to a fairy-believer before!

The nurse begins to clean up the kitchen after she powers off the range. She starts off with filling up the dishwasher with all of the dirty dishes. I’m still eating my food with my tea. I have 4 cupcakes to eat, but these vegan cakes play an important role as I believe in start believing in fairies.

After I ate dinner, I decided to take a bath to get ready to sleep, and get ready to go to the another town to believe in fairies. I need to take refuge at some palace, or a different house to keep me protected as I get started with believing in fairies. However; this nurse has started a religion that worship rabbits. She does believe in fairies, but she refused to believe in other beliefs because, she has to be carefull when she interact with other people.

Meanwhile, the nurse has warned me about a serious news about a farm where rabbits were illegally raised for meat. She has told me to enable the fairy queen to prohibit people from eating rabbits, or farming rabbits for meat. Since I quit eating meat years ago, I have to rely on vegetables to replace meat, but I can still eat fish.

As I get ready for a hot bath, I got my change of clothes, and my bar of soap. The tub is open, the shower stall is open, and the hot water system is active. If this system is not active… I’ll freeze. This is necessary to keep my bath warm. Since this house is kind of overdue for repairs… the boiler needs to be upgraded with strictly updated features to strategically generate more heat with a hotter fire, element, or both. I will never bathe when the boiler has broke down. Having a boiler repaired is necessary to keep the utility in good shape.

According to the control panel with a braille display, the boiler is okay to use because, the boiler has been fixed via an order of a court. And that’s a good thing! However, the nurse has to report all of the boiler usage to the organization that is designed to prevent hot water usage from dropping. But this house is being monitored for possible exploitation. The nurse isn’t my enemy… is my family who is disfunctional,–infected with violence. Since the nurse has been deployed to this house, she has to take serious training to help prevent exploitation.

As I take a shower, I listen to the news about a recent fight against the meat industry, and the leather industry. This fight is kind of endless, but these activists are now winning the battle. I can hear the nurse getting her rabbits ready to sleep, and sending their manure to the power plant to be converted to fuel to generate energy.

After I taken a shower, I went to my room to read some books as I remove some of my old clothes from my closet. I need to remove some clothes because, I need to find the another house to live. However, I need to choose a place where people exclusively believe in fairies, and support anti-spanking laws by 400%. The nurse who was assigned to me is going to take over this house. Why I’m finding the another house because, the order of the court requires me to be deployed to a camp where people believe in fairies are currently deployed. And I have to spend some time here.

After I packed up some of my clothes, I asked the nurse to lock up my house before I ever sleep later on. But she has to enable the sanitation workers to send manure to a plant to be turned into energy.

The nurse agreed, she picks up the phone and call the sanitation workers to pick up the manure to be converted to energy.

I checked if all of my items are packed up for moving out of this nation, but I’ll still come back to this nation for tax time. Settling in the another nation takes time, and courage.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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