Windmills in the Cold… Cold Environment

Annie is on the quest to help engineers build windmills that will replace a pesky coal-burning plants that are used to generate power. Annie has studied lots of high winds in the cold environment. She did all kinds of things while she’s on duty; she is now patroling the cold ice cap at north of our planet. Her goal is to keep oil-rigs away from the Arctic circle. She always explore the cold places, and think about protecting our planet from these harsh polluters.

Annie just came up with a powerful solution to keep the drilling rigs away from the ice cap. All she has to do just scuttle a ship. The purpose of scuttling a ship is to block unwanted oil rigs, form an artificial reef for the sea animals; and clear away unwanted fleet of ships. Since ship graveyards are prohibited from being developed,–after they’re been taken out of service. Annie has planned to scuttle a ship that just once been involved in illegal fishing activities. That way bad guys aren’t able to get their ship back.

She goes to the impound department to ask the law enforcement if it’s okay for her to plan out the artificial reef to block the oil rigs from drilling in the Arctic. They said: “That’s a good idea! These poachers will never get their ship back. We’ve planned to build an artificial reef soon, but we already got the ship ready to be scuttled. If you scuttle a ship; you’ll get lots of fish entering the reef, and raising the fish population, and you’ll get lots of fish coming out of the reef like crazy.” Annie starts to tow the prepared ship out to the frozen sea. She has to scuttle it at the right depth. This is a 30-story ship. And she’s going to sink it at the 1000-feet level. Her strong wings enable Annie to haul the large ship that is so heavy to tow. She has to hire other fairies to help her tow this large ship.

Right now; Amy and I are building the blades for the windmills. Each of us are fabricating each cell for the largest windmill blades that will turn in high speed, and generate lots of power for the town that thrives in the cold environment. Each of us have a task to do. I do the bolding of the cells, and Amy is bending the metal, and welding it to the frame,–where the windmill blade will be assembled. Although; these cells must withstand the highest wind speed up to 400 mph. This extreme engineering of this windmill blade must be completed,–so Annie can deploy the workers to establish a windmill for the entire town who wanted to end use of the coal-burning plants, for good. Amy: “This is beyond worse nightmares for our global activists who wanted to save our planet from these polluters who are trying to threaten the Artic. We needed this cold section because, without it; our favorite places to go will no longer exist. Sea water starts to rise fast than they used to, mining for coal, and other dangerous mining activity that is built to harm our environment.” Amy can see some of the activists who wanted to end use of coal-burning plants. And she was actually right! “Our project that is open-source will help these guys fight for our planet safety. Most coal-burning plants are defective by design,” I said, riding Amy across the art center,–where we’re building up parts for the windmill blades. Amy starts to heat up these metal bars with an electric welding tool. Most of these metal rods are sorted for the purpose of building windmill blades. Amy: “With our giant windmill blades; we can load them on these flat cars on a train,–so the workers can modify these blades,–so they can handle high-speed winds. Our goal is to remove 500 tons of carbon each day. Once we remove that much amount of carbon, we’re going to setup our coldair generating station,–so we can reintroduce cold air to our planet. But we have to be very careful when working with our largest project like this.” I handed a set of bolts to Amy as she places steel rods inside a tank of cold water. She uses the bolts to build the wind cell. “If all of the workers are making our blades stronger than they use to; we can get money in our pocket for our powerful design,” I said. Amy stops at the another table to complete the wind cell for the large windmill blade. Amy: “Looks like we’re running out of space in our work environment. Let’s deploy the windmill blade for delivery to the windmill construction site. We need some food to eat after our quick start of our project.” Amy finishes her welding project. She turns off the welder to enable these machines to cool. Both of us start leaving our work environment.

Amy and I are at the kitchen. We’re currently eating eggless tarts with organic fruit. Our construction of our windmill blades are still being collected by the workers who are saving our planet from these polluters who are trying to harm our environment. Both of us are just planning thing out for later projects. Annie is still working with the large ship to be scuttled to block oil rigs from attempting to drill in the Arctic for oil.! Amy is really enjoying her meal. She’s eating lots of nuts with oatmeal bars. I’m the only person who is eating some hot tarts with cereal bars, and a warm cup of tea. Amy: “When both of us are taking a break, we usually watch TV, but we have to reach for open-source programs, because we don’t support these greedy companies who were been involved in money laundering.” I replied: “Drilling in the Arctic is not cool at all. That’s why we’re on the mission to get these windmill blades built for our power without carbon project. After breakfast; we’re going to check our items to see if these workers are bringing them to the windmill building site. I’ll operate the press for the form, and you will operate the other tools.” Amy added: “If we’re fast enough; we can able to establish a clean power system for our subway system. And it will officially be a carbon-free transportation system for our kingdom. Annie will meet us at the Arctic. And confirm if these rigs has been blocked. Or impound an existing rig, and turn it into an artificial reef,–after we removed harsh substances. Let’s pack our remaining breakfast in our boxes,–so we can have extra food to eat later on.” Both of us continued eating our breakfast as we pack our remaining meal in our box.

