Night Lights In My House (story)

The new House & The Work Needs To Be Done

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One night, I was drinking tea while I was writing my book on my laptop computer that is connected to a solar-powered outlet that sticks to a glass window to receive power from the sun.

Typically, I work at night, but I need to work elsewhere as I find other ways to make some money, and put it to work. Normally, I work during the days, and I usually be productive as I use my hours of work, putting them to good use.

During each weekend, I usually work with this house with a help of a contractor who is specialized in installing new electrical cables, new lighting, upgrading to ultra-high amps, and an upcoming planting of trees for a garden in a backyard. Well, all of the electrical work, and other upgrades may take some time because, they have to take each step,–ensuring quality work done. Usually, it starts off with a conversation with a contractor who can assist me with designing my new house with custom features what I want to include.

However; planting trees has been delayed because, a light for a backyard is not lit, and there’s a huge problem with this house itself,–after it was rebuilt since years ago.

I’ve opted for an expansion for this house because, I want to have more space, and more room to roam. Also, having this house customized beyond average homes is important for making my life easier, and sort things easier,–having a decluttered and organized home. Normally, electrical work goes last, but this house is getting a rewire as a way to prevent fire from happening, and improve quality of receiving power from a grid, or any renewable source of energy. This house is built on a large piece of land, but it was rarely used. It was once used by some person who used to mow this field.

During the day, there’s only a boring bland lawn that consumes too much water, and there’s no trees to take cover from a hot sun, and there’s no way to keep mosquito population under control.

Annie, my fairy doesn’t want to mow lawn because, she want trees to be planted over having a lawn in our yard.

During the afternoon, opossums who are about to go on a hunting adventure can’t find a place to hide, or a place to climb to safety!

Each day, hot sun shines into this house, and oxygen levels are questionable. It was so HOT; we couldn’t use this yard at all! Not planting trees is such a bad choice, but we can plant new trees to combat the heat.

Almost every home has a yard with lawn planted over trees. Some children felt overheated, some of their pets can’t stand the heat, and their homes are getting too hot to live comfortably!

Each night, lawn fields tend to do nothing special

What a bland looking town without trees!

I decided to turn off some of my lights in my house to save energy.

Although, I tried experimenting on placing LED night lights everywhere in each room,–making it look like we’re in a different location.

However, the lights in the basement are dimme, but I must use smaller bulbs. This experiment of dimming these lights is kind of standard, but I am planning on getting new equipment for this house.

Each night, I usually find ways to keep my house visible by keeping my main front porch lights on, and I am trying to keep the backdoor light on as a way to help keep my yard visible.

I left some of the rooms in the dark.

The outsides of the house always has low-power lights on at night. But the catch is; light pollution causes us not to see the stars at night. Well, this house what I had is outside the noisy city. We’re close to the farm with vegetarian gatherers who are supplying food for our community. Other people who rent homes were so upset because, of these high energy bills. Some of these villagers has tried to switch over to non-polluting energy. There were endless issues with our energy system that is causing issues with our planet, and there were lights on in some houses that are left empty. Maybe some of these homes were sold. If I get my calculations correct… these homes were seized by the tax system because, some of these people has been trading food assistance cards for cash, but tax payers in danger of having their money forwarded to sanctioned foreign countries.

Okay, if you never went into my house like this before… I started relying on a tram service to move to this house what I’m interested in owning this home. Since my fairy, Annie is too big for an apartment; I have to hunt for a house that is large enough for me, and my fairy. This house what I currently setting up is large enough; but I’m converting to a large format home. Well, you don’t have to be a dwarf to live in this home like this. Owning a large house like this is important to me because, that enables me to have more space to run around. It’s kind of like a large mansion! But these rooms have high light systems. But the rooms are so big… I can run inside them safely.

Fortunately, this house is rebuilt, just for me and my fairy, Annie. This house was once a small house with narrow doors, and it only has an asphalt roof.

Today, this house has a new green roofing integrated to help reduce cooling and heating costs. The corners of this house is rounded to help reduce stress during each season of warming and cooling cycles.

I don’t have big furniture just yet. This large house has a ramp system instead of a stairs because, that make it easier for people who use carts to go upstairs or downstairs!

During the night; I am setting up a tea room for my guests for tomorrow. Well, this theme will match a night theme as a way to convince neighbors to conserve energy. Also, this tea party is also going to help reconsider planting trees and reduce use of lawn equipment as a way to help reduce CO2 levels by at least 44%.

Most of my equipment in this tea room is connected to the another kitchen that is designated for tea room use only. Well it has no gas range, but an electric range with an oven, a microwave oven, and a toaster oven.

A sink in this kitchen is large and it has a set of faucets that are implemented like a Japanese kitchen format. Well, only a downstairs kitchen is a Japanese format and its larger. This small kitchen is connected to a tea room with an open door that leads to a dining room. Well, this kitchen is slightly smaller, but it has a glass window that overlooks a backyard that is too dark to see. Well, the sun is setting, but this backyard is boring with bland lawn, and dandelions are popping up each week. Typically, planting lawn over trees doesn’t always mean better for our home. Reverting to afforestation should be a thing to do for this house. It does have a large yard that is capable enough to yield 400 trees!

