A Fairy-Rider Without A Fairy (Story)

A Fairy-Rider Without a Fairy

The story starts off at my large house in this village. I do have fairies all right; but some of them has poofed out,–due to maintenance, or changes to their fairy system. I can hear Lou and Johny playing games with their legacy pool table. They’re just listening to music as they play. Well, they’re using royalty-free music that is open-source. I’m at the first floor of my house, getting ready for today, and I’m about to go outside, and take a hike. I can hear some people riding horses down the street, looks like they’re going to some farm to entertain themselves or something. My house can muffle all of the clicking outside. Almost all of my equipment what I had built has fully started to work.

During the day; I’m riding my white mouse, Amy! She’s close to a fairy what I’m riding in my imagination. I’m in my large house with my peers who have fear of horses, and they really wanted to ride different animals, other than horses. But they do have good imagination. They said, “woe! Only Fairy-Rider has a good imagination system. But we can learn from him.” I responded to their problem, I prompted them to learn new tricks from me.”There’s possibility, our imagination is endless. All you have to do just use your magic powers to gather data from my imagination to get started, but be very careful when gathering data,” I said, riding Amy to the kitchen to cook some vegetarian tarts for breakfast. Most of my peers are just getting ready for their day of making movies.

While Amy and I are enjoying our breakfast, some of my peers are just getting ready to make their movie for their open-source community who were trying to get their village recovered from an economic issue, or financial crisis. Maybe they’re trying to make a horror movie that focuses on fear of horses. Well, I never encountered a person who has fear of horses before. Although, this is not going to be good. I have to be extra careful not to cause any problems. I can hear some people who were trying to prompt someone to ride his/her horse out the barn because, one of my peers has fear of horses. But some of my peers are the fans of horses, and they’re planning on moving to the another town,–where there’s lots of space. Maybe they wanted to own a farm, and enjoy their fun riding horses. Well, in some places; there isn’t any possibilities to ride horses, but other animals might be available to be ridden,–as long as a rider keeps going with his/her responsibility. At this case; my fairy, Annie has assigned me a large white mouse to ride. I have to ride a white mouse because, she has to take over. Like most fairies; they needed a break. That means… when Annie is off-duty; she returns to her palace to relax, and do task with other fairies,–this is necessary for Annie to take a break because, overworking my fairy isn’t a good reputation.

Once Amy and I are done eating our meal, we decided to go to our library to read some books. My grandmother is currently reading a book to one of my peers who wanted to keep a mouse and a rabbit as a pet. Amy can hear my grandmother reading a book! Maybe she read books to kids once. Amy: “Is that your Grandmother reading a book to one of our peers?” I replied as I ride Amy towards the door to the library: “You are correct!! She’s reading a book. I’m planning on setting up a movie project for my books, so I can entertain some other people who were trying to find some content to watch.” Amy is just wondering about a book what grandma is reading. She has a plan to read a book to one of my younger peers with their parents who come to my house,–making a movie.

Once we’re at the library table; we started reading books. This large room has been stocked with lots of public domain books for the purpose of gathering open-source content. These lights are currently turned off, but the movie player is running. Maybe someone is trying to watch an educational movie.

Amy starts reading a book.

I placed my recorder on a table, and tie it down,–so other people can’t move it. Since Amy is reading a large book as I managed to hang on tight to her as I adjust her ribbon what she wears on her pink dress that resembles a fairy dress of some sort. Amy has imagined if she’s actually a fairy! All of the other mice in my house,–applies to gray mice are jealous because, Amy has the ability to speak with words. She can speak both English US; or English UK.

As I grabbed my memory card from a large table; I ride Amy towards the box with books inside to check the shipment of these open-source books. If any of the books are defective; they’re replaced with valid open-source books. Our village takes any case of Copyfraud and abuses of intellectual property law Amy: “I found a book about fairies, and you might be interested in reading it at night. Although; some of these books are not in braille format. But I’ll read one to you.” I replied: “Maybe the braille shipment hasn’t arrived just yet. Due to high paper cost; we have to use computers to read content.” Amy grabs a book about fairies , and pulls it out the box. I rode her away from the box, Amy starts to read a book as we reach the other section of the library.

