Curious How I Started Believing In Fairies, and How Did I flown With Them?

This is the highlights of my story about how did I started believing in fairies, and flown with them. I had a complex dream about them. However, I still believing in fairies today. Well, you are NEVER too old to believe in fairies. It’s okay to believe in fairies while you’re grown up. But don’t let anyone say: “You are too old for fairies.” Because, it’s bad to say it to someone.

I’ve just left Christianity after I lost my vision. What I believed; believing in fairies is safer for me. I’ve also abandoned God as a safety measure for me to stay in sync with believing in fairies. Once I’ve started believing in fairies; my faith goes away, but it takes time. My dreams start to change like magic! Most of my fairies are in beta state. That means, they’re not ready to grant my wishes just yet. They are flying everywhere in my imaginary house, but I came up with a solution to fly with them. All I have to do just climb on the fairy’s back, and ride one. That way; I can fly without effort.

Maybe I’ve shrunk small enough to ride these fairies in my dream. These fairies are friendly. And they match the theme of my dream. It takes place in Kansas,–in the year 2005. It starts in the Spring. All of the other fairies are jealous because, they never seen an older person believe in fairies before! But the fairy queen isn’t jealous at all.

During the late Summer of 2005; I went further into believing in fairies like a champ! Thanks to the playground where I was playing at the Minesota School for the Blind. Running track made easy. I’ve also have the ability to run faster.

When believing in fairies; I left the following out of my beliefs:

  • Bibles
  • God
  • Holy Spirit

On october; I read some books about myth, and watched some movies that are relevant for my beliefs. I’ve also written books in braille. But it’s only via paper. That’s where my stories about fairies are stored.

On January 2006; I ridden a carousel on my birthday, that’s an alternative to going to the club, or the movies. I ridden the carousel 2 times. I’ve varified riding this ride unlock and open the gates to believeing in fairies. I went right through, it can take some time for me to reach the another gate to leave the Holy land,–for good.

From February to June; believing in fairies leads to the challenging level. Parts of the path might be defective,–due to the remaining spirits left-behind. Maybe the fairy queen is currently investigating this issue,–varifying I’m actually going there, not a parasitic organism! That’s when I went to Minesota again. But the rest of the school year is ticking by. That’s the time before my family took a vacation to New York. That’s when I was at Long Island,–sleeping over at some house. I’ve managed to continue believing in fairies normally. But there’s a magical-effect that is happening. Once I’m at the another place,–right where I used to live in Brooklyn; believing in fairies has sped up!

When I was at Summer-school; believing in fairies is easy. But there’s some problems what I’ve encountered:

  • Fairies usually go to the skies to fly. But they don’t go underwater. It was caused by going to the swimming pool constantly.
  • When watching Some TV shows that are relevant for me;–applies to believing in fairies; their shows hasn’t got any upgrades, but reruns.
  • When working the magic wand in my dream; I tried to hop on a back of a fairy; the suspicious monkey is trying to pull me from her. Maybe he must’ve snuck on stage,–preying on early fairy-believers. The fairy queen took action to remove him.
  • During Independence day; power outage has stalled the magic system,–while I was asleep! But it recovered when the power is restored.
  • While I was at home,–after school was completed; I started writing books via tape. That’s when I experienced a problem. Maybe the fairy queen told me her magic wand is not responding at all. That’s the time when my mother is recovering from the car accident at the hospital.
  • In my dream; I ridden a fairy in a fancy palace, but that’s just the another fairy in beta state, but size isn’t in sync, but the older fairy queen has recorded this issue on her video-recorder.

The magic beam from the fairy queen’s wand isn’t strong enough because, use of proprietary equipment is defective by design. She didn’t discover open-source just yet.

From october 2006 to may 2007; the magic has stalled. Maybe these other fairies are fixing the system that is defective by design.

During the fall of 2007; I ridden a rabbit on a carousel,–that increases strength of believing in fairies. Believing in fairies has been continued where I’ve left off.

Until 2008 to 2009; there’s a BIG break-through, i’ve finally left the Holy spirit without effort, drinking tea is the trick! And leaving unwanted mature content out of my system,–for good. That’s when I made a figure of me riding a fairy during art session.

From 2009 to 2010; I started to write books about fairies. But the computers what I’m using at school are not working right. I’m planned on getting me a personal computer,–so I can write books without effort.

No more believing in God and Christ for me!!

From 2010 to present time; I’m still believing in fairies. And writing books. Writing books without foul language is a breeze; and now, I’m flying out of the unwanted grip and claws of the parasitic monkey that always attack my dreams.

Right now; I’m transforming my dreams to a story book to share.

Actual story About My Dream,–Applies to Believing In Fairies, and Flying With Them

Once I was riding a spring-loaded toy in my dream. I was riding a toy poodle. The fairy queen uses her magic wand to prompt me to believe in fairies in 2005. Maybe I was in this fancy palace of some sort. The flooring is tiled with silver tiles with bronze slanted lines. The walls are rainbow-colored. And the doors are huge !

Maybe the toy what I was riding is designed by the fairy, and the fairy queen gave it to me as a start of believing in fairies.

Somehow; I warped to the another section of the palace, maybe they had a subway underground; I can’t see where I’m going! But the good news is, I’m in good luck. These fairies warped me to the another section of the palace to dodge places that are too difficult to navigate. I heard the fairy queen telling me: “Don’t let these parasitic monkeys hijack the subway, and your imagination. Believe in fairies, your life will be easier for you. Since you lost your vision; consider finding a fairy that is right for you.” I responded, but my dream is too limited to continue.

My another dream in 2006; the problem still occurs, the fairy queen is still chasing these unwanted parasitic monkeys that are evil. But I’ve escaped. Who in the right mind to hijack the subway system?Maybe use of proprietary hardware and software are may be to blame!

Since these evil parasites are causing damage to my imagination; I’ve reported them as unsafe creatures. However, the fairy queen is fixing this issue seriously.

As my dreams attempt to filter out these unwanted parasites, I started riding fairies to fly with them without needing to fly side by side. Riding on a back of a fairy is easier. The fairy queen takes a video of me riding my first fairy to mark my first day of believing in fairies.

My dream can generate unusual creatures that I can ride,–without needing a leash, or saddle. The garden is the only way out of the Holy land. It takes either a fox ride; or swan ride to leave this place. Almost all of the roads are blocked. But you can move these objects.

If you are riding a winged creature in your dream; you can fly easily.

As soon as the fairy queen destroyed the source,–where the parasitic monkey came from; I got my magical energy back! I decided to ride my fairy, and fly away,–towards the garden.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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