A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure Fairy

Chapter 2: The Poor Villagers and the Broken Cattle Farm

Amanda and I had met the poor family who lives in this village. They are enjoying some tea with scones. Sheryl has 7 kids in her family. She also owns a lantern that is used for her canteen. There are 4 girls, and 3 boys. They’re raised without spanking. A long time ago; they moved to New Kingdom because, they want to believe in fairies as an alternative to their previous belief. We’re just curious about the family. So we took a closer look of their house. Sheryl told us about her kids who are raised without spanking. Since she doesn’t spank children. She was built to be a foster parent. She taken good care of children,–estimated up to 7000 children a year without abuse, or neglect. Today she is focusing on taking care of 1 girl, and 2 boys. The other 4 kids are Sheryl’s children. “Good morning Ms. Sheryl!” Amanda greeted, “we’re exploring the village. Looks like you had 4 kids and foster children. Are you the only one who lives in this house?” Sheryl: “Our kids need their help. Our kingdom already prohibited spanking years ago. We cleared all of the vampires from our village. I’m taking care of 3 children because, they are neglected, and badly beaten by their parents. If you found these parents who are responsible for illegally spanking children. You must help us reclaim our spank-free culture in our village. For many years, we had wished for believing in fairies. For 3 years, our wishes has been granted! We decided to abandon our previous belief.” Amanda: “Are you concerned,–regarding persecution of Christians? This person who is riding me does.” Sheryl: “Similar to that. But We’re abandoned God for Fairies. The rest of my family only believes in fairies. I have to raise children without spanking. Other parts of my family are still leaving their previous belief. But a decision is yours!” Amanda and I took a look of a bookcase with lots of books. We can also see the ashes of the bibles that are stored in the glass tubes. Maybe they’re stolen or something. “MS. Sheryl was right! They wanted to believe in fairies. By default; New Kingdom is built to believe in fairies,” I said. We went towards the table in the canteen. We can see lots of fairy figures. And there’s a backyard with a big garden. We placed our inventory next to the old table. And then, we went out the door. It was a long flight all right, but this is my first experiment of riding fairies.q

Amanda and I are flying over the garden. We’re heading towards the farm that is removing the dead cattle,–while the 1000 remaining cattle are still alive. They do have extra cattle available. We can see the farm that is 100 miles away. We have to speed towards the farm,–in order to see what’s going on.

As we finally made it to the farm; we met Louis, the farmer. We asked him about an issue about the procision beef farm. He told us what went wrong: “Down cows discovered by my fairies who are working at night. But our remaining cattle are still alive. And we’re sorry! Our farm appears to be broken. Beef from this beef farm cannot be sold to stores. We always make sure our stores have procision goods for our village. We had a pescetarian, and vegan diet backup. We’re also planning on checking our dairy farm for errors too. We made over $20,000 a week with our procision farm. Not even one cruelty of animals.Due to the next season, we have to give these cows a break! Our beef won’t come back to stores,–until the problem is fixed.” Amanda:” So that’s a problem! We’re about to go to the wind farm,–so we can see the project.” We flown towards the road. Louis started his tractor and plowed the fields. He also added robots to do their work at night.

We flown back to Sheryl’s house to drop off the wooden box for their set. Her 4 kids are going to school. Here’s the description of each person in this house:

  • Tiffany – She’s a smart girl who likes to work with computers, machines, and art. She wears a striped shirt with the following colors; red, brown, and blue. Black pants with a green stripe. blue socks with a pink rim. And flat green shoes. She has dark skin, brown hair, pink lips, short, long legs, and green eyes.
  • Christopher – A carpenter, works with cars, and chemistry. He wears a shop uniform for working with wood. He has red hair, light skin, blue eyes, tall, and short legs.
  • Bruce (twin brother) – Studies mythology. Wears same clothes as Christopher with a different color, and design. At this case, green with tan.
  • Sheryl – She’s a mother of 4 kids, and she’s a foster parent. She’s a anytime housekeeper who clean rooms in any house. She has brown hair, light skin, pink lips, she’s tall, and she has long legs. She wears a bell-shaped dress with mixed colors, white apron, white stockings, and flat gray shoes.