Amy and I settle down at the colored rainbow mat that is located next to the reading sofa. Amy continues reading a book as other peers in our library make movies for some people who had fear of horses, and other animal phobias. The light system has been changed since the rewiring of our home recently.. “Well done Amy! You found a book what I was search for since years ago,” I said. Amy is happy because, she did the right thing for me. Amy: “You don’t often listen to this book with fairies. Currently I’m being a spare fairy just for you. Well, my wings won’t function like a normal. But I can float just like a fairy. I can handle a rider,–like you longer than any other mouse or fairy at short time. Before you had me, your fairy kept poofing away unexpectedly. And Annie has to hire me to take over. She is currently working at the palace,–where other fairies live, and thrive.” Amy places a ribbon between pages 3 and 4 to save her reading session. She checks for other readers who were reading other books on the shelf. I can hear one of my other peers who were trying to remove mouse-traps from our kitchen. “In my opinion; Annie is currently fixing their system to prevent other fairies from poofing away unexpectedly, today she is cracking down on group of fairies who were’nt complying with the fairy queen’s policies. All fairies must work with older people,” I said. They have to do some of the cleaning of my home because, I can clean out some of the cabinets. But I have to take extra caution when cleaning up parts of my home. One of my peers are about to occupy one space on this mat. He is about to read a book about why some wishes are tricky to undo. He’s currently reading with his duck what he saved from an illegal foie gras farm someplace. Maybe he’s a fan of ducks. But his duck is large, she was ridden by him earlier, but she’s taking long breaks. Not sure why his duck was trying to do the same trick what Amy is doing currently. Amy has never seen a white duck like this before. But she’s just proud of being a fairy because, she worked a wand once. Amy: “Perfect! these mouse-traps are being removed from our home. Some of our peers are just speaking up for mice and rats. And they also spoke up for me too. That’s important for safety of anyone’s mice who were kept as pets, or other mice who wanted to thrive too.” Amy prepares to continue reading a large book.

Amy continues reading a large book. Some of my other peers continue making their movies. They tried to believe in fairies, but they’re scared if their rights has been infringed. They tried doing it for the past years. But only me can believe in fairies without any trouble,–depending on any condition. It’s kind of difficult for my peers, but I’m ready to help them later. If they can’t believe in fairies, that will be a total disaster. Amy has listened to one of my peers. She memorizes a problem. I’m starting to take action. Some of my other peers are already believing in fairies. They’re just having fun playing pool with other people who were playing games. Some of them are just having fun with a simulator what I’ve just built earlier.

Meanwhile, Annie is at the palace with a fairy queen who is upgrading their system. Annie is working with servers that are built to keep track of clients who were believing in fairies. Almost all of these servers are revamped by Annie. She’s been working with computers for years.

While she’s on duty at this palace, she did some recovery of other wands what fairies left behind,–after a flight issue that end up in a serious situation, such as an accident. Or in some cases, a fairy has fallen. Other fairies must be doing their jobs to keep our fairy-based community safe, and running properly. Amanda, my other fairy is on duty,–granting wishes for anyone. She has to grant as much wishes to level up. She has a goal to be the next fairy queen, and pass down the wand that is built to control all fairies.

The Reason why both of my fairies poofed out are the following:

  • Maintenance… That means most of my fairies will be unabailable because, they’re on multiple duties. Not just maintenance to their fairy-based program. They have to upgrade their wands to handle larger capacity to hold more magic than their previous versions.
  • Their previous wands has been replaced with newer wands. Their new wands are better, and they also support granting wishes to anyone. In the future; fairies will be granting wishes to anyone,–not just kids.
  • Past fairy queens has to clear away older wands, and recycle them to make new wands for the purpose of keeping their fairies up to date.
  • Maintenance session for their palace.
  • Updated training for other fairies, including new fairies.

Their long updated training programs. Each fairy is issued with a new wand. To prevent fraud, and theft of these wands; they implemented the wand-holder’s data that is encrypted. Virtual wands are used for the purpose of safeguarding their ability to grant wishes to anyone. Annie is the only fairy who is getting her wand upgraded to a premium wand because, she has granted over 500 wishes each year. Other fairies are just being trained to do other tasks.

