A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure Fairy

Chapter 3: It’s Getting Colder In Our Village

On the next day, Amanda and I started flying north of this sleepy suburb. We’re getting close to these windmills,–so we can check out this project. We had a dream last night. Amanda told me about a dream what she had. She was dreaming about everyone who are believing in fairies. These villagers are done with their project. I had a dream about riding rabbits in a garden. Amanda and I can feel the cold air blowing as we fly towards these windmills. Since the power station is receiving energy from these windmills, it also heated water to distribute water service to all neighbors. If water is cold, it will freeze into ice. It isn’t just an ordinary power station, it accessed as a home for workers who work on windmills. However, we can see a new windmill that is almost done being built. Since it’s too far to reach, we have to land, and settle down in this house.

As we got there, we met Ron, Tim and Greg. They are playing checkers, and cards. This house may look like a cottage, but it’s larger. Greg: “Drink some tea with us! The temperature is dropping.” Amanda: “Your house looks good, maybe you built it via team work. We’re about to reach the windmills, and finish the project.” We settled down, and started drinking some tea. Tim is working with his box that is going to be used as a toolbox. He’s a construction worker who likes to build things. He operates a crane as a living. He built super strong buildings that can withstand serious impact. His company who builds tall buildings has already gone rich, and they are upgrading their building techniques,–so they can go to the next level. Ron is fixing his plow that recycles snow, and turn it into blocks of Ice. Samantha and Gabrielle came to this cottage. They told us about this cold section of New Kingdom is getting colder. Maybe we had gone rid of fossil-fuels. Maybe we fought pollution successfully. Greg started riding his unicorn to go to the windmills that are almost finalized. But 1 of them aren’t done just yet.

Amanda and I are continuing to fly to the windmills to finish the windmill that isn’t spinning just yet. Ron started bringing his plow with him., so he can clear piles of snow at the windmills. Many of us are heading north, we had to go through the power station in order to access these windmills. This long flight takes time. However; our village needs more power in order to be lit at night. The giant windmill needs to be completed. Or the coal-plant someplace will turn back on. We can’t afford this section to be warmed up,–causing snow to melt. And we can see it far away from the suburb. Once the coal-plant is turned off, they will remove it from New Kingdom. Before it’s removed, power from this plant is restricted for building a windmill only. If they can finish up the remaining fuel inside, they can finally clean up the entire plant. And cleanup is scheduled,–after the finalized windmill is built.

During our flight, we explored lots of trees that are blending in with these giant windmills that are spinning. Since the forest is intact, people who camped there started removing pollutants from the forest. Animals that lived there made a home in this forest. Exploring the tree tops is kind of like exploring your dream of some sort. Imagine that!

As we finally reached the windmills, we started finalizing the windmill that is being built. We can see the coal-plant started to release smoke. We have to act fast to finish this project, otherwise, the delayed project will be reported via newspapers, and online articles. The powerful generator unit is already set, but these blades that allows wind to turn the generator. Since it’s equiped with a wheel-state fan, or blower wheel; it takes out the heat that is generated when the unit is spinning. The magnet inside the generator is powerful. We can able to place each blade in order. Each part has a number.

While we’re finalizing the windmill, Joe went to the power station to prepare the switch to clean energy. He needs to be fast, and he must pull the plug as he receives a signal. Other windmills are still at work. That means, lots of energy is generated. To prevent more pollutants from coming out of the coal-plant, he needs to find the switch to signal workers to use the last batch of fuel, but don’t refuel. that’s when train railway that go through the plant is rerouted, that way; they can shut it down without effort. They’ve already cleared away concrete, and recycled it to the facility for reuse. However; this power station is getting upgrades, so it can withstand thousands of gigawatts of energy. When the power cables are replaced, older cables are recycled again.