Once we’re done with our breakfast; we started our trip to the hardware store to buy some more steel rods for our project. I’m riding Amy gently down the street full of bikers who are just running a campaign to reduce carbon, and end use of dirty fuels at all costs. Some of the bikers has never seen me ride my white mouse, Amy before! They’re made an aisle for us to go right through. We’re just going to the hardware store to buy some more rods for the windmills. Amy can see Annie and 4 other fairies hauling the ship to the sinking site,–so they can form an artificial reef for the underwater animals that need a protective home. Since overfishing has been reduced by 44%; fishermen are just keeping their fishing program on hold,–so they can wait for the fish population to come back.Annie: “Looks like you’re going to the hardware store. Don’t buy any of these traps, we are building our projects for our largest windmill set for our electric subway system. They have to reduce carbon to the lowest levels as they can. That way; they can save our planet.” Amy: “Don’t let these oil companies fool you! We’re on the mission to buy these materials for our windmill blades that are going to be built for the workers to assemble them without any effort.” Amy hauls the heavy crate of instruments as we go down the street. Annie keeps the ship still. If the ship falls, that can be a disaster, and it will be featured on the tomorrow’s newspaper. Annie is currently a safety captain of this project. She enforces safety when hauling the large ship. Nine other fairies helped haul the giant unit that is being scuttled.

Amy and I reaches for the road with bikers to reach the store far away from our workshop. Most of the bikers are proud of our running projects! These windmill blades what we’re building are being collected for the largest wind project that will wipe 100 coal-burning plants a day. If this project is successful; that can knock out all of the dirty fuel companies. And that can result to removal of coal-burning plants. Their goal is to have at least 200 windmills spinning in their cold town, if they passed the goal, and they managed to have 400 windmills spinning; they can turn off the oil supply, and shut off the oil fields, and clean up the environment. So far they had 50 windmills built so far! Amy is kind of like a wind fan because, she wants to cut down pollution by 100%. Amy: “Those are the windmills that are built for generating power, and pumping water. Since they generate lots of heat, it’s recycled to heat our homes. These pump systems pump biological oil to keep the gears cool. They’re high as 110 stories at the largest wind farm in our kingdom.” “Our goal is to extend the power of wind,–so they can leave coal out of our fuel system,–for good,” I said. I ridden Amy around the bikers who are going to work. Amy slows down at the signal light. The light is currently red,–telling us to stop because, parts of the windmill blades are being delivered to the construction site. Annie and the other fairies are still hauling the large ship. It blocked the sun,–causing some of the lights to go crazy. Annie: “We’re still hauling this large ship. It’s our tricky job, and you’re still supplying lots of parts for the wind crew. But don’t let oil industries enter the Arctic, keep our cold section of our planet safe.” Annie uses her wings to steer the large craft to dodge the elevated train system that is currently being used for windmill part distribution. Amy: “Reaching the hardware store isn’t going to be easy.” This is a long signal because, there’s lots of traffic.

Once the signal has been changed; Amy and I has continued our journey to the hardware store. This cold section of this kingdom is actually implementing laws that will ban coal-mining, oil-drilling, and other dirty fuel extractions. Law enforcement are cracking down on illegal drilling for oil and gas. Thanks to the activists who are strict against dirty fuel.Amy can go pretty fast! She can outrun a horse without stopping. I use both my hands and feet to control her. But the person on horseback uses his/her reins to control her. Amy can travel as far as a train! Looks like the engineers are running out of material, and we have to go to the store to buy some more items. They can hardly stay in production. And they have to modify our build to test the strength of the blades.

As we made it to the hardware store; we bought some more metal rods, and steel sheets,–along with other instruments for our shop. Amy: “Our objective is completed! This is the place where we’re going to buy some more materials from the shelf. These parts what we’re building from scratch can enable us to build these units from scratch.” Amy grabs the cart to ship the materials as we go through each aisle,–purchasing materials that we need. “This hardware store has banned selling mouse-traps, and poisons. Now these days; they’re building the largest mousery that will tell customers why they’re being nice to mice,” I said. Amy has looked around the aisle, and she discovered the large mouse cage inside this store. Amy: “You are right! They stopped selling these items because our kingdom has banned this practice. And that’s the next level for this kingdom. All we have to do just keep getting items for our project.” Both of us resumed selecting items for our project. Many people at this store has respected Amy. Other customers has started to vote for a ban against mouse-traps. And this store is still extending their project.

