A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 4: A Surprise Adventure in New Kingdom

Days later; Annie and I are enjoying tea, and tarts,–to confirm our victory. Since we stopped these poachers, we can able to continue our journey,–to surprise Xavier; his fairy is finally coming to our camping-house. Amanda is working on her project. She’s building a ride-on toy for Xavier, so he can cheer up. The rest of our crew are still on a journey,–exploring new places.

Annie and I started flying out of our house, making a journey to New Kingdom’s palaces. Winter has arrived, almost all of these streets are covered in snow, however; that’s not the case for these villagers. Annie and I can see the fairy queen heading towards the palace far away from us. We can fly towards it, but it takes lots of effort. Snow is blown by the wind. Handling the coldest temperatures in this village,–where snow is constantly falling; is tricky! Many villagers believed keeping the environment cold is the must. Many towns are covered in snow. There’s an untold stories of villagers using snow for their streets. Their water supply is warmed up,–to prevent pipes from freezing. They use state-of-the-art electric boilers to keep water warm, existing steam pushes water out of the boiler; traveling pipes. Since it uses recycled electricity; it relies on it’s own power source, it gets it from the subway system.

While we’re heading towards the palace, Samantha and Gabrielle caught up with us; they told us about the fairy queen that is heading towards this palace, and she’s also granting wishes for all villagers. Annie: “We already discovered her. We’re going there, we’re taking a closer look of this palace just incase, they might need to get their heating system fixed. They’re making cakes at the alarming rate. And they’re going to keep the heat going. They already had steam heaters active. Due to the large size; they must check the boilers,–so they won’t explode.” Gabrielle: “That’s the place that we’re going to! We have to varify if this palace is warmed up.” Samantha: “Bruce is going to bake cakes with this royal family. They’re trying to work together, but they need 5 more bakers.” Annie: “If we can make it; the fairy queen will be happy. Don’t forget to bring your lunch with you. This task is going to share lots of good cakes for tea,–so lots of visitors can enjoy their event.” We flown towards the palace, dodging falling snow.

As we finally made it, we met Queen Sherry; she’s a queen of New Kingdom. She wears a same dress what annie is wearing. The fairy queen is here with her. She wears a larger dress, that compares to a fairy in my dream since months ago.

Inside this palace, there’s lots of rooms, we’re at the first floor. We’re at the main hall. The walls are tiled with rainbow tiles, there’s also pictures of fairies everywhere. The tiles on the floor are made of metal,–with diamonds embedded; the light fixtures are made of shiny glass, metal, diamonds, and gems. The rainbow colors are shown,–with a pink glow. The high ceiling enables fairies to fly high. Big doors are important for any size person. The steam heater units that are housed in metal cases that are built to release heat, and circulate air. They installed blowers to circulate the heat faster. Since the heating system is strictly electric, they rely on a backup power source. The windows are also rainbow-colored, portable window Ac units are installed, they can also be used for heat,–that way; if their boiler is under maintenance; they won’t be left out in the cold. These custom-style and open-source equipment has already made this palace open-source, not even 1 crime happened there. The visitor rate is at 75%. The royal family who lived here are swap-based. There’s thousands of kings and queens who ruled New Kingdom for years. Over 200 maids did each task. This palace never stops evolving!

We started finalizing tasks during baking cakes for a big tea party for the royal family. These bakers are proud because, we’re speeding up their tasks. We managed to brew some tea for the entire palace. Annie and I are delivering the cakes to the tea room. The fancy princess, and the new prince are going to launch a big party. Since they are nothing more than fairy-believers, they’re working the magic without any trouble! All of the other fairies are so jealous because, Annie can fly fast as a jet. She can fly without effort. However, 1 of these fairies are upset because, Annie is not an ordinary fairy, she’s intellegent, and she has complex features. And she’s good with technology.

