A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure Fairy

Chapter 7: Cold Fall

Jane is on her quest to start her own set of renewable energy sources. New Kingdom begins to phase out the rest of their oil industries. But renewable oil that is plant-based is now overpowering the conventional oil industries. Jane don’t like to pollute air. She is about to plant her own garden as she start her project. She can see me and Annie planting. Leaves are falling off the trees. Jane: “Keep going with your planting efforts.” Annie: “We’ve just started already! All you have to do just keep going with renewable sources.” Jane starts to fly towards the empty section of the plantation to plant her own garden.

Annie and I starts to cart some renewable plant-based oil to the boilers of all houses to provide fuel for the winter. About 200 houses needed them for their boilers. Each can of oil is carefully emptied into the oil tank that is included,–this is necessary for all homes to use renewable fuels to cut down pollution. Almost all homes are using lots of renewable fuels everyday! Annie: “This is the renewable oil that is plant-based, but it’s not pumped from the oil rig. Our queen has started using renewable fuel in her palace. The new law has been proposed to bann all shipments of crude oil, and protect our cold environment. Before you’ve claimed me,–after Amanda, your first fairy. I did all kinds of patroling the environment. I did forest surveys, water patrol, help enforce laws to prohibit anyone from hunting rabbits, and I also helped shutdown the illegal coal mine, and turn it into a subway tunnel for our interlinked subway system.” I positioned Annie to the right position to fill up the heating oil tank of this boiler. “Wow, you did all of these things you’re such an activist who wanted to save the planet everyday,” I said. Annie starts filling up the tank. She reads the gage,–to varify if this home is going to get it’s heat turned on. The owner is so proud to see Annie do her job.

Due to New Kingdom’s use of renewable fuel, all of their boilers are upgraded to use biological fuels. If you ever live in a cold section of New Kingdom; you won’t see any conventional oil rigs, and oil refineries.

  • Barrels of renewable fuel has been started to be sold by the renewable oil industries that are going green.
  • At the cold section of New Kingdom, they really needed their vital white snow for their traditional frozen treats what they make. Also for their icy roads, and their very own ski park. All machines are strictly electric. Their diesel-based trains are built to use very tiny amaount of fuel to run. That’s enough to erase 20,000,000 trucks from the road.
  • The ice caps needs to stay remain cold and clean. Melting ice has been caused by coal industries. People who lived there has wished to leave coal industries off their land,–for good.
  • Large legacy houses has been restored, but they’re been updated to make them stronger than they used to be.
  • Their underground biological oil dispenser is equipped with machines that are built to manage the use of the biological oil system. They’re located at the subway.

Annie and I are just done planting our plants at our plantation. We decided to go to our house to prepare for the cold days. We’re sleeping at our farmhouse that we’re occupying. Annie: “This house has been used earlier, but we had a new set of lights for our camping location.” Annie starts to fly as I get ready to fly across the large garden. Although; Annie always pause her flight preparation as I mount her. I only dismount when planting seeds in soil. “We can able to keep planting,” I said. Annie starts to flap her wings, and push herself away from the ground. Her strong wings enables her to fly higher than any other fairy. Annie: “One moment please while I take of from the large plantation. We’re going back to our house later.” Annie and I continues our long journey down the plantation, both of us are currently going to the colder section of New Kingdom.

Annie and I are currently getting ready to check the cold section of New Kingdom. They’ve been fighting to save the Arctic, and many of the oil companies has faced lawsuits up to $50,000,000,000;–causing them to disappear forever! Defending the Arctic is important for them. They already had windmills running. Although; they already removed oil refineries from their city so far, and they’re currently implementing lots of renewable fuels for their entire cold section of this kingdom. Well, this large village is ruled by the queen who lives there.

Annie and I reaches the village,–where the underground subway is located. Most of these villagers are currently getting ready to upgrade their village to use the subway system as a mode of transportation underground. So they can keep their roads free of cars, but trucks can use them to go to any place around New Kingdom.

Looks like this section is okay! And that’s when Annie and I start flying back to our house.

Annie opens the door of the house. I ridden Annie through the door.