This is what happens when we finish up the project:

  • We assemble the windmill blades in order.
  • Joe goes to the plug, and pulls it from the unit,–after the switch next to it set to off. They’re already getting power from these windmills. He also goes to the storage department, to close the outlet. Since the coal-plant used up it’s fuel, it shuts off it’s power. That’s when the generator slows down. These workers just can’t wait to see these windmills turn,–after they shutdown the coal-plant.
  • Joe activates the switch to signal the workers. And reboot the power station,–in order for these windmills that are generating energy to be distributed to our village.
  • The finished windmill starts to spin. That’s when the blizzard kicks in. These spinning blades are turning the generator, and controlling the alternator at the same time. It’s a powerful unit all right; That’s powerful enough to activate billions of light bulbs.

As Amanda and I went back to our temperary house, we decided to eat some berry tarts with pink frosting, along with a cup of green tea. Joe came back to our temperary house too! He’s going to test out the electric boiler that will use energy from the windmills. Since the boilers are downstairs, he needs to activate them.

While Amanda and I are eating tarts with our tea, Joe went to the boiler room to activate the boiler. However, there’s 3 boilers that are used for each purpose, The largest boiler is the default unit for this house. The second one is used as a hot water dispensor. And the third one is used for laundry use. Joe activates the first boiler, it received electricity from the 250-vold outlet. The heating-element that is protected heats the boiler. Water inside also heats up, and turns into steam. Since it can handle lots of pressure, that’s enough to heat 4 houses. These pipes are also going to heat up. To prevent heat loss, they’re cased inside insolation wraps that are fire-resistant. That gives steam more ability to travel further. Without them, heat will be lost.

It works! The boiler can use electricity without being connected to a coal-plant. Thanks to his home-maintenence skills; he can able to heat the rest of this house.

Hours later, Amanda and I started sleeping in our bunks. We’re going to continue our adventure in New Kingdom tomorrow; Samantha and Gabrielle are also sleeping in our bunks. Bruce and Christopher,–along with Sheryl are playing cards with other fairies. They’re playing cards downstairs at the parlor, that’s where the kitchen is located. Most of our lights are off. But only a few are still on. The thermostat on the wall detected heat temperature that is set. The heater started to shut off. The steam pipes did their good job. The boiler did it’s good job too! Now the colder section of New Kingdom can heat their homes without a pesky coal-plant that caused the colder section of this kingdom to warm up. The temperate section, uses the waste-to-energy plant to clear garbage from our village. The hotter section relies on solar energy to power their village.

Amanda and I continued exploring New Kingdom, we can see 3 workers, and 7 fairies preparing to demolish the coal-plant. Years ago, it was a standard power supply for this kingdom. But do to environmental concerns, they had to capture pollutants,–however, they immediately switched to renewable energy. Because, The colder section believed coal-plants can melt their precious snow. Recycling is their default task in this kingdom. If we get our calculations correct, coal-plants can cause serious damage to our planet. Samantha and Gabrielle sped up with us,–so they can explore with us. What we’re going next, we’re going to the sleepiest section of New Kingdom. Maybe they used less power,–regarding the use of a coal-plant. Right now, coal-mining has dropped by 125%. Almost over 200,000 pine trees are saved in this forest. We can see lots of villagers skiing along icy streets that are made of blocks of ice. Since asphalt is scarce in the cold environment, these machines are redesigned to handle slippery conditions.

While we’re flying; Ron and Greg are recycling ice and snow that is fallen. Tim is dropping off blocks of ice at the ice department. They had blocks of ice that are stored in giant freezers. Heat from this building is recycled as heat source for the subway system. Most of their trams have plows connected,–to plow snow when traveling. It also recycles snow. Tiffany and Sheryl are checking power cables. Due to constant blizzard, they had to use underground cables that are linked from the temperate section of New Kingdom. They had an untold stories about power poles falling down constantly. They used state-of-the-art underground cables that are replaceable to replace power poles. These intelligent electricians installed heat recycling systems to control the constant heat generated by transformers.

We can see some large buildings with green roofs. Most of these buildings that are fitted with green roofs are either rebuilt with thicker walls, or retro-thickened with surrounding structures. With all of these renovations designed for combating carbon each day, they advocated for mandatory implementation of green roofing for ALL buildings.