The upstairs kitchen is themed like a garden during the cold days, but it has a wide area that is freed up. The flooring is checked with white and black square tiles that are ceramic, green tiled walls are tiled towards the very top of this kitchen. The other ceramic tiles are installed as a way for us to finalize the renovation of this kitchen. Well, renovation is almost finished. All we have to do just get this wall of this kitchen resistant to fire,–just like a commercial environment!

The kitchen has a high enough ceiling, and it has a dedicated balcony that leads outside. Well, the balcony has no light, and we need to skip using this balcony, until we have a new light installed. A light switch can be easily be turned off by a person who is a bully who cause lots of trouble. However; a contacter can replace this switch, and it can be controlled by a switch at a control room what we’re implementing in a cellar that is going to be staffed by a person, automation will be implemented as a way to help mitigate labor costs.

So far, I have a new tea kettle, new piping for hot water from an electric water heater that can be fitted into a boiler that uses used cooking oil as fuel or electricity via heat pump as a way to heat this house. A new freezer that is custom built. A set of new cabinets with a connection to a dining room. A new recycle bin. A new smoke alarm for emergencies. A new window PTAC unit for cooling and heating (when needed). A new cart for carting food to the tea room. A set of new dinnerware for the purpose of having a tea room. New silverware for a tea room. And new LED lighting that is first installed in this kitchen.

So far, no mice or rat has entered this house because of a new construction technique that makes this house resistant to pests of any kind.

This tea room is decorated with a night theme, and I have alternate furniture for anyone to sit on. Well, this tea room has a window that can enable someone to view the backyard that isn’t beautiful at this moment. You can only see lawn, and lawn is too expensive to plant and care for.

The table of this tea room has a lamp for lighting up a table with accent lighting. It has a set of alternate furniture to sit on, a foldable mat to sit on. A regular couch for some people. A china cabinet for storing dinnerware for tea. A standard tea table that is British style. And it has a little stand for a music player that plays meditation music that is suitable for tea rooms.

The flooring is carpeted, but it has a tiled zone for a steam radiator that is mounted inside the wall cavity with a fan to distribute heat into this room.

To help deter smoking, a sign has been implemented to prevent smokers from smoking in this house.

Looks like this tea room is done, but more work is needed to be done for this entire house.

I’ve just setup a tea room for my guests who want to have some tea. The wallpaper what I had glows in the dark. But it’s an organic LED wallpaper. It also has open-source themes, its controlled by a central computer that adjusts the lighting.

I’ve set this tea room to reflect the theme of a night sky. The ceiling has a modified fixture that is built to allow little light to slightly light up the room. This light is controlled by the knob with a timer. The timer is used to time the switch sequence to have the light turn on for some minutes, and turn off for some minutes. It’s kind of like an automatic light switch of some sort.

“Annie is going to like this,” I said, “It’s easier to reduce lights in my home like this.”

The LED wallpaper has lit my house without any trouble. This quality lighting like this has also helped me reduced costs of lighting so far.

Annie is walking down the hallway.

She can see how my house is being implemented with a different format.

She was impressed of my current project!

“Wow! your design of your house is amazing,” said Annie. She was so glad because, I reduced energy.

“Thanks,” I said, “I’m going even further to keep my electric bill low.” Annie has never seen my trick like this before.

Annie and I are just setting up parts of our house what we just bought since 2 months ago,–after we decided to try out owning a house for the first time. We formerly lived in a small apartment, but Annie was outraged due to the landlord who is involved in illegally exterminating mice for the purpose of trapping and killing them. Despite some people who own cats… helping to reduce wild versions of mice and rat population, opossums are just good at doing their tasks what nature can do for us,–all for free, reducing costs.

Annie has wished our former landlord should be nice to mice, not exterminating them. Well, he was in trouble. He made a bad choice! He was fined for exterminating mice, and his extermination license has been revoked for the rest of his life. And he’s been sentenced to 24 months of community service;–educating children about mice. The good news is; Annie’s neighbor has reported a problem with extermination services that are cruel. You can use the power of nature to keep number of mice in check!

Annie is currently implementing hidden systems to keep track of our house that is empty. Her goal is to keep extermination services out. To save us money; we use the bug zapper to keep flies out of our home. This automated device knows which bug to zap,–by using the online database. This online database is designed to prevent this unit from zapping beneficial bugs. However; Annie still supports other services that keep insects at bay, making it easier to live in this house, and they use plant-based or eco-based products.

Although, Annie understands why opossums keep mice and rat population in check.
And What’s the point of opossums living in our neighborhood? She imagined she is a gardener picking berries in the field, and gathering other berries for pastries. She can see 3 opossums sitting in a tree that is newly planted and thriving.

Well, they’re beneficial animals that keep vermin in check, and that’s what some people don’t understand!

Once Annie has finished setting up our section of our house; I finished the rest of our setup.

Annie starts to fly. She uses her wand to do a magic trick. “I think I’m being overworked,” said Annie, trying to flap her wings harder, “although; I have at least I have energy remaining for flying!” Her wings are flapping harder than her average flapping strength.

“Don’t panic Annie,” I said, steering her towards a landing mat, “looks like you need a break. You deserve to take a long break.”

Annie lands on a mat as she spreads her wings.She was a fairy who worked so hard. She was happy to take a break.

As soon as Annie has landed; I dismounted her as she begins to stretch her wings, and her legs.

Annie said, “so, you ride fairies for a long time. I had something that will keep you flying…”

Annie’s magic has dimmed! And a large white mouse appears,–large enough for me to ride her.

