Night Lights In My House

One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book. I decided to turn off some of my lights in my house to save energy. Although, I tried experimenting on placing LED night lights everywhere in each room,–making it look like we’re in a different location.However, the lights in the basement is dimmed. I left some of the rooms in the dark. The outsides of the house always has low-power lights on at night. But the catch is; light pollution causes us not to see the stars at night. Well, this house what I had is outside the noisy city. We’re close to the farm with vegetarian gatherers who are supplying food for our community. Other people who rent homes were so upset because, of these high energy bills. Some of these villagers has tried to switch over to non-polluting energy. There were endless issues with our energy system that is causing issues with our planet, and there were lights on in some houses that are left empty. Maybe some of these homes were sold. If I get my calculations correct… these homes were seized by the tax system because, some of these people has been trading food assistance cards for cash, but tax payers in danger of having their money forwarded to sanctioned foreign countries.

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0.1: Changing Out Bulbs

Right before sunrise… Amy and I has woke up extra early to get ready for our project to change out these bulbs. Amanda is still patroling our home, and these lights are still on. She is warning other fairies about the man who is stealing lamps, and terrorizing our village. “Wow, Amanda is such a patrol fairy.,” said Amy, “let’s brush our teeth, and shower before we start. Mom is asleep for now, but we have to be very quiet. This is her first time in your house,–after she moved in.” I started to get ready for a shower, and Amy starts to go to her closet to get her clothes ready,–after shower. “Amy, keep the doors locked,” yelled Amanda, “The power system what we are currently using is about to be turned off by the company because, they’re switching to windmills to keep the carbon levels down.” I am still getting my clothes ready,–after shower. “Amanda has reminded you to lock the doors, and prepare for power that is going to be turned off,” I said, “let’s get our backup power going, and conserve as much fuel as we can.” Amy locks away all of her expensive hangers,–so they won’t be unlawfully used as spanking items/tools that are illegal. “Watch out for possible outages. Please let me know if you experienced any outages of energy,” said Amy, locking her case with expensive items, “I have to hide away all of my hangers from these rogue hands connected to these suspects who were wanted for illegally spanking children in our village.” Amy shuts the closet door, and gets her new change of clothes ready for use.

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0.2: Low Energy Bill… Other Homes Experience High Energy Costs

During my official setup of my house during night time, I’m riding my white mouse, Amy Mouse. She is my new partner who is so interested of exploring my house, but she has never seen my projects like these before! I’m currently showing her my open-source work that is safe to reuse. Why I’m riding my new white mouse because, my fairy, Annie is busy granting wishes for everyone around the world. She has to resolve a problem for some people who are being discriminated by a bad fairy who don’t like adults making wishes. I was assigned to a white mouse to ride,–the fairy queen has prompted me to ride a mouse, or rabbit as Annie goes on patrol to save our planet.

Amy and I are currently checking each section of a wall to varify if the lights are bright enough to see, but use less energy. My fairy, Annie is on patrol to stop illegal logging industries from destroying the forest someplace. She isn’t able to come back to our place,–until her patrol is completed. Her goal is to stop pollution by 99%. Well, that doesn’t stop me! Amy is my backup assistant. Amy said, “cutting down on pollution, and saving the environment? Your house is filled with LED systems of some sort. You’re actually an owner, but don’t set out any traps that are harmful to mice.” I replied, “our project for this session is almost complete. By tomorrow, we’re going to check if our electric bill has lowered.” Amy has discovered the logs what I’ve written as we finished our environment-saving project. I ridden Amy gently down the hall, and placed the saving point at the door that leads to the bunks. “I believe we need to keep going with our energy-saving efforts to reduce our upcoming bill that will arrive soon. If we can do it; we can cause the coal industry to go bankrupt,–just like an old oil refinery someplace,” said Amy, installing a new automatic switch that will use the internet to adjust lights to reduce energy.

Amy and I are planning on going to the store to buy some fluorescent lights for our house. We’re going to buy some Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs that will screw into a standard socket for conventional light bulbs that are polluting our environment. Some of these lights what we just removed from our house will be recycled,–so they can be made into new lights for our home. “Our lights are going to light up the bunks, and we’re going to the store during the day. We have enough time to sleep in our bunks, and use our lamp that is fitted with an LED bulb that will be used as a dim lights for our bunks,” said Amy. Amy is currently entering the bunks. I’m riding her, but she is kind of walking off. “Let’s sleep in our bunks for tonight, we have to get ready to finish up our project of our energy-saving effort to reduce carbon by 100%. If we can reach our goal of phasing out all of the conventional bulbs, we can save the planet each day. But the catch is; we have to implement a powerful fluorescent light bar, or a circular fluorescent lamp to light our dark yard somewhere around our house,” I said. Amy said, “let’s do this project tomorrow,–if we can do it.” Amy pulls out a book, and she starts reading as I get ready to sleep.

