A Very Long Fairy Ride Adventure

Chapter 2.1: The Beginning Of The Superbug Wiping Out Cattle Farms

As Amanda and I started to become gardeners to start gardening to replace this once lost dairy farm. We’re currently digging up the ground to confirm its safe to plant seeds in soil. Earlier; there are some people who disposed all of these dead cows, and bulls,–and calves. Amanda has never seen this lost farm like this before! “Wow, this is sad,” said Amanda, getting ready to plant her seeds to grow carrots. All poisonous fungi has been killed off to prevent them from spreading. However; they already planted new plants since years ago, “I can see the farmhouse that is being sold, but vegetarian gardeners really need a hand from us.” “I’m not sure what’s happened to this old cattle farm,” I said, landing Amanda on the ground. Amanda spreads her wings to keep herself balanced. “If I’m not mistaking… this is the known sign of superbugs wiping out our cattle raised for meat and dairy. I have to reject cow’s milk for a while,–until dairy is safe to consume again,” said Amanda, digging up the ground, and planting seeds in a newly dug hole. She adds compost around these seeds to enable them to grow. All of the other fairies were trying to get this cattle farm restored… they were trying to order us to stop planting, but the fairy queen always protect the vegetarian culture against the greedy meat industry.

Meanwhile; the another fairy has landed next to Amanda! She discovered all of the cattle wiped from this farm that we’re currently planting at. She was sad to see her favorite cattle farm wiped from this field. Amanda has spoken to the another fairy who care about rasing cattle for dairy “everything is going to be all right sweety. I know you like cattle farms so much. This is a serious superbug that is wiping out New Kingdom’s cattle farm. That’s why they have a proposal to replace cattle farms with crop fields, and orchards.” This fairy named; Jessie really likes the cattle farm. Years ago… she ridden a cow for a fund-rasing event to keep their cattle healthy, and their barns clean. “Why that farm was wiped with that superbug! And why all of the cows are dead?” she asked and yelled. Jessie has looked around the empty farm where all of the cattle has died. The barn is open, but there’s no light inside. Amanda is still planting carrots in the ground. “All of the cattle is gone,” said Amanda, inserting seeds in each hole, “you can’t bring back this farm, but you can plant crops. These plants give us fresh air to breathe, and delicious food to eat. This farm is also going to have series of plants growing.” Jessie doesn’t want to be a gardener! She wanted to raise her own cattle, but she’s broke! She just sadly flew away,–all the way home. Amanda likes being a gardener because, she believes its cheap to start a crop farm. “wow, poor Jessie love cattle farms,” I said, “too bad, because, her favorite place to be is gone. But we can plant lots of crops there.” Amanda compresses the dirt to keep the seeds intact. She finishes planting 5 carrots, and started flying.

Amanda and I started to get our additional items to plant lots of crops for the entire village. We have to find a different farmhouse that is available,–so we can plant before the last day of winter. Both of us has to work in tandum to speed up our job. “We marked our planting spot, and we allowed other fairies to watch over our crop farm of the public to rely on. Some of these other gardeners ridden rabbits to patrol, and plant crops. These specially-bred rabbits are designed for riding bareback, and replace conventional horseback-riding. Most of their fur what they shed don’t go to waste… they’re converted to expensive products,–such as quilts, and jackets. These superlarge lagomorphs are also built for speed, and used as comfort animals. They rely on 100% protective measures against predatory animal attacks. They’re like domestic rabbits… but they’re based on domestic rabbits. All of the strategic selective breeding has changed New Kingdom forever. “we ran out of seeds at this time…” said Amanda, closing her basket, “I have to stop by , and find a usable barrel to store our seeds for planting etable plants, and setup rooftop gardens to keep all of the CO2 levels down.” “This farm is a candiddate for having these rooftop gardens planted to help cool our home during the hottest summer years… these automated sprinkler systems will keep the plants moist, and the earth cool. If we can work in team with other fairies, we can able to yield more food,” I said, steering Amanda towards the empty building with a flat roof, “this is the building what we’re going to turn into a newly designed shop. This old slaughterhouse must be revamped to match our requirements for running this large crop farm.” Amanda has smiled, she was glad this facility was shut down for good. It used to be a slaughterhouse for cattle, and it was used to slaughter spent dairy cows,–after milk production has dropped by 100%. The barn next to this building used to house lots of cattle, but it looks deserted right now, but its okay to revamp. There’s no ghosts, and no dead bodies!

