A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 0.7: Eilene’s Storytime Before Bed

Riding the white cat upstairs at the large room, I’m enjoying my time playing. Both of us are just spending our time playing with toys, and reading books. And even riding around the room. Two other cats are having fun as well! “Take your time,” said the white cat, “rushing will not do. just let me do the rest of my work. That’s how riding a fairy goes. If you don’t let me do the rest of my work, I may collaps and fall,–and that will be a disaster!” I am currently taking my time riding the white cat,–pretending she’s a fairy. “Feels kind of bumpy as I ride you,” I said, “kind of like riding a mechanical stuffed-animal.” “You will enjoy riding a fairy soon, and if a fairy matches your preference, you can able to fly, and I’ll be at the another nation, at your new place to be, said the white cat, going around the collumn, and making a left turn, going around the toy chest. We can hear other cats entering the high shelf for viewing the entire layout of the large room. “If I ridden a real fairy, I’ll teach her how to fly high, and hover over objects,” I said, “many large fairies take more space, but encouraging them to spread their wings to fly is important. Tipically, little fairies aren’t able to be ridden by a person because, they’re too small. Big fairies are amazing because, they can handle a rider without effort.” The white cat goes around the table. “If I were a fairy, I’ll can grant wishes for you, and I can work the wand. Some fairies do turn into animals,–making it easier for a fairy to handle a rider. And I read a book about fairies before,” she said, stopping at the shelf with books abailable to read. She pulls out 1 book, heads towards a table, and starts reading a book.

Suddenly, she leaps on a table to enable 2 other cats to run to the other side of the room. The white cat is still reading, but she has to read each page, and take time as she reads a book. She has to read because, her parents has recently cut the cord as a way to save money, and rely on internet as an alternative to cable subscriptions via cable TV.

I can feel the white cat rock, and I can feel her turning pages of a book. She has been reading books for many years, and she has been relying on a public library for many years. She has cycled over 200 books so far! And she has a goal to reach over 1000 books as a way to support authors around the world.

Meanwhile, the white cat looks around the entire room to see if the lights are still on. She can see one of the lights that aren’t working at all. But the nurse who is taking over this house has an ability to change out the bulbs, and keep this home lit at night. The large attic is designed to be used as a play area, or a storage area. The windows are redesigned to keep rain from leaking in.

The white cat stops reading a book, and she begins to leap off the table, and go down to the 1st floor to check back with a nurse who is coming back with Eilene.

Eilene has finally came back from her vet appointment, and she is kind of okay right now! However; she received a vaccination to prevent a big illness. Eilene was proud to get vaccinated because, she needs protection against viruses, and other bugs.

Eilene can see me riding the white cat. She was kind of scared. “Back up,” Eilene yelled, but the white cat has stopped next to her. “Don’t panic Eilene,” she said, “I’ll not eat you. Be calm.” Eilene has never met the white cat before! Since the white cat doesn’t eat rabbits… she prefers to lent like a Catholic. She believes rabbit meat is considered as “dirty meat”. “I know cats do eat rabbits,” said Eilene, hiding in her mobile crate without windows, “this is not good.” “This cat isn’t going to eat you because, she’s Catholic, and she is currently lenting. She don’t eat rabbit because, she has ansesters who were introduced to rabbits since years ago,” said the nurse, explaining to Eilene.