“Looks like you need a longer break Annie,” I said, “If I don’t give you long breaks; and you fell down; that will be a disaster!!”

Annie has felt a bit relieved of her ability to be a mount for a long time. “All you have to do just ride on your new mouse to continue on,” said Annie, guiding me to a large white mouse what she released via her magic power.

“Watch out for some mean fairies who escaped from a kingdom where they were captured for polluting our planet,” I said.

Annie has landed to enable her wings to relax.

Annie stretches her legs, and her wings to start a process of resetting herself. That usually occurs when her rider dismounts her.

“Are you glad you’re taking a break?” I asked, getting ready to ride my new mouse.

“Yes,” said Annie, reloading her wand, and getting ready to go on a mission to save our environment, “I’m glad you’re taking responsibility with your fairy, I need breaks,–so I can have some time to relax, and do other activities with other fairies. Our subway system is expanding to help cut pollution by 100%, and they’re implementing windmills as a mandatory upgrade for their subway services. That means… it will be an official clean transit system that will save our planet. Also, green roofing has been mandated for all buildings in a large city as a way to help reduce the heat island effect, and help reduce climate change.”

I can hear other fairies trying to distribute a large windmill for the tram system. This 100 gigawatt windmill has been built, and tested to power the entire city by 44%. This powerful unit is also going to keep other services running in our village. Almost all of these streets are going car-free because, these streets are quieting down. That enable truckers to use these streets to go to any place.

Annie is about to leave our home, and get ready to go on her mission to halt the polluting corporations who were damaging our planet.

She can see me interchanging my gear.

“I’ll continue on flying with you,–after I finished the construction of the new subway system,” said Annie.

“Good luck,” I said, ‘I’ll start riding a mouse, and she will be my backup fairy.”

Annie starts to fly. She begins to use her wand to poof to many places, but she’s doing a test. This is necessary for her because, she has to verify if her wand is working like it should.

Her wand is working!

So, I took a deep breath… and then I mounted on my new mouse. She’s kind of comfortable…

“That’s a new trick. Just wondering why Annie needs to go on the next level,” I said.

Annie replied, “I assigned you a white fancy mouse, Amy. Try riding her, and train her… the same exact way how you trained me to respond to your commands.”
Well, Amy didn’t budge at this moment, she must get used to me riding her.

I start off by sitting on her back. However; Amy is only standing on her hands and feet like a normal mouse. Well, there’s a way to enable her to use her hands to operate items, she needs to stand on her hind legs, just like a kangaroo, that will make it easier for her to walk or run faster by 75%.

“Amy isn’t able to work her wand at this moment,” I said, hanging on to Amy, “she acts like a normal mouse, and it requires me to train her each day.”

Annie can see me sitting on Amy Mouse. Amy is just like a normal, mouse, but she isn’t an ordinary mouse.

“Take your time, said Annie, “don’t rush. If you spend more time with her, you can train her each day. Always use positive forms of training. Never hit your animal under any circumstances. I heard a news about a person who is arrested for spanking his/her dog for peeing in his/her house, and he/she is facing time in prison. Religion is no excuse. If you refrain from spanking your animal, and you treat her kindly; she will treat you kindly too.”

Amy Mouse begins to position herself as I sit on her.

“I’ll try my best training her,” I said, “and she need breaks after being ridden for a long time. Getting her overworked is not a good idea.”

Amy adjust her ears to receive input of my commands.

“Don’t forget foot commands, and hand commands. This is important when riding her. If you take a longer time training her, and interacting with her… she will respond to your commands,” said Annie, heading towards a door of this house.

As Annie heads out the door; I start riding Amy around this house.

Turns out; she is just walking like a normal mouse of some sort, but her head is too close to the ground.

Well; there’s a way to make it easier for her to navigate without keeping her head towards the floor. Usually, this is a start for me when riding my new mouse, Amy Mouse. Her pink tail is working, and she is usually getting started. However; going around tables may be kind of tricky!

I’ve stopped her for a minute; so she can take a look around, but she is still looking towards the ground, and she can’t adjust her view to make it easier for her to navigate

“Well, this is typical for mice,” I said, finding a way for her to see easily, “if I can get her to use her hind legs, and keep her head off the ground; I can teach her how to use this format for a long haul.”

Amy Mouse looks around my empty room what I’m currently setting up. However; Amy can only see the lower portion of this room. I usually ride her slowly, so she can carry her rider with ease.

Amy stops at the wall, and she makes a turn.

“Looks like it’s kind of tricky for you Amy, but you are doing good. With a next level; I’ll show you how to use your hind legs for going places as a way to increase your ability to see what’s surrounding you,” I said.

Amy Mouse stops for a minute or two. She adjusts her tail.

She successfully stopped at my items what I’ve just deployed.

She discovered a tatami mat what I’ve implemented in this room. Well, it’s not unfolded and being used because, we are still settling down.

“Way to go Amy,” I yelled, “you stopped at this obstacle.” Amy looks at the obstacle. She is about 4 feet from this obstacle. “Now you’ll need is to speed up, and try to balance your rider,” I said, leaning forward.

Amy can feel me adjust to the another riding position.

I ride Amy towards the another empty room where I am setting up a new lighting system for the outdoor section of this house.

Amy keeps her distance of the power recepticles.

Amy can see a table ahead of her, but she only see it’s legs.

Amy stops at the table.

“Well done Amy!” I exclaimed, dismounting her, “you deserved to take a break. You’ve been doing this for 25 minutes.”

