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Camping In the Large Garden

I was taking a bus ride to camp. I was going to a fancy camp where some people share stories about their dreams. Spensor, Andy, Sue, and Tracy are going to camp too. This electric bus is a double decker electric bus.It can hold 100 passengers. We’re riding along the dirt road. We’re leaving the big city. And we’re heading towards the large garden. The large garden has lots of flowers, trees, berry bushes with some berries to eat; giant grass fields, fancy houses with green roofing, a large pond for large ducks, the lunch shed with wooden benches; recycling bins, outdoor stoves for cooking, an art building for art projects, and there’s lots of rain barrels to reduce flooding. They’re used for watering plants. They use electric gardening tools to keep the garden growing. Gas machinery is rare. There’s no light in the garden at night. They use stars to see in the dark. Well, they only use light for cabins only, there’s little light that is usually used at night.But most gardeners wanted to reduce light pollution. The city is far away from the garden.


As we made it; we setup our house for a long camping days during Spring. The garden is beautiful! And there’s a grassy field where we can play at,–during free time. I ridden a big white rabbit to navigate in the garden to route out an orientation of this camp. I can able to find a correct house at night. The houses are medium-sized. They won’t take over the garden. These windmills that are spinning are used to pump water, and generate lots of energy. There’s lots of wind going through the large garden. This garden was used to be an oil refinery that shipped oil as fuel. Since it’s no longer usable for the future, they tore it down,–so the gardeners can take over the land. Their fully-functional renewable energy center has already knocked out their old oil industries. They want to keep the air clean, these villagers had dreams of using renewable energy. But 1 coal-burning plant is still being used someplace; maybe they’re using the rest of the remaining fuel for building the 20 windmills. The coal-burning plant will be shut down,–after the windmills are built. Once the plant shuts down, it will be demolished. Thanks to these villagers who are smart with their energy system. They conserved lots of power as they can. But 44 people has missed their old coal-burning plant. But they will see it in the history books in the future.

During the evening, we enjoyed veggie-style pizza with lots of vegetables. The pizza dough is made of ground sunflower seeds, and other vegan ingredients. There’s no pork, and there’s no meat at all! We’re also having a tea party with other campers.

At night; we enjoyed some tarts that are eggless. We’re having strawberry tarts with strawberry frosting. About 20 campers are eating tarts. These campers are enjoying the dark night. Everybody has dressed up as fairies to tell stories about their dream. Their dream can be shared around the entire camp. The explorers are fixing the elevated train system. They’re using open-source tools to fix problems. About 200 feet of tracks are fixed each day. The electricians are installing new windmills to keep the power going. The black smoke is finally disappearing from the sky. Over 20 electrically-powered machines are at work at night. The relay team are tackling pollution every night. These workers never sleep. Their goal is to clear away the coal-burning plant that is about to be closed later.

When the lights are turned off, we read books about fairies. About 22 of us are about to sleep. The houses that we were in are warmed up via heaters. Since it’s still cold outside; we have to wear warm clothes. It’s cold at night, and warm during the day. The old mansion that is next to us are owned by the gardeners. These gardeners are asleep at this time. About 44 lights are turned off to save energy. The train system is still being updated for the next set of passengers in the future. For their dreams to come true; they must be fast with their task. Their tasks must be completed properly. However, they’re intellegent. They can continue on their work without stopping. They push their power of engineering to the limits! They made the structure as strong as a powerful machine. They don’t rely on conventional equipment, but custom-engineered machines for their tasks. They worked on this project for hours. If the storm comes, they save their section where they left-off. They continue where they left-off after the storm. However the storm didn’t come yet.

Everybody’s dreams are combining into 1 dream. We’re just enjoying the flight in the sky with big butterflies. We ride them to explore the trees of the forest that are growing so high. Not even 1 tree is cut down for paper. The high recycling volume has already reduced carbon by 400%. Their goal is to make their dreams come true. We can see lots of old cabins that are occupied. Many people who lived there are vegetarians who love animals. The plantation is planted with lots of crops. It used to be a pig farm–where pigs were used to be raised for meat. Due to the high volume of vegan diet, it already knocked out this factory-farm. The 22 existing pigs who lived there are only raised as pets. Most of them are adopted by families who own pigs.

We flown in the sky for hours. We can see the another garden that is large enough for us to land. These giant flowers are growing so high; we can able to use magic from the garden to add the another row of flowers. The rooftop gardens are important to keep the planet cool; and reduce carbon. Over 40 green rooftops are installed on each building. The metal rooftops are also installed for solar-powered energy. The blue sky refers as clean air, white clouds refers as clean rain that is coming to water the plants, and reduce drout. If the water system is cold enough, the plants will be growing.

As we landed at the large garden; we explored the giant pond with lots of ducks that are swimming. These ducks are large enough to ride. Some of us just split-up. Parts of us ridden ducks, and parts of us continued riding butterflies. The path that used to have a coal-loading house for the coal-burning plant.About 22 of us ridden ducks to cross the pond, and 22 of us are flying. These magical places is like a dream come true! It’s kind of like exploring the world without a coal-burning plant running. The bridge that is stretched over the clean river has already kept the rare river flowing for years. These lakes that are far away from us aren’t drained at all. The bike roads are built over them as elevated roads.About 55 bikers are on the road. Not even 1 car is there! Maybe the electric trolleys are used everyday. These trolleys are always used. The jungle expands to the suburban camp that is occupied. Almost 400 homes are using green energy.

The following table below shows efforts what people who lived in this suburb started to reduce carbon:

Effort Why it’s used? They used to:
  • You can get exercise as you travel. You use your feet to turn the pedals; the pedals turn the gears and chain to make the wheels go round.
  • It doesn’t make the air dirty!
  • No need to go to the gas station to refuel.

