A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 1: This Is My Fairy

I woke up from my dream.

I decided to drink some tea with my strawberry tarts. Since I had a multiple-room house to myself; I decided to set up my art shop.

Why I was awake early, I had a good dream.

I discovered my wish list is no longer under my pillow. But there’s a message that is left behind:

Dear Sir Aaron (Fairy-Rider)J,

I collected your wish list to grant your wishes. Since your parent is recovering at the hospital,–after heart failure; I will take over to help the rest of your family. Be sure to go to our fairy port to choose your fairy.

The fairy port is located at the 92nd terminal at tram station 32. The fairies are waiting for you.

Regards, lady Wendy

That’s the message I found under my pillow. I decided to bring my art work with me. My father who came to my house greeted me with a message, “Hurry… go to the fairy port. They had lots of fairies that you can choose. However, according to your art work, they had a fairy that matches to your image of your dream, and your art.” I replied to my father, “That’s what I’m about to do. I had to catch the tram. The buses are taking a break from their job. And we’re going to use renewable energy.” I started to get out of my bed. My player has turned off,–so I can prepare my own breakfast faster, I don’t need to strike the stop kay on my machine.

I ran out the door with my gear. My father went to the kitchen to drink some tea, and eat some tarts. He discovered my mother’s TV running.

While I was taking a tram ride to the fairy port; I discovered Wendy operating the tram. “We had a fairy that is specially selected for you. We went to your art show before,” said Wendy. I replied to her message, “I got your message. There are 22 people onboard. All of the passengers are reading the books containing fairies. Sir Jack, the tram manager is adding new silver plates on the floor. I was enjoying tea and strawberry tarts. The luggage is placed on the shelf. The windows on the tram are tinted, making it look like night time. The lights are dim. And the fans are on. Since it can recycle power. It can reduce CO2 emissions .

After the long tram ride, we finally made it to the fairy port. I ran to the building to choose a fairy. The workers told me about the fairy that is available for me because, due to my art work; special selection is required. I went to terminal B to confirm the fairy that matches my imaginary image. This fairy is taller than me. She wears a big pinkish-white poofy dress, just like a fairy in my dream, dark pink apron with blue and silver flowers, white stockings, flat pinkish-white shoes, and a rainbow crown with a silver background. She has light skin, pink lips, silver eyes, pinkish-lavender hair, long legs, jumbo pinkish-white wings with pink glitter-like design–with a reflective format, and she can speak british. Her head is also 1/7 larger than a human head. Since she is an only available fairy; I decided to choose this fairy. I named her, Amanda. This fairy really matches to my imaginary image. I decided to ride my fairy, Amanda to the next terminal.
From my dream, I ridden on the back of a fairy. Doing the same format to finalize the image setup. “You made a right choice Mr. Aaron( Fairy-Rider), said Amanda, flapping her wings as she works her new wand.

I tried my best to hang on my first fairy. It may take some time for me to get used to riding her.

While I was riding my fairy at terminal 4, I decided to purchase new goods from the shop. What I discovered, Amanda isn’t an ordinary fairy, she also have extra features. She wears a chain diamond necklace with a big diamond charm; holds a magic wand with her left hand, and she can go any direction. The workers did their good job! They decided to wait for the next customers to choose their fairy. My father had finally arrived to the fairy port. He said: “Wow! That’s an unusual fairy. ” I replied, “Thanks.” Amanda and I went out the door to go back to our house. My father is putting on his fairy wings to fly. New Kingdom is already believing in fairies. They’re recently fixing issues with their kingdom to resolve problems.

I ridden Amanda out of the large fairy port,–heading back to my house. I tried my best to keep my fairy in the sky. I can see my neighborhood down there! It’s just a normal neighborhood. But I am going to a large playground to practice riding my fairy. I need to practice riding her because, I need to prepare for a long flight. If I can find the empty field, I can find the other people who were my peers. “Wow! Your peers has enjoyed your tea party since a day ago,” said Amanda, looking towards my neighborhood. Amanda hasn’t started drinking tea just yet. Maybe she didn’t join my tea party just yet.