As Amanda and I are picking up our inventory; Tiffany went to the canteen to make some lunch. Sheryl went to the cellar to check the laundry room. The washing machine is still doing it’s job. The dryer is being loaded by bruce. Since he does laundry for this family. He decided to make a wish. But he can’t go anywhere because; his parents are on probation for child cruelty. Christopher is running out the house to go to his workshop to finish his project. Tiffany’s Voice: “Be careful out there! I will meet you at the park.” Amanda and I are leaving this house. Amanda: “We’re going to come back later.” Sheryl: “Don’t forget to finish up your house, New Kingdom is going to launch it’s magic in any moment!” “We flown out the door.

Amanda and I went back to our house to finish up our project. Since the magic is starting up; we have to hurry up. Many of these rooms are almost completed. We can see lots of villagers working with their houses.

These poor villagers are proud with their lives because, they rely on telling stories, and doing art. Since their art project is so valuable; they make money with their art project. Since the procision beef farms are broken, they had a vegan backup. All of the streets are made of bricks. And their houses are also made of bricks. Their street lamps are short. They run via olive oil. Since cars and trucks are 88% scarce in this village, they rely on their subway to travel. However; workers use them for any purpose. They do have construction machines!

Amanda and I had finally finished our house. We decided to take a flight in the sky. We made our project via magic. Amanda: “We finally finished our project. And now, we’re going to the big garden that is located in the center of New kingdom. We have to find a place for Sheryl’s foster children to play at. If we found it; we can able to start our new project. But we have to find these parents who are responsible for illegal spanking. Do you remember the vampires, they damaged the entire suburb. If we can use magic, we can able to repair the entire village.” I placed my computer in the safe. “Let’s take a flight, and explore the other section of this village. If we can see these parents who are responsible for child cruelty,” I said. Amanda had pulled out the another magic wand that is built for heavy magic. We started flying out of the house. We can see the villagers using a truck to safely incinerate dead cows from the broken farm. Since their crematory is advanced, it acts like a hot water distributor. The other set are incinerated at the local power plant.

We went to the big garden to find a playground for Sheryl’s foster children to play at. We can see a slide, monkey bars, bridges, swings, tunnels, a sandbox, and a gym. That’s a great place where children should play. But this is no ordinary playground, it’s a large-sized playground for everyone! Imagine that. You can play in it without effort. No need to watch your kids play. All you had to do just join in.

Amanda and I sped back to Sheryl’s house. We told Sheryl about the playground that we found. Sheryl: “Wow! You really found it. We’re going to have my children playing in no time.” “Wait up, children, we’re going via group;–so we can stick together. Safety goes first,” I said. Amanda: “We’re going to fly to the big garden, and we’re going to use magic.” Bruce/Christopher: “How we’re going to use magic? We havent started believing in fairies just yet. If we can show us how to believe in fairies. We can able to use magic” Tiffany: “If we had artificial fairy wings; we can fly together.” Amanda: “If you make wishes, you can get started with believing in fairies. If we made a correct wish, the wishes that you made will be granted by tomorrow.” Tiffany went to the closet to grabb her bike. Sheryl ran down to the canteen to get her box of tarts. Bruce used his crate to gather his toys, and place them downstairs at the cellar playroom. Christopher leaped to the parlor to move the TV set, and clean up the entire room. Sheryl pulled out the magic wand; and started using it. That causes some magical effects to activate in the kitchen. The range is cleaned, the counter is scrubbed, and the microwave oven is also cleaned up. Working together is the right thing. All of the beds are made for tonight at the bunks. The 4 other kids who already started believing in fairies since 3 years ago are using their magic to clear away all of the garbage, and recycle items,–so they can make something new someday. Their house is filled with wholesome tasks.

After the long task; Amanda and I went to the big garden to setup the playground. Sheryl and her 3 foster children are catching up. They are clearing away the empty sidewalk next to their bike garage. Since they had the ability to work together; they are still finishing up their task.