Amy parks herself next to one of my kotatsu tables that are being implemented.

She can feel the heat from one of these devices. She has never seen a kotatsu before! On top of it; there’s a set of pastries that are still warm to eat.

I offered Amy a pastry to eat as a treat for her work done. Well, Amy prefers berry pastries, and she is glad I offered her a correct pastry.

As Amy eats her pastry; I went to an empty room to setup a tatami mat. I have 4 of them because, I need to make room for Annie, and Amy Mouse.

As I set them up; Amy continues eating her pastry. However; she takes her time eating because, a pastry is kind of hot.

After I set this room up; I sped back to a table where Amy is eating her pastry.

I moved my laptop as a way to prevent food from causing problems with this machine. Amy Mouse is still eating her pastry.

I worked on my online projects as a way to earn extra dollars for my work what I’ve just published. This house is still being worked on, and I am taking my time with this project. Take a look of this house: There are still LED wall panels stacked, rolls of wiring, and a set of LED bulbs that aren’t installed. There’s a set of old wires being recycled for making new wires, and there’s old wall panels being recycled.

After I worked on my PC; and before I go to sleep; I ride Amy Mouse around this house. This time; Amy is going a bit faster, and I must hang on tight. I must lean forward to gain control. This is how low we can go. But the catch is; Amy Mouse isn’t able to activate switches.

So, I managed to teach Amy how to use her hind legs to use her front legs as arms to operate switches.

As I use my foot and hand commands to command her to stand on her hind legs.

Although; Amy is just only crawling via her hands and knees, just like a baby. Well, Amy needs time to learn slowly. Rushing is not suitable because, that can make things complicated for her.

As I use this command; She goes up; using her tail as a third leg to help her stand on her 2 hind legs. Well, she is still crouched towards the ground. Well, Amy uses her back legs to push me up.

Although; I am riding her correctly. But Amy hasn’t starting operating switches just yet.

As I ride Amy towards a switch to operate; She begins to push forward with her hind legs. I managed to balance as I ride her. She must use her tail to keep her balance. Sometimes; she must hop as a way to propel forward. However; she needs to work her hind legs like springs of some sort. Well, her front legs as arms needs to operate. However; I figured out why she isn’t able to operate switches. Her paws are dirty. Fortunately, I can teach her how to get her paws cleaned.

I ride Amy towards a kitchen sink to enable her to get her paws cleaned. Warm water with soap is key to remove dirt and germs. Amy is kind of frightened when she uses warm water. “You’ll get used to it overtime Amy,” I said, teaching her how to clean her front paws, “this is key to prevent germs from spreading. You are doing good.” Amy can feel warm moist air. She thought she can’t operate switches just yet.

After Amy’s paws are washed; I ride Amy towards a switch, so she can operate it.

“Use your paws to flip this switch,” I said, explaining to Amy Mouse, “it’s a push-button switch that you push with your paw.” Amy uses her paw to push a button, and a light in this room turns off. She is just curious about this switch. She used her left paw to operate it.

Amy Mouse has successfully executed or parsed my command!

“Good work Amy,” I said, “you pushed this switch with your paw, now… you can slowly use controls as you go forward.”

I ride Amy towards a tatami room.

In this room; I rode Amy towards a tatami mat as a way for Amy to get ready to sleep. I dismounted Amy as I get ready to sleep. Amy detects she needs her diaper changed. I do have a robot used for this application. Well, my robot is changing her diaper. However; Amy will go to the next level.

Early in the morning; Annie has arrived from her patrol, and she can see me riding Amy Mouse, and I am using a painless way of training her. “Now you are cooking today,” said Annie, “however; Amy still needs to be trained for a long time, and you were trying to enable her to walk on her hind legs, but she prefers to take her time. However; her tail is still making it easier for to walk around.” I replied, “this is day 1 of this training series Annie. I am still teaching Amy new tricks, and showing her how to operate switches.” Annie has never heard of Amy Mouse operating switches. “Looks like you are showing these tricks, but getting her to balance you is key, and you were giving her treats for a correct command parsed. If you only pet her; it’s not enough.” Annie can see my robot shipping Amy’s used diapers to a bin to be converted into fuel for the power plant. Her diapers are made of bamboo, and other materials that can be turned into fuel. Typically, these diapers are built for this application. “I am still working on enabling her to operate controls,” I said, riding Amy towards a door to a porch, ” she needs slippers to protect her feet. And I must get her dressed up like a fairy princess.” Annie can see why Amy is still walking on her 4 limbs. “It may take some time for her to use her hind legs. If you count each day as you train her; and she successfully uses her hind legs to propel; she can carry her rider with a different format,” said Annie, “me as an anthropomorphic dog; I have the same training requirements. Amanda has been trained to be ridden by you. However; Riding Amy is kind of tricky, and you must take longer time. I you successfully trained her for at least 40 days; you can ride her each day, and you don’t need to use a leash, or hold hands with her.”

Annie said, “Amy is officially ready to be ridden by you.” I tried riding Amy down the hall. It’s kind of tricky, but it’s kind of simple! Amy uses her magic wand to work her magic tricks. She has to test her wand, and her skill level. And I have to set myself up. “Looks like I had a new owner who is going to claim me,” said Amy Mouse, “Annie is going on a mission to keep our planet cool, and cut pollution, and climate change.”

I can feel Amy going forward.

