A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 3.1: This Is My Another Fairy

I woke up early. I discovered this fairy,–dressed up in silver, comparing to Amanda; she wears a big poofy silver dress, silver stockings, pinkish silver apron, flat silver shoes, and a silver crown with a removable diamond. She has light skin, pink lips, silver hair, silver eyes, jumbo silver wings with a glitter background with a shiny format, tall , and she can speak British. She also has a message tag with a following message:

We gave you a secondary fairy for you because, you did the right thing in our kingdom. At this case, you helped the hermet escape from cruelty. We’re working on finding a fairy for this person. But 1 problem is; we ran out of fairies, and his/her wishes are delayed. If you found some problems, please let us know by filing a report to us.

I discovered a magic wand that she’s holding. It’s a silver one; it does had a star ontop. I started riding on this fairy. Amanda is working with Xaivier. Amanda: “The fairy who you’re riding is a secondary fairy from the fairy port. Her name is Annie. She came out of your dream because, you explored her palace within your dream. She’s also my cousin.” Annie: “Xavier is going to stay with Amanda for a while! Let’s start flying outdoors, and explore some new places. As we explore; we’re going to interact with other people in our community. And I’ll show you that is going to surprise for you, and Xavier.” “Let’s start our quest in New Kingdom,” I replied. Amanda;” “I’ll stay here with him. We’ll meet you at our planned meeting place!” Annie and I started flying outside. Sheryl started making breakfast downstairs.

How Amanda and Annie are different?

  • Annie wears silver clothing that really has an exact reflection,–just like real silver. Her wings are 1/4 larger. Her dress is 1/4 times larger. She’s about 1 foot taller.
  • Amanda wears bright colors, but her wings are reflective. Her crown also has bright colors.
  • Annie’s magic wand is silver, and it’s a larger wand with a longer shaft.
  • Amanda’s magic wand has bright colors.
  • Comparing to Amanda’s chain Diamond necklace; Annie’s diamond necklace has a larger etched diamond charm that acts like a reflector.

Annie and I are flying towards the another village, where they’re cleaning up the streets for cold days. Since it’s fall; it’s getting colder. My father came to New Kingdom to camp in this village. He arrived by car, and parked it in his garage. Annie: “Joe is sweeping out the old abandon temple someplace, there’s something mysterious about a delay of anyone’s wishes. Xavier needs a fairy to continue his life in New Kingdom. Sheryl was so upset.” I replied: “Looks like we found ourselves a mission. One of these fairies that supposed to make Xavier’s dream come true are stolen. We have to postpone our journey, and fix a problem.” Annie: “You are right!! Why someone wanted to steal a fairy from a person who needed a fairy as a companion. Let’s go to the fairy port, and straighten things out.” “We have to hurry,” I said. We started flying towards the fairy port.

As we reached the fairy port; we interviewed the administrator of the fairy port. Alice was the administrator of this location. Since she reported an incident,–involving stealing fairies. But nobody helped. These workers tried to stop the mysterious person who is stealing fairies, but they couldn’t catch up. There’s a serious damage to this facility. I started talking to the administrator: “We discovered some of your fairies are gone, we’re here to help you! Please state the following fairies, and specifications of each fairy,–so we can resolve an issue quickly.” Alice: “There was a poaching incident located somewhere at the abandon cattle farm that was damaged by these poachers. We discovered bibles that are illegally smuggled in our kingdom; and we have no idea where these bibles come from. If I were you, don’t read the scripture of any bible, this is the trap,–where victims of stolen fairies are end up corrupted. It’s a crime to smuggle unknown bibles to our kingdom because, there’s an untold stories about our villagers paniced; and that’s when they burned bibles, so they can keep our villagers safe. This is the godless kingdom; we only believe in fairies at this time. The fairy queen is strict. Without her, New Kingdom will be doomed! For years, we fought for believing in fairies, we always respect her. According to our state-of-the-art doctrin,–nicknamed Fairy Yenti Doctrin. It contains laws, guidelines, and educational components . It never stops updating. Our doctrin is important for our Kingdom because, whenever our guidelines needs to be enforced; we enforce them to protect our villagers who believe in fairies, including the newly-settled villagers from a different location. These fairies that we worked with are stolen, some ran towards our secure workshop for safety, we have multiple kinds of fairies.” Annie: “Poaching is against our doctrin. Various individuals who are responsible for poaching faced lots of legal actions, such as probation, house-arrest, or prison sentence.” Annie and I started checking the entire facility. Alice: “If you found anything, please let me know,–so I can take notes. I’ll also go to the another fairy port to varify if everyone is okay.” Alice started closing the booth, and she headed out the door.