As soon they made it; they started to play, Amanda and I are flying over the big garden. We can see lots of flowers in the field. The walkways are made of bricks. The 22 gardeners are working with plants. They’re also setting up the new shed for guests to visit. For example; art projects, tea parties, and other events. Almost all of the fields are planted with friendly plants. This garden is so big, it can handle lots of plants. And there’s also a pond for the ducks, geese, and swans. They also added fish. Almost all trees are unused because, all villagers are recycling waste properly.

Amanda and I sped back to the cattle farm that is still broken. However; it may take some time for this farm to be restored. Louis is still writing messages to all villagers. But they already received a message. Amanda: “Since I don’t eat beef; I’m aware of your message. My partner and I are going to check other farms,–as soon as we solve this issue, regarding broken farms.” “We’re going to come back later,” I said. We flown away from the cattle farm to trace the case of the broken cattle farm back to it’s sector; so we can search for clues.

As we look around the mysterious farm that is owned by some person. We discovered something that’s critical. The other farmer has the same problem. Since he’s a developer of procision beef farms; he told customers not to consume beef. As a work-around; go vegan for a while; or become a pescetarian. however, this village don’t eat beef during the fall, or winter. Amanda and I went towards the barn where dairy cows live. Due to New Kingdom’s law; dairy cows should not be eaten. As a work-around, eat veggie burgers as an alternative.

Amanda and I discovered a train distributing soy milk, and almond milk. By default; New kingdom relies on soy milk, and almond milk because, conventional milk from dairy farms are expensive. Due to the procision farm; they set the time when cows take a break.

Why New Kingdom prefer soy milk and almond milk:

  • Consumed as a default beverage that replaces conventional milk.
  • No need to crowd cattle farms.
  • It’s set as a backup ,–that way, if there’s a serious recall of milk from dairy farms; our consumers won’t be effected by a serious outbreak.

As we followed the train that is distributing soy milk, and almond milk; we discovered a procision market. That’s where they sell soy milk, and almond milk. This market is so rich; they improved their goods.

Amanda and I went to the another cattle farm that has a different issue, the farmers’ cattle ranch experienced an issue,–regarding rustlers stealing cows from the procision dairy farm. This dairy farm is out of service at this time. Milk from broken dairy farms should not be sold to market,–until the dairy farm is restored. Maby the farmers are trying to fix an issue. Amanda: “Looks like we have to help the farmers who are trying to restore their farm that is shared. Almost most of their cattle farms are under review. If we can find the rustlers who stole cattle; we can able to turn them in via police force. It’s not a good idea to steal cattle from the procision farm. Since we don’t consume chicken, and eggs anymore; we have to raise the remaining chickens as pets. We have to warn others about this issue.” “Their fairies are doing their job. And take a look they had a campaign that is spreading the word about the entire village is extending their renewable energy project,–to reduce pollution. We should go to this campaign later,–after we helped the farm fix the problem. Since farmers had fairies, all they have to do just make a wish,” I said. Amanda: “You are correct!! As you make a wish, it will be granted tomorrow, or later. Sometimes your wishes are granted right-away. Let’s remind these fairies to alert farmers to make a wish to fix this issue.” “But there’s an another issue, we can see the train carrying cattle to the unknown location someplace,–where villagers had concerns, ragarding animal cruelty taken place at the modern farm. Our farms in this village is humane. That’s why they prefer procision farms,” I replied. Amanda: “Black-marketed hamburgers are illegal in New Kingdom. Some consumers across the globe purchase our procision goods from our procision farms. Since their rich, they are upgrading their farms to improve their products. Their crops are growing just fine. In some cases, they tripled the amount!” We sped back to the broken beef farm to help the farmer, Louis.