While Annie and I are doing our task at this palace, the jealous fairy, Jane is trying to fly high as my fairy. Well, she isn’t a fairy at all! And she doesn’t have a magic wand. She really wanted to be a better fairy, but Annie has lots of magic powers. Annie: “If you want to be a real fairy, get use to work the magic, flying, and granting wishes. The fairy queen has to make sure that we’re doing our actual task. I don’t think you had a magic wand yet. In order to get one, you must do an exact task what you’re assigned to. Right now; I’m doing a task. Be careful when doing a task; if you refused to do it, the fairy queen will assign you an another task. For example; you’ve failed to grant anybody’s wish; the fairy queen assigns you to serve food during lunch, dinner, or breakfast. I’ve already earned my wand since years ago.” Jane: “I don’t Want a task, I’ve just want to be a fairy. Fairies don’t need tasks. They can do a task,–if they feel like doing a task.” Annie replied: “Most fairies do lots of tasks very often. There’s some times when fairies are assigned to tasks. Freedom is important for our fairies; if you did a good job with your task, you can spend the rest of your free time. If you believed you are assigned to a task in error, you can report a faulty assignment. Everyday, we always make sure we assign a task with extreme caution. We don’t select fairies randomly. Instead, we need to obtain consent from an individual fairy from any place. Although some fairies get started with a task what they want to do, it’s always starts off with tutorials and guides! Since we make sure our fairies are doing their tasks correctly. But NOT all fairies are at work.” Jane: “What do you mean! I don’t want to do a task,–just like other fairies.” Jane flown away from us with anger. Annie was worried. “Wow! Most likely Jane isn’t behaving well, we have to warn the fairy queen about this issue. Maybe she’s a spoiled princess,” I said. Annie replied: “You are right! We have to warn her about this. If I were you; don’t get close to Jane, she isn’t a fairy at all. Sheryl told us about an update,–focusing on Xavier’s ssuprise. We have to update our route, and find the way to grant all of his wishes.” Annie and I just started taking off, flying towards the tea room,–to finalize the delivery of cakes,–including tea.

When we got there; we socialized with other peers. Joe is working with a new hot water dispenser. Since it’s a portable unit, it sits on a counter, this device is going to supply hot water for tea-drinkers. Although; some people aren’t tea-drinkers. They have other options. They have fruit juice, hot cocoa, etc. Since it’s night time, we have to find a room to sleep in,–after the tea party. However, Jane has stormed through the open entrance to the tea room. She didn’t do any task. Joe: “Annie; you finally made it! Do you had any updates? I was almost worried.” Annie: “The poachers are finally removed. These fairies who lived in the village are almost stolen by 44%, but we finally got them. However; I discovered a jealous fairy, Jane. She don’t want to do any task. I need to warn the fairy queen about this.” Annie and I started placing our food in the takeout tray. We started going upstairs to the rooms. Joe started cleaning out the recycle bin. The rest of the visitors are still enjoying the party. Since the lights are dim, they’re setting up some new lamps that are going to be used for lighting up the dark tea room. Since they’re upgrading the light system, the power cables are always changed. The old ones are always recycled. This upgrade may take some time to be completed. This task is divided by relay teams. They do their task via 90-minute sessions. It’s done at night, sometimes during the day.

As we went to our room that we’re sleeping at; we decided to settle down, and get ready to sleep. Annie started placing a message booklet inside the feedback box,–so the fairy queen can retrieve it. Due to the high feedback volume; she must collect each feedback, and review them with her feedback team. I grabbed my box of tea, and placed it inside the metal basket, so I can make some tea tomorrow. Annie discovered a giant bunks system in this room. The heating system is already turned on, but the floor vent isn’t releasing enough heat, we decided to turn on the AC/heating unit to warm up our room. These walls in this room is plated with metal sheets that are custom-made. Almost all of the furniture are functional. However; their fully-functional laundry department has already allowed customers to clean their clothes without effort. Annie discovered a basket of clothes that are already cleaned. While the dirty clothes are taken to the laundry department. Annie and I had never seen these people doing night tasks before.

Back at our camping-house; Xavier’s fairy has finally arrived! But it’s too dark to see this fairy. Sheryl is still at work, taking notes about being a foster parent. Bruce is already asleep in his room. All of the other villagers who used to be poor are also asleep. But some of them are still awake, working at their subway systems, stores, farms, etc.

