A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 1.1: Camping In The Sleepy Village

Amanda and I went back to our house to get our gear to go camping. The queen is warning us about the vampires that our village is aware of. Since the queen only believe in fairies, she’s dressed up like an actual fairy. We replied: “We will watch out for vampires, and we will do a research with a vampire, so we can recognize them. We’re going to explore the village too.”

Hours later, Amanda and I are in this village where the vampires are located. But we didn’t see any vampires. We can only see empty roads, and houses. We’re also equiped with the following items:

  • Netbook
  • Compass
  • Digital Audio Recorder
  • Video Camera

By Default, Amanda is equipped with a magic wand. It’s a jumbo magic wand with a silver shaft, and a pink star on top. It also had a mirror finish. Most important, reflection.
She also had other items. But their hidden.

As we went to the older fairy port; we are getting some more items. We’re getting a tent to explore the village. We met Carlos. He was clearing out the old shelf. Carlos: “Looks like you’re here to clean up the old fairy port.” Amanda: “Actually, we’re camping.” Carlos: “Looks like you had a new partner!” I replied: “Please call me Fairy-Rider.” Carlos: “Looks like you’re camping in this village.” I replied: “I just selected a fairy earlier. This is my Fairy,Amanda.” Amanda said, “We’re here to camp in this village, and we have to watch out for the vampires because, the queen had concerns,–regarding illegal corporal punishment. We’re also going to clear away the vampires in this kingdom.” Carlos: “I don’t believe in vampires, I’m just working.” Amanda and I ran out the old fairy port to start camping.

Later, Amanda and I are camping in this old house. Since it’s a big house; we had an option to customize the entire house. It hasn’t been used for years. We can see the rest of the house with our lantern.

As we unpacked our gear, we decided to setup the entire house for 30 days. Since I believe in fairies; Amanda and I are taking over the village that is unused. If we can survive the vampire-infested village, we can able to find the answer to this issue. Since our video camera is recording the footage, we can use this information to review the past days of survival in this village–during the persecution of Christians. Using the magic wand to wipe all of the vampires may take some time.

Living in this dark house requires us to travel one place to the another. Exploring room, by room is important to varify is there’s no vampires.

These are the rooms what we discovered in this house:

  • Parlor
  • Canteen
  • Kitchen

Going to the rooms to sleep requires us to go upstairs to the second floor. Maybe we can sleep at the bunks.

As we went down the hall, we discovered an old box with a lost tea set. Maybe we can restore it for everyday use, so we can drink tea at night. We never seen the tea set like this before! It had mixed pictures of fairies on it. Since it’s severely dirty, it needs restoration,–so it can be used again.

Amanda and I went to the kitchen to restore the tea set. That requires soaking in white vinegar, and hot water to remove all of the build-up. It may take some time,–depending on the severity of the build-up.Since our light system is active, we can able to see the entire kitchen.

While the tea set is soaking in hot water and vinegar; Amanda and I Went to the bunks to setup our sleeping deck. Since the bunks is empty. We can install bunk beds, but not just yet. The light system that we’re using isn’t actually a hand-held flashlight, instead, the LED is embedded in her crown. Since it’s so bright, it lit half of the bunks. The other light system is mounted on a mobile video camera. The windows are just okay, maybe they are planning on donating this house, or something. But it’s too dark to see outside.

Amanda had pulled out the blanket: “This is for you! You can use it while flying with fairies. That way, you can stay warm in the winter,–during long flights.” I replied as I positioned my blanket: “I can able to go to any of the cold places. My father is going to believe in fairies in any moment.” Amanda: “Since this town is set, we can able to launch our new neighborhood. As you make a wish, your wishes will be granted.” Amanda and I continued flying in the bunks.

Amanda and I went back to the kitchen to check the tea set, it was almost clean. We can see the build-up breaking away. This tea set is going to be functional in no time! All of the rooms of this house are customizable. And these windows are still intact. We can able to mimic the design, and install grates to each window, so the glass portions will be protected from harm.

Amanda and I went to the cellar to check the water system for any faulty pipes. The pipes are broken, but we can fix them. Each pipe needs to be changed. So we can get water flowing in this house,–for everyday use.Rerouting the pipes is important, so we can get water, or heat without effort.