It’s kind of like a warm ride!

I can feel Amy going forward… Amy has no time to rush. She wants to start things off slowly. Enabling Amy to get used to her new rider takes time, and some effort.

I start practicing riding Amy as Annie instructs me. But I never ridden a mouse before!

“We have lots of time Annie,” said Amy, “it takes time to do so.”

“I have to let other fairies know I’m coming. If you can instruct him, he can get used to riding you,” said Annie.

I took some time riding Amy down one of these hallways what I’ve already finished designing. I use my foot to steer her, and go forward. Other fairies has came to my house to install new LED lamps for the floor. I have to customize all of the lighting for my home. All of the advanced electrical work is strategically wired to enable changing of these units.

“Easy with your foot, don’t do it hard,” said Amy, “pretty tricky! But your ability to ride and balance will take time. Keep hanging on tight. Be sure to let me do the rest of my work.”

“You are right Amy,” I added, “some riders didn’t understand! When riding animals, don’t force them to do all of that work. As you input commands… let the animal what you’re riding do the rest of his/her work”

I gently pushed my foot forward.
Amy begins to walk.

What I’m currently doing, I’m inspecting my work what I just done since 12 weeks ago. I have to verify if my electrical work meets all of the safety standards… turns out one of my devices need some work done.

Annie flies out the door,–going outside to fly with other fairies.

They’re practicing for the large mission in the forest, and the subway system to cut pollution.

Four other mice are jealous! They don’t have these features like amy does. She is a fancy mouse all right, but she’s big. Only 4 other mice are small.

“It’s pretty tricky! Unlike a fairy, Amy is kind of tricky to ride,” I said.

Annie said, “Keep trying, but don’t go too far.”

Annie and several other fairies flown away from our house. They shut the door, and I ridden Amy down the hallway,–towards the parlor.

“I’m going to read some books to entertain myself,” said Amy, stopping at the shelf briefly, and picking up a book.

I ridden Amy towards the parlor to get a book to read.

Amy said, “this is your first ‘mouseback-riding’ for you. Your fairy needs to go right now.”

I didn’t throw a fit at all. Sometimes, I have to change over. “Let’s start things off Amy,” I said, taking my time riding Amy down the hall, towards the parlor.

Amy said, “easy with your responsive riding efforts. You have to take it slow first. If you go too fast too soon, and I’m been broken to pieces; that will be a disaster!”

Amy has aligned herself to my streamline riding method. I’m currently riding her down the hallway.

Once I reach the parlor; I ridden Amy towards the reading table to read a large book.

Amy chooses a book to read. She wants to read about ways to save our planet, but she has to read other books first. Her ability of reading is kind of precise because, she can read these words in order. She also uses a smart device to keep “bad” words from being read.

My new mouse, Amy likes reading a book. She can read too! Amy said, “looks like you’ve been flying for a long time. Annie needs a big break. She is going on the next level; but you need to upgrade your systems now. I’ve dressed up like a fairy too. I’m compact enough to navigate your home. However; this house is being set officially. Let’s start our setup of our home while Annie is on duty to cut pollution.” Amy turns away from the table as she read a book. I’ve managed to hang on tight. Other fairies are working with subway trains. They’re actually testing all of the trains,–varifying if they’re functioning correctly, after they’re built. We can hear the trains running, but this suburb is going to have a subway built underground for the purpose of cutting pollution. “Sometimes, we have to be extra cautious when configuring our home with our custom preferences. More people should be nice to mice because, our village has a goal to help cut use of mouse-traps, and change the way how we live in our homes,” I said. Amy places a bookmark on 1 page of a book what she’s reading. Amy said, “looks like this is your first time being nice to mice. If you upgrade your systems; you can able to get your fairy returned. Annie is on a big mission… Most of these villagers are gradually phasing out sales of mouse-traps for the purpose of upgrading. I reading a book about vegetarians who don’t own traps that exterminate mice and rats.” Some of the villagers were shocked because, I boycotted this company who exterminated mice. They tried to prompt me to lift the boycott, but I rejected their request. I always keep track of our village’s activity. “Be careful not to drop the large book,” I said, “the flooring is kind of half-done.” Amy still holds a large book. She walks to an empty table, and place a book on it. She varifies if she bookmarked a page where she left off. “Okay, if you were setting up a tea room for your guests… you are the host, and you have rights for your party,” said Amy, getting ready to set the table for the tea party later on.

Amy enters the little tea counter that is located behind the movie case. She places a book on the shelf as she pulls out a pack of tea to brew her new cup of tea. My neighbor who is planning to come to my tea party is currently arriving at our door. He is a tea-drinker all right, but he just removed himself from a company that is shut down,–due to illegal extermination of mice and rats.Amy can hear him coming, but she discover a large package containing lots of new tea sets. We’ve been trying to get these items, but we have to varify if we are actually getting a set that’s been featured online. Amy is really interested of brewing her own cup of tea. I’m usually enable Amy to explore parts of my house, but she is actually getting started.

Amy reaches the sink to fill her tea kettle. She has to check if the kettle has no leaks. If the kettle is leaking, and steam fills the entire room, and there’s a large fire; that will be a disaster!

