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The Sleepiest Town Fights Pollution

It’s night time in this old town, the streets are quiet, and the moon lights up the sky,–along with some stars. I was drinking tea late night. My fairy, Annie is working with the electric boiler for heat this fall. The house what I’m recently owning is darkened, so I can save power. Outside, I can see some villagers getting ready to sleep. But they have concerns,–regarding pollution in this town.

Here are some problems what they encountered:

  • The car engine is running, but nobody is driving it.
  • The lights are left on without any use for any purpose.
  • The streets has oil everywhere,–after some trucks has a broken fuel tank.
  • The coal-burning plant is running on full-blast.
  • Gas range at home is left on., and nobody is cooking on it. That can be a fire hazard.

These villagers are upset. They’re not sure who is causing this issue to the environment. Annie and I needs to investigate it,–so we can resolve pollution for them.

Annie and I are flying over the village in question to investigate. We started tracing the mess to the house in question. Maybe the poor has trouble resolving some problems. However, proprietary products may be to blame! The villagers really need our help. However, we’re tracing towards the source of the problem.

As we made it to this house, the poor family was broke,–due to high use of proprietary products that are defective by design. We told them to choose open-source instead,–just like other villagers. They felt bad for this mess. But they have trouble conserving energy. We asked other people to run the cleanup to fight pollution to save the planet.

As the cleanup starts,we start off clearing away the electronic waste. Other villagers scattered to other places to clear away all of the other wastes. Open-source products are shipped to this village to reduce carbon. The coal-burning plant slows down. But the good news is: It’s being discontinued because, high use of open-source products is documented to help these poor villagers who are sleepy fight pollution.

Many of the cars and trucks that are running without any use are turned off, and parked in garages. Some of them are fixed,–to replace proprietary parts with open-source parts. These streets are cleaned up.

The recycling is managed, and collected. They’re been shipped to facilities to be reused as new materials.

People start riding bikes during the day,–not motorcycles.

Many trucks has their broken fuel tanks fixed.

The lights are turned off. They can use more power than any other electrical device.

Since the sleepy village is taking revenge against oil-drillers who are trying to harm the planet.

Annie and I are checking the woods to make sure these trees aren’t cut down. But garbage is hurting it. We cleared it out,–so we can remove harmful waste. If we don’t remove it, our land will be contaminated!

This giant mound of waste came from factory-farms,–where farm animals are located. Annie has reported these bad guys to the villagers who don’t support factory-farming.

At the other hand, the gardeners are fighting pollution by growing plants, and their own food. They are using compost to help their plants grow.

You can also fight pollution by turning off the lights, choosing a vegetarian diet, recycling, and using renewable energy,–you can also use open-source products to resolve other kinds of pollution.

You can also do the following:

  • Try reducing lights in your house or apartment by using night lights that use LED lights.
  • Try choosing a recycling facility to recycle material that can be reusable.
  • If you are going to nearby places, try riding a bike, or walking. New York has a subway that you can use.
  • Try choosing open-source for all goods what you chosen. If any of these stores don’t have them, check with the customer service,–so they can help you find what you are looking for.
  • Try reducing volume on your audio device, or use the head set,–whenever you are on a computer, listening to music, etc.
  • Try boycotting use of proprietary software on your machine.
  • Use an electric range when cooking food.
  • To help prevent electronic waste, boycott DRM at all costs.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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