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Understanding Unusual Creatures Characters & Places In Your Dream

Have you ever dreamed of unusual places with unusual creatures, and characters? Well, I recently have dreams like this. Sometimes it’s based on where you’re at, books what you read, movies what you’ve recently watched, including TV shows. When you are awake, your mind records like a recording device. At this case; you are riding a carousel at the fair.And you had a dream of riding a carousel; and these characters came to life. You started talking to them, and explored magical places that you never went before. Well, some people didn’t understand these key features of their dreams. In some cases, your dream will rewind back to the times when you are a little kid. Or fast-forwarded to the future, for example; you are flying in space with a spaceship,–exploring other planets.

None of our dreams are the same. But there’s lots of different formats what your dream can take. At this case, your dream can be animated, dynamic, etc.

Let’s go over these parts of your dream:

Starting off with unusual creatures in your dreams; you can do anything with them such as riding, racing, etc. And talking about creatures in your dream. They can come in any form, or a larger version of an animal in the real world. And they are large enough to ride. Or Modified creatures,–taylored to your interest type. For example; you enjoyed riding horses during the horse race. Your dreams reflect the event of the real world. But it’s different. You might be riding a different creature,–other than horses.

In some cases, you might have a dream of exploring in the old town that you’ve never explored before. It might be pre-populated with existing settlers. Instead of actual people, and actual animals in the real world. There’s similar creatures that will be close to match them. These creatures can easily interact with you without effort. They can do special tricks, and tasks for you. At this case, I ridden a big fairy to fly over the giant gap,–where the bridge is missing parts that used to prevent the bridge from collapsing. I’ve discovered the old ship that was stuck for years.

You can navigate in any building normally all right? But some rooms are giant, or small. For example; you are exploring the palace outside the city. The furniture is giant, and lights are on. The windows are closed. You are reaching the garden for a tea party; the backdoor leads outside. The garden is there! As you reach the table, you can see the tea set with good food to eat; people who are hosting the party. The sky is blue with a bright yellow moon. Most houses far away are visible.

Some Dreams are good, and some are bad. Nightmares are the known form of bad dreams. You can easily convert nightmares to good dreams.

Scary movies can also be made from some people who had nightmares everyday. If you ever took courage instead of being scared in your dream, you can accomplish successful changes, and tricks to fix an issue.

During any season; your dreams change themes. These themes can be useful for your ideas for your books that you write. If you memorize your dream, and told a story about it; some of your audience will be engaged. If you can share your story around the world; they can learn about your ideas from your dream.

Some people make dreamcatchers to capture their good dreams,–if they had good dreams.

Characters in your dream vary from type to type. They’re also creatures in your dream. Overtime these creatures can be memorized by you, and extracted from your dream by writing a book, making a movie, or blogging.

We can create something new from our characters in our dream. Some are ride-on characters,–useful to navigate with speed. If your dream can process this feature, most likely you ridden a carousel each year. We can create something that other people had never seen before. You can convert these characters in your dream into custom-sized toys, objects, etc.

It’s possible to ride characters that you’ve created in your dream. For example; you are trying to navigate in the forest, and you had created a character that is a goose that walks next to you. There’s no bridge to go over the stream, or lake. You climbed on a back of a goose,–making it easier to navigate in the forest. You’ve discovered some of the trees are low, but some are high. the ground is too soft. As you ride your character that you created in your dream, you can able to travel faster.

Within your dream, you can ride your created character,–if it’s a…

  • Fox
  • Fairy
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken
  • Dog

Not just these creatures that you ridden in your dream shown at the list above. Any creature that is a character that you created can be in any form.

Locations via any place around the world in your dream vary from place to place. It’s based on real places that you explored Your dream is able to process these places that you memorized. Themes are always applied to format your dream,–making a world for it. Whenever it’s dark, or light; it varies from any place. For example; you are camping at this old suburb with functional houses. They provided heat for night time. Some of you are asleep. Others aren’t. Most dark places might be lit with lamps, or flashlights. While lit places get light from the sun, or internal light sources.

If you are sailing a ship, your dream might able to convert parts of the sea in your dream to hard surface. But your ship will be still be remain at float. The island that you’re trying to reach to find treasure may take some time to reach.

If you are walking along sand, and you are finding treasure,–after you reached the island; usually you can find some things that are below ground. You had a treasure map with you. If you can reach the treasure, and bring it on your ship; you can sail home, and share it to your friends.

What did you dreamed of?

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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