Once we bought our materials for our project; we sped back to our work area to continue our production.

Annie is still hauling the ship towards the scuttling area. They currently setting down the ship at sea, and they’re preparing it for the sinking of the ship. They have to blast away the valves to activate the sinking action. Once the ship starts to sink, these mermaids will adjust the ship’s angle,–so it can be inserted into the trench,–establishing an artificial reef for fish, and other sea creatures. All of the other fairies are guiding all of the boat traffic away from the sinking zone. They have to get them out of the way. If one of the boats are in the way; that can be a disaster! These boaters are just getting ready to see the ship go down. The law enforcement is proud to see Annie set the ship to the right position. Other fairies are just doing the easy parts of their project. They have to speed up the action.

It takes 4 hours for their actions to take effect. Most of the ship’s insides are removed, but these concrete liners will allow coral to stick to the insides, and consume the entire ship. The fishermen are so excited to see the ship go down, and prevent poachers from striking again. If this project is successful, these thugs will not reach the fishing location. That’s important to prevent overfishing.

At night; Annie has launched the sinking action. BOOM… smoke comes out of the ship,–causing some invited fishermen to party! They watched the ship sink below the waves. Although; fish has already entered the ship, so as the crabs, sponges, coral, and even turtles. This giant ship is going down like a building being torn down. Annie records the sinking action with a video-recorder. Now these oil rigs will never reach the Arctic. The ship is large enough to block the drilling rig’s blades. All of the other fairies are now heading back home to sleep; they’re going to see the ship sunk underwater by using the submarine,–so people can see the results.

SPLASH!!! Thump… the ship has landed upright intact on the sea floor. Now people are going to take a ride on a submarine to explore the sunken ship,–where fish has swam inside,–making it their new home. Everybody were happy because, they’re going to gain more fish for the entire sea. Annie finishes her project, and she’s about to sink other unwanted fleet of ships to build the largest artificial reef to restore the coral reef, and block off poachers.

Amy and I are currently working early. Amy: “Annie has to deploy these workers to build these wind-powered generators, and we have to hurry,–before the blizzard arrives. Once the blizzard arrives; the windmill will turn in a high speed. We’re reaching for a 200 GW power to knock out the coal-burning plant, and have it ready to be demolished. And once the plant is demolished; we can set up the empty space as a new surface for the plants to grow, and allow the ice caps to come back to normal.” I ridden Amy towards my bolting table,–so I can assemble the windmill blade. So far, I bolted the cells to the strong frame, the strong frame is light enough for the wind to blow through the cells, and allow the windmill blade to turn. But the generator must be fast as possible,–so the electrical energy can be distributed around the entire town. “Blast!! We have assembled 20 cells to this windmill blade. This will not pollute air, as soon as we get this cell heated and pressed; we can get it welded tight. All welds must be solid, and no part of the cell should have any gaps in it, if it has gaps; and the windmill breaks, that can be a disaster,” I said. Amy: “You are right! We have to make sure if our work is free of flaws, but we do have these other welders who will touch up all of the flaws. Our goal is to build the strongest windmill that will be spinning in the sky,–high as a tall skyscraper. But this windmill is going to be located at the empty field,–where the power station is going to establish power for our town.” Amy inserts the structure into an electric furnace. It starts to heat the metal structure, causing the bent rods to connect to each other. The powerful press presses the structure,–making the welds solid. “Annie is also on the quest on sinking unwanted fleet of ships because, she’s turning them into an artificial reef, and reducing illegal fishing activities,–caused by poachers who are trying to harm our ecosystem,” I said. Amy and I has closed the door of the furnace,–so our work can be heated. “Don’t let this furnace overheat our structure,” I said. Amy replied: “It can take about 30 minutes for our metal structure to be completely solid, and free of gaps, but we can machine the windmill blade,–so we can build it at the hot place. We have to work in team, so we can keep the project going. So far; we had the foundation of the windmill laid, and the strong beams being assembled at the construction site. These powerful cranes will build the 200-story windmill that will be so powerful; it can easily power over 48 continental states, that’s our powerful goal. If our goal has been met, but we generated twice as much power; that coal-burning plant will go down,–for good.” Amy and I went to our lounge to watch TV that focuses on building windmills. Other engineers are just getting ready to bring the strong metal beams to the train , so they can ship it to the construction site.