We went to the hardware store to get some new pipes for plumming, and some new wire for electricity. Both of us are working together,–until, we met Henry, the cowboy who is getting his gear for his farm. He told us about getting started with believing in fairies. Amanda and I explained why we’re taking over the village. Henry: “I can’t believe it! Looks like you’re starting an empire, ore something. I went to this village before. But these vampires are attacking my cattle. All of my cattle are so afraid, they had to run to the safety zone of our farm.” Amanda: “Oh dear! These vampires caused $30,000 worth a damage. We’re willing to remove them for good. If you need help; send us a message.” Henry went to the crate department to get some crates for his farm while Amanda and I continued purchasing items.

Amanda and I sped back to the house that we’re using,–so we can do some fixes, and customize the entire house. All of our gear are ready to be used. Each room needs to be repaired,–that way; we can sleep in any room. Since all of the rooms are dark; we can able to use the light system to see. Since it’s the total darkness, we have to remove the endless infestation of vampires. Amanda: “We’re ready to work, but we’re not going to sleep just yet! We have to clear away all of the vampires from this village. Since you started believing in fairies; it may take some time to permanently leave your previous belief.” “If I get my calculations correct; these vampires are causing some issues in our kingdom,” I replied. Amanda: “These vampires are causing some issues in this house because, we can see some clues. In New Kingdom; spanking is prohibited, many children are taken away from their parents because, a long time ago; the bible verse “13-24″ is banned from New Kingdom. These villagers are driven away by these unwanted vampires. In order to reboot the entire village. While we’re speeding back to our house, we saw some villagers burning bibles like crazy. They claimed spanking is harmful to their villagers. We have to meet some of the remaining villagers who lived there.” We started working with our project.

After we finished the project, we decided to go to sleep. But these vampires are in the hallway. Amanda uses the magic wand to blast away the vampires. When the vampire is blown-up; fairy dust comes out, and the entire vampire is broken into pieces. The fairy dust is colored in rainbow, or any color,–based-on the strength of the vampire. Amanda’s magic wand can blast a bright beam of magic. Since it’s in different colors, it’s easy to see in the dark. These vampires come in many forms. It’s too dark to identify each vampire. But we can do a research for technical analysis. That requires us to insert the broken vampire into a crate, and import it to the computer lab. However; we can’t reach the computer lab just yet.

As we took a look of the hallway, we can see shiny walls that are preserved for restoration. We can able to customize the hallway of this house. Amanda uses her magic wand to setup layout of this house. Since this house contains legacy heating systems, we can able to use it during Winter time. We have lots of time to customize the entire house.. Take a look of our list below:

  • Electric boiler room with 2 electric boilers (with biological fuel backup)
  • Heat pipes for radiators linked via continuous pipe configuration (for example: heat pipes start from the boilers to each room upstairs. Going from room to room. When reached to the top floor, radiators get hot, and that’s where the steam pipes that are embedded goes the opposite direction,–going back to the cellar, linking to the another house, or a leave vent, for relieving pressure.Each boiler does a different thing. The larger boiler is the primary heating source. It’s located at cellar “B.” The another boiler is used for emergency-heating, that way, it the primary boiler breaks down, we won’t be cold,–during the blizzard.)
  • Master radiator for cellar “A,” This unit is going to warm up the entire house. The blower fan is going to distribute heat through the embedded duct built inside the staircase,–linking to other rooms without radiators (For example: The master radiator with a blower distributes hot air to the floor vents that are located next to the windows in the cellar “A.” The master radiator is located at the lower cellar. Since heat rays go up, floor vents are required. The thermostat reads the temperature of this house. When synced to the set temperature, the heater shuts off after 30 minutes. Hallways of this house use continuous pipes to heat the entire hallway. Since the primary boiler uses both electricity, and biological fuel, it alters energy via set timers. It can handle lots of pressure. And instant heat. If you ever had ceiling vents, the heat rays can’t go down. But cold air can go down. Since we planned to warm the garage with a secondary house embedded, we can able to get more heat capacity. )
  • Desired features to keepm renew, or add

It may take some time to fully customize the entire house; however, we have to use magic to launch the layout, and preferences of our house. We can able to customize it as quick as a flash. We can see some empty rooms that we can setup. Since it’s a giant template; we have to set it up via days. It’s optional to install elevators for our house.

After we set the template for our house, we decided to go to sleep. The villagers who are remaining in this village are removing unwanted vampires that are infesting the village. Our house is too dark to see. That makes it easier for us to sleep within our territory.