As I get ready to sleep; I changed to my pajamas, and I get ready to brush my teeth. Since there’s no connection to the bathroom; I have to use the hallway to reach it. I can hear Mary walking down the street with her crew. Maybe they’re on a mission to keep our village free of terrorism. However; most of the other villagers were just asleep.

So, I brushed my teeth, and listened to the news on my recorder. I have to steam down our shared bathroom to let others use it to take a bath. Well, I haven’t got my bath toys unboxed just yet. We’re still getting house set to get our home ready to be recognized. We still have boxes, tubs, loose items, and other objects to sort.

I switched off my recorder as I exit the bathroom. I have to turn off the lights to reduce more energy. I installed a new automatic night light in the bathroom to keep the dim light on. This is necessary to reduce power, but provide little light in this room.

I walked back to the bunks to put away my old recorder. I have to open my tent to get ready to sleep. Amy enters the tent as I go in. I need to stock up my clothes as I get prepared for the next day. I had my spare coins stored, and my coins counted, and rolled. Both of us share our money. But we had a habit of using 2 units. “I just can’t wait to see our low electric bill come in the mail. If we did it successfully reduced our electric bill… we can tune up our home further to rely on renewable energy,” said Amy, sliding her large pillow into our tent. “If we can use up these LED bulbs… and we got a bright room, we can able to run some of our everyday items.”

Meanwhile; people who were awake are getting ready to see the stars at night, and they’re planning on reducing energy. Well, they’re actually consuming more energy,–due to use of conventional light bulbs. They used the small versions of these units, but they’re electric bill kept going high as $200. They claimed they’re reduceing their bills, but they’re wrong.

Maybe they’re relying on coal-burning plants to keep their homes running. Looks like they’re aren’t able to see the stars.

Many of these home-owners are so concerned about their bill that is high!

They tried their best to reduce power by using candles, but they don’t want to take any risk of lighting them,–due to fire concerns.

Many children who were afraid of a dark has left lights on in the hallway of their homes. Most of their parents has prompted children to reduce power to save money each night. But they had no luck.

This is kind of a terrible issue. And they’re trying to cut ties with coal industries, and switch to wind energy.

While Amy and I are sleeping; both of us dreamed of a low electric bill what we just received in our mailbox. I was walking alongside Amy as we work together,–bringing in mail for our home. However; we have about 12 letters inside.

Each letter is from each company like an energy company, electricial redo services, and water services. Each of us has to work together as we pay each bill.

Amy and I has walked back in our house to start paying our bills. Why Amy and I walked alongside each other because, Amy hasn’t got enough energy to give rides. I do have enough energy to walk or run. But Amy has low energy. “This is a low bill,” said Amy, reading it. I read other mail to see if my water service has been paid just yet.

During the day; Amy and I are enjoying our breakfast that is free of eggs. Annet is reading a newspaper about the mines being cleaned up to allow nature to reclaim these old mines as a new place for plants and animals. There was a sign of crude oil shortages,–due to greater use of renewable oils that will NOT be discarded, but reused as fuel, and other products. Rabbit breeders has planned to setup an underground rabbitery to breed rabbits as pets, show animals, therapy animals, and service animals. They’re NOT raised for meat.

During our shopping task; Amy and I are at the large store. We’re choosing new Compact fluorescent bulbs for our home, there are 22 people choosing these kind of bulbs what we’re choosing. They’re filling this aisle what we’re currently in. We have to buy lots of bulbs for our house,–so we can use it for our project that is about to reduce all of the energy. We’ve already used up all of the LED lights for our home. And we’re taking this step to reduce power usage for our home. If we don’t reduce power,–the pesky coal-burning plant will pollute air with a powerful cloud of pollutants that will harm our planet.

As we come back to our home; we start installing these lights at the another section of our house, starting with our parlor. That’s where our movie-player is installed. Amy is equipped with a crate of lights we bought from the store. There about 400 units inside. These special LED units are built to light 1 large room. Amy said, “I’ll do the electrical work, and you’ll insert the units.” I replied: “We have to check if these units are working correctly. If they don’t work, and we’re stranded in the dark; that will be a disaster.! Amy unpacks the electrical cable, and she starts rewiring our entire parlor. Amy has an ability to swap cables without any trouble. This electrical work may take some time to be completed. But we’re not rushing. We have to take a step at a time, and varify if our system is working properly.

