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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is building a new portal to submit your link to your website as a way to advertise on our servers. We are also going to accept ads from individuals and companies who wanted to adveertise outside of ad networks that don’t work as you expected to work.

Also, our Patreon page will be available to visit as a way to get new supporters who want to support our website for years to come.

Advertising as a member is currently under heavy development, that means, advertising as a member is essential for our site to be free for readers around the world. Despite ads keeping our site free, we must ensure our site is supported for years to come.

Why Advertise On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy?

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is a place where you can read stories what you can imagine. Also, you don’t need an account for reading our work. No erotica, no sex, and no pornography!!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is also a “Non-Christian” place to view our content.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has been launched in 2015 as a way to expand our content to read without limitations. Despite reading long content can be a fun thing to do… you can use your imagination.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is designed to innovate slowly. However; being such a small tech… Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is an independent “Black owned ” website with sorted Stories To Read.

Most big creators secretly slid in sexualized elemats to content, causing people who consume content to find other platforms to consume content.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy doesn’t add sexualized elements because, we don’t support this trend.