As we went inside, we can see lots of rooms that arranged like a mansion. But they’re empty at this time. But Some of the furniture are donated for this house. The lights are off. We have to setup this place,–so we can sleep there. Annie: “Wow! This house is kind of large, but this place really need some modifications.” “I can hear some mice and rats in this house, but we have to give them respect. Trapping and killing them is not a good idea,” I said. Annie starts to land on a tile floor. Annie can see a little house,–where mice live in, and I was right. Annie has discovered 22 of them inside. She starts to set them free. Annie: “Thanks for reminding me about these creatures. I care for mice as a living. If we can build a large mousary; we can able to spare these creatures. In my opinion; the landlord who used to own this rental unit has been arrested for illegal extermination of mice and rats. New Kingdom has banned this practice since years ago,–after people started caring for mice by 97%.” All of the mice has ran outside. Annie has started cleaning out the wooden house that is located at the corner of this room. “Looks like we found ourselves a next mission to stop this form of cruelty,” I said. I flown Annie across the room to move the little house to the new spot. We discovered the waste that is piled from the floor to the wall. Both of us started doing all of the cleaning. For some reason; Annie has the ability to speak to mice without any trouble. But most of them are responding. “I didn’t know Annie, my fairy can speak to mice,” I said, I think she has lots of powers what I never heard of before. Annie has to be procise to keep these creatures safe.” I managed to control my fairy, and do other tasks to speed up our new project.

Annie and I has been setting up parts of this house for the past hours. So far; we cleaned out the little house,–where the landlord has illegally trapped mice for the purpose of poisoning them, and killing them with barberric traps. Annie has written down the facts,–so other fairies can know about this issue. Annie: “Don’t purchase any of these barberric traps at the store.” “I don’t purchase these traps because, they’re cruel,” I said, “I rather choose cruelty-free alternatives to traps.” Annie: “In just one moment; we’re going to remove these traps from our home.” Annie starts to fly towards the next room of this house. It might be the bunks that needs to be revamped. Annie can see lots of beds that needs to be rebuilt. Maybe the landlord has left this place behind.

Once we landed; we had an option to fix the entire room. Annie has met her first animal friends. Mice are her starter animal friends. Annie is currently talking to these friendly mice. They told her about a lady who is trying to keep this home free of these barberric traps. We’re just started gathering, and removing these traps earlier. We can see the lady dressed up as a large white mouse with a message, “Don’t use these barberric traps! It’s possible to live in harmony with mice. But it’s your decision.” Annie felt bad for her. And she agrees with her message. “Perfect!” I exclaimed, Annie has launched a trick again. Let’s keep our efforts of removing these traps out of this house.” Annie has paused for a while. She scans for other mice that really needed to remove these traps. Annie: “Thanks for letting me know about this white mouse what I discovered. And we have to be extra careful not to harm these creatures.” The large white mouse has never seen Annie remove these traps before. She watches Annie’s actions to study her experience with removing traps from this home. Both of us are just at work.

During startup of our important task; Annie and I are currently removing all traps from our entire house. Steam-blasting units are used to steam away all of the waste that is built up everywhere. These windows are so dirty; we have to steam them clean to reveal the glass behind them. Since they can’t even open; we have to use our tools to get them to open,–so we can vent out all of the odors.

All of the other fairies discovered Annie steaming away all of the mess what the cruel landlord just left behind. They started to be nice to mice, and planned to build the largest mousary for New Kingdom. New Kingdom is getting kind of colder, and the cold section begins to ice up like normal. They’re saving the planet from these poachers who are trying to harm our environment. Drilling for oil, and mining for coal is now a crime! Since this new law has been made; that made wind industries grew larger than they used to. If your country has outlawed drilling for oil, and mining for coal; what will happen? Maybe our environment will be saved.

As soon as the house is finally set, we decided to have some dinner. We started making veggie sandwiches for tonight. Annie was so proud to be a gardener. I started to brew some tea with my meal. Annie starts to place frozen tarts in the oven to cook them for dessert later.

As soon as our meal is finally cooked, we started to eat our meal. This table what we’re relying on is built by people who lived in the cold section of New Kingdom. Imagine, a fairy that can be a gardener! I’m proud to share my meal with my fairy, Annie. Annie: “Looks like the sky is getting dark, but we can reduce pollution even further.” I passed down the tarts to Annie as she gives me a veggie sandwich with a bowl of pasta. ” Jane, the fairy is on the quest to remove all barberric coal-burning plants and crude oil industries from our planet. We’ll upgrade to renewable sources,–for good,” I said. I can hear other fairies who were at work,–saving the environment.

Two days went by; the entire village is cold. Carbon levels has been reduced by 2000%! Thanks to an open-source fair, they have discontinued use of coal, and crude oil as the next step to the next level.

Jane is tracking down all of the oil industries that are remaining. But some of them are already disappearing. The ice caps are starting to recover from melting away. However, the cold section of New Kingdom don’t use gas at all. They’ve been using renewable fuel for years.

