Chapter 3.1: This Is My Another Fairy

I woke up early. I discovered this fairy,–dressed up in silver, comparing to Amanda; she wears a big poofy silver dress, silver stockings, pinkish silver apron, flat silver shoes, and a silver crown with a removable diamond. She has light skin, pink lips, silver hair, silver eyes, jumbo silver wings with a glitter background with a shiny format, tall , and she can speak British. She also has a message tag with a following message:

We gave you a secondary fairy for you because, you did the right thing in our kingdom. At this case, you helped the hermet escape from cruelty. We’re working on finding a fairy for this person. But 1 problem is; we ran out of fairies, and his/her wishes are delayed. If you found some problems, please let us know by filing a report to us.

I discovered a magic wand that she’s holding. It’s a silver one; it does had a star ontop. I started riding on this fairy. Amanda is working with Xaivier. Amanda: “The fairy who you’re riding is a secondary fairy from the fairy port. Her name is Annie. She came out of your dream because, you explored her palace within your dream. She’s also my cousin.” Annie: “Xavier is going to stay with Amanda for a while! Let’s start flying outdoors, and explore some new places. As we explore; we’re going to interact with other people in our community. And I’ll show you that is going to surprise for you, and Xavier.” “Let’s start our quest in New Kingdom,” I replied. Amanda;” “I’ll stay here with him. We’ll meet you at our planned meeting place!” Annie and I started flying outside. Sheryl started making breakfast downstairs.

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Night Lights In My House

One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book.

I decided to turn off some of my lights in my house to save energy.

Although, I tried experimenting on placing LED night lights everywhere in each room,–making it look like we’re in a different location.

However, the lights in the basement are dimmed

I left some of the rooms in the dark.

The outsides of the house always has low-power lights on at night. But the catch is; light pollution causes us not to see the stars at night. Well, this house what I had is outside the noisy city. We’re close to the farm with vegetarian gatherers who are supplying food for our community. Other people who rent homes were so upset because, of these high energy bills. Some of these villagers has tried to switch over to non-polluting energy. There were endless issues with our energy system that is causing issues with our planet, and there were lights on in some houses that are left empty. Maybe some of these homes were sold. If I get my calculations correct… these homes were seized by the tax system because, some of these people has been trading food assistance cards for cash, but tax payers in danger of having their money forwarded to sanctioned foreign countries.

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