A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure Fairy

Chapter 6: Victory! New Kingdom Goes Open-Source All the Way

Annie and I are flying over the streets of this village. We’re heading towards the cold section to check if the ice sheets came back. These windmills are generating more power then they used to generate earlier. The electronic waste has been shrinking since the fair was running earlier. However, the environment still needs to be cleaned up. Annie: “Global-warming is almost stopped for this cold section. Let’s varify if we had it correct.” I replied: “It’s barely cold, but we’re flying towards it.” Annie starts to use her wand to point to the village,–where they have to land later: “The electronic waste has shrunk, but we have to make sure the cold section of New Kingdom is colder, and the ice sheets has came back.” “These streets are going to be saved from rising seas,” I said as I adjusted the safety straps,–so I can hang on tight to my fairy when riding Annie in the sky. Annie: “Be careful when adjusting these straps, you don’t want to fall down.” We start speeding towards our destination.

Amanda just caught up with us; she told us about a story about the oil company has been halted from attempting to drill for oil in the cold environment. Since fossil-fuel is defective proprietary fuel can harm our planet, it’s been outlawed,–for good. Xavier and Millie are flying back to their house, where Sheryl is located. Jane and Greg are on the mission to find the last oil field that is shutting down. Since New Kingdom has the collapsing oil industry, renewable oil are being used by 700%; the train that hauls renewable oil is running faster than ever.

As Annie and I arrived at the cold section of this kingdom; the ice sheets has came back! It’s kind of like bringing back a cold environment for polar bears. About 400 new windmills has been built to replace the coal-burning plant. These streets are now made of thick ice via custom-built ice-laying machines. But the brick liner, allows ice to be changed out. The subway is extra-strengthened to prevent the tunnels from collapsing. All of the walls are solid,–due to constant heat generated by electric trains. The moisture inside these walls are steamed away,–allowing them to be stronger. These compressed walls are in layers,–they’re also crossed over to withstand endless conditions.Annie: “Success!! The ice sheets has came back, it’s even colder than it used to be.” I replied: “Looks like it’s time to wear coats, but that applies to the cold environment.” We landed at this village to glide on the ice to varify if ice-skaters are skating the right way. But other skating formats are tested for all people. It works, but the ice is thick enough to withstand giant machines.

These snow machines are built to recycle snow. Pure white snow is falling again. These trees are also protected against loggers who are trying to damage the environment. Renewable building materials are being used for new buildings, and consumer goods. These electric trolleys are upgraded to handle thick snow. New Winter crops are grown for substainable food! The rest of the frosty environment has been restored.

The following tables shows the before-and-after of the cold environment.

Before After

Warm as 88 degrees F.

Ice caps were melting.

Coal-burning plants were used to generate electricity. This is a defective form of proprietary energy.

Oil industries were mining for oil for years.

Cold as -40 degrees F. Ice caps are freezing back,–causing sea water to go down to the normal level.

Renewable energy is being used as a powerful open-source form of energy.

Also, high use of open-source goods.

We explored some of these places that are restored. Animals went back to their homes to settle down. The new garden has been planted to mark the place where the oil refinery used to be. The giant windmill is finally built to mark the time when the cold environment is saved. All of the other fairies are scanning the entire environment to varify if their efforts of saving the planet has worked. Parts of the town are phasing out oil for renewable oil. Many gatherers has outlawed the use of hormones that are used to artificially grow crops. Since these harmful hormones can damage the planet.

Why are these hormones are outlawed?

  • Leads to serious cancer risks to humans.
  • Gatherers who are completely vegan wanted to grow organic crops for all villagers.
  • Growth hormones are too dangerous; it’s been banned from being used for any food product.
  • Protecting the ground water for drinking is the must for all villagers who rejected contaminated water.

The icy river is restored to the previous state. This river hasn’t been used for a while. Annie and I can see other villagers managing food-type waste to be converted into fuel for their renewable power plant. Rooftop gardens are now used for their other plants to remove carbon from our air that we breathe.

We went back to our main house to drink some tea with our tarts. Amanda is reviewing her projects what she successfully ran. New Kingdom is going open-source,–for good! Queen Sherry has launched a state-of-the-art open-source members for her palace. These streets has been revamped with a plant-based format. The sewer system is redesigned to convert methane gas to renewable fuels. The storm drain is also redesigned to keep items out of the sewer system.

Amanda, Annie, and I are going to sleep for tonight. The lights are dim for now. The endless open-source villages are expanding like a new empire! This Fall, the cold air will be here. Jane and Greg are still finding the oil industry that is shutting down. They have to hurry up,–before the remaining oil pollutes the cold environment. Since Jane doesn’t like polluting the environment; she has to halt these oil-drillers. Greg is here to track down the bad guys.

Jane speeds towards the oil field, she can see these guys illegally drilling for oil. She uses her magic wand to make these oil wells disappear. And the drilling machine halt like a car on the road. These guys are running from this fairy. But they’re blown up by Jane’s magic wand. This oil field is replaced with a garden with substainable food that is grown. The illegal oil refinery has been taken down, and carted away. Park rangers has brought these illegal oil-drillers to the police, they’re been hauled off to prison. These homes are remain intact for these villagers who live there. Well, this isn’t an oil field what she’s going after, but she’s going after the other one.

The villagers are happy because, open-source is the new normal. Thanks to their open-source fairground, they can able to host their own fair again. As the sun rises, the streets will be like new again. Proprietary products that aren’t open-source will no longer be in use.

