Chapter 0.5: Returning Back To My Main House For Dinner

When I finally returned to my original house, I decided to get me some dinner to eat. However; the nurse has discovered me getting ready to move to the another town, or region. She is currently cooking my dinner that is vegetarian. She has told me a news about mass recall of rabbit meat,–due to people who reported their rabbits stolen! Illegal slaughtering of rabbits can lead you to a 44-year prison sentence. This punishment like this can teach us a lesson because, if you kill a rabbit, you will be fined for the first offense, and other repeat offenses can lead you to be end up in prison for the rest of your life.

I never heard this news like this, but this is a recent news what she was reading on a newspaper.

I was still riding Eilene. She was glad to see her owner again! “I never seen this house like this before,” said Eilene, looking around this kitchen, “I just can’t wait to get me some dinner. Since you are about to move out of this house, your nurse will guard it for you. And all of your bills will be paid because, you have trouble with your funds. However, I’m about to have kits in the future, but I still have lots of time to get me a new home, but this nurse has been caring for me for 14 years, and I’m about to reach my 15th year milestone.” Eilene stops at the nurse who is cooking dinner for me. She has to take some time as she cook meals. If you told someone to hurry, that’s causing issues with quality of cooking meals. However, the nurse already have children, and she still care for them, and she changed lives of 200 children each 20 years, and that caused her to be the best fosterparent who wanted to raise children without violence. All of the coffee what she sometimes drink enabled her to have a long life. And she still cooks with other people as a group.

Eilene keeps a safe distance when her owner cooks food. She has to do this because, she don’t want her to have an accident. She can see 4 police officers seizing my mother’s property that was used to spank children, and deprive them rights, food, etc. They’ve finally got my funds recovered because, there was an executive order of a service what I rely on to get my funds back. And unlike other services that don’t work; it works faster! I managed to keep myself balanced as I ride Eilene. She’s kind of active like a hare, but she knows what to do,–if my abusive mother strikes with a dangerous object.

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Chapter 0.6: A Ride On A white Cat

I still have lots of time before I go to sleep! I am getting my player to play audio-books as I sleep later on. I am programming my device to enable my device to play books for 7 hours. The nurse has to take Eilene to the vet for a weekly checkup as a way to keep her healthy, and active, she often eats more food when necessary, but she often needs to have her diet adjusted to confirm if she can get a correct amount of food. “Now my machine is set,” I said, activating the play button, “now I can sleep as this machine runs.” I can hear the nurse signaling Eilene to enter her carrier when taking her to a vet for a long checkup. Maybe the nurse cares about Eilene… and she has been trying to worship wererabbits as a way to support our culture with rabbits, and protect them against being eaten by humans. In fact, the nurse has a necklace with a charm that is shaped like a rabbit’s head. It’s a metal version with glass. And she has a collection being implemented around this house. However, she sells off her old collection to stores to make some money, but she always pay lots of taxes like an American citizen! And she takes taxes very seriously. I was glad when she pay taxes because, taxes help the USA run properly, and support public schools, and maintain prisons,–and explore renewable energy.

As I get out of my room, I walk down the hallway to go to the living room where the nurse is still getting ready to go to the vet for her rabbit. “This is my appointment for tonight, and I have to be checked each week,” said Eilene, getting ready to read her book. The nurse is using a cart to roll her carrier. “The vet office is still open, and it never closes, and we have to catch your appointment, you have to get your diet checked for errors, you did eat enough food,” said the nurse, “after you visit your vet, we will go back home, and sleep, other rabbit-owners has been trying to get a certified vet to make sure their bunnies are healthy like us.” Eilene has relaxed her ears, she thought other people who own rabbits has been trying to find a legitimate vet, she heard a news about a scammer who illegally put their bunnies to sleep, and taking their money. Insurance fraud is a known issue, and these scammers has been taking advantage of these villagers who own rabbits. “There’s a scammer who is lurking at our clinic dedicated for rabbits,” said Eilene, presenting a page to the nurse, “I have to alert you about this because, if I was put down; that will be sad! And you may end up having your rabbits being stolen and illegally sold as food.” The nurse uses her phone to call a legitimate vet as a way to protect her independence. She uses her card to track down a legitimate vet who she worked with for 22 years! “This is a good idea to call her just incase, and warn her about these scammers who were involved,” said Eilene, getting ready to continue reading her newspaper, “and looks like I found myself a mystery!” The nurse agreed what Eilene just said, “it may take some time to catch that scammer, and bring him to justice with a help of our police department. And on the cover of this newspaper, there’s a white man involved,–scamming black villagers who own rabbits as pets or therapy animals.” The nurse stops the cart, she can see the door to our house is still closed, but she can see other people who were trying to find a scammer who is hiding. It’s still kind of bright outside, but the sun is setting!