Annie and I went to the developers’ state-of-the-art workshop to search for possible clues that will lead to these poachers who are responsible for stealing fairies. Bruce and Christopher had joined our mission. Tiffany just came to the fairy port. She discovered some damage in the another room,–that’s the place where the terminal is located. Bruce: “What’s going on to their heating system at this fairy port? Looks like electricity is turned off. Since it was freezing outside, we have to wear coats,–to stay warm.” Annie: “We’re investigating the fairy port. Our administrator left this place earlier. And this is the case of poaching, if we can work together; we can finish this mission as fast as possible.” Christopher ran towards the broken terminal. Christopher: “Wow! This damage worth lots of money. These poachers are powerful. But where are they?” I replied: “We have to go to the cattle farm, and stop them. But don’t let them fool you! They’re corrupted.” Bruce: “We have to protect our fairies at all costs. But finding the cattle farm someplace is too difficult for us. And tracking down these suspects will not be easy.” Bruce started running down the hall to find more damage to this fairy port. Annie and I started leaving the terminal.

As villagers start their project to keep New Kingdom free of pollutants, 4 fairies are clearing away trash cans that are full, and setting out empty ones. Now these days, they convert garbage into fuel for their heating systems. Most ashes are inspected, and reused for building dirt roads. They usually work normally. But they have to protect their fairies from poachers because these suspects are stealing them at night.

Annie and I are flying over this village,–where they had trouble with their fairies. They’re angry because, they can’t live without them. We can trace the all of the damage,–it leads to the cattle farm that is hidden. We just came up with a powerful solution, if we had a decoy, we can trace the mysterious route that leads to their hideout. In order for our plan to work, we have to plant a secret transmitter on each crown that belongs to the fairy. We’re going to use the state-of-the-art tracker to keep track of our decoy. Since we’re flying, we have to use our mobile machines;–while the rest of our crew use a renovated tram to follow the transmitter. We can see the police department trying to stop the poachers. But some of these officers are severely corrupted. That’s when Annie and I flown towards the fairy port to launch a decoy.

Annie and I found a suitable fairy that is going to be a decoy. We went to work to launch our planned trick. This fairy is actually a hired undercover investigator who is going to launch a strike against poachers. She’s also equipped with a hidden camera,–to launch an undercover footage. While other troops plan out a route. We instructed the decoy to pose as a free fairy who flown from the fairy port.

As Annie and I just finally launched a decoy, we’re ready to trace the secret route,–where poachers go to the cattle farm. However, the tracker is active, we can hear the beep sequence on this device. That tells us where the transmitter is going. Looks like she’s flying at this time. “Perfect! We’ve launched a decoy. Let’s take down these poachers. The hermet needs a fairy,” I said. Annie: “This transmitter uses an exact location program that is embedded in it’s firmware, we can able to keep track of this fairy.” We flown down the empty road, and followed the tram.

Back at this house,–where Sheryl is house sitting; Xavier started interacting with Amanda. Amanda taught Xavier how to believe in fairies. She read a special book that really changed his life! He isn’t ready to interact with other fairies just yet. He had concerns,–regarding poachers who will steal his fairy. That’s when Xavier found an article about an incident,–involving poaching. Amanda takes the article from his left-hand. Amanda: Wow!! That isn’t right. That’s against the law,–that applies to poaching. Our fairies are in danger. However, the rest of our troops are going to stop them. Joe discovered the mysterious truck that is stolen too. Thanks for letting me know about this issue. It’s a known issue; and we’re currently investigating it. We have to make sure our fairies are protected against poachers. I don’t know what their doing with our fairies. I need to give Annie a call, and take action to protect all fairies.” Amanda ran towards the phone, and contacted us immediately.