Amy is using a mixture of soap and water to check for any sign of leaks. If there’s a cluster of bubbles; that means there’s a leak. Amy said, “looks like this kettle is okay to use.” Amy rinses the kettle to start brewing tea on an electric range. Amy is smarter than my mom because, she relies on knowledge to keep her levels active. “I had this kettle for 2 weeks,–after I bought it from the store. I need this kettle because, some of my peers drink lots of tea,” I said. Amy said, “I also drink tea too! My grandmother used to work at the tea shop, and she supports vegetarianism. Just like you’re a vegetarian.” Amy places a full tea kettle on an electric range. She sets the timer to 30 minutes for the kettle to brew lots of tea. She inserts a pack of tea inside the kettle to brew some tea.

Amy and I are setting up the table for some of my peers who wanted to have tea for tonight.

One of my peers has arrived with a package. And he’s currently implementing a tea room. He’s enjoying our first session of our party,–indicating ownership of our house. Stanley is our new peer. He’s currently finding a new job. Stanley said, “Fairy-Rider… we have to tell you ‘we’re sorry for misjudging your fairy who reported a problem with our company’. I had an option to be nice to mice to make a difference. I believe false-advertising is the blame!” Amy has never seen our new peer before. Amy said, “so that’s what’s going on! Your company is liable for exterminating mice. Our village doesn’t allow anyone to exterminate mice and rats.” Stanley has set his box of tea on our table. He decided to get ready for our tea party. “Everyone makes mistakes. I will NEVER smack anyone for any mistake under any circumstances. And I’m training my mouse, Amy with basics first, then level up later. No whips; no bullhooks, no painful training methods,” I said.

Amy said, “there’s no influence of God in our house! His fairy, Annie is always rewarded for her special tricks. My owner trains me, the same way with his fairy earlier.”

Stanley has never seen Amy dressed up like a fairy before. Stanley said, “looks like you’re a service mouse, or something! I used to study service animals, but I was busy with my project.”

Amy uses her wand to activate our electric kettle to brew some more tea.

Amy said, “looks like some of our peers who were about to come to our house to have tea in any moment!” All of us started launching our tea time.

During our tea party; Amy and I are enjoying our warm green tea with berry tarts. Annie is currently on a mission to cut pollution. My house is lit up at night, and we’re also raising funds to help switch from a coal-based energy provider,–to a modern renewable energy provider who is going to supply green energy for our home,–which is necessary to cut pollution. They do have a proposal to ban the coal industry to help save our planet. Mine fires are being put out to save our suburban neighborhood from being condemned by our government. “This is my favorite activity,” said Amy, “we can socialize with our group. If Annie is still there, she can enjoy tea with us.” Amy has passed a plate of tarts to me. “We drink tea,” I said, “we support the tea industry because, its an alternative to soft drinks. And taxes are placed towards soft drinks today. That will make it difficult to purchase them. But tea prices has gone down everyday,–due to high purchasing rate.” I grabbed 1 tart, and placed it on my plate. I started drinking my tea as Amy adds sugar to her tea.

Once our peers has arrived at our house, they lined up to get a warm cup of tea and scones, and they sat at the table. Well, they’re watching a movie. They’re watching an open-source movie because, they wanted to support open-source projects. Amy said, “this is my first time enjoying tea as we watch a movie.” Amy gnaws on 1 berry scone. Her tea is too hot to drink. She waits for her tea to be cool enough to drink. About 22 of my peers are enjoying their time. This tea party indicates my official ownership of my house. I’m the actual host of our party. But my peers are just enjoying their time. Stanley is also enjoying his time with us too! He’s currently logging his activity with his tablet. He writes alot. “Wondering why I’m an owner of this house?” Amy replied as she spreads frosting on her second scone, “I get it! You owned this house,–after you purchase your home after an auction,–during the removal of mouse-traps. Scientists are still studying mice, and their ability to thrive. Over 300 villagers owned mice as companion animals in their household. Other mice in the wild are tracked with optical robots that takes a picture of a mouse, and assign it with a number. They’ve already rodent-proof their buildings, all without traps. That’s why people owned mice with extreme responsibility. Their largest mousery is specially built to house large mice, and many people adopt them.” Stanley drinks his tea as he grabs one scone from a center plate. He adds frosting to it. He never imagined speaking to a mouse, but that’s his first time. Stanley is about to watch a long movie at a theater somewhere in this village, he thought he will be capable to handle open-source movies. Stanley: “If I owned a house, just like this blind person who claimed this house. My cousin has fear of mice, and they’re getting his fears resolved.” Stanley drinks his cup of tea. Amy and I gather scones for the next tea party as we watch a movie. Other peers are having a good time with their party.

After the tea party; Amy and I has cleaned up our home to prepare for the next night. Most of our rooms are ready to be finished up,–after our official modifications of our home. Amy has really enjoyed our party earlier. She thought she will host her own tea party someday, it may take some time for her be rewarded with her tasks in the future,–depending on her current level. There’s no rush! “Your tea party is awsome,” said Amy, “your scones were epical.” I stopped Amy at the dirty table to clean it up. “These tables were important to clean up,–so we can use it tomorrow. The newer table will be deployed on our balcony. But these guard rails need to be raised to help prevent suicide from happening,” I said. Amy starts to clean the table. She uses her timing efforts to keep track of her tasks being done. Our media player is still running… that enables us to be entertained. Amy has already set the station to a recommended station that is family-safe.

After Amy and I clean the table, we washed our tea set by using a dishwasher. This is necessary to save time, and energy when cleaning dishes. Even the best dishwashers can save lots of time for us. If we had a dishwasher… we use it!