Back at home; I’m riding Amy down the hallway to bring a set of newspapers to my peers who were trying to respond to a cause, such as resolving phobias. But one of my friends are just playing lots of games that are built to entertain other people online. But they have to save their reading session to keep their gaming event running. Amy has never seen one of my peers doing maintenance to my lights before. They’re just changing out these lights to replace traditional bulbs with LED lights to reduce energy. I managed to varify if my electric lamp is working. Since my hands are full, Amy checks if my lamp is working. Amy: “Perfect!! This lamp is going to reduce power. Our electricity project hasn’t been shared to other people just yet.” “Some of my peers are just getting ready to remove all traditional bulbs from our house. Our strictly electric heating system is now running for our home. All we have to do just finish up our projects, and remove unwanted traps from our home,” I said. Some of my peers didn’t respond to us, but some of them are going outside to play. Amy: “Since you refused to trap mice and rats, and set out toxic traps, you are the only owner who wanted to keep your home free of these unwanted traps. I know some people who were trapping mice. And they’re been penalized for illegally trapping them. However, our current prohibition applies to traps that kill mice and rats. If mice in your home are larger, they can terminate traps without any trouble.” Amy peeks into the round window that is built to the large cage,–where 4 of Johny’s rats live. They’re currently playing games with their large playground, and a large ball. Amy also discovered 7 Lou’s mice hanging out,–watching TV. “Let’s warn the owners about a current issue,” I said, riding Amy out the hallway,–heading towards the stairs. I can hear Johny and Lou discussing about building a large home for their mice and rats. They’re currently playing chess to entertain themselves because, their old TV set has broke down, and they have to get it fixed,–so their set can run again. They’re been maintaining their set for weeks.

As I ride Amy downstairs; I heard some of my peers fighting over a solution to solve fear of horses. Amy: “There’s something is going on at the main floor of our house. Looks like they have trouble solving some problems with fear of horses. I’m just an anthropomorphic mouse who is on duty. My owner who rides me is on his way to find a fairy that is right for him. His other fairies has poofed out,–due to maintenance of their fairy-based network that is currently being updated.” Amy stops at the large window,–checking if anyone has fear of horses. I can hear some people getting ready to leave our neighborhood. Some of them are just getting ready to buy homes later on. Maybe they’re leaving their rental apartments,–due to defects found there, and illegal traps that are built to kill mice and rats. This village has been trying to introduce a law that prohibits use of these traps and poisons for the purpose of providing protection for all mice, not limited to fancy mice. “There’s no sign of horses, but there are 44 people riding mice down the street. They come in different colors. But there’s 1 person who is riding a gray mouse with a dark belly,” I said, “I can hear them coming towards our house.” Amy can see her grandmother reading a newspaper about a new legislation that is being proposed to outlaw use of mouse-traps, and poisons. That means exterminating mice is strictly prohibited. They needed this law because, their goal is to prompt home-owners to use alternatives to safely keep their home clear of mice, at the other hand, some people live with mice, has established their efforts to get use with living with mice. Some people do have mice as pets, and they’re living in homes with people, but those are the large mice who live in this large village.

Johny is running downstairs with his 4 ratswho were playing earlier. He’s about to go to his computer to finish up his movie project. Johny: “Wow! I never seen a large mouse, Amy like this before. Well, she’s larger than an average mouse.” Johny is a bit startled, but he’s harmless to Amy. He’s been caring for rats for years,–even during the time when he’s a little boy. Amy: “Johny, I checked your rats, and they’re still alive. I know you were trying to implement safeguards to protect your pets from being stolen by some person who illegally owned a snake someplace. He was involved in exterminating mice illegally! If I were you; protect your pets at all costs.” Johny has responded to Amy’s words. He’s already taking action. He’s teaming up with Lou to keep their pets safe. Lou: “Thanks for warning Johny about this issue. We have to varify if all mice are safe in our village.” Lou is the expert of handling rodents, but they’re large in size! Johny: “My family has started to boycott use of these traps what you mentioned earlier Amy. Since you can speak with words, my rats don’t have that kind of a capability. Only you had this kind of programming or some software inside.” Amy replied: “Close, but open-source software is built inside of me.” I can translate good.” Lou opens the cage to reload lab blocks for his mice, and reloads water inside the alluminum can that is built to handle large amounts of water. All of his mice are now starting to eat their meal.

Amy and I are going down the street to take a hike. I heard some of my peers who were running away from a farm with horses that is 22 blocks away from our house. Most likely; they had fear of horses. We’re currently starting to investigate this issue Amy: “Maybe your other peers who were scared of horses, but your other peers were just enjoying riding horses. Since I’m compact; I can able to go anywhere than a horse can go!” Lou catches up with us. He’s also solving issues why some people are trying to resolve this problem. Lou: Amy, wait for me!! I’m about to investigate this problem too.” I can ride Amy faster than Lou can run. Lou tries to speed up, but he needs to go fast. Well, he was riding horses days earlier, but riding one can be a problem too,–due to it’s height.Amy: “Try using your scooter, or ride a smaller creature that is large enough, but compact.” Lou is still running. Most horseback-riders are just having fun at a large farm.

