A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.4: The Protected Church

As I left the fairy-based temple; I decided to ride the white rabbit to a protected church where it has its own subway platform. Eilene is the white rabbit what I was riding at this temple earlier. She is a gentle giant rabbit who like people riding her… but most people who consume rabbit meat are most likely to be infected by diseases,–due to strategic breeding of large rabbits. We are going to a protected church all right… but we have to take a long road to the city where they have a subway system implemented. Most people has petitioned this subway system to support renewable energy, and save our planet. Jun is flying over us as I ride Eilene down the road. “There’s no wonder why you were going to a protected church,” said Jun, leading the way. “We have to save the Christians from being persecuted by Muslims,” said Eilene, hopping along the outer lane of the road where lots of buses are rolling down the road. Like a highway without any cars… there are still trucks rolling down the street. “Don’t let the terrorists harm this church, we have to warn the queen about this issue what she isn’t encountering. Most of the churches has been attacked by these arsonists,” I said, hanging on tight to Eilene’s soft ribbon what she wears around her neck, scooting forward to hang onto her ears, “they do have a serious protection that protects our subway from being flooded,–due to climate change, since they wanted stronger flood protections to be implemented… unlike most towns that are susceptible to other hazards, people has an option to resolve other issues with their towns where they used to live, they are doing many activities to save our planet each day.” Jun uses her magic wand to poof to the protected church as I plan out a meeting place where we can group together. I changed lanes to speed up. Eilene has lots of energy to speed up. However; she is always careful when she navigates along the road.

I ridden Eilene down the garden to the suburban neighborhood to find the long road that will lead us to the protected church what I decided to visit. Eilene has never heard of a protected-church before! “What’s a protected church?” she asked, getting ready to hop over the ice blocks that are being shipped to the factory where they print out frozen sections for the cold environment. And some of these frozen blocks of ice are used for making expensive snowcones that can worth up to $20.00 a cone. And most of these goods like this are used to support the environmental groups who wanted to save our world from global warming. “A ‘protected church’ is a church that is protected against threats. They added these church buildings to a special database to keep these churches protected against terrorism, and being used as a target for Islamic terrorist groups what we’re trying to keep out. Think about NYC… these twin towers has been blown up by these people who were involved in terror attacks,” I replied. Eilene has thought of preventing terrorism from happening in our village. She wanted to prevent terrorism because, she supports our country, and she supports our safety of our country too!

As we passed these blocks of ice being shipped to some factory; Eilene and I are now heading towards the empty road where they’re doing a project to replant trees that were cut down illegally by bigots who were trying to harm our planet. Mandatory tree-planting laws has been causing deforesters to go out of business, and causing mining companies to go out of business too. Since over 100 trees were planted at the abandon pastureland where cattle once grazed… these crop farmers has taken over this farm to enable people to plant trees to cool down our planet, and remove all of the carbon from our air. These big yellow machines has been helping us plant trees with a fast, swift job. And some people plant trees with a slow job that is designed to enable these trees to grow with a custom pattern. They do have a controlled environment where they are experimenting with implementing smaller breed of trees that will be planted on green rooftops of their buildings.

Mary is riding her rabbit down the path that is now a dedicated wide street that is designed to enable people who ride bikes, or their animals to go to any place. These lamps has been revamped to take power from the sun, and use batteries to help cut pollution by 40%. They started using LED lamps to replace obsolete sodium vapor lamp units that are causing issues with people who were trying to reduce light levels. Most of these old lamps were recycled with a mandatory recycling services that are designed to reduce waste, and combat terrorism.

“Are you going to get your funds back from your mother who is involved in fraud?” Mary asked. “I’m trying to get it back from my mother who stole funds from me, and I have to go to the protected church to retrieve them. And they’re suggesting me to take cover somewhere far,” I answered, slowing down Eilene, and going through the tunnel that leads to the subway that is going to be open next week, “it will be a long ride Mary, I’ll meet you at the very cold place in the future,–after I seeked shelter, and removed all of the vampires from this village. These vampires are so dangerous. They’re built to attack anyone. We have to put an end to spanking to take out all of the abusive schemes what my mother just left behind.” Mary has entered the tunhel with her rabbit. She places coinside the box to pay for this service, and I swiped my card to pay for the service too. However… this is a card that is specially implemented for me because, I have to rely on goods and services to thrive.

