Night Lights In My House (story)

The new House & The Work Needs To Be Done

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One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book on my laptop computer that is connected to a solar-powered outlet that sticks to a glass window to receive power from the sun. Typically, I work at night, but I need to work elsewhere as I find other ways to make some money, […]

A Fairy-Rider Without A Fairy (Story)

A Fairy-Rider Without a Fairy

The story starts off at my large house in this village. I do have fairies all right; but some of them has poofed out,–due to maintenance, or changes to their fairy system. I can hear Lou and Johny playing games with their legacy pool table. They’re just listening to music as they play. Well, they’re […]

Fantasy A Fairy-Rider Without A Fairy (Story)

Chapter 1: The Recent Problem in our village

Amy and I are at the farm. We met Robert, he’s the owner of this farm, and he’s been caring for horses as a living! His farm is kind of small, but he also has a large garden,–where he plants food for the village. There’s a large house, a windmill, and there’s also a large […]

Fantasy Night Lights In My House (story)

1: Fun Effort to reduce power in our home!

Amy and I has finished the another section of our house. With a flip of a switch, the lights are now on at our bunks. These light slots hasn’t been working for the past months. “Perfect!!!” I exclaimed. One working light has lit the bunks when the test curtains has been activated. Then 2 lights […]