As Amanda and I has landed on a flat roof of this old slaughterhouse, we started planning out where the garden is going to be planted. This flat roof used to have an air-conditioning unit installed, but the tax crew has repossessed it because, the dairy farm hasn’t received recovery funds,–due to activists who were trying to keep the dairy farm from reestablishing. They were involved in cutting methane gas, and manure floods. What Amanda can see are 200,000 cattle frozen today, and they’re been left frozen,–after the freeky blizzard has wiped them out. The good news is… nobody who owned this farm has died because, they did the escape plan. They have to ride reindeer to do so. Most of the reindeer herders usually deploy them to be ridden. However taxes were set to help preserve the cold climates. “Wow!” Amanda exclaimed, looking at these workers collecting and disposing dead cattle, “I never seen this before. Jessie… my new friend was sad for a reason; she has missed her favorite cattle farm.” Amanda continues to inspect the roof of this building. She has an option to install fencing to keep people from falling. She has proposed a bully-proof 50 ft. fence around the edge of the roof. “I can smell the ashes of the cattle,–after they were converted to fuel for the power plant. This flat roof has been cleaned by the vegetarians who were ordering mandatory green roofing to be implemented. This farm has been struck with a large fine. It was so expensive, the dairy/beef farm has been wiped for good,” I said. Amanda has never seen these stacks on this building like this before. Her other partners are cleaning them out to get all of the mess out.

Once the rooftop is fully inspected… Amanda and I has start to fly to the store where crop seeds are sold. All of us has to rely on this long trip to reach the city where mandatory green roofs are implemented. It’s sort of like a normal city, but they converted it to a larger format of a city by doubling the size of the buildings,–making you look like you’re in a BIG world! They establish this upgrade because, they wanted to have some extra breathing room, and prevent citizens from missing out. However; they do have the largest park where they used to have a traditional format town. Today its a playground for all of the citizens. Amanda has never taken a long flight before, but she has strategically planned an emergency landing location. That way… if she experience any difficulties, she can make an emergency landing. “This is kind of windy for me,” said Amanda, “but I’ll get used to it. I ride Amanda around some of these fairies who aren’t mounted by a rider. They are small fairies, but larger versions are the new trend in New Kingdom. It’s kind of chilly, but its warming up. I can still hear the cleanup crew clearing away all of the dead cattle. This slow job can take months for their job to be completed. “Watch out for some other fairies,” I said, trying to get Amanda under control. Amanda is still flying all right, but her ability to stay in the sky is declining. Looks like I need to varify if she has enough energy to fly longer. I tried my best to keep her flying,–until we reach the city.

Suddenly, Amanda has made an emergency landing. Looks like she don’t have enough energy to enable me to ride her with a long format. That’s when I decided to ride these large rabbits. “Are you out of energy Amanda?” I asked, dismounting her. “I need a break, my wings has been overworking overtime. If I didn’t perform an emergency landing… that will be a disaster,” said Amanda, “looks like you were about to ride rabbits.” Amanda has started to slowly walk down the street that leads to the city. “Blast… these rabbits are available to ride,” I said, running for these large rabbits, “let’s ride these large rabbits,–if you can do it.” Amanda doesn’t remember riding rabbits when she was a young fairy.

So, I chosen a rabbit to ride with other gardeners. I chosen a white rabbit. I already had my own gear for riding rabbits… I ridden a rabbit at a temple before,–defore I had my own fairy.

Once I mounted on a rabbit, I started riding her down the path as Amanda glides and lead us to the gardening shack/store where gardening equipment is sold. “This rabbit will help you reduce all of your resources,” said Amanda, “I think you ridden me up to 35 minutes.” “My watch’s battery has gone defective, and it needs to be replaced. I was relying on this watch for some years.,” I said, hanging on tight to a white rabbit,–hopping down the empty street. I can hear the subway tunnel being built to extend the longest subway tunnel ever built, this strategically engineered system is built to withstand lots of ground pressure,–thanks to serious engineering samples, and carefully planned projects. However; old oil pipelines are being removed by these smart diggers. New Kingdom still has a problem. The problem is oil crisis. But they’re relying on renewable sources of oil that will NOT require pumping from the ground. That caused New Kingdom to ban crude oil import/exports altogether. If any of these countries around the world has banned use of crude oil… what you would do if you need to keep your machines going?