As the gate opens for us, Mary, Eilene and I are now entering a tunnel for the purpose of traveling with a rapid journey that is designed to dodge all of the bike traffic. These LED lights has been replacing these sodium vapor lamps in this tunnel because, they’re finding ways to cut pollution. They’ve already installed new LED lamps at the middle of this tunnel. They’ve implemented a wide LED strip that is designed for us to see in the tunnel without a worry. The remaining sodium vapor lamps are still installed, but these lamps are about to be phased out because, this major upgrade has been improving conditions for people who were trying to help save our planet for many years.

As we go into the very deep section of this tunnell… ALL of the LED lamps has been installed, and we can see clearly now. But that applies to Eilene, and Mary. They discovered the LED strip is now wider because, most of the sodium lamps has been removed,–after they burned out! Most of these burned out lamps has been recycled to support upgrades of their tunnels, and other lights what they implemented for the villagers who wanted to reduce pollution. “So that’s what I’m thinking of,” said Eilene. I can see better. And I can see other cyclists who were biking down this tunnel that is now upgraded without any trouble. And they collected endless amounts of recycled items to fund this project. And most of the these lamps has been upgraded to a new format, and caused sodium vapor lamps to go obsolete. And they implemented taxes on these kind of these lamps to further prevent pollution.” Eilene was so impressed, she hopped for joy, but she is always careful when she navigates across the surface, and make any turn that is tight. Over $300,000 has been spent to flash fund their service that is going to connect to their subway system that is designed to reduce cars on the road. “You are right Eilene,” I said, riding her around the cyclist who is pulling a cart of plants to be deployed to a village where mandatory green roofing laws are in affect, “this village has been fighting bigotry for years. And they’ve been pushing towards making muse of fossil-fuels obsolete, and illegal to mine for coal, and refine crude oil.” This tunnel has a set of ads that encourage people to save our planet, and switch to renewable energy. There’s also a brass plaque that is marking the spot,–where the subway tunnel has been planned to be built, and an upgrade has been implemented to make it illegal to exterminate mice, and rats.

This tunnel stretches up to 40 miles, and its officially connected to temples, and churches above the ground. Like a powerful revamping project that is strategic… they’ve also implemented flood protection that is designed to protect their village from severe floods. Storm water usually flows into mechanical funnels that are designed to pump water into a special treatment plant where water is specially recyled back to the environment. They have over 2000 of these units installed. Rain water is exclusively used for plants via green roofing laws, and mandatory flood protection laws. These powerful laws has been putting these coal-mining industries out of business. And over 200,000,000 trees has been planted to honor a victory of their fight against climate change deniers. Without these laws, this village may experience endless floods in the future. They’ve also implemented a flood valley where flood water freely flow, and recharge underground water sources. Most of the strategic flood protections has been expanding for years,–after they learned an answer from global warming.

As we exited the tunnel; Eilene, Mary and I has reached the streets where the subway entrance is located. And we’re going to use this road to reach the protected church where it receives endless amounts of protection. “This place is already protected against terrorisim, and this place is kind of updated, but their subway system is over 100 years old, and this system still works because, they rely on open-source projects. And they went open-source as well. This open-source transit has been funded for years. And they’ve been supporting other people who were trying to reduce all of the issues of our society,” said Eilene, making a right turn, heading towards the another road that leads to the long road that take us to a different town. “This town is an only town where they banned Islam altogether,” said Mary, reading a poster that focuses on a movie that is funding a project that bans all Islam to protect this village from these terror attacks.

We entered the road that is almost empty. But construction workers are at work, installing new lamps that will light up the road at nightt, and some of these lamps will be converted into solar globes to catch the sunlight to power machines that don’t have mechanical parts, but electronic parts.

Construction workers work around the clock upgrading these roads to reduce all of the traffic, and enable more trucks to use this road to carry goods that are designed to feed the villagers around the entire country, and other international places.

There are 400 trees that are growing on this old farm where cattle graze. These grazing fields has been placed under tax liens because, cattle farmers has refused to pay for dairy taxes that are designed to reduce global warming, and many of their cattle has been seized from their property. However; they’re cattle are sold for slaughter at the another country, ad that is a total removal of this cattle farm. This wipe out has caused foresters to plant more trees for their forests to be restored. And they’ve also implemented a temple where the forest is protected.