As soon as Amy and I were done cleaning up our tea room; we decided to do some projects tonight…

Although; we’re currently starting our nightly modifications of our home because, it’s easier for us to enable power-saving efforts to keep our home low in power usage. More people should reduce energy because, that’s an important responsibility for all of us around the world. I ridden Amy towards the bunks to start off modifying our home. We have to start off with a simulation via our little project,–such as our newly built lamp. Amy gently enters the bunks, heading towards the table. Amy said, “looks like there are some projects we need to do later on. It’s kind of early.!” Amy has discovered our lamp that needs to be finished… All we have to do just install electrical wiring, and a LED light. “Annie and I has worked with this lamp since days ago. She has to save our project for later,” I said, “let’s finish it up,–so we can use it.” Amy begins to open the toolbox, and begins working.

Amy finishes the lamp. I instruct her via each step. We can hear other neighbors cleaning up their rental homes because, they are going to buy a house instead. Their strict landlord don’t like mice and rats. We currently had our radio playing as we finish this lamp. “The bunks is our current place where we’re going to sleep for tonight,” I said. Amy is still finishing up the lamp. She installs a light to complete it. She flips the switch, and the light starts to glow. We can use it as a portable lamp for our room. Amy was proud of her task. She has did it without any training. Thanks to a self-help instructional booklet. “Let’s sleep for now,” said Amy, “we’re going to have our project continued tomorrow.” Amy closes the toolbox,–after she returned the tools. She can see Annie’s old dress hanging on the wall. Maybe she outgrew from it since years ago.

Amy’s mother, Annet has arrived at our home. She’s currently moving in because, she has to take cover to hide away from some people who were escaping from prison. Annet said, “Amy… looks like you’re kind of active! Be sure to lock all doors and windows.” The doors and windows were already locked. We currently had our windows set to keep bad guys out.Annet has never seen me riding Amy before! Amy: “Welcome to our new house! I thought you’ll never make it. I was so glad to see you.” Annet is just a large white mouse. And she’s large as a king-sized sofa. Annet said, “your home is large enough for me to sleep in. Since I’m moving in; I have to find the another home; I have to find the another person to take responsibility of me.” I replied: “I’ll do it! you’ll count on me.” I stopped Amy to enable Annet to pass us. Amy: “You can do it Fairy-Rider. Be sure to keep it just few of us. If anyone kept snakes out of our village; we can keep all of our mice safe.” I continued riding Amy. Annet has entered the lower bunk. We’re still working with our house. We have lots of our home to work on.

We have lots of places to light up in our home to make it easier to navigate during the darkest events, like blackout. We have to install a central battery to keep our home active. The battery will be centralized inside our cellar. One battery unit is going to keep our outdoor lights on 24/7.

Amy and I has climbed into our bunkbed to sleep. We always keep our door locked to keep ourselves safe. Amy closes the curtains of our window. My other fairy, Amanda is currently guarding our home. She watches for any possible signs of criminal activity. She’s exactly designed to be positively responsive. That means, she always report a problem. That’s very important for safety. Annet is about to sleep as Both of us dim the lights. My electronic walpaper starts to glow.It uses a power system to run.

Amanda has to take part to keep terrorists away from our village that is designed to cut pollution. Recently, new police forces started working at night,–keeping our community safe. This is a reformed police force,–thanks to a powerful petition that caused the police system to change forever. However; they already reformed environmental laws to protect the environment from big coal industries. That means… no coal-burning plants, no oil refineries, no drilling for oil, no mining for coal, no fossil fuel imports and exports, and no oil exploration. All power companies must convert to renewable energy. That means… windmills, and solar power systems are mandatory. Almost all of these homes require green roofing to cut down CO2, and use strategically reformed electrical codes to help cut electrical problems. These powerful changes has caused these villagers to cut pollution by 99%..

While Amy and I were asleep; Amanda patrols our home, and confirm if every side of our home is lit as possible. “It’s time to light up this house to make it visible, and prevent our house from becoming a new target,” she said, getting to walk around the porch and check if this house is not targeted.

What she discovered has caused her to be worried about our light system NOT turning on what she expected to turn on. These traditional lights has NOT been turning for some reason. Maybe the light has been blown out!

Amanda has heard the news about the person who is responsible for breaking into homes, and taking out the lights,–putting our village in danger. However; she is also on a hunt to catch this person who is involved.

So, Amanda inserts a spare bulb to light up the side porch of our house. The light begins to glow,–establishing a visible pattern built to its lamp globe. But this bulb is designed to generate heat for the porch itself. These old bulbs has been removed,–due to a new law that banned these traditional bulbs. Amanda was glad to see our house lit so far! This porch really needs some work done. The previous landlord hasn’t been working with house for the past years. But our community has been trying to restore this home. Amanda has never seen these flaws before. But she is good at fixing them. She used to fix the bridge to a palace before. But she don’t have any tools to fix the porch.