Annie and I found an empty house that is going to be a meeting place for our troops. That way, we can gather around, and spread the word about an issue occurred in our village. Annie’s mobile phone started to ring. She struck the blue key, and started talking: “Hi there, did you read the article?” Amanda’s Voice: “Yes we did, we had an update, Xavier has concerns,–regarding poachers who are stealing fairies.” Annie: “Turn on your computer, and go to our tracker program; we launched a decoy. If you ever take a look of your monitor, you can follow the arrow that is moving on the screen. The transmitter is moving; and it’s heading towards the empty road,–where all farms are linked as a neighborhood. These farmers reported poachers stealing rabbits too! But we’re focused on fairies.” Amanda’s Voice: “I just got the computer activated, and I can see the arrow heading towards the shared farm that you mentioned earlier. If you can take a closer look of the farm, you can see a truck that is stolen. Looks like they grabbed a decoy!” Annie: “Let’s go to that farm, and stop these poachers.” Annie pressed the red key to turn off the mobile phone.

While we’re on the mission; villagers are stocking up their iceboxes with vegan food ,–including fish;–so they don’t eat conventional meat products. Their goal is to decrease hunting by 77%. But they had concerns,–regarding poachers who illegally hunt animals for meat. Protecting the environment from harm is the must during this season. Right now; hunters became vegetarians because, they want to limit how much meat they’re eating. However, they started cracking down on poachers who are responsible for poaching. New Kingdom has a powerful law that prohibits poaching. Since villagers own the large forest, they don’t allow hunters to hunt for meat. That’s where vegans camp. They also had lots of animal-friends For example: rabbits. They also had gardens,–so they can harvest their own crops as food. They also search for some vegetables around the village. Nuts and fruit are also searched in this village. These streets are made of dirt,–planted with grass, so they can bike without effort. They use state-of-the-art environment-friendly tires that won’t pollute the environment. Giant flowers that are planted are both used as decorations, and food source,–including fuel. Recycling is constant! There was an untold story about these villagers recycled 200 tons of material everyday. Many children who also lived there are raised without spanking. Their parents are the leaders of the embedded village in the forest. The entire family works together,–to save time. They do have a school someplace, they take a tram to go there. Since their tram is mobile, it can go anywhere. Most vegans use them to quickly chase down poachers. If it’s a problem with their food source; the villagers are advised to go vegan. At this case, 7 fairies got started with a vegan diet. And once you’ve opted in; you can save countless number of animals from cruel factory-farms.

The following table shows the following meat products that are replaced. Even certain meats that are banned from New Kingdom. They set moderation for seafood,–if you’re a pescetarian:

Meat Moderation Replacement Status Why is it banned?
Beef Review (always active) Always Replaced with vegetarian alternatives,–when possible.

Beef that is black-marketed is always banned. For example; beef from factory-farms. People in New Kingdom wanted to farm properly. Since black-marketed beef is a problem, they must crack down on illegal factory-farms.

Chicken Not In Moderation Replaced with vegetarian alternatives all the way

In New Kingdom, they went eggless because, they wanted to save chickens from factory-farms. Since they’re the most abused animals on the face of the planet. They’ve been treated as nothing more than egg machines!

Duck Not In Moderation Always replaced

Ducks are always respected. Eating ducks that are raised for food is considered an issue for people who raised ducks as pets. They had trouble protecting them from poachers.

Many people are upset because, they’re pet, ducks are stolen everyday. Many duck-farmers had stole 2000 ducks; many families went vegan to leave meat off their table during lunch.

Elk Not In Moderation

It’s always replaced with vegan alternatives.

Many people who loved animals are upset because, they wanted to protect endangered animals from extinction.

Poachers who are responsible for damages to the environment. There’s over 2000 elks ripped away from the woods each year.

Pork Not In Moderation Replaced With Tofu

People are upset because, pigs that are abused by the pork industry. They outlawed sales of pork to protect New Kingdom from pork tapeworm outbreak.

Pigs are respected as pets.

Rabbit Not In Moderation Always Replaced

Rabbits are respected by people who raise them as pets. They are upset because, poachers illegally take their pets to slaughterhouses to sell meat illegally.

During carnival events, they believed rabbits are playful creatures, hopping freely across the field,–whenever if it’s a garden, or grass field.

If your favorite animal is a rabbit (any breed), and you want to be kind to this creature, don’t eat it.