Turns out… there’s no playground to practice riding my fairy! It’s just a shared park that is used to play soccer.

So, I practiced riding my fairy anyway as I head home. I believe some fairies may be jealous! However; some fairies didn’t even encounter us just yet.

As I reached my house, I decided to eat some lunch. Due to Amanda, she’s a vegetarian, however, she can eat seafood and fish. Why she’s a vegetarian, she don’t want to eat rabbits. Luckily I don’t eat rabbits! I made a shrimp and pasta combo with mixed vegetables, and a strawberry fairy cakes. All of the other fairies at my house are doing their job. They are keeping the house clean. “You’re a fairy rider all right, your dream is so complex, your wishes will be granted in any moment. The fairy queen is going to talk to you. Your mother is recovering from the hospital. and we’re aware of Christian persecution. Since you already denied God & Christ, you are safe via believing in fairies. While I was in the garden; planting flowers, the workers at the fairy port told me about your dream. Since you had a wish list under the pillow, Wendy collected your wish list while you’re asleep. Curious about new Kingdom, we’re still being developed. That applies to the kingdom. Our kingdom is saving Christians to protect them!” “Earlier, I was having an art show, my father took over my house. Parts of my family are out of town. My mother is recovering from the hospital. I tried to prompt her not to spank children, but due to her anger, she collapsed. My brother, Ric, immediately got help from the emergency agents. That’s the time when I was trying to work on my book on my computer,” I said. “I didn’t know you were a writer,” said Amanda, getting ready to eat her meal as I prepare myself for lunch time.

As we eat our lunch; we listened to the open-source TV station to entertain ourselves. Amanda has never eaten my food what I just made for her before. She’s currently taking her time to try it out. She is enjoying her meal. I drank my tea as I pick up one of my carrots what I’ve included with my lunch. My kettle is still active. It can hold lots of tea for both of us! We rarely speaked while we’re eating lunch… Amanda is proud to be a vegetarian because, she eats lots of plant-based food.

“As a heads up,” said Amanda, “since you didn’t serve rabbit meat! You did the right thing.”Both of us paused eating our lunch. We’re trying to listen to the news about a group of fairies trying to save our planet from climate change. I activated the recorder to gather information as Amanda gets ready to save our world from many of our polluting power plants, and cruel slaughterhouses.

We continued eating our lunch. The gardeners are mowing the lawn. While others are setting up the streets to plan the construction of windmills. That way we can reduce pollution, and tear down the coal plant. The subway system is already using the windmills for energy. The gas power plant is active. And the power-splitters are up to date. Usually, garbage is incinerated for energy, at the other side of the kingdom.

Amanda and I are flying in the sky to take a closer look of the garden. Looks like each house is upgraded with a metal roof. The huge garden contains lots of flowers. Looks like my dream from a long time ago. We can see other people getting started with believing in fairies. All of the other villagers are still preparing to believe in fairies. These villagers are studying fairies for centuries!

Amanda and I went to the wheat fields of New Kingdom to explore the procision works of their farms. All of the procision crops are grown at this time. Since all of the workers are smart. They decided to push their skills to the limits! We can see the farm animals roam freely on the farm without effort. At this case; the dairy farm is automated. All of the cows are roaming freely. They are eating greens that are natural. Their manure are used for fuel for the power plant that is designed to generate emergency power. Their farm had already reduced cruelty of animals by 77%. It’s time for these farmers to keep up with their procision work. However; taxes has been established to implement taxes on dairy products.

After 30 minutes of flying over the wheat field, we went to the state-of-the-art water conversion plant that is used to convert ocean water to drinking water for everyday use. It has a solor roof as a default power system. It’s also connected to the magnet motor plant that is a default power system. It can power the entire continent of North America! That’s enough to wipe all of the coal plants from 1 section of the map.

All of the precision builds of their houses and other buildings are so strong; it can resist the huge explosion.

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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