A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 5: The Fairground Inside the Suburb

Annie and I flown back to our primary house to get started with our new project for the fairground that is open-source for our community, they want to confirm our projects are open-source too. Many villagers has discovered other fairgrounds, theme parks, and amusement parks are defective by design! However, launching and joining projects has been started by all of these villagers. Since New Kingdom has a collection of kings and queens, they’re built to swap, that way; if one of the kings or queens aren’t at their thrones, others can take over. Their project at their palace has been running for centuries. About 99% of this kingdom has gone open-source. If this fairground with portable rides has been established, that’s enough to extend this project with some visitors who want to come to this fair. Before summer time, the rides must be built, and tested,–so riders can enjoy their rides. They must be designed for everybody of all ages.

Over 200 villagers has started building a large carousel with different animals. The ferris wheel, stores, shops, and the robotic rides are being built in this empty suburb, the 400 fairies configured the buildings for open-source arcades.That’s where annie and I are at. The streets are steamed clean. Older asphalt streets are replaced with biological asphalt; a powerful effort to reduce pollution by 400%. These electric trolleys are being set to take people to fairgrounds. Each fairground must be open-source for everybody. Colder sections of this kingdom are hosting their fair too! Almost all of the asphalt streets are cleared out for renewable versions.

During the Launch of the project; Annie and I has saved our project for later. We have to go to other fairgrounds to investigate why some of these places are defective by design. As we’re flying; we can see some people who were upset because, they have trouble riding on these rides. They’re too small. These small rides are packed with flaws. New Kingdom has condemned small-sized rides as unreliable. They prefer to make bigger rides because, they make more money. But this fair is disappearing because, these rides are too small! These villagers are outside of New Kingdom. But the other kingdom that we’re flying over is too poor, their homes are too broken.However, they can get an extra boost from all of us.

As we landed at this defective fairground; we can see some rides that are not working right. The houses that we seen are barely in good standing. This kingdom doesn’t believe in fairies. Almost all of these visitors are rejecting these rides because of it’s small size. New Kingdom has condemmed age restrictions to these rides that are designed for little children only as age discrimination. We can also see some rides that are being put up for night time, streets being sweeped clean, arcades with an unwanted rides that are infected with technological measures, and games that aren’t working. We met the administrator of this fairground, Keith. He told us about an issue what we just discovered. He’s planning on joining our projects to design an open-source fairground for everybody. He needs to clean up all of the mess that was left behind. The villagers who lived in this town has ran away because, this fairground has defects. His partners filed a giant lawsuit against the manufacturer who built these rides. They’re been infected with DRM! New Kingdom prohibited this unwanted technological measure because, it’s subject to infect our machines. We’re trying to partner with this kingdom that we currently arrived from.

Annie and I has taken a closer look of an arcade. Almost all of the machinery as been labeled: “Out Of Order! Do Not Use.” But these existing customers didn’t know about the dangers of DRM. We told them not to purchase or operate any DRM-infected products.

Annie and I has sped back to our project to continue our work. Our goal is to leave technological measures off of our work,–for good. These powerful projects has already reduced carbon by 88%.We can see lots of newly built rides being adapted. TV cameras are used to broadcast their project,–all without DRM. New Kingdom’s slow rising economy is too fast to control, and retain. Because, some people rely on efforts to reduce spending, but that’s not the case for our project.

After we finished our project, we decided to explore the gardens inside our village. We’re currently flying towards the farm where vegetarians and vegans live. We can see lots of plants with lots of plants. The well is drilled since 2 centuries ago is still functional. The 44 houses with green roofs feeds birds, and other animals with an endless food source. Rooftop gardens on these other houses with flat rooftops contains lots of food that are shared with animals that need food to eat,–during stops when traveling long distances. People often harvest their food what they’ve grown. Substainable food is in progress. Treehouses has been built for some people who are enjoying nature. Old factory-farms has been converted to a new garden. We can see the last known coal-burning plant that is torn down, Some people who own this garden ridden rabbits, and fancy mice,–via show mice with a custom format, some navigate with their hind legs, or normal navigation. The biggest house they build is designed to handle lots of gardeners who plant their own food.

Annie and I can see lots of other villagers who share the garden are also building a fairground that is designed to be friendly for our environment. The camps found in the woods are occupied by the gatherers who are gathering nuts for their frozen treats. These endless paths in the orchard that is connected to their custom-planted woods.

Annie and I started camping in the garden to study their project. They’re substainable food what they just planted. Fish is conserved during the hot days. That prevents overfishing. The duck pond is cleaned each day. The state-of-the-art rodent-proof building harnesses all of the food that is grown. Tractors that are electric plows the fields. These berry bushes are planted in rows,–both for people and animals. The biggest windmill is built to generate electricity, and pump water. Some of these custom forests that are planted are sorted,–while the existing one is still here. Most meadows are growing continuously.

