What Type Of Blog Is This?

Fairies Dreams &Fantasy is my personal blog. The stories, opinions, or articles that I published are my own content. I’m the author of this content found on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (fairiesdreamsfantasy.com).

What’s the purpose of this blog what I’m working on, and does it provide any professional advice?

Content what I publish on this blog is designed for entertainment/informational/educational purposes only. It doesn’t contain mythological, magical, technological, legal, medical, religious, criminalogical, financial,historical, or any other professional advice.

This blog does not reflect the views of any other person, companies, websites, movies, TV shows, businesses, or even performances. The views are expressed by my personal views.


These stories, opinions, and articles that I write does not do any harm to individuals, companies, organizations, religion, or anyone. I also have no intention to defame, injure, purge, or do other harm.

Comment Policy

You are free to leave comments if you wished to leave comments,–as long as you keep comments clean. All comments are written, and own by the commenters who left comments on blog posts. However; I reserved the right to remove comments that are questionable to harm anyone, or contain spam. Such as the following:

  • Comments containing threats to any individual of any kind. Threats are prohibited.
  • Profanity isn’t tolerated. It can hurt anyone’s feelings, or worse.
  • Comments containing spam.
  • Comments that link to pornographic sites.

All comments left on this blog is written by commenters who are responsible for their comments. No kindness of these comments will be guaranteed!

If you found any of the following above, please contact me,–so I can take action,–regarding your issue, or use the ‘Flag Icon’ to report a comment.

Copyright Policy

I’m the owner of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. It’s licensed under creative commons license. If you want to safely reuse my work, and make sure you give me credit properly; follow these steps carefully:

  1. Before deciding to reuse my work; check the CC-license by clicking the Creative Commons button at the sidebar of this blog; or at the footer of each post, and read the license terms carefully.
  2. Locate the given link code and copy it. Be sure to save the given code to notepad.
  3. After you saved the given code found at the license terms that you read earlier; you may reuse my work. Don’t forget to copy the URL on your browser’s address bar, and save it to notepad when reusing my work.
  4. After you are done reusing my work,–whenever you are working on your blog post on your blog. Site the source at the bottom of your post. Place the URL of the post that you’ve reusedin the link element, include the target-=”_blank” attribute, that works the best for other readers can view>
  5. Once you had the link placed at the bottom of the post, including the statement if changes are made. Preview the post and make sure it’s functioning correctly. Go back to your post editor, and place a <br> tag after it.
  6. After you placed a <br> tag place the other code from the CC-license terms after it. Preview your post again, and confirm you site the source correctly. If the links are doing their job correctly, that means you has successfully credited me,–after reusing my work. It’s safe to publish or update your post on your blog.

If you’re still not sure if you attributed me correctly, feel free to E-mail me by clicking the ‘E-mail the Author’ button on this blog. And I’ll will guide you through these steps what I mentioned above.

You don’t need to ask permission to reuse my work, but you can still contact me freely,–if you want to check if the CC license is valid.

Fair-use is welcomed! Don’t worry; I will not file any false DMCA takedown notices because, it inhibits fair-use. Fair-use enables us to use copyrighted material without the permission of a copyright-owner. That’s what some people who own restricted copyright didn’t understand! Don’t forget to checkout EFF’s Action Center.

If you believed your copyrighted content has been published on this blog in error; you can let me know by E-mailing me. Be sure to include the following:

  • The URL where the error has been occured.
  • Copy the text of the post in question. And include it to your issue report.
  • If it’s found on the comments section, include the commenters content in question.

Wait up to 1-20 writing days for me to take action. I’ll follow up with you for an update. If the problem still occurs, I’m willing to fix it.

I will not condone any forms of sensorship, false copyright plaints, or any other practices that violates anyone’s online rights.

External Links to other sites

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy might be linked to third party websites. I don’t have any control of these sites that are linked from this blog. Especially links to content that might be broken, out of use, down, dirty, spoiled, rotten, or empty. This blog doesn’t condone enfourcement, endorses, or any other responsibility of such content, be sure to check their Privacy Policies of their sites.