When we got there; we helped the farmer fix an issue. Since their robots are being updated for the advanced level for their farms, our farmers need to manually fix an issue. However these fairies are at work. At this case, they go to work,–if these robots are being updated for the next level. Louis has a backup plan to prevent their cattle farms from serious issues. Amanda and I are still flying in the sky. Amanda: “We can see lots of other farmers doing their work. Since they had complex skills, they can make up to $10,000 per month. However; the review is active,–so they can fix problems.” “This farm may look like an ordinary farm, but these farmers are smart,” I said. We flown towards the barn to land for a while, as farmers fix some problems.

At night; we went back to our house to sleep. We had planned to continue our flight to the wind farm in the cold environment. Since we gave the poor villagers a little help; we decided to check the village just incase. The night sky is filled with stars, and a big moon. About 200 fairies are at work. We also turned on our radio to listen to the news. So we can get updated information for our neighborhood. These poor villagers are peaceful because, they’re sleepy neighbors. However, others are awake. The busy sections of this village are located north of New Kingdom. Their functional stores, factories, and other busy places had already gone rich. That leads to complex inprovements to their work environment.

As we woke up early, we started flying outside to continue our journey to the wind farm. About 22 villagers are getting ready to extend their project for their village. They’re closing down their old egg farm because, they’re going eggless. About 22 chickens on this farm will be raised as pets only. But they can still keep their legacy chicken farm that are raised for eggs,–but it will be set as a historic landmark for this village. Amanda: “It’s going to be a long trip, we have to make some stops to visit parts of the village that we never went before. Within this article that I was reading; these villagers are going eggless forever. They are going for vegan alternatives. We can see stores doing a sudden switch. But they can still sell our legacy products. But the price will be set after 9 months. And according to the change in our kingdom; they banned sales of pork, duck, goat, rabbit, and chicken. Pescetarian, and vegan alternatives will be sold as default products.” I replied: “I heard the news on the radio too! They actually banned all shipment of pork from being distributed to our kingdom. And they threw away all of their pork products.” Amanda: “Our cattle farm is still under review. And they’re always investigating an issue that is hidden. Today, soy milk, and almond milk are the replacements.” Amanda and I continued flying over the village,–until we reached the suburb that is so sleepy, we had to be remain quiet.

As we landed, we explored the streets that are quiet. These houses are old, but they are still functional. These substainable houses are old houses that are restored. During September, villagers prepare recycled oil for heat. Vegetable oil is the known recycled oil in this kingdom, but they mixed it with olive, peanut, and sunflower oil. They are also going to launch leaf collectors , so they can use them as compose. However, they started doing their project weeks ago. Amanda can see some people collecting recycled items to make new items. About 44 villagers in this suburb are working together.

Some villagers drink tea, some drink hot chocolate.

Some people in this suburb fly with fairies.

It’s a peaceful suburb with peaceful neighbors.

Many houses are in different colors, some have big windows, small windows, big doors, and small doors. The streets are made of shiny blocks. They also had a subway station. There’s an old functional road that leads to the colder part of a kingdom. And that’s where we need to go,–so we can find the place to discover. And they had a berry field in the garden. The gardeners are busy planting new plants. Everybody are doing their tasks to keep their village clean.

We’ve joined these villagers to learn about their tasks. We started cleaning fences in our village. Each person does a different thing. Seven fairies are cleaning each house. The rest of the village are eating breakfast. They’re having strawberry tarts and eggless scones. Many villagers are friendly. We worked for a while,–until we need to take a break. These poor villagers are proud because, they had the ability to thrive during the cold days. Their farms someplace are still at work. They make lots of money because, they always do some work. Amanda can see the farm far away with a telescope. We can visit the farm to take a look of their job. This farmer has a cattle farm that is not desined for meat. This guy, Eric is a total vegan. He works with cattle as a living!! His family who lives on a farm works for poor villagers. Amanda and I had finished our task. We continued flying.