We passed the orchard where trees are farmed for lumber, food, fresh air, and other products. And they’ve been planting over 2,000,000 trees for many years,–after their business has been launched. Launching efforts to plant more trees has been reducing carbon by 44% in this village, and it also provided homes for the birds, butterflies, wild rabbits, rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, and other important animals. Their trees are as tall as a 40-story building, and some of their trees are as high as a 100-story building. their microforest has been serving homes for these animals for centuries. And it received over 2000 rain storms for the past years. But it still get rain from nature like normal. All of that water has been causing these trees to grow like endless living trees. Most of these trees has been planted provide shade from the searing sun, and allow animals to take cover in these cool places. Over 200 birds has been making home there since these trees has been planted.

We’ve passed the another cattle farm that is now a forest that is designed to absorb carbon, and release all of the fresh air for our planet, about 200,000 trees has been planted so far. And most of these trees has been planted at these grazing fields because, high dairy taxes has been causing dairy farmers to go out of business. As a prospective: these villagers can plant up 40,000,000,000 trees each year! And that is more than enough to cool down our planet. And water sources can be preserved without any worry. But dimming the neighborhood was mandatory because, they’re trying to reduce cooling costs this Summer. But spring is right after Winter. This village likes winter because, they are experimenting with living in the cold climate.

We passed the garden where farmers are exclusively planting crops for the villagers who are fed each day, and so as their animals. Most of these farms that are plant-based has been thriving for yers, but they’re now farming without using harsh chemicals. Unlike most farms where they use pesticides… they care about bees. And they do care about nature! They also have a well system where they pump fresh water from the ground. Most of the plants what they grow are lined up like a long road. They do have green roofing where they plant their own crops to feed themselves,–without needing to take up all of their resources. If each green roof feed both people and animals, that can reduce hunger by 77%. And that can also enable animals to stop for food, and fly away to continue their journey south, or north each year. This is a poerful environmental move that is going to reduce carbon by 99%.

As we exited the road, Mary can see the another temple that is active. This building has been hupdated for many years, and it did had a new green roof. They also implemented green walls to to further take out oall of the carbon, and provide fresh air to breathe. These windows has been redesigned to let the light in during the Winter, and keep the hot air out during the Summer. The garden that is located at the back has been planted since months ago. And most of the gardeners has been fighting against polluting industries for many years. And they won the another battle.

Meanwhile, there was a group of fairies who have no place to go. They ran from the burning church that was set by the arsonists who were running from the police.

There was a chase going on. Sirens wailing, lights flashing, and there was a stolen truck driven by the Muslim gangs who were running from the law for 2 decades, and 4 months. Like a high-speed chase, there was a dozen of police cars, a set of spike strips, and there was a set of fire engines that are responding to the fire that was located at the temple that needs help from our community. Seven fire engine that ran alongside police cars has started to guide away normal traffic. Some of these fairies can see smoke from meters away. Islamic societies are NOT immuned to modern laws in this village! This church was granted protection since a year ago,–during an arson attempt… there was a news about a Muslim suspect who just stole trucks from the mine that is being cleaned up during a provision for removing polluting mines from our village. But this project has been stalled,–due to terrorism. Maybe protections for this church has been stolen by fraudulent protection agencies ran by Muslim men, and families.