Cold air starts to flow in, plants on the roofs of the buildings starts to collect CO2 and release oxygen to the planet. Birds just happily flying south for the cold days. If both ice caps on the planet has recovered from melting, and freezing back; that’s enough to cool down the entire globe.

People who are relying on the subway system has already erased cars from the streets by 200%. If you imagined US has upgraded to renewable sources like this, everybody will be relying on renewable sources, and coal-burning plants will become a thing of a past.

Back at our house,–where our plantation has been started, Annie and I are enjoying our time watching the stars go by. We’re still having dinner. Our tarts are frosted, and ready to eat. I passed down 1 tart to Annie. Annie: “All fairies in this kingdom are now back to their homes, so they can finally cool down. Queen Sherry, our leader is now having an interview with other leaders who lead other kingdoms.” Annie passes down a tart to me. “Looks like all of these villages are switching to renewable sources. And they’re just started to save the planet,–by working together,” I said. Annie: “Conventional oil refineries are now going away.” Annie starts to open the umbrella to setup a dark shade. These trees that are far away from us are now dorment. These other gardeners are using compost instead of chemical,–based materials that are harmful.

After we had dinner, and watched the stars; Annie and I are getting ready to sleep. All of the other villagers are still awake, cleaning up the mess,–after all of the oil refineries has been torn down. This powerful upgrade is strong enough to save the planet from harmful effects of oil refineries, and coal-burning plants.

The next day, Annie and I are reviewing our plants what we just planted. All of the other fairies has came to our plantation. The rain storm is coming. And we just can’t wait for it. Since drout is the problem for our farms,–where we grow crops, reducing carbon can solve the problem. Although most meat industries in this kingdom are disappearing because, vegan diet is on the rise.Annie: “Looks like these plants are growing now! Our garden will be releasing lots of fresh air.” I replied as I inserted a set of beans into the planter box: “Growing our own food can solve lots of problems.” Annie and I starts to fly towards the another garden,–where the giant flower field is located.

Most of these gardeners are taking actions to prevent climate change. Their fully-functional transportation has already reduced fuel usage by 700%; thanks to open-source transition.

New snow cones has been developed by these villagers in the cold section of New Kingdom. New fairies started to learn how to live in the cold environment to save the ice caps. They started to crack down on illegal oil drilling. That can lead to a fine of $900,000. Renewable oil is considered a mandatory fuel type for the cold environment. Cooking oil is the most recycled oil in this kingdom.

Why they’re cracking down on these harmful industries? Those are the following reasons:

  • The Arctic must be cold at all times. And that’s normal for our planet. If the barberric oil-drillers are responsible for drilling in the Arctic, Our ice caps can melt,–causing coastal cities to be flooded by the sea. Most of these villagers resolves climate change seriously.
  • Animals that lived there needed their habitat, for example; polar bears, Arctic foxes, etc.
  • By leaving crude oil out of our villages, towns, and our fuel-driven machines, and rely on renewable sources, that can save our planet too.

How does this crackdown work?

  1. Usually; a resident, or individual files a report. For example; you discovered a drilling rig that is about to drill for oil at the cold environment that is vital for our planet. You have an interview with your local forces, or something similar.
  2. The investigation starts by your local forces. It can take some time for them to find these suspects. If you had an exact description of an illegal activity; it’s easier for them to quickly crack down on oil-drilling.
  3. If these suspects who are illegally drilling for oil, or attempted to do it. These suspects are taken by your local forces,–including environmental activists!
  4. Most suspects are hauled off to prison for an illegal attempt to drill oil.

Some crackdowns are different than what it’s mentioned above.

The northern section of New Kingdom never stops enforcing their laws that protects the cold environments.

Homes at this cold section are built to stay warm with steam. They rely on boilers,–rather than forced-air heating. Although; they can mix it together to superheat their homes,–for emergency-heating.

Heat from these homes will never escape.

The following table shows how much time for the heating systems to fully warm up these homes,–based on their size. However, those are the examples:

House Type Heating Type Total Time To Warm Up
  • Single-floor house (with a basement)
  • Ceiling hight: 8 feet
    Divided rooms (includes a kitchen entrance without a door)
  • Windows at chest-level (applies to the window sill)
  • Large door that opens towards the outside of the house
  • High surface-area at lease 20 feet per room
  • Steam radiators docked beneath window sill

Electric steam heating with biological heating oil backup is used during normal cold seasons, but during the coldest temperatures; it’s used for high heat.