The furnace shuts off after 30 minutes. Both of us wait for the metal form to cool down. Each of us are bringing these cells to the loading platform,–where the train waits for us to load them up. But this train is going to carry lots of cells for the windmill blade. Each cell is packaged in wrap,–so it won’t be scratched during shipping. Each railcar carries 200 boxes of windmill cells. If you have 10 units, that’s the total of 2000 cells being shipped. But they’re not ready for the blades just yet. They’re going to be redesigned for the powerful windmills that will spin in high speed. Although; this train uses electricity to run, all cars are fitted with powerful electric motors that are capable of hauling this train as far as 2000 miles in one charge. Due to it’s power system, it’s too impossible for the train to lose power. Amy: “So far; Annie has scuttled one large ship. And they’re going to restore the reef,–so we can save the seas. But we’re saving the Arctic from being taken over by oil rigs. We heard a news about a new law that will outlaw all oil explorations. Renewable energy and renewable oil is now a mandatory change for our fuel system.” I replied: “This project is kind of booming.” Amy places heavy boxes of windmill cells on an automated table,–where robotic units load the train with procision. Both of us relied on robots to empty the furnace,–so we can get these newly formed cells loaded on to that train.

Four trains has left the loading platform. Annie has collected all of the metal rods for the construction of the wind power system. She is currently waiting for other ships to be scuttled to block oil-drillers from the Arctic. If the rigs can’t reach the Arctic, and their oil business fails, the rig itself will be scuttled as well. Why this kingdom is protecting the Arctic… is to help cut down on oil and natural gas exploration. Since the Arctic is vital for our planet and animals, some of us rely on clean water that is important to survive. If you remove 44 oil refineries; what you’ll get is reduced carbon, and less pollution. Some people didn’t even understand! Dirty fuels pollute more than renewable fuels. Coal industries are the top polluters on the face of the planet.

While the windmills are getting assembled; Annie scuttles the another ship that is too impossible to sink; it was a prison ship that was confiscated by the law enforcement for an illegal meat trade, and slave trade. Islamic crew who used to sail this ship are now serving time in a modern prison bardge. But this prison bardge has already changed by 99%. They’re been capturing terrorists, and poachers for years. And they’re been wishing to get this ship scuttled.

So, Annie has did the same thing with the other ship what she sunk earlier. She is making a fixed procise line that will form a reef that will house all of the fish. Extra large fish, and oysters has been entering the artificial reef since 22 hours ago. If this artificial reef houses over 1,000,000 fish a month, and population increases; sustainable food projects that are varifiedwill begin. But this kingdom rarely eat fish because, they don’t want to support the fishery that is infected with slave trade. Most of the bad guys who were involved in this barberric crime are often captured for money laundering.

Annie has kept scuttling unwanted fleet of ships, and varifying if these units are safe to scuttle. They’re already conditioned for sinking. Right now; she has reached 5 miles of reef so far. Her goal is to reach the equator. Once she completes restoration of coral reef, and all of the unwanted ships scuttled; marine life flows in, and coral grows on them,–forming a hard layer. The following ships that are scuttled are:

  • New Kingdom’s legacy fleet,–featuring 20-story plates that are built to protect the tourists who are trying to keep poachers out of the high seas. It was used to ship lots if items that are too difficult to ship by cargo planes.
  • Fishing ship that was impounded, it was scheduled to be scuttled, but scuttled right now. It cuttently houses more fish that will live and thrive.
  • Illegal prison ship that was ordered to be scuttled by New Kingdom,–to protect all children from illegal slavery. It was a 50-story ship that was stolen by terrorists who were involved in money laundering, and other serious illegal activities. This 2-mile long ship that is 200 feet wide has been stolen from the boat store that supposed to sell it as an electrified shipping service that is built to ship items as fast as an airplane.
  • Old oil rigs has been scuttled to mark a final use of crude oil as fuel, and drilling for oil has been retired from the fuel system. Almost all of the oil rigs has been scuttled,–building the largest artificial reef from these units by piecing them like a puzzle.
  • Old abandon cruise-liner has been turned into an artificial reef,–due to high levels of neglect of passengers onboard. They claimed over $200,000,000 lawsuit against a company who is so deceptive, and they’re been linked to false advertising.