Some tall buildings that are combined into a giant building also had green roofs. However, out in the country, they had lots of snow falling. These farmers are doing their task, keeping their animals healthy. Since pescetarian diet is a must for all villagers, they have to place their farms under review. I’ve enjoyed flying with my fairy! Amanda: “Looks like we finally did our task. These windmills will be spinning during the blizzard. Green energy is the must for our planet. Other fairies are flying with us. Before we go back to our normal house, we had to finish our final task that is important for our kingdom.” “Which task is next?” I asked. Amanda: “Let’s find out.” We flown towards the sleepy neighborhood.

As we finally landed, we met some poor villagers who aren’t poor anymore, they are planning to remove some old cabins,–where these coal-miners lived. Since the coal mine is closed, they started setting up a policy to keep coal out of a cold environment. We started clearing away all of the power cables that are being recycled. In order for New Kingdom to be friendly for the environment; recycling and tackling pollution is the must. Since these villagers are doing their tasks; they worked around the clock,–to speed up their tasks. Samantha and Gabrielle are exploring this nearby forest where lots of trees are preserved. This village is surrounded by forests. Many people had built their homes that will blend in with their favorite forest. Since heating systems are being used constantly, they used state-of-the-art steam pipe extensions to distribute heat from house,–to house. That way’ if their home is warm enough, they can warm up several homes at once. However; they continued sharing heat without effort. Constant blizzards can effect the colder section of New Kingdom, they started their very own carnival outdoors. The more as they reduce pollution, the colder the ice caps get. Not just preserving ice caps is a must. One problem is; falling trees, they used a group of foresters to keep track of these trees,. Since they’re all vegans, they lived by the forest. They also have a team of fairies to check each square mile of each forest. Most farmers are stocking up for cold days. Since farmers became pescetarians, they started to build aquaponics,–so they can raise their own fish as food source during Winter time.

At night, Amanda and I started flying out of the village. We can see other villagers getting ready to sleep. Samantha and Gabrielle sped up to catch up with us. They’re going to take a subway,–back to the temperate section of New Kingdom. Samantha’s voice: “Let’s take a subway, we can able to return back to our normal homes. They’re improving their trains,–so they can shuttle passengers, and freight.” Amanda: “We’ll keep flying,–until we confirmed we reached our homes. It may take some time.” Gabrielle: “Watch out for these airplanes, they’re at work! If we can reach our homes, we can settle down, and share our journey with our friends.” “We’ll meet you at the train station,–so we can group together, and escape from the blizzard, it’s getting colder in our village,” I said. Samantha and Gabrielle ran towards the subway entrance. This ramp enables people on wheelchairs to enter the subway. Since it’s an open entrance,–it’s easier for villagers to go in and out of the subway system. At the right side of the entrance, there’s a store,–where they sell vegetarian products. However, it’s set as a small cafe, so people can settle down and eat. Most workers who work in subway tunnels go there to eat, including other villagers.

As Amanda and I reached the train station that is close to the old house that is still usable, Joe is carrying his backpack. He’s taking a subway with us. Joe: “Amanda, you had missed it! The hot section of New Kingdom had built a windmill that will handle the heat, and high winds.” Samantha: “Since Amanda is a fast fairy, she has the ability to glide in the air without slowing down. She kept it at the same speed.” Gabrielle: “We’re just waiting for the train to come, the 12 line is scheduled to come to this station, but there’s a delay. One of these passengers couldn’t hop off a train because, he/she has trouble interacting with our villagers. We have to talk to the conductor about an issue,–regarding delays.” Amanda: “We read an article about it. There was a hermet onboard. His parents supposed to pick him up from school, but they lost their lives during Christian persecution. The foster parents are trying to help him out, but he has fear of bullies.” The train is coming to the platform, we ran towards the train. We started finding the hermet. We worked together, the conductor told us which car we had to go to. The platform manager went to the closet to clean the platform. The lights has been dimmed,–to save energy.The other train is speeding along the express route,–carrying goods across New Kingdom. The train that we’re taking started leaving the platform. The engineer just started his first day on his job. Past engineers who driven trains had passed down their job for years. Almost each train line is used respectedly, others are donated to other kingdoms.