Amy and I are taking a carless road to reach the farm,–where Lou visited days earlier. Amy and I has to take it slow because, some villagers are riding mice, and even rabbits. It’s a busy street, but there’s a traffic jam! And we have to take extra caution. Amy: “Lou just reminded us to visit his neighbor, and find a horse that will resolve your peers’ fear of horses.” Amy scoots to the other lane of the road to speed by. I use my hands and feet,–including my legs to control Amy. I can ride her forward, and almost any direction. “Wow! We have to deal with all of the traffic. That may take some time for both of us to reach the correct farm. My fairies are still at work,” I said. Other villagers has never seen me riding a white mouse before. Their mice are in different colors. None of them were frustrated! They’re just having fun. This carless road has no pollution, and it runs through a village,–where they rely on an underground subway to travel around their large village. That’s why you only see buses and trucks running on the road, but they rarely use this road. Streecars are still used because, they’re usually located on the outside of the large village. I can barely hear traffic. No noise, no fumes, no smoke from vehicles. Well, they do have lamps that are used to light up these streets,–so other people can see. These lamps can warm up to deice themselves,–all without any deicing agents.

Amy and I are about to reach the end of the road, we have to transfer to the another road to enter a large village,–where they have interconnected farms where they plant crops via a small scale. However, this village is a fierce planter. People who live there share the entire garden with other villagers who are vegetarian. This is necessary for their village to leave meat off their plates for the purpose of protecting their health, and their independence. Since their economy goes up everyday; they invested on renewable energy and vegetarian diet to save the planet each day. Almost over 77% of these villagers are vegetarian. That means, they’ll not eat any meat, and they’re prohibiting slaughter plants from ever producing meat for the purpose of eating meat!

As Amy and I transfer to the another road; we sped up to reach the corresponding farm,–where there’s few horses. We have to go around some of these riders. Well, we can reach the wide road, but there’s trucks carrying cargo to their destinations. It’s a busy road, but these trucks are just delivering goods to the large farm someplace. Amy has spent 90 minutes,navigating the large road. “Way to go Amy, we’re getting closer to the farm,” I said, riding Amy down the road,–heading towards the small farm that is quiet, but it has a large vegetable garden. This large garden has been planted to enable vegetarians to keep their food supply running.

Amy and I reaches the farm. We have 4 more miles to reach it. Well, Lou hasn’t reach us just yet! We’re currently having vegetarian tacos without any meat. Well this is a meatless version what we’re currently eating. We have to stop at the large store to get something to eat. Annie has arrived from the palace. She’s also eating a meatless taco,–gnawing it like rabbit. Annie eats all of these vegetables. She can eat one 2-pound bag of carrots without any trouble! Annie: “How is your long trip so far?” Amy is still eating her taco, she didn’t respond yet. I replied: “This is our first experience. We’re currently resolving phobias this month.” Annie has never heard our case before. She heard of other phobias, but she never resolve one before. I continued eating my taco as Annie drinks her tea. I can hear Lou coming, but he’s kind of slow. Amy: “Lou is kind of late. Maybe he was busy solving problems with our creative world.” Lou is about to enter the store. He was exausted! He parked his items at the front gate. Lou: “Most likely Amy is faster than me. I have to refuel myself with vegetarian meals. But I discovered some people hunting snakes to keep the snake spread under control. And I still support snake hunting. I know New Kingdom prohibits shipment of live tree snakes, but they’re used as food for some people.” Amy thought Lou eat snakes. Amy: “Not sure why they’re getting the problematic snake population reduced? Lou reads the newspaper. He told all of us about this issue. Some of these snake-hunters has a job to reduce snake population by 75%. Annie has eaten snake once,–during the time when New Kingdom kept snake-hunting active, but they don’t do this very often! Annie: “New Kingdom has already reduced unwanted tree snakes. These snakes are banned from our kingdom for the purpose of protecting native animals.” Lou continues reading the article. Lou has never heard of snake hunting before. But Annie is still eating her meal.

Amy and I continued our journey to a small farm to resolve my peers’ fear of horses. Both of us are still on a quest to solve this problem. Well, it’s our first quest all right; but we’re solving this issue slowly.

Annie flies back to the palace to start her new project. Amanda is now eating her meal as Amy and I are going down the street.

By Fairy-Rider

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