If you had an electric boiler that is powerful enough, it can take up to 4 minutes for the boiler to fully heat up, and boil water to generate steam. If you set the thermostat to 75 °F, and it’s chilly outside,–around 10°F; it can take about 44 minutes when using biological heating oil, and 60 minutes for electricity. If you melt the ice to launch the boiler it will take 22 additional minutes,–depending how much ice has been piled in your boiler.

  • House with 2 stories
  • Same specifications of a one-story house above
Electric boiler (without needing to add heating oil) with a battery-powered electric motor that runs the generator that allows heating-elements to heat

If the generator is running in high speed, and it activates the heat switch, the boiler starts to heat water as fast as it heats.

This unit is designed to handle high heat.

It might take about 90 minutes for the electric boiler to fully warm up the entire house.

If Ice is inside the boiler, heat from the inner surface can slowly melt the ice. Once the ice is melted; the boiler starts to boil water via full-blast,–until the entire home is warmed up.

Steam traveling through pipes to each radiator that releases the heat to the rooms of this house. If they’re equipped with a motorized fan, it can distribute heat faster. If it’s fitted to the forced-air system, the radiator works like a heating coil, but steam goes through it. The blower channels air pass the coils, and forces it through the venting, and out the vent,–heating up the entire house, the cold air is channeled through the return vent that is located at the central location of the house, or cascaded everywhere. The cycle repeats,–until, the thermostat detects the temperature set on it.

As Annie and I got there, we decided to pick out some flowers that will be great for vegan cakes that we’ll make later. Annie: “Wow! These flowers are ready to be used as our recipe for our vegan cakes later.” I replied: “This is going to be good for our desserts at night. As soon as New Kingdom enforces their environmental laws, we can able to save the cold section of this kingdom.” Annie starts to collect 44 flowers from the field. I started to plant new seeds next to these flowers that are collected,. Annie starts to memorize where these flowers that are collected,–so she can let them regenerate after the cold days.

I hopped on my fairy to fly in the sky. Annie starts to leave the garden. About 44 fairies are getting ready to harvest their goods,–so they can thrive during the coldest seasons. About many villagers are relying on renewable sources to keep their food remain available. This is necessary to rely on renewable sources that are available.

As we return back to our house, we settled down to update our systems. So we can let other fairies know if our project is allowing our village to phase out dirty fuels, and cut pollution. Well, they already implemented windmills for their subway service. Their subway never stops running. Since they pack a powerful punch to knock out the oil industry; they made it too impossible for oil trains to use their tunnel systems. They always crack down on illegal oil. Our house is connected to a subway all right, but the entrance hasn’t been opened just yet. Well, this is going to be a subscriber station for the subway-riders who are relying on a subway system to go from place to place.

We can hear some workers finishing up the entrance,–so new people who will own this house later can subscribe to the subway system. Well, this is going to be a premium subway station because, New Kingdom has over 50 subway lines. And they’re been revised many times. We’re not sure about this system. But we can take a look of the subway system later. Annie: “This subway is the answer to our question. Why this subway system has been used everyday? Maybe they’re trying to clear away all of the oil industries. These windmills someplace has been running the subway for years.” Annie has never taken a subway before. Well, other fairies are getting ready to use the subway.

Subway system usage Pollution Reduction
75% 99%

Annie and I are flying back to our primary house. We’re about to drop off our gardening tools. Amanda is still taking over. Amanda: “Looks like you made it! We have to keep going with our mission to keep our planet clean. The coldest section is about to have a blizzard in just 4 days. That’s the confirmation,–if we had reduced carbon without effort.” Annie: “Jane is still on a mission to wipe all of the coal industries out of our kingdom.” “I can hear Jane flying over our house,” I said. Other villagers are waiting for the blizzard to arrive. And they’ve been wishing for it for years. And there’s a large group of settlers in the cold section of New Kingdom running down the streets. Amanda: “Saving the cold environment is the important thing to do! We have to save the Arctic. Most of our large fairies are experimenting living in the cold environment.” Annie: “Let’s check each day,–to varify if we can feel cold air later.” Annie and I has ran to the cellar to check the heating system,–to varify if the boilers can activate,–if the internal temperature drops. Amanda starts to scan the entire house to varify if our home is free of bad guys.

Days went by; the entire village is getting colder,–starting from the north section of new kingdom. New breed of fairies has been established. People started to learn to live there! Groups of small settlers upgraded their subway system to reduce energy, but generate more power. They’ve discovered they had generated more power than they used to. That’s more than enough to power 2 times the size of their kingdom. Since drilling for oil is outlawed; renewable sources has been tripled. About 22 villagers has opted into saving the forests, orchards, and the mountains.

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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