Drive cars, and ride motorcycles to travel. However, cab-drivers are at work. They rely on electric cars for public transportation.

  • It’s always used for years. It can hold more passengers than buses.
  • Since they’re connected to windmills, it doesn’t pollute air. About 22 units are active 24/7.

They used to ride buses that used gas engines to travel.Since fuel costs are high, they must go to the gas station to refuel. Smoke from these machines can pollute air. Untold stories of complaints,–regarding air quality has been documented by many people who don’t want to harm the environment.

  • They get the power from the wind. It’s always used for generating electricity.
  • They never smoke.
  • Endless amounts of clean air. No need for a coal-burning plant to run.

Run coal-burning plants to generate power for their neighborhood. But 1 problem is; it can harm the environment. Acid rain is the known issue that is caused by coal-burning plants. Many people who lived in this town had comdemmed use of coal-burning plants as unsafe, and dangerous.

As we woke up from our sleep; we decided to get some berries for our tarts. The sun is about to rise. And the moon is going down. The horizon startes to light up. The lights are already off. The gardeners are awake for today. The carrot fields are filled with grown carrots that are ready to eat. Substainable food is successful! We can see some workers removing the coal-burning plant that is still standing. These windmills are alive! Lots of recycling has been extracted to reused. It may take some time to knock out the coal industry in this neighborhood. Over 200,000 homes used renewable energy. Their goal is to cool down the planet, and reduce drout. Everyone shared their dreams. They started to launch their new efforts to save the planet each day. The berry fields are active during the day.

I ridden the white rabbit along the path to explore the other section of this garden. Spensor ridden a big chicken as he reads the newspaper. The path is used to divide the garden into sections, these sections are used for sorting plant types. The wider path is used as a road for people who are riding bikes, and electric streetcars. These abandon roads are used as biking paths that are linked from one neighborhood to the another. The city that we just left has already used green roofing by 400%. That enables birds to make nexts anywhere to rest during long flights. Lots of plants are planted as food sources for butterflies. Their goal is to keep the butterfly population intact. Deforestation has been reduced by 1000%. These streets are cool enough for bikers to travel. However; at this suburb, they did the same thing. Grass paths are also used to as roads for bikes that are built to trabel on dirt fields. About 200 gardens that are planted by vegans are grown. Treehouses are set up for some people who always stick to nature. Gatherers who gather food for their meals keep the food supply intact. We can see lots of vegetarian stores selling vegetarian goods. These stores has already knocked out the pork industry by 95%. They outlawed pork products,–for good!! These stores are open 24/7. Those workers never stop working.

We just reached the sleepiest neighborhood that is so quiet, we can hear birds chirping.These streets are empty. This trolley that is at work are carrying passengers to their camps. Most of the trolleys are built to regenerate energy for batteries that are made of 100% renewable material. About 200 tons of recycled material are reused. These trolley tracks are built to handle 200,000 trolleys a day. These tracks are always changed,–while the older ones are recycled. They’re also made of recycled material too. Mandatory recycling is the must for this village. We can see lots of houses that are restored, their efforts of resolving vacant homes can save lots of money. Untold stories of restored homes are rented/purchased everyday.

We’ve just reached the another garden that is filled with lots of flowers that are planted in rows. Maybe they’re trying to develop a giant garden with a built-in carrot patch. We’re about to collect some carrots, but we’re been startled by the explosion. The coal-burning plant is officially going down. We can see the smoke rising from the demolition site. These gardeners are happy to see their old coal-burning plant go down. If they can extend their garden, and save the environment; they can able to breathe clean air for good.

During the event of the coal-burning plant going down; Spensor and I sat at the lunch table to drink some tea, and eat some salad. The 22 gardeners are watching the plant go down too! Giant windmills spin like pinwheels winds starts to kick in. And the power from these windmills starts to power the entire suburb. If the plant goes down slowly, and gets reduced to pieces, they can haul away the debris to the recycling center. These high stacks are going down in order. High walls will contain the material. This final plant will be gone forever!

When the coal-burning plant is finally erased from the village; everybody has cheered. Their dream has came true! They can able to breathe fresh air. Almost all of the villagers are so proud of their new wind energy. They just can’t wait for gusty winds to come. Spensor and I just sped back to our camp to plant some new plants. The sky is now clean. The coal smoke is finally gone. About 400 new trees are planted for their new garden.

At night; we are watching the sky. The stars are visible. We used to see just darkness,–due to the coal-burning plant. The moon lights up the entire town. Gusty winds just kicked in. These windmills are spinning fast as a pinwheel, but they’re built to keep spinning in high winds. Once the blades are turning, they are active. About 200,000 new bees are born. They’re happy to make some honey for us. Over 700,000 friendly insects that are good for our environment has flown in our giant garden. We can able to watch the construction workers clear away the remains of the coal-burning plant. Tracy was happy to enjoy her tarts at night.

While we’re asleep; we had a dream of flying over the garden. We ridden butterflies over the sleepy village. Looks like our camp; but this is different. These windmills are turning like pinwheels. They look like pinwheels. But they are so strong, they can handle high winds up to 300 mph. These trees are saved from the damaging acid rain that is caused by the coal-burning plant. Their wish is granted. The river is now clean. And the lakes are free of pollutants. About 200 turtles are enjoying their wonderful journey down the streem.

As we woke up; we decided to to take a hike in the garden. About 400 of the villagers are happy because, their camp is free of pollutants. Their dreams are useful to resolve pollution. They just started a tea party during the day.


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