As we travel along the road, we met one of our old friends who used to save our town from the mine fire that was now put out. They’re older now because, they’re no longer children. However; they’re still young,–due to a recent upgrade of all anti-smoking laws that caused the tobacco industry to decline. This is the good news because, all of the tobacco fields are being removed from our village. If tobacco has been outlawed, that means we will have fresh air everywhere, and we can breathe better! Eilene can’t stand tobacco smoke because, it can infect her eyes, and cause her not to breathe. She used to be owned by a person who smoked lots of tobacco products, and he has to breathe through his stoma,–after he has his larynx removed. That means… he can’t talk. And he has to eat soft foods. But today, he’s at the hospital, and he still have trouble quitting smoking. He was also in debt! Well, I don’t smoke because, I boycott the tobacco industry 24/7. “According to Jun, I have to go to the protected church to pick up my money what they’ve donated to me because, my mother has stolen my funds for paying bills, and other uses,” I said, “okay, if you don’t know what my mother was actually doing to my funds? She was using them for gambling, and subscribing to services what I didn’t ask for. The police has to investigate this issue what my mother has left behind since months ago, and I was driven to debt without warning.” Eilene has slowed down when construction signs has came up. “That is not cool if your mother has stolen your funds for these purposes, that is illegal, and fraudulent. I will never do it to my children,” said Eilene, going around the construction sign, and continuing along the path that leads to the town that is being recovered from a flood that is caused by a construction of a dam. They’re currently tearing it down to reduce all of the flood water, and recover the flooded town from neglect. All of the funded projects has been paid by these bigots who were still doing time in prison. This village doesn’t allow bigots under any circumstances because, bigotry is a serious issue, and it was officially a serious crime. People work around the clock draining quarries, flooded towns, building dikes that are designed to keep water from flooding certain towns, prohibiting coal-mining, putting out mine fires, restoring forests, imposing liens against pasturelands to restore the forests… and outlawing sales of crude oil. So far, they’ve planted 500,000 trees with modern technology that is designed to restore forests like a gardener. They’ve also implemented mandatory green roofing that is designed to remove CO2 from our air what we breathe. These species of plants are dedicated to be planted on rooftops, and provide fresh air to breathe. They’ve already have 200,000 structures upgraded with strategic implemented gardens that are mandatory. Some of them are designed to feed the villagers, and animals. Many roosting birds has laid eggs for their population to be stable. Some of these other structures has been revamped to accept a new roof, and new walls that are designed to give off fresh air. These plants implemented on these walls were designed to take out all of the CO2 gases. All of the winter planting events has been funded by many organizations, and bigots behind bars. Over $2,000,000,000 has been spent to run this project that is designed to save our planet each day. “Wow, you’re good with kids Eilene,” I said, “you raise children without violence.” “They love me,” she added, “one of my children has been suggesting me to take them on vacation this spring.” “Really, where your kids going?” I asked. “Camping, and gardening,” she answered, speeding up at the exit ramp,–going to the another road to the largest city where the protected church is located, “this is the season where children experience the outdoors, to strengthen the bond, and reunite our family. We’ve been asking our government to make sure mine fires are put out, and coal mines are closed down.” We passed all of the trucks rolling down the road. These truckers has been carrying loads to many places without any worries about small cars going to slow, or going too fast.

As we reached the protected church; we met the pastor who is warning us about the terrorists who were recently arrested for attempting to bomb the subway system that is vital for this large city. I need to pick up my funds what some kind donors has sent to me. For me to get my funds, I have to go to the place that is located inside the church itself. Since I’m a fairy-believer now… I have to disclose why I only believe in fairies.

As I enter the church hallway,–heading towards the donation booth, I met one of the people who dressed up like a fairy for me. They told me about my funds that is ready to be collected by me. However; I have to take a closer look of this protected church that is officially protected against Islamic threats that are dangerous. They’ve already arrested over 20,000 Muslim men for their criminal terrorism, and money laundering.

I ridden Eilene down the hallway to go to the kitchen to get me a box of tea, and some scones what I need to eat as a snack. Due to high levels of preventing dictatorship in families via all places… they have to crack down on abuse 24/7; thanks to a new law. Abusing children is punishable by 22 years in federal prison.

As soon as I finally received my funds to help recover myself from debt what my mother has left behind, I ridden Eilene out the church to go back to my house. I have to keep it quiet because, they are doing service for the victims of arson. And there was a powerful effort to prevent other churches from being burned by Muslim arsonists who were responsible for mass killings, and mass arson attacks. Right now, 400 more Muslim terrorists were hauled to prison without any court dates to prevent terrorists from causing issues with their courthouses. Most of these church goers has wished they have more protection than standard protections that don’t work at all!

This village has been fighting bigotry since 1960. And they’ve successfully removed over 5000 bigots, 2000 abusers, 4000 abusive parents, and 10,000 Sharia cops each week,–making our village a better place to be. All Sharia cops are classified as terrorists because, they’ve been held accountable for providing material to terrorists.

As I take a closer look of this protected church, I can see a group of pastors implementing ways to prevent their donations from being embezzled by Muslim terrorists. They’ve been protecting this church for many years! As a prospective, this church will last for a long time.

What I discovered at this church complex, is the security guards who bounce away potentially unwanted gunmen, and terrorists; their job is to protect this church from serious events. I also discovered a set of gun-free banners that are designed to keep people from carrying guns to this church, and there’s a protective grate that bounce away powerful bullets from any kind of a gun.

This church is so protected, that can be resistant to terrorist threats, and other threats. They’ve protected 1 church complex so far! And that is a protected church that is now open to the general public.

“So that’s a protected church,” said Eilene, glancing at the large section of a church where 4 pastors are at work, “more people should support this church, and prevent persecution of Christians.” “Looks like we found ourselves a quest to help out these Christians, and integrate fairy culture alongside it by starting a new religion that will protect Christians, Jews, and Catholics against persecution,” I said, riding Eilene towards the exit of this church.

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