The recycling team goes to work at night,–picking up lots of recycle bins that are full. These state-of-the-art trucks to collect all of these full bins, and set out empty ones,–so they can pick them up later; depending on each set of bins that are full. One or more of these trucks are controlled by a central computer at the recycling facility itself.Not just people who are doing a task at night, some fairies are at work too! The 22 fairies are fixing the old houses that are used to be owned by past villagers who used to mine for coal. Each house is restored. But they won’t be used,–until they pass an inspection. They also link them to a subway system, making it easier for people to travel without cars. Their subway system is so effective, it can erase 1000 cars off the road each day. That gives enough room for truckers to do their jobs.

Late night; Jane flown out of the palace,–that’s the place where we slept for tonight. Jane was so angry; she turned into bad fairy that is spoiled. She flown towards the old temple. These people who are restoring it discovered her hiding in the cellar. If I get my calculations correct, Jane is a fairy princess who isn’t a fairy at all. However, she has other ideas! She wants to believe in something different.

During the day; Annie and I went back to our house to pick up our gear. Amanda had told us about a fairy who arrived at our camping-house. Sheryl is cleaning out the fireplace. Annie: “The colder section of our village is successfully free of pollution! We’re still trying to continue our adventure.” Amanda pulled out her magic wand as she gets ready to fly: “The good news is; Xavier has a fairy. And he’s learning to work the magic wand! And he’s wearing his new fairy wings,–so he can fly with other fairies.” Annie: “We found the map,–where the old temple is at. We can convert it into something new. We need 1 more fairy to speed up our project. Joe is is working at the cold section of our village. He will meet us at our other camp; but first; we have to clean up.” “Watch out for Jane; She’s out of control at this time,” I said. We started cleaning up the entire house,–while Sheryl, and Bruce finish up cleaning up the entire house. We packed up our camping gear; along with our electronic devices. Since this entire house is being cleaned up; all of the rooms are cleaned,–making this place look like new again!

Annie and I started flying in the sky; we’re heading towards the old temple that we can revamp. We can see Jane flying away from all of these fairies. Annie was worried: “I wonder why this fairy don’t want to grant any wishes? Maybe she wanted to believe in something different, I have to talk to her. Amanda just appeared as quick as a flash: “Joe is catching up with us! His job is completed. For the best results; we have to split up,–so we can find an answer to this issue with one of our fairies.” Annie: “We’re going towards our original house later. My partner will varify if we can load lots of magic at our home.” Annie and I sped off as Amanda flown towards the subway system.

Tim and Greg are busy working their magic, New Kingdom is fully awake, Lots of villagers are enjoying their cold days, they had a victory because; they finally taken down the last coal-burning plant that once generated electricity. They make lots of snow cones. They made lots of fruit–flavored snow cones. Over 20,000 of them are made each hour. Estimated up to 20 new jobs has created. However, one of these villagers discovered Jane skipping tasks. And she’s heading towards the hotter section of New Kingdom. That’s where the previous coal-burning plant is taken down. These villagers told her to come back; but she flown away.

Meanwhile; Greg started following the earthen streets to New Kingdom’s suburban town,–where lots of gardeners live. Annie and I are still heading towards the old temple,–where these large houses are located. However; Greg manages to catch up with other fairies. Since these villagers are always doing their tasks, they managed to reduce pollution by 99%. About 20 gardeners hiking in the woods,–where campers live. Since they had lots of plants, almost all of the hikers who are camping in the forest are vegan. This custom-planted forest is planted at the old pig farm. It was discontinued because, pigs are raised as pets. Maybe the soil was scraped since 100 years ago. Annie and I can see lots of homes sharing a garden that is covered in snow. But one of these houses are located at the old farm, where they’re planting new plants that are raised for food. The well is drilled for water. They installed state-of-the-art filters that will keep the well water clean,–so it’s safe to drink, and use for gardening in the Spring. Almost all of the farmers who live on this farm became vegetarians. We can see one of these farmers following us.

As we finally reached the old temple, we can see lots of pictures of fairies, benches, and there’s a huge chime tower,–where chimes are installed. These walls are painted with shiny paint. They’re painted in rainbow colors. The light system is designed like lanterns. There’s lots of rooms with high ceilings. And there’s also a library with new books about fairies. Annie and I have never seen this place like this before. We can see Amanda and Xavier,–along with Sheryl coming. Since the hallway is so long, we can see some doors leading to these rooms. But they aren’t set just yet.We can see the shiny flooring that is tiled with large break-resistant glass tiles. Since this place is always revised, we can see lots of new items set out.