Annet has came out of the door. “I see you were getting that new lights installed Amanda. I didn’t know you were guarding this house for us,” said Annet, removing an old bulb from the cellar entrance and replacing it with an LED bulb, “I can’t believe this home has been neglected by the landlord, or some owner who is responsible for causing customers to buy new homes as an alternative to renting.” Amanda places these old bulbs in the recycling bin to offset costs of the trash service. “I’m on a patrol to look after this house, and stop the guy whois stealing lamps from our village. These villagers wanted this guy removed, and get their lamps back,” said Amanda, handing a poster to Annet. Annet looks at the poster. She never seen this guy like this before! Amanda bolts the globe to the structure,–where the new LED bulbs were installed. There are 4 units inside. She has to bolt it down, and flip the switch with a key to keep the overhead lights on 24/7. “Now I see,” Annet added, “this man has been on the run for the past 44 hours. And he’s been evading capture. He was once in prison for fraud, and copyfraud.” Amanda turns on the lamps to light up the cellar. The lights start to glow. What Amanda can see is the stairs that are dirty. And there was an illegal trap! If Amanda didn’t do have this ability to light up dark spots of our house, and there was a trap down there; someone can get hurt, or worse. That can also be a barbaric act of animal cruelty.
Vegetarians don’t need these traps because, some vegetarians care about mice, and other rodents too.

“Watch out,” said Amanda, “this trap should be removed.” Amanda flies down the steps to remove the trap. Annet has never seen Amanda remove traps before! “Great work Amanda,” said Annet, “you are saving mice from being trapped so far. And you were making a difference.” Amanda hands the trap to the police officer,–reporting a problem with this illegal trap. She places it inside the sealed case to be used as evidence to catch an unlawful pest-controler who is involved in exterminating mice and rabbits illegally. Thanks to a neighbor who spoke up for us… the police officer always takes any case of illegal trapping of mice and rabbits seriously. This officer is wearing clothings that is built to fool bad guys who were responsible for setting up these illegal traps.

Annet has returned back inside our home to sleep. Amanda continues to light up our home at night. She has a mission to guard our home from violence. Amanda is doing her good job so far! She is making a difference for our new home. All of the other fairies were jealous because, they wanted to do the same tasks what Amanda is doing. Some of them has started to burst with an outrage. But the fairy queen who is the top leader of all fairies has managed to calm them down. One of the fairies… like Jessie is the only one who is afraid of mice, but she’s a total meat-eater. And she supports the dairy industry. But due to the fairy queen who caused Jessie to go vegetarian, she has to phase out eating meat. And she has to go dairy-free for the rest of her life.

Jessie the fairy has been flying away from other fairies who were going vegetarian. She was so sick of other fairies who were saving the day,–cutting pollution, and reducing carbon. She wanted to support the coal industry. She claimed she wanted traditional energy. However; the new law has outlawed coal-mining. That means the forests will be saved from illegal mining, and illegal logging too!

Jessie has flown away so far… she flown to the another village where they are about to tear down the old oil refinery, and remove all oil pipelines that were laid since long ago. Their recycling program has been running for years. Some of the abandon oil has been recycled as a last known product to customers. Jessie was so frustrated because, she really likes the oil industry. She tried to stop the explosives from activating, but her her plan has failed. These powerful sticks has exploded in order,–causing the building to go down slowly. There are 4000 people watching their old refinery go down,–as a milestone to renewable energy. Jessie has ran with a screech. She wanted to preserve the coal, and oil industry because,
she wanted to use it as a fallback energy source.

Jessie has flown towards the another village where they’re started using animal manure as fuel for the power plant. But the coal mine has been cleaned up, and the entire mine has been filled up with environmentally-friendly layers of material to enable the mine to be used as a home for the plants, and animals. And its going to be used as a museum. These heavy machines has been compressing, and compacting layers of dirt to solidify the walls of the mine, and to prevent mine fires… They added lots of sand, clay, and other layers of dirt to make it difficult to fine for coal. This project has been started,–after the law has taken affect. That means… it will be a crime to mine for coal.

Now, these protected activists will have the right to crack down on any illegal mining attempts… all forests, mountains, and other natural resources will be protected forever. About 22 corrupted government agencies has been replaced with new agents who were once activists who were saving our environment.

Annie and other fairies are at the open pit mine, helping people clean up the old mine as a purpose of saving our planet. This form of an endless projects has been getting this mine cleared of pollutants. They also drained quarries to retrive equipment that is left underwater for years. These expensive machines relies on strict electricity to run. Annie is the leader of the project. However; this project may take days, or even years to finish cleanup.

There are 4000 villagers working around the clock draining quarries, and recovery machines. This expensive project is funded via tax-payer money. But some companies who made a mistake has opted to clean up their mess! “Got the right tools,” said Annie, using a giant straw connected to a giant water tanker to treat water for everyday use… But all of that extracted water from the quarry lake will be recycled. Once they reach the floor of the quarry… they launch the machines that will help dry up the surface via heat. “Cut it out!” yelled Jessie, “you are ruining the mining industry. We need this mine for our minerals.” But Annie didn’t respond… she wanted to save our planet. And that’s her job.

As Annie has finished her task via cleaning the old mine, she flies back to the palace to sleep. Other fairies are still working around the clock to speed up their efforts of saving our environment. So far, 4 new trees are planted to help restore oxygen levels, and provide shade for our towns, and homes for birds, and other animals. Jessie isn’t able to cut down any trees because, she has to obey the environmental laws at all costs. “This is no fair,” she cried, “now nobody wants a fairy who cares about the coal, and the dairy, and the meat industry.” She sadly flown to the tree where the palace is being revamped for the village to worship a fairy. Its next to a beautiful church that is protected against Islamic terrorism. One fairy who is trying to cheer up Jessie is about to land, and take a break as other fairies work with other villagers to remove abandon mines from our community.

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