These villagers are working together, clearing away the vampires. Some are upgrading the power system via wattage. Many coal-burning plants are demolished. Since they want to preserve the ice caps; they developed their own high-voltage windmills that will be deployed in the cold environment. They already deployed 50 windmills with built-in removable capaciters. Each capaciter holds over 200,000 MW of electricity. But they can hold more than they can handle. That’s enough to power the large city operating a subway. They also installed solar panels for warmer climates,–elsewhere from this kingdom.

Since New Kingdom is rich; they started removing oil-burning plants that are used to generate energy. That compares to removing 300,000 cars off the road.

The neighbors who lived close to our house are already asleep. The entire neighborhood had already reduced crime by 99%. All of the lights are still turned off,–so they can remove the final coal-burning plant someplace. The new power system is on it’s way to power up the entire village.

Back at our house, Amanda and I are still asleep. We can hear some villagers coming to our house. But actually, I can hear Amanda’s cousin, Joe. He’s a fairy; but he’s short as me! Since Joe is strictly a pescetarian; he can’t eat conventional meat products. We can’t see him because, he’s going to sleep in the other house that is being donated for the homeless. However; he needs to condition it,–before it’s used for everyday use. Gary wears a construction uniform. He’s works at the wind farm,–maintaining windmills. He also works with furnaces that converts waste to energy. That’s the alternative to landfills.

As Amanda and I woke up early; we decided to take a trip to the cold wind farm that is located in the cold climate. These villagers are clearing away all of the vampires that are already down. Due to New Kingdom’s burial guidelines; dead bodies must be cremated. That prevents zombie attacks. Last night; they cleared 200 vampires from the suburb that is sleeping. Amanda and I can see 8 villagers checking each house. Amanda: “Before we go to the cold climate to see the wind farm; we have to confirm if all vampires are gone. The villagers left us a message on our desk.: I replied: “These vampires are dangerous. Maybe they’re attacking our house. Even 1 vampire can be dangerous,–when wandering in our streets. In New Kingdom; all parents are prohibited from spanking children. If we take a closer look of our village; we can see the examples of parents raising children without spanking.” Amanda: “You are correct! We can visit this poor family who lives in the suburb. Maybe they will tell us a story.” We grabbed our gear, and started flying out of the house. “Let’s get our trip started,” I said. Amanda: “Hang on tight! This is your first time flying with fairies. Since you’re riding a fairy; it’s easier to go anywhere.” We flown towards the suburb with poor villagers.

Flying over the suburb with my fairy; we’re heading towards the cold wind farm someplace. It’s a giant maze that will lead to our destination. Since it’s a long flight, we have to land briefly to get our breakfast, or lunch. The 4 villagers are relaunching the subway,–after the expansion. Since they are using the subway system for any purpose, they had a plan to use elevated tracks to free up land usage. At this case; the farm had a procision dairy farm. The tanker train is pulled by 2 subway cars. However, the entire train can run independently. It has 16 cars. The other 2 subway cars at the other end makes it easy to reverse the train. They prefer the third-rail to be centered, so it’s easier to change cars. It’s easier for farmers to distribute goods for everyday consumers. The procision farm like this never stops updating.

While we’re flying, we can see the crematory with 40 furnaces. In new Kingdom; they preferred cremating the dead because, it’s friendly for the environment. This suburb is still to dark too see, but the sun is rising in any moment. Amanda and I discovered a truck that is heading towards the crematory. We sped towards the cafe to eat some breakfast, and read the newspaper.

As we’re eating strawberry tarts for breakfast; we started reading the newspaper. Amanda: “Listen to this! New Kingdom is upgrading the crematory to work underground. Since it runs by electricity. They are almost done with their project. They’re planning on cremating dead cows that are discovered at the procision farm. All of the beef products won’t be sold to any market,–until the problem is fixed. Our farmer, Louis sent a message to all stores to discard beef products, and place a message to let the customers know what’s going on. Usually; our crematory cremate our remains of our loved ones. But their using it for removing infected dead animals from our farms. They can withstand thousands of pounds of dead bodies. We weren’t able to purchase beef at this time.” I replied: “Maybe we can visit our farmer, and ask him what’s going on.” Amanda: “If we can’t reach the wind farm; we can try again tomorrow. We can resolve some issues with our village. For the best results; let’s grab our lunches, and start our trip.” We requested a take-out box for our breakfast. And then; we went out the door.

By Fairy-Rider

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