The next day, Amanda, Annie, and I are at the old chicken-farm. We’re planting a new carrot patch. This new carrot plantation will be used for food for anyone,–including animals. The indoor planters will be used for indoor plants. The existing orchard is still growing with trees that are both used for food, and wood,–including homes for animals. The farmer who lives there is completely vegan! These proprietary meat industries has disappeared successfully. About 20,000 chickens has been saved from these defective meat industries around this village.

After we planted the carrot plantation, we sped back to our house to pick up some more seeds to grow some more plants for the entire village. Other villagers has joined our open-source projects to save the planet, and going vegetarian. Over 200 proprietary slaughterhouses has been shut down,–due to animal cruelty.

Right now; these villagers are exploring an old farm where they used to have dairy cattle raised for milk. The old farmhouse is owned by a vegan resident who takes care of his pet rabbit. Samantha and Gabrielle are clearing away all of the manure, and burning it as fuel for the steam generator, and recovery trams that are used for rescue missions of any kind. These trees are now preserved for some hikers who are camping at the forest. They also had a job,–saving animals from barberric traps that are outlawed.Samantha: “So far, we cleared out 200 tons of manure from this farm. We had 4800 more tons to go.” Gabrielle: “These dead cows that are used to be there are shipped away to the power plant,–so it can be turned into electricity.” Gabrielle inserts, manure into the chute to refuel the generator. Samantha refills the boiler to keep the machine going. The chute has been filled to the top,–so automated refillers can keep the flames going. The ashes are carted away by other villagers during the cleanup that is going to reduce pollution for the entire planet. Samantha: “We missed it! The colder section has been restored,–after the oil industries has been closed, and removed from our kingdom.” Gabrielle: “Oil industries are the top polluting facilities on the face of the planet!” Samantha closes up the water cap that prevents steam from escaping. Samantha: “Let’s keep the machine going as we clear out the manure that is left-behind.” Gabrielle: “It can take days for our project to be finished.” They just finally kept the machine going,–so they can continue their cleanup.

Jane has found the oil field that is shutting down, they are carting away all of the oil that is going to be used as fuel for the last-known cargo ships. They are planning on taking down this field, but it will be expensive. However, Jane used her wand to clear away the oil field,–so people can use renewable fuels for their entire village.

About 22 villagers who are currently transitioning to open-source all the way. Five green fairies replaced defective machines with open-source versions that can help New Kingdom stay open-source forever. Jane doesn’t like proprietary products that are defective.

So, Jane has flown through the subway that is link to both cold, and hot environments to varify if their trains are stable enough for passengers. Due to the high train line volume, they have teams to manage the project that will manage the large volume. Oldest trains are upgraded to work either an engineer,–or by remote control. Legacy subway trains are driven by engineers who passed down their skills for years. Jane: “Looks like the underground subway system is going open-source,–for good! New Kingdom is going to be the coldest kingdom someday. Since I’m a fairy, I have to use magic to interact with other fairies. Most defective bad fairies can fail overtime,–due to high use of proprietary products. And speaking about that; there’s a large recall of these movies that’s been rigging our kingdom.” Jane speeds towards the train carrying open-source goods. She discovered other fairies clearing away unwanted proprietary products that are no good. The electronic waste has been recycled to make new electronics. Parts of New Kingdom has outlawed used of proprietary products. however; aproval of these products are rare.

Jane went to the frozen forest to check if the villagers has chosen open-source as the enormous power to save the environment. New snow machines are introduced, they regenerate power as they run. These high-speed windmills has been upgraded to generate more energy. If they generate more than enough electricity for New Kingdom, that’s enough to power up a suburban neighborhood as large as central US states connected together. That can also power a data center,–if you built one for a long time.

Jane can see gardeners,and gatherers collecting crops to fill their stores that contain goods to eat. They managed to use power what they had from these windmills. Domestic surfaced trains are upgraded to automatically convert to a subway train. That way; if the railways are under construction, they can keep going with their tasks.

Back at our house, Annie and I are collecting lots of seeds to plant the largest plantation that will feed the entire village. Amanda is taking over this house,–so we can camp at the plantation,–where we’re currently growing our own food. Annie: “These seeds will be planted everywhere! We’re also going to grow our own food. Sustainable foods are here to resolve problems for the poor villagers who lived there.” I replied: “Everybody is cleaning up the old farms that are shutdown . These factory-farmers are removed,–for good. All we have to do just wait for the ice caps to expand, and go back to normal.” I grabbed my crate to add bags of seeds for growing plants inside. I hopped on Annie’s back, and start to fly out the door. Annie: “Looks like we had lots of seeds to plant! Let’s use this crate to hold our equipment. Without it, we have to carry lots of bags.” Annie starts to place the crate on the wagon to make it easier to haul our freight.

As we went back to the old farm. We start to plant some more seeds in the ground. Samantha and Gabrielle hasn’t arrived just yet. Not just carrots will be planted. Other veggies will be planted too!

We’ve also planted some of these plants that are raised for food, and decorations:

  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • celery
  • peppers
  • peas
  • beans
  • sunflowers

All plants are sorted like rows on a sheet of a horizontal paper.

Annie and I became as nothing more than gardeners on this farm. It’s also linked to an orchard,–where they grow nuts everyday. Today, they have 40,000,000 trees still growing. It looks like a real live forest planted by the gardeners! These trees has been growing for 200 years.

By Fairy-Rider

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