As the sun went down, the garden is dark. The moon in the sky is visible. These bright stars are lighting up the horizon. The trees are lit by the moon. The big moon is here! We just can’t wait to see the new fairground that is portable.

Not just our camp is waiting for a fairground; other campers are waiting too!

Meanwhile, over 900 stores has boycotted DRM-infected products, that’s the time when DRM-infected goods has been pulled from market shelves. The coldest section of New Kingdom has a strict ban against DRM, and other technological measures. Since they wanted open-source products; custom goods are ordered from their suppliers. They’re been resolving some defects for years.

What is like to leave DRM out of your hands, or out of your home?

It’s kind of like leaving meat off your plate, and going for a vegetarian diet.

Annie and I are checking out the fairground that is ready to be visited by some people who want to go open-source. We’re the first ones here! We can see lots of rides that are active. There’s a big festival that is going to start. The the gatherers are setting up food stands for everybody in this town. The 22 fairies are flying towards the empty lot,where the flowers are planted for their events to reduce pollution, and go DRM-free.

During the event; we played games in our new arcades. About 1000 visitors has arrived. These portable fairground rides are cascaded around this kingdom. This DRM-free fair is nothing more than a magnet to all visitors. Queen Sherry was proud with our project! Almost all of the rides are occupied. These low-cost tokens has triggered an economic impact. These rides are packed with lots of visitors. However; these patrons are having fun! If this fair runs all seasons; it can overpower DRM-protected rides and arcades in just one season. That’s enough to save the environment.

After we enjoyed our time at the fair; we sped back to our house to spread the word about the fair in the garden. About 400 different fairies are flying towards the abandon oil refinery that is still standing. Many of our villagers are planning on removing the oil refinery from an inactive village that isn’t populated for a long time.Although, many of these villages aren’t named just yet!

During the evening; The 44 villagers are getting ready to setup a fair that is going to start an event for an old refinery that is going to be torn down. The recycling team is extracting items from the building that is abandon. Since this oil industry is overpowered by renewable sources; they have to shut it down, for good. The giant smoke stack was used to vent out fumes. This refinery was once owned by the rich family who used to live in this village. Old abandon wagons that used to cart oil around New Kingdom were empty. They used to be pulled by horses,–ridden by people.

Annie and I are enjoying our vegetarian pizza for dinner. Sheryl, Bruce, Tiffany, Christopher, and Xavier went home;–so they can cook dinner. The entire village has changed their task format. These legacy electric trolleys are relaunched to the shared farms. About all of these gardens where all of the food is planted has also cleaned the air.

After we ate pizza; we decided to go to sleep. We have to fly to the old oil refinery to help other villagers tear it down, and plant new trees.

The open-source fairground is still running at night. These low-cost rides are so stable, they can last for a long time. These villagers are still awake; the rest of them are asleep.

These DRM-free rides are so powerful; other rides that are defective by design are replaced. The following table shows 2 examples of these rides that are replaced, not just for boycotting DRM; but other reasons:

Ride Replaced Reason Customer Complaints That Caused Rides To Be Replaced
Carousel Ride Yes

Smaller carousels that are designed for small riders has too much defects. It has different animals and fictional characters that you can ride, but due to it’s size; older people couldn’t ride it.

Larger versions of carousels that are ridden by everybody of all ages is stable because, it has open source features. These extra-large animals and characters that you can ride are always attracting to new visitors.

Age discrimination is the top concern for these visitors. Due to high consumption of open-source goods; many riders who want to ride a carousel has wished for a larger version that is open-source only.

Kiddy Ride Yes

Larger models are setup for everybody of all ages,–whenever it’s a ride-on animal, or character.


On the next day, Annie and I has arrived at the old oil refinery that’s been discontinued. The substainable food and energy project needs to tear down the refinery to get more land space for their gardens.These gardens will be used for food, and support the environment. About 77 fairies are flying towards the woods to check it’s health.

There’s over 200 million trees growing high. The animals that live in the woods are adapting the new environment. Foresters who are exploring the woods use electric carts to navigate, others ride bunnies, mice, foxes, and butterflies.

The following list shows these tasks in the woods,–due to high use of open-source goods.

  • Check trees for any possible problems; varify they’re not cut down illegally. These villagers are cracking down on these practices that can harm the environment.
  • Confirm if the air is cool, and clean.
  • Clear out harmful wastes.

  • Check if new animals has moved to the woods.

They launch the classic festival for this project to work, it-s open-source.

Annie and I went inside the old refinery to take a peek inside. The old rusty barbed wire fence is once used to keep oil thieves from breaking in. But due to the collapsing oil industries; it’s been abandon. However; Annie and I must find some items that are left behind,–before it’s too late.

There’s over 22 rooms we have to go to,–in order to reach these abandon items. Each item needs to be extracted. Cleaning is the Must to varify each item.