These gardeners who were removing these oil pipelines are bringing them to the recycling facility where pipes were recycled into new products. These new products can range from new electric boilers, trains, water pipes, steam pipes, rail tracks, children and adult’s’ toys, windmills, solar panels, steam heater elements, and roofing for your home! There are 22 gardeners removing up to 40 pipes from the ground.Thanks to New Kingdom’s mandatory oil pipeline removal orders… that means… existing oil refineries will be turned off, and all of these facilities where oil is being refined will be torn down as a purpose of replacing traditional crude oil with renewable oil. “Wow! Amanda exclaimed, “that’s the widest pipe I’ve never seen before. And I can still see dried oil inside it. Thanks to the cold weather… we can able to clean away all of the dirty pipelines. However; planting crops after a major cleanup will resolve all of the CO2 emissions rising out of control.” I can smell oil from these pipes being taken out of the ground. But what they discovered is a herd of cattle piled on one spot. There’s over 400,000 cattle found dead during the major cleanup. That cattle farm was broken for years. “I think the frozen oil is worthless at this time, but it worths money when collecting it for recycling and reprocessing,” I said, stopping the white rabbit from moving towards the pipes. However; she needs a place to be hidden as we reach the store, “these endless pipelines has been rusting out too.” There is one fairy who really likes the environment. She is a true activist who cares about clean air, and clean water. But who is she? Maybe I have to find out as we reach the city. I continued riding the white rabbit forward as Amanda helps one of the fairies handle the dirtiest pipe ever. This extremely rusty pipe is being ripped from the ground, and most of the dried oil is gutted out of these old pipes. All of the scraping, tapping, drilling, sawing, and use of lasers has caused these pipes to be cut into sections! Never the less… natural gas exploration will no longer be legal, and mandatory upgrade to biogas from renewable sources will take affect in just 4 months. This is a strategic work by these contractors who were checking for any possible signs of dead cattle. They have to survey this farm to varify if these oil pipes are free of oil. However… oil is already dried up, and they’re about to remove potentially dangerous crude oil from these pipes that are being removed from the refinery to a well where oil is pumped from… well, this oil field has been left abandon when oil crisis has started,–due to laws that prohibit citizens of New Kingdom from drilling for oil at sea, in the Arctic, or anywhere.

The most important about this change within this kingdom is to enable residents to use energy without using any of the fossil fuel interface. This high trend of wind energy has been around for years.

This ritual encourages anyone to rely on wind energy to keep the power going… They do have over 100 windmills being built so far. And they have exported these power wind-based generators to these countries where clean air is a priority. They already have these windmills powering the subway system from the cold environment, and the hot environment. Clearing these old pipes used for distributing oil is the only way to save our planet from these polluters who were responsible for harming our planet. New Kingdom has a historic raid at the oil refinery that is now condemned by the New Kingdom government. These underground oil pipes has been left laid underground for years.

As I ride the white rabbit… Amanda has told other fairies to get all of these unwanted oil pipes out of the ground, and shut off the oil and gas supply. Their powerful subway system never stop expanding. They have to rely on these resources that will NOT harm our planet. They prefered to have their subway system integrated with our environment by installing windmills, solar panels, and a powerful power system that will rely on recycled fuel as energy. New Kingdom has a superstrict regulations for CO2. That means… all power services must NOT rely on coal as fuel, but wind and solar energy.

During the oil pipeline removal project; giant machines has strategically dug a deep trench where new templates for the subway tunnels are going to be built. All of the transit contractors has found the way to smoothly integrate a subway below the crop farm,–where crops are going to be planted. These powerful diggers has a job to remove these disgusting oil pipelines and replace it with strategically configured templates for the underground subway. Its going to be a single 400-mi. stretch of an underground tunnel that is going to handle the most strongest earthquakes up to 99.99. They’re also going to move undomesticated rabbits (or wild rabbits) to a new place, but some of them are going to be sent to scientists who study domestication of rabbits. There’s plenty of European rabbits in New Kingdom,–due to recent introduction of these animals that are strategically handled.

Almost all of these pipes with oil inside has been replaced by a strategically fitted tunnel template for the subway service. These citizens of New Kingdom village has been notified about these changes that will delay utilities used each day, and they had to rely on alternative services that are designed to get people started with renewable fuels.

Amanda has heard other news reports about cattle being frozen to death,–due to blizzard, or supercold events. She has an option to scan for other cattle farms later on,–after she planted crops for the village where people who were going vegetarian altogether. “Although; we don’t need cattle in our village to rely on dairy at this time. This is the beginning of the superbug that is coming. I have to remind other fairies to be extra careful when consuming dairy, and leave meat off their plate,” said Amanda. packing the soil in a newly dug hole for the seeds. The other fairy is still upset because, she wanted to continue the cattle farm. She has wished to start her own cattle farm someday, but she’s poor. She’s been relying on this dairy farm as a mean to support care of their animals. She’s a lacto vegetarian/pescetarian all right, but she has to find the another source of dairy,–due to a recent bug that wiped their cattle farm clean. “Don’t worry, little fairy, there’s ways to survive without dairy. You may need to go vegan for a while. The superbug is coming to wipe our next cattle farm,” I said, getting ready to ride my fairy down the road to meet with other fairies.

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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