Over 2000 unwanted fleet of ships has been scuttled to clear away the harbor that need room for newer ships that are busy shipping items around the world. Right now; they shipping parts for the windmills in the cold environment. Over 200,000 parts has been delivered to the construction site,–where windmills are being built for clean energy for an electric subway service that will be an official pollutant-free form of transportation in New Kingdom.

Annie has went to the hotel to spend some time at the another city. Many of the oil companies that are trying to drill in the Arctic were now end up in serious trouble. They’ve been laundering hundreds of dollars to invest on dirty fuels. Annie has been on patrol for days. Unlike other fairies that are trying to save our planet from serious threats; Annie is about to a future fairy queen who is going to rule the entire queendom.

Back at our workshop; Amy and I are packing up all of the windmill pieces for the last of the trains thatare going to speed towards the construction site. They have to rely on a subway train to haul all of the parts fast. So workers can get it assembled with custom designs. They’re actual design is going to surprise New Kingdom. Our project is almost completed. All we have to do just send all of the parts to the builders who wanted to save our planet.

Amy and I has ran back to our house to sleep. Annie is still on duty,–saving our world. If Annie hasn’t started our mission, and save the day; that will be a disaster! Amy: “Our project is still running, we have to produce lots of windmill cells to wipe out all of the coal industries. Why our subway system should use windmills because, they help cut pollution.” Amy is climbing into a lower bunk. I’m currently getting ready to sleep. But I have to get all of my equipment turned off during long days of our mission. “If Annie has finished her mission,–wiping out all of the dirty fuel industries,–we can able to restore the cold environment for vital animals who lived there,” I said. I ran towards the bunk to get ready to sleep. Both of us can hear other people fighting for our environment. They’re trying to prevent coal industries from harming the forest someplace. However, we had limited hours of sleep. We have to confirm if we wanted to keep all of these dirty fuel out of our village.

Outside, people are just getting ready to refuel their boiler systems. They’ve been relying on conventional fuel for the past years. They’re choosing renewable fuel because,they’re not supporting any of the oil companies who drill for oil in sensitive places, like the cold Arctic. This is necessary to prevent themselves from supporting dirty fuel. They’ve been fighting to save our planet for years. They already banned conventional gasoline from being fueled to machines. And they also banned drilling for natural gas.

Back in the city; Annie is still on her mission to guard the Arctic, and scuttle unwanted fleet of ships, and remove all of these oil rigs from the chosen drilling site. These Arctic animals are counting on Annie to save their home from these destructive oil-drilling rigs, and coal-miners who were involved in money laundering. Annie is about to start planning her new efforts to end use of dirty fuels that are drilled from the ground. Her long quest can be risky, but she is risking her life to halt the drilling rigs.

Annie told other fairies to speed up their quest by doing each task. About 200 additional fairies are just getting started to save our planet from these drillers who are heading towards the Arctic. Many of the animals who lived there are so upset. Some had an option to scare away these powerful barberric rigs that are about to strike! Annie: “Everyone, block all oil rigs from our Arctic circle. These animals are counting on us. If we can patrol this cold environment; we can block all rigs.” All fairies has agreed to act now. They grabbed their wands, and start patroling the Arctic.

Almost all of these fairies who lived in the cold village has fought for the Arctic, and they’re removing coal-burning plants from the village who didn’t know about this polluting beast!

Annie continues scuttling old ships to create artificial reefs for the environment,–for fish and marine animals can live and thrive. Since Annie is good at leading other fairies, she has the ability to speak up for our planet. She has lots of ships to recycle. But she’s always careful when she scuttles old ships.

While she scuttle ships; she keeps track of each ship that is sunk, giving fish a place to live.

Each ship that is being scuttled is positioned to be sunk at the right location.

As soon as Annie is done scuttling ships; she let the rest of the fairies guard the icy world. Annie has been scuttling 250 unwanted ships for 20 long days! These villagers are still counting on her to save the world.

Cold breezes start to blow towards the village, and the existing windmills spin faster than they used to. They generate lots of heat inside their mechanism, biological oil cools the gears inside. Hot oil is cooled by the fan inside. These coils heat as the fan spins. That enables the entire village to keep their homes warm. This is the edge of the arctic, but their subway system is built to keep the heat contained, and exaust the old heat out the dedicated vent system in the large city. It may look like they’re winter lifestyle is kind of endless. But they have to cut pollution as they can,–so they can save the Arctic. If they don’t cut pollution, and bann coal,-mining, and oil exploration; the entire cold section of the planet will disappear forever,–causing NYC to be flooded by the sea, with a giant storm. Fighting for our environment is key to cut pollution.

By Fairy-Rider

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