First of all; we found some old machines that are broken. They used to hold oil during shipping to the tanker trucks. Since all of the oil has been removed from the insides; that enables us to extract the first item. We found our first unit. It was an abandon computer system that is used to keep track of oil shipments. We can able to release the roll of tape that is used to hold data for a long time. If we can able to get data from a roll of tape, we can able to take it to the research center,–so we can anallize data, and varify why this industry has been shutdown. We have to cart out this big item to keep it in good condition.The 22 other fairies in this building are extracting recyclable materials. The extraction crew must hextract as much recycling as they can. These fierce gardeners are about to arrive.

Next, we found the old abandon oil dispenser that is empty. We have to find the existing oil that should be removed from this plant,–otherwise, the big boom can blast a deep pit as a size of a football stadium. Each piece of machinery is extracted,–so they can be restored for a renewable fuel plant.

This giant building is almost cleared of recyclable waste. That’s when Annie and I just extracted a full tank of oil. Due to it’s age, we have to be careful! The hot sun can cause the tank to explode. We rely on cooling buildings to keep the tank cool,–so it’s safe to get the oil out. It used to warm homes in our kingdom, but renewable fuels are already used. That’s when electric boilers for restored homes are installed in the colder section of this kingdom.

During the afternoon, Annie and I are drink some tea as we eat tarts with other fairies. The 22 garderners are coming. We just finished our session of extracting recyclables. All we have to do just take down the plant. This refinery will be turned into new building materials for our new windmills, and other buildings that will be used for backing up our food source.

Our long lunch will give other fairies more time to get this plant taken down. This long task must be capable of handling lots of villagers who are going for renewable sources. This last plant must be taken down,–so we can leave fossil-fuels out of our village. Tim and Greg are on the mission to build the powerful street steamer to clean the streets of this old suburb. These machines are going to work at night. But these electric buses that will travel along streets are going to arrive. However, their subway system never stops generating power, that’s enough to wipe 20 coal-burning plants. Reducing carbon is the total challenge for this kingdom. The coldest section is already ahead of them. This community never stops improving!

On the farm, these cowboys are improving their way to take care of their cattle, since their farm is still in the smaller state, they always check if their cows are healthy. That’s the time when they started setting up camps for guests; so they learn about their farm. They had their own fairground, and it’s also open-source. Their project never stops improving.

The following improvements are the following below:

  • Their big barn has a custom-built AC system to keep their cattle cool during hot summers. Metal roofs are equipped with solar-panels to power their barn.
  • Their tractors are using renewable fuels to run their engines, and they’re also electrified. That’s enough to reduce carbon by 77%.
  • New water supply has been established for their cattle, and farmers.

Back at the old refinery; Annie and I continued our session of extracting the recyclable material. All of these objects are recoverable. We just extracted the old empty tank that is once used to store oil that is ready to be used as fuel. However; this tank will be used as a rain barrel to store lots of water. However, it needs serious cleaning. We’ve also extracted a giant oil tank that is empty. It used to store backup oil for heating boilers. Since the rising use of renewable fuels, and wind energy. All of the boilers in the basement of each house are using electric energy, and renewable vegetable oil. However; this tank will be reused as a plant-based oil holder to store renewable oils, for everyday-use.

So far, we extracted all of the items that are left behind. All we have to do just get ready to tear down this plant,–after the rest of the fairies bring in the state-of-the-art demolition tools to take down the entire plant. However; the plant isn’t ready to be laid to rest just yet. These high containment walls will be put up to hold all of the pieces of the building. This thick fence has a purpose to hold lots of the remains of the building. Without this custom format, the overflow will occur. That’s when these workers will setup lights, and cameras to take videos of the building going down.

During setup; we just set out some benches for these villagers who want to see the old oil refinery go down. The colder section of New Kingdom is getting colder, and colder;–that’s when the ice cap at the north of our planet gets restored. So far, parts of it is restored by 33%. But that’s just the start. If we relied on renewable sources by 55%, what’s going to happen to our planet, and what will happen to our coal, and oil industries?

As soon as the setup is complete to tear down the plant; everybody at this open-source fair are ready to see the old oil refinery go down as they continued riding on these open-source rides. If this fair is successful with their project, they can able to launch an updated version of their fair,–leaving legacy features intact. Everybody is scrambling for their seates to to see the refinery go down. It will go down at 12:00 AM. That’s when the rides will be stopped for a while. If these villagers are so proud of their event; they will keep going with renewable sources.

During the event at midnight; the old refinery is being blown up! Parts of it is going down. These stacks are once used to vent out fumes. These old buildings where workers sleep at are used to house internal workers who used to work overnight. The old fence is already hauled off for recycling. The powerful booming sounds just caused this refinery to go down. It can take up to hours for this building to go down.

When the old refinery is finally down; everybody has cheered! They can able to establish a new garden for their plant-based food. That’s when cold air is cooling down the hotter sections of New Kingdom to reduce drout by 77%. Everybody was happy about their open-source fair. They can able to keep their project going. Choosing open-source is also renewable too!

By Fairy-Rider

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