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Chapter 0.7: Eilene’s Storytime Before Bed

Riding the white cat upstairs at the large room, I’m enjoying my time playing. Both of us are just spending our time playing with toys, and reading books. And even riding around the room. Two other cats are having fun as well! “Take your time,” said the white cat, “rushing will not do. just let me do the rest of my work. That’s how riding a fairy goes. If you don’t let me do the rest of my work, I may collaps and fall,–and that will be a disaster!” I am currently taking my time riding the white cat,–pretending she’s a fairy. “Feels kind of bumpy as I ride you,” I said, “kind of like riding a mechanical stuffed-animal.” “You will enjoy riding a fairy soon, and if a fairy matches your preference, you can able to fly, and I’ll be at the another nation, at your new place to be, said the white cat, going around the collumn, and making a left turn, going around the toy chest. We can hear other cats entering the high shelf for viewing the entire layout of the large room. “If I ridden a real fairy, I’ll teach her how to fly high, and hover over objects,” I said, “many large fairies take more space, but encouraging them to spread their wings to fly is important. Tipically, little fairies aren’t able to be ridden by a person because, they’re too small. Big fairies are amazing because, they can handle a rider without effort.” The white cat goes around the table. “If I were a fairy, I’ll can grant wishes for you, and I can work the wand. Some fairies do turn into animals,–making it easier for a fairy to handle a rider. And I read a book about fairies before,” she said, stopping at the shelf with books abailable to read. She pulls out 1 book, heads towards a table, and starts reading a book.

Suddenly, she leaps on a table to enable 2 other cats to run to the other side of the room. The white cat is still reading, but she has to read each page, and take time as she reads a book. She has to read because, her parents has recently cut the cord as a way to save money, and rely on internet as an alternative to cable subscriptions via cable TV.

I can feel the white cat rock, and I can feel her turning pages of a book. She has been reading books for many years, and she has been relying on a public library for many years. She has cycled over 200 books so far! And she has a goal to reach over 1000 books as a way to support authors around the world.

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Chapter 0.8: Lights out For Tonight

It was a time when Eilene has finally went to her sleeping crate to sleep for tonight. I’m still riding the white cat before I go to sleep. She is going to sleep later on, but she prefers to stay awake for a while. Although; our time to stay awake for a while is limited.

Chapter 0.9: My Official Dream Of Fairies!

My dream starts to appear. And this time… I’m riding a fairy who I met earlier. She is a same fairy what I’ve dreamed of last night. She is now larger than she used to be! This fairy is a large-format fairy. Maybe they’ve evolved during changes to our fairy-based society. It looks like a same place, but we’re inside a palace. This palace looks like a common palace in some fairy-based village. However, this palace has a modern twist to it, it has an upgraded electrical system powered by wind, a steam heating system with a hotter boiler, a high-pressure plumbing system, a ramp system that enables anyone to walk run, or even ride animals,–and even a recycling system for recycling items! This palace never stops upgrading because, this palace is built to expand like a superchurch that outgrew an average mosque. Maybe this palace is rich because, they’ve been recycling waste for years, and they’ve been relying on renewable energy for years.

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