A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 3.1: This Is My Another Fairy

I woke up early. I discovered this fairy,–dressed up in silver, comparing to Amanda; she wears a big poofy silver dress, silver stockings, pinkish silver apron, flat silver shoes, and a silver crown with a removable diamond. She has light skin, pink lips, silver hair, silver eyes, jumbo silver wings with a glitter background with […]

Night Lights In My House (story)

The new House & The Work Needs To Be Done

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Night Lights In My House

One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book on my laptop computer that is connected to a solar-powered outlet that sticks to a glass window to receive power from the sun. Typically, I work at night, but I need to work elsewhere as I find other ways to make some money, […]

A Fairy-Rider Without A Fairy (Story)

Chapter 2: My Fairies Might Be On Duty… but Problems need to be solved

Back at the palace, Annie is currently working with New Kingdom’s power system to keep their subway system going. Other fairies are just having fun,–playing games! They’re currently playing pool with other fairies.Most of these fairies are built to grant wishes for anyone,–not just for children!