When we finally found the hermet, we decided to help him out. Amanda: “There’s no need to panic, child. We’re here to help you.” “We have to find these dedicated foster parents who are willing to take care of you. Looks like you had fear of bullies, we felt bad because, your parents aren’t there anymore,” I said. Amanda: “We can’t afford you to be left behind. If we can find the housing center, where foster children live with their foster parents. New Kingdom has a law that prohibit parents from spanking children.” Joe: “Who are you? Looks like you had trouble with your family since a long time ago.” The hermet replied: “This is Xaivier. For years I was wishing to believe in fairies. My family had faced many issues, I was foster-cared by my old foster parents who saved me from an unlawful cruelty. That’s when my parents are arrested for child cruelty. My grandparents ran from our home country that we used to live. They moved to New Kingdom,–just like this place, so they can escape from an unsafe country. For years; I ran to escape from cruelty. The school that I still go to helped me for years. I was looking for help for the past 3 years.” Joe: “Looks like you need a place to stay, since you’ve been wishing to believe in fairies, there’s a special place that is available for people who needed fairies.” Amanda: “If we found a fairy that is available for him, we can able to help this child. The most important, we had to alert our villagers. Our foster parents who take care of foster children are still helping other children.” Xavier: “I don’t think fairies are real. They’re fake creatures.” Amanda: “Of corse, fairies are real! We also do different things, we also have tasks to do.” Xaivier: “I never seen a fairy like this before! You’re a beautiful fairy.” Amanda: “Thanks!” The train had stopped at the another station. We started leaving the train. We went towards the exit to reach a giant house that is 20 blocks away. That’s the place where Sheryl is house sitting.

As we went to this house, we told Sheryl about the hermet who has trouble with his family. Amanda and I discovered Tiffany,–working on a thermostat in the hallway. Xaivier started finding a room to sleep in. Joe: “Let’s stop here,–so I can take a break from flying.” Amanda: “Well done; everyone! Four places down, and 16 more to go. Let’s settle down, and sleep in this camping-house, this suburb is getting some improvements for our settlers. Right now,we’re at the sleepy old town that is composed with multiple farms that are shared. We’re at the chicken farm,–where they used to raise chickens for eggs.” Samantha: “We know this place since a long time ago. We used to visit this farm,–but they moved out because, they have to discontinue their chicken farm. However, we can find some clues about this old farm.” Amanda: “It’s still a functional farm. These chickens are no longer raised for meat at this time. They have to raise them as pets. In some countries, they don’t allow people to eat chickens. We have some people who are vegetarians. Being a vegetarian is important in this kingdom. It’s optional. A vegan diet is the known food source ever used in New Kingdom.” Gabrielle: “That’s a great place to hang out for a while. We have to rest because, it’s getting dark.” Amanda and I ran towards the bunks, and drop off our gear.

During bedtime; we started drinking some tea, and eating scones in the large parlor. Inside, there’s tables with bronze tea set, each table cloth is placed on each table; it has pictures of fairies,there’s also mirrors that are set as decorations for this room, and there’s a kitchen that is connected. Almost each room has a light system that is used as decorations. The flooring is tiled with rainbow stars. The walls are plated with silver sheets. Each sheet is coated with varnish,–to protect each sheet.Tiffany is reading a book to Xaivier. This Fairy Tale book contains magic inside. Sheryl: “It’s getting closer to go to our bunks to sleep. In order for Xaivier’s wishes to fully take effect; we have to turn off all of the lights. After his wishes are granted, a fairy will appear in our bunks,–so he/she can grant his wishes. Enjoy your tea, and scones. We have to respect the fairy queen.” Xaivier: “What’s a fairy queen?” I explained: “A fairy queen is the queen of all fairies. If you take a look in a book, she does special jobs.” Tiffany: “You are right! That’s the book that I’m reading. Believing in fairies is okay for everyone.” Amanda: “I’m a real fairy! You’ll get one someday, it may take some time;–depending on your wishes. Other hermets had fairies as companions.” Christopher came to our parlor. He’s recycling sheets of silver. He’s doing his recycling task. Amanda and I went to our bunks to sleep.

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