Each of us do each task. Amy does the wiring. I do all of the installing of these lights that will replace these older bulbs that are causing further pollution that is causing our village to be warmed up during the cold days. We’ve been using traditional bulbs that resulted high levels of pollution. But these new kind of lights will fix this problem. Other mice in our house are so jealous; they wanted to do these same tricks what Amy is actually doing! But they’re actually too small to reach the light unit. It is a fixture, but we called it a ‘light unit’. We can hear other neighbors getting ready to reduce power, but we are ahead of them. They’ve just trying to use solar generators, but that’s the different way to reduce power.

I gently ridden Amy alongside an empty wall,–where we’re actually rewiring our parlor. We discovered some of the electrical cables are defective, and they need to be replaced. We’re opting for a rodent-proof electrical cable, and filling up all of the gaps. These gaps will be used for wall-mounted lamps. Maybe a previous owner/designer has implemented changes for this house,–before I owned this place! Most of these slots are functional. But the previous owner who is a landlord has been removed from our town,–due to his barberric practices, such as trapping and killing mice. Our village doesn’t even support trapping and killing mice because, they respect them.

Amy and I has to work with each set of cables and lights at each section, if we don’t use our prefered method; that will be a problem. We take long breaks when finalizing our repair task. Maintenance projects in our home is slow, and it requires procise work. During each break, we read books, play, and hang out with other neighbors. Most of our neighbors are friendly, and safe. They’ve already reduced crime levels by 99%; thanks to activists who were so strong, they changed our village without any trouble.

Once our parlor has been rewired; we turn on the power to varify if the lights are working correctly. It was brighter than it used to be! Amy was so happy because, her task is done. Amy: “Wow! that is great for us to light up this parlor. We can able to enjoy tea, or read books,–or watch a movie here. We have cut 20 pounds of carbon so far.” I gave Amy a large berry tart as a special treat for her. “And that’s training my mouse without whips, some people didn’t even understand; when training your animals; don’t use whips. That’s why I prefer to take time, and gradually advance to the next level,” I said. Amy replied: “How about we should take a break, and do the rest of our project later. Since you trained me for the first time; and you allowed me to be off-duty,–enabling me to take long breaks; you didn’t use any barberric items at all.” Amy grabs the remote from the table, and activated the TV to watch a movie.

Five Fairies Tear Down the old Coal-burning Plant

This sleepy old suburb has started to use renewable energy by 2000%! Five fairies are on the mission to erase the old coal-burning plant that is still standing,–right at the edge of the beach.

This plant is once used to power this city that is still awake. these busy facilities need to stay running because, people are at work.

There’s lots of items that are abandon. And they needed to be extracted.

Untold; millions of villagers has stopped using this plant because, they wanted their fairies to stay healthy.

Each fairy does each task. The fairy queen varifies if all of these fairies are doing their task correctly.

Small items are being extracted first. This plant on the inside looks scary! It has lots of spiders, and rats,–and even mice. Well, they are trying to remove all of the smaller items.

There’s old wires, pumps, boilers, lights that are broken, old vents, empty water towers, coal chutes, and blowers.

First, 2 fairies, extract the small items. They place them inside the cart,–so they can be taken to the facility to be restored,–if necessary.

The 3 fairies go for the larger items. They’re going to be placed on these trucks.

Each truck carries the large load.

As soon as the plant is done being emptied, it’s time to take it down!

TNT is placed into these holes that are drilled. All of the seating are placed around the plant,–far away from the building.

People who lived in this village start to arrive via buses to see the plant go down.

All fairies got ready to activate their actions to tear down this old plant.

After 1 big BOOM; the plant starts to go down.

The fairy queen watches the plant go down too! These villagers are waiting for a new garden to be planted,–so they can grow their own food. Since vegan villagers are everywhere, they just can’t wait for their wishes to be granted.

All of the other fairies are just finding some more coal-burning plants to tear down. Saving the planet from global warming is the must for this village.

Hours went by; the plant is finally erased from the city, 40 other fairies collect material that is recyclable,–so it can be turned into new stuff that you’ve never seen before!

It can take days for the entire team of fairies to finish up their job.

Since this beach is not used for tourists, it will be marked as a reserve for the environment. The plant that is used to convert sea water to drinking water is upgraded with windmills,–so it can have power without polluting the air.

What is like to leave coal, and oil out of this village?

I was riding Rosa, the big white cat down the sleepy streets of this village; looks like I’ve warped in my dream. These houses are large, the streets are empty, and the trees are tall. My fairy, Annie is at my house, working with the electric heating system. She’s has a task to do.

There is no sign of fairies at this time. Maybe I’ve ran out of magic. But I have a backup at home. The sun is up all right, but it’s totally cold. The trees are getting ready to be dorment later on. Only both of us are just in this village.