Annie and I went to the another room that is located at the center of this building, we can see a carousel ride that is ridden by people of all ages. There’s 20 rabbits, 10 chickens, 15 fairies, 25 butterflies, 8 cats, 12 dragons, 30 foxes, 20 poodles, 10 geese, and 22 sheep. These benches are green, the 4 carriages are yellow, and the tables are blue. We can also see the sparkling design on the wall, and the pink rugged floor. It does have lights, but they’re not on. It’s open to the public. And it’s also open-source,–revised by the entire kingdom. The tea room that is located next to the carousel, 12 feet away is already set.

This temple is owned by Queen Sherry. Her fairies has started revamping parts of this temple since years ago. We can see lots of magic wands that are stored in glass cases, each wand has a named etched to represent a fairy ,–or a person who believed in fairies who used to do special tasks in the past. However, these wands are preserved, so they can be reused via educational use. The big windows has a rainbow design that is built to light up this room. There’s no light inside. You need to use the flashlight to see inside. These books inside are arranged in order. Since they’re in the public domain, they’re safe to reuse. There’s lots of shelves that are setup for guests. Further inside there’s a room, where the stairs are located. It’s used as a storage house for the movie equipment.

While Annie and I are exploring, we met Robert, he is working in the boiler room. He’s wearing a yellow suit with red stripes. And he’s also wearing a pair of fake fairy wings. Annie: “We’re just exploring this old temple. Looks like we have heat activated. Maybe this place is left-behind since a long time ago.” Robert: “Our villagers needs you to find Jane, she supposed to do her task, and get used with working with magic. The fairy queen might be angry. If I’m not mistaking, the fairy queen has the strongest magic wand in this kingdom. And she’s also a backup queen for this kingdom. Since you are a different fairy, and you had your partner with you; you already completed your tasks since a long time ago.” Annie and I sped off to the next room. Robert continued working with the breaker box.

As we went inside the another room; we can see lots of clothes that are stored inside. The racks are arranged in order by size. Maybe this temple is so huge, they had a sleeping house somewhere. We had a map of this place, but we have to take time to explore it. Rushing just won’t do. There’s something unusual in this temple. We can able to run down this hall that is built for fast navigation. Since this hall is connected to this room,–where the clothes are located; maybe it’s easier to bring backup clothing to the sleeping house. This hallway is so long, we can hear an echo of our voices. Since it’s dim, and there’s less light, we can see the glowing magic. The old magic wand is installed,–to filter out bad magic, and process wishes at the central location. Since it’s been handled by previous fairy queens; it was used to grant anybody’s wishes around the world. But the downside is, the magic is too powerful! They decided to install it to the revamped temple,–just like this place. Since this place is in developer-state; these features are going to activate later. Why does this magic wand like this filter out bad magic?

  • Overtime, old magic is recycled to be converted into new magic. Good magic is used everyday. When the fairy, or a normal person uses the magic wand, the magic is controlled by wand motion, strike sequence, or any sequence that activates magic,–when granting wishes, making items appear, float, disappear, etc.
  • If the magic wands aren’t working, and a fairy, or normal person has trouble controlling the magic, most likely, the magic wand might be defective; and it needs to be repaired. Or the release mechanism appears to be broken, and it needs to be replaced.
  • If bad fairies attempt to use their magic wands, and they’re not capable to handle powerful magic, they will not work. That prevents issues from occurring.

Hours later; Annie and I just settled at the sleeping house to study more about believing in fairies. Joe has finally made it! Amanda, Sheryl, Xavier, and Gabrielle are at their own bunks. Joe is playing chess with Xavier’s fairy, Millie. She is working with her project. Annie told Millie about Jane, the runaway fairy has flown out of New Kingdom. Joe: “You’re not going to believe this! Jane went to England, and she wanted to believe in something different. Although, our primary belief is fairies. But you can believe in different things if you want. Everyday, we’re rolling out changes, and fixes for our kingdom.” Annie: “I wonder where Jane is? Maybe she’s out of range.” Annie and I ran towards the desk to get the computer system. Amanda pulled out the magic wand, and checked it for any issues.

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