“I’ll read to you before you go to bed,” said the white cat, showing a book to Eilene. “I don’t get it, said Eilene, my grandmother usually reads a book to me.” “Your grandmother is currently working at the hospital, and she’s currently a chaplain,–assigned to a person who was a meat-eating person who is placed on hospice care. He was a smoker who is missing out on his ability to write more books, and he has to finish up his wish list because, he’s running out of time. This is what happens if you smoke tobacco products, and eat meat. If you were eating meats containing hormones that aren’t good for you… it may lead to cancer risks, and it may lead you to having a shorter lifespan. Eating vegetables over meat is necessary to help prevent other diseases.” Eilene comes out of her hiding place to make it easier to listen to the white cat’s explanation, and other facts what she read in a book earlier. “Are you sure that’s my grandparent who is a chaplain?” Eilene asked. “Yes she is,” she explained, “she currently a chaplain who is dedicated for patients who were placed on hospice care,–dedicated for smokers who were trying to quit. If you were a smoker, you can lose your lung capacity, your ability to eat, your ability to walk, and your ability to do other important activities. I met a neighbor who smoked tobacco products that are being outlawed in our town. Sure glad I don’t smoke.” Eilene hands a newspaper to the white cat, and she said, “I met a smoker at the clinic, and that was my previous client who was on probation for shoplifting. Mell Jr. was a scammer, and she was being chased by the tax agents. She has been involved in tax evasion, and she currently has her property placed under tax liens over $200,000,000! Her smoking addiction has caused her to be end up in debt like credit card debt, morgage debt, medical debt, legal debt, and other debts. She was struck with wage garnishments. You can tell she is a smoker by looking at her face, and her ears. Her ears has turned black, and parts of them has fallen off, Buerger’s disease is common… and it can really mess you up. She did pay all of her taxes, but she has to find ways to reduce her tax liabilities, and pay up her taxes. She supported a mosque that was linked to terrorism.” “There’s no wonder why Mell was a smoker?” asked the white cat, opening the newspaper.

As the white cat reads the first page of an article; she was shocked as she can see Mell Jr’s ears been affected by smoking. Eilene explains to her.

“Mell Jr. has been affected by tobacco, and she has a serious addiction to it, and she is about to lose her tail. According to her vet, she may need to take amputations to prevent a disease from spreading. And she has to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from her jaw, and she has to eat soft foods,” Eilene explained, looking at the image, “you heard of a news about people who consume tobacco has experienced cancer-like issues. Boycotting tobacco products is necessary to help prevent the spread of a serious addiction. Nicotine can be addictive, and quiting isn’t going to be easy. She has lost her ability to chew on objects as a way to prevent her teech from growing too long. But her teeth has fallen out, and she has to rely on artificial teeath to help her eat food. Also, all of that smoking has affected her fur, and her paws, her claws has fallen off. Her addiction is so overwelming, and losing her body parts, and she’s still out there,–smoking!” The white cat has an idea to boycott tobacco products because, she believes Mell Jr. has taught her why smoking is bad for you, and she said, “don’t smoke… It’s bad for your body!” Eilene has been reminding Mell Jr. NOT to smoke any cigarettes. But she smoked anyway! “I’m just wondering where Mell Jr. is?” she asked, ” I have to find her later on, and it’s still early.”

The white cat has placed a clip on one of these pages, and she begins to take off. I commanded her to exit our house. “Let’s take a trip to a hospital, and see her,” said the white cat, “maybe she may be placed on hospice care.” “i don’t think so,” said Eilene, getting out of her mobile cage, “I believe my previous client has been smoking for many years, and she can’t stop.” “This is madness,” I said, “I believe Mell Jr. needs to quit now, before she’s end up turning all black, and losing her fur from all of that smoking addiction. And she can be susceptible to falling apart, and losing all of her limbs.” “We have to warn her parents about this, and we have to warn her family about this issue,” said the white cat, opening the door, and taking an empty street, on a route to a hospital, “let’s run a campaign to bann tobacco products altogether. That will help our community stop all of the tobacco addiction. Killing off tobacco can help, and we have to find ways to prevent smuggling of illegal tobacco products from happening. Tobacco sucks!” Eilene has never heard of a tobacco ban before, but she heard of a strict smoking ban. She imagined she ran her own city that bans sales of tobacco products. “This is going to be good,” she said, “if we can ask our government to ban sales of tobacco products, we can help cut pollution, and reduce all of that tar intake. Never make friends with a person who smokes!” “That’s right Eilene!” I exclaimed, “never make friends with smokers who smoke tobacco products, or any products used for smoking. I heard of some smokers who has a big hole in their neck after smoking.” Eilene has remembered her client who smoked since age 14. Mell Jr. is 1 patient what we’re currently visiting tonight, but it can take time to reach a hospital far from this house.

Going down the road at night; 3 of us are taking a long road that leads to a largest hospital where it houses all of the people who were addicted to tobacco. In just 4 more days, it will be an official ban of all tobacco products, and this town will be tobacco-free like a green village. Why this village is implementing a powerful ban against tobacco products because, they wanted their village to be clean.

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