As we made it to the farm where these suspects live, we discovered lots of stolen fairies. Most of them are trying to escape. But their wands don’t work! We can see the 2 mysterious thugs who are responsible for stealing fairies. The decoy spring out of the crate. Annie and I warned our troops about the poachers that we discovered. Many fairy-owners are upset because, they had trouble protecting them from harm. Almost 2000 of them are stolen from fairs, carnivals, and embedded festival camps. Some of them are also stolen from open-source amusement-parks.

While we’re investigatingng the hideout; Sheryl, and Amanda are still at our camping house. Xavier was reading books that acontains fairies inside. These large pictures. And it also has large print. Many of these books gave him special abilities tofly in the fairies.But one problem is; he isn’t able to fly because, he don’t have any wings. But Amanda uses her magic wand to install wings on his back, so he can fly. She also gave him a wand to use, so he can work the the magic. Xavier: “Will this trick work for me? I never worked the magic wand before. I just can’t wait to abandon God. I’ll leave Christianity for good.” Amanda: “The catch is; once you opted in to believe in fairies, and you can’t opt out. That’s the safety feature that preventsfairy-believers from being harmed by others who don’t believe in fairies.” Xavier: “Now I get it! Why this kingdom is believing in fairies,–instead of believing in God, and why they left Christianity?” Amanda: “Due to high levels of Christian persecution, New Kingdom has set believeing in fairies by default.” Xavier started placeing tarts in the toaster oven,–to cook his tarts. He drank some tea that is brewed via a tea kettle. Amanda started changing his set of books. He read over 30 books. Sheryl ran towards the canteen to fix the table. Due to the cold environment, the heating system needs to be checked. The electric boiler is melting the ice inside. It relies on heat to melt the ice; no chemicals used during the melting process. The existing water boils to generate steam. It’s used to warm up this house. Since the carpet is so cold, ice crystals build up. However, the heating system can easily melt ice without trouble. Handling the cold environment is a challenging task that we’re doing. These windows are frosted shut. But heat from the radiator can melt the ice without trouble either. Amanda is nothing more than a gentle fairy! Not even 1 harm done to this child. She can even help him with his homework.

Back outside; Annie and I are investigating the hideout. We’re finding some clues,–that will link to the suspects. Annie discovered Christopher, and Bruce going to each building. They can find lots of stolen machinery that developers use to keep track of their fairies. Since they fly freely, smart owners count them off. This is our chance to warn villagers about this hideout where poachers live. If we can set them free, we can able to send 2 thugs to prison. Just can[t wait to grant Xavier’s wishes. But one problem is; he’s still interacting with his first fairy. We have to hurry,–before it’s too late. Annie and I landed in the field,–where cattle use to graze, then we started running towards the old cabin.

Inside this cabin, we can see lots of stolen magic wands, it’s been plated with metallic colors. And we can also see lots of stolen crowns. They worth up to $200,000. And the tart recipe that is left intact! This is an open-source tart recipe what everyday people around the world use. Everyday, people in New Kingdom eat tarts during bedtime. Tea is often served. However, this house doesn’t have a tea room. We can see 3 more fairies, we decided to free them just incase. We broke the chain that locked the doors; 3 of them had sprung out of the small room,–causing the rusty gate to break! We also ran out the door, and warn other troops.

While Annie and I are freeing the rest of the fairies; Bruce and Christopher are chasing down the poachers who are responsible for stealing fairies from villagers. They’re heading towards the vacant church that is no longer in service. Almost all of these fairies are flying away from the cattle farm that is abandon. Alice, the administrator of the fairy terminal had called the police, to remove poachers from our village. We’ve tracked them down. for hours. Xavier’s fairy must arrive at our camping house,–in order for his wish to be recovered.

As all of these fairies are set free, these poachers are removed from this village. Annie and I are heading towards a special place for Xavier,–as soon as his fairy arrives at our camping house. Bruce and Christopher continued our journey what we just planned earlier. Many fairy-owners had their fairies back.

Back at our camping house, Xavier is reading an old book that was left behind. He still miss his parents. He use to play at the park with them. He has trouble socializing with his peers. He isn’t able to go to school. He still had nightmares,–regarding persecution of Christians. Amanda is doing laundry,–so Xavier can have clean clothes to wear. Since he has lots of toys in his large room; he can able to entertain himself. Getting use to believe in fairies isn’t easy!

By Fairy-Rider

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