As we got there; we met this family who lives on a farm. We can see Eric’s cattle; the wheat field, a barn, a farmhouse, and a road that goes through other farms. Since it’s shared with other families; they swap places on the regular basis. This cattle farm looks like a classic farm. Those are his friends. This poor family is going to be rich someday because, they were thriving via cold days, and other events to save money. We can see their large farmhouse that is large as our house with multiple rooms. The train that is carting wheat is doing it’s job. Almost everyone on this farm are rich farmers. We can see their equipment for thriving. For example, an outdoor stove for cooking. It uses artificial logs that are natural for fuel. It’s useful to save money on electric bills. They practiced a drill each month. These old-school equipment will give us an idea for our house. We can use them to experiment how poor villagers thrive during these times when they save energy, or stored food that help them survive during any event. The following table below contains information about these villagers thrive during any event:

Via Food/Fuel/Equipment Via Season Via Action
Icebox All Seasons

They use dry ice to chill iceboxes. They are inserted into slots that allow cold air to circulate. The walls of the icebox are chilled by dry ice. Enabling food to stay remain fresh. Based on amount, it gets coldd,–depends on how much you are using.

Useful for power outages, backup source,–if your primary refrigerator fails; also to save energy.

It’s used everyday. And it’s always checked monthly.

Legacy Stove (using wood or animal manure as fuel)
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Used for cooking any food. Uses recycled wood, for example; artificial logs, or animal manure as fuel. It’s used outdoors,–so it’s easy to cook outdoors without heating up the whole house during summer.

During the fall, it’s also used for cooking. It’s also conditioned to work in the winter. Custom design makes it easy to cook food in the cold environment. It’s also used for power outages, and to save energy.

Indoor models are used for cooking, and also to warm up a house, It’s built to keep the flames in

Canned Food Used Normally

This is normal. However; canned food is necessary for thriving.

Biological Heating Oil Fall to Winter

This is normal for boilers that are shared for heat via steam (radiators). During emergency-heating, houses are warmed up as fast as possible.The boiler house is located someplace to distribute heat to all houses (30 total). Sharing heat is important. By default; 2 or 4 houses share 1 boiler because, due to the strength of a boiler, it warmed up a house to fast,–that’s when sharing is necessary. The big mansion shared the big boiler with multiples of houses.

Fish All Seasons

Fish is often prepared and frozen. Cooking fish as food to eat is useful to thrive in the winter. Smoked fish is known to be used for the winter months.

Train All

This is normal.

Amanda and I are flying over the shared farm to take a closer look of these farmers. We’re still flying towards our targeted place that where we need to go. The 20 truckers are hauling crops to stores, and factories. Each truck is driven by 2 drivers who work together. They used to be chicken-farmers. Now these days, they are trucking goods to all places. Well, they usually transfor goods to trains for further distribution to other places. This farm also has a train station for exporting goods. Since the train service made lots of money, they decided to open their service for free. By default, farmers swap places via trams that are connected to our neighborhood. They use solar energy to run. It can still use local power (when needed). About 7 farmhouses are shared on this farm. Eric’s cattle are still grazing the fields. Since they’re healthy, his breeder donated some of his cattle to other farms,–after the review of each cattle farm. Most farms in New Kingdom are humane! No cruelty occurred because, they had a backup plan. They also set time when dary products will be sold, it’s set as a legacy product. Specialized stores will be running after 9 months. So they can use newer products,–the most important, give farmers more time with their cattle, and chickens. That will also allow tourists to visit their farm, and learn about it.

Amanda and I went back to the suburb to continue our task. These villagers are recycling lots of steam pipes that are changed from their homes; they’re loaded on trucks, so they can take them to the workshop,–to make new steam pipes for their boilers. We can see Sheryl, Tiffany, and Bruce recycling lots of paper. Rich villagers are scarce in this sleepy suburb. Finding them is kind of tricky! But they visit this village on Sunday. These truckers are also doing their tasks. Their task is started by time. Working together via each task can save time, fairies also do their tasks. In some cases, tasks are postponed, for example; trucks are being checked for errors.This table shown below displays task via time. Those are examples of task per each starting time:

Task Time
Steam Streets 0:00 (12:00 AM)
Tram Management 1:00
Lamp Management At 16:00 or 17:00
House Check 5:00
Serve Breakfast 7:00
Farming Default time
Construction Default Time

Default Time
Story Time 18:00
Gardening (Fall or Spring) 9:00

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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