Chapter 0.9: My Official Dream Of Fairies!

My dream starts to appear. And this time… I’m riding a fairy who I met earlier. She is a same fairy what I’ve dreamed of last night. She is now larger than she used to be! This fairy is a large-format fairy. Maybe they’ve evolved during changes to our fairy-based society. It looks like a same place, but we’re inside a palace. This palace looks like a common palace in some fairy-based village. However, this palace has a modern twist to it, it has an upgraded electrical system powered by wind, a steam heating system with a hotter boiler, a high-pressure plumbing system, a ramp system that enables anyone to walk run, or even ride animals,–and even a recycling system for recycling items! This palace never stops upgrading because, this palace is built to expand like a superchurch that outgrew an average mosque. Maybe this palace is rich because, they’ve been recycling waste for years, and they’ve been relying on renewable energy for years.

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