Clean air is circulating everywhere! And the only building that is still running, is the old oil refinery. These workers are about to retire distribution of oil, and coal. They’re going for renewable sources. But 99% of this village has already reduced carbon. Thanks to use of renewable energy.

As rosa and I are entering this house that is beautiful; we decided to go inside to spend the night there.

Inside this house, there’s lots of rooms that are sorted like a hotel. The hallway is tiled with glass tiles. These walls are glossed with clear varnish. And these doors are shiny,–just like metal!

Amy is there, she’s enjoying her vegetarian lunch. Amy: “Welcome to your dream. The ice caps are coming back because, we’ve stopped using oil, and coal. Looks like you are here for a tea party. And you brought Rosa with you.” Rosa: “I’m just a large white cat in his dream. He was riding his fairy earlier. Annie has to work on an electric heating system. And she’s adapting it for the another house later.” “I had lots of fun with my fairy, Annie! Before my dream appeared; Annie and I just ate some tarts,–before we went to sleep,” I said. Rosa: “He started riding me down the empty streets because, his fairy is about to be upgraded for advanced magic.” I dismounted Rosa, and I ran to these empty rooms to set out the tent for tonight. Amy: “I’m the owner of this house! I’ve been wishing to own one someday. My parents told me to get one because, overcrowding is the problem. Right now; I’m focusing on my book what I’m writing. This is an open-source book. That means, everybody can reuse it. And this is our open-source village.” “I’ll come back to the tea room Amy,” I said, positioning the tent next to the drawer,–where the lamp is located.

I ran back to the tea room as Rosa goes to the another room to read the newspaper. Me and Amy are just enjoying our party in our dream. Amy: “Looks like you’ve memorized me in your past dreams that are unusual. But the good news is; your magic is totally active than it used to earlier.” I started to grab 1 scone as I passed down a tart to Amy. She places it on her plate as she fills my cup with tea.. I started to set down my suitcase to eat some scones.

Amy and I are still enjoying our fun. “I remember you! You’re a white mouse,” I said. Amy replied: “You are right! We’re going to explore our entire village because, we’ve chosen renewable fuels for our large village. Everybody is getting fresh air.” Amy passes down a plate of sandwiches as I pass down a bowl of little cakes to her. Each of us keep sharing our treats. About 4 single packs of tea are used during our fun.

After we had a tea party, we decided to explore our village. I hopped on Amy’s back, and rode her out the door. Amy locks the door of her house.

As we explored the village to find any updates; we can see lots of villagers protecting these mountains from coal-miners who are trying to harm our planet. It can be a nightmare for all of us to rip off the mountain tops. But the good news is’ they’re enforcing their laws that will protect mountains from illegal coal-mining practices. Their goal is to keep coal out of our energy source.

The forest is being protected against oil-drillers who are trying to harm our environment. However, the entire village has implemented laws that prevents oil-drillers from drilling for oil, and they also implemented laws that will protect ice caps from melting.

Amy and I just stopped at the old mine,–where they used to mine for coal. Well; it’s a museum now! And they’ve marked coal as off-limits. So they will never mine for coal again. That also enables the subway to go through the old mine to enable tourists to see the mine that is used to be active. Amy: “That’s an old mine.” “The subway is active, we have to be very careful. These trains are active,” I said. Amy replied: “I can hear it. And you are right. Lets take a train to take a closer look. We entered the train station. “All we have to do just take a black line,” I said. Amy: “That’s the train what you’ve just mentioned earlier.” The train stops at the station. We started to board it.

As the train starts to leave the platform, we started to activate our cameras to record the video.

The train enters the mine. We can see piles of coal that’s been left behind. These workers who are formatting, the tunnels for their trains. These old tools has been placed inside crates,–so they can be preserved for a long time.

The coal mine is deserted! And it looks creepy. Amy isn’t scared. She claimed; they’re just tunnels for the train.

After the train ride, we decided to go to the forest, to see if the oil-drillers are no longer there.

As we reached it, we can see some trees that are healthy. But the sick ones are removed. But this forest will be remain intact. There’s no holes in the ground because, these villagers are doing their good job with the forest. Amy and I are just slowly walking down the path.

This is what it looks like when we leave coal and oil out of our village!

Amy and I went back to our house to sleep. We’ve enjoyed our trip because, we had a wonderful time. Annie is still at work. She’s an only fairy who is still active at night. Someday, she will finish up her project.

What happens if we do this same trick in the real world:

  • Our planet will be saved.
  • Our ice caps will be saved.
  • That can save over 1000 mountains each month.
  • Our forests will be safe.