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An Unusual Carousel In My Dream

A carousel is my favorite ride at the mall. I usually go on this ride on many occasions. At this case; I’ve ridden a white rabbit, and I’ve imagined I explored the giant garden that is filled with lots of flowers. They have magic inside. That enables the garden to grow giant flowers. There’s also fancy houses, and ponds where ducks swim at. The dirt road leads to the magical suburb,–where the big bushes are located.

I was working on my project one night, my partner, Zack is working in the cellar, upggrading the old heater for the next winter. Since he’s working overnight; he isn’t able to sleep at night. He sleeps during the day. I was almost done with my work. But I need to turn off my computer, and go to the tea room for a tea party,–before I go to sleep. That’s important for my peers because, we’re the only neighbors who believe in fairies at this suburb that is set as a camp site. The power system uses windmills to generate energy for the camp. And the train system is still active for the entire neighborhood. But the rest of the town is dark because, it’s not in use.

As I went to the tea room; I sat at the bench,–where the card table is located. All of the other peers are just playing cards. I am working with my quilt as I wait for my tea and tarts to be served. I almost finished my quilt; after it’s done, it will be used during bedtime. The lights are dim to save energy. Maggie is serving lots of tarts for the entire house, and George is serving tea for all of us. This long program will take a long time. Each person goes to the bunks;–to slowly silence the entire tea room while the lights are turning off. That makes it easier to reduce crowding of the doorway to the bunks. The bunks is already open for some campers.

After the tea party; I was asleep at the bunks. My dream started to appear. It’s kind of like teleporting into a custom movie. It took hours for my dream to appear.

I started riding on a carousel in my dream, it’s a fancy carousel that is custom-built. I ridden a fairy during the first ride. I can see the theme change as the carousel rotates. There’s other peers riding on this carousel too! They never seen me ride a fairy on a carousel before. Most of the riders are riding horses, but only me was riding a fairy. Maybe this carousel hasn’t been revamped for years. The genie is controlling the ride because, the magic is not working.

As I woke up, I told a story about my dream as my peers wake up. This is the day to go to the open-source fair in town. Maggie is pulling out the art supplies for the fair. I ran towards the tea room to make some breakfast. I opted in for eggless meals. Almost all of my peers are awake. They will eat breakfast later.

After I ate breakfast; I went to the backyard to take a hike. I ridden our rabbit around the garden. I’m working the magic trick from my dream. Well; their rabbit is a big white rabbit! It’s so large, I can ride it without effort. Maggie is watering flowers before the sun rises. This suburban neighborhood has already reduced carbon by 99%. These houses are large houses that are built of bricks. These large windows are custom-designed. The large doors are ideal for tall owners of these houses. The fair is located at the old farm someplace. That’s the place where the pig farm used to be.

While we’re taking a trip to the fair; we walked down the dirt road that is so clean; it won’t harm the environment. All of the other villagers are cleaning up the abandon farm, it used to be a duck farm; but they’re going to plant a large garden for the entire suburb. most people who lived here are vegetarians. Since they love animals; they eat meatless meals. Some accept fish/seafood; others are complete vegans. These streets are built for bikes that don’t have any engines. They use pedals to make the wheels go round. Trains are also used to travel, including electric streetcars, and trolleys.

As we finally reached the fair. I decided to go an a carousel ride. This carousel has different animals, and mythological creatures. First, I ridden on a fairy, and then I ridden on a poodle. During the 2 rides that I’m doing; I had my pictures taken. All of the other riders has never seen me ride a poodle, and a fairy before! They did the same thing. The music that is playing is open-source. There’s over 50 riders on the carousel. This fair is trying to reach 1000 visitors. But we made it over the total visits that they want to reach. When confirmed by the leaders, victory is waiting to arrive. There’s about 200 of us scattered about at this fair. Almost all rides are updated with open-source features. The old farm is cleaned up by the visitors,–to help reduce pollution. The relay teams are set to speed up the project. And the giant windmill is being built to help reduce global warming. I can see lots of people dress in bronze passing down the equipment for the renewable project to leave coal out of their system–for good.

I continued riding our rabbit towards the windmills to watch a live project build up. These cranes are at work. They also had their own small fair to entertain themselves. They had a different carousel that is similar to an unusual version in my dream. Their visitors are here to work together. But they’re almost done building the windmill that will power the rest of the neighborhood. If they can generate twice as much; they can able to remove the coal-burning plant. However; 5 of them are still running. But they’re going to turn off later. We’ve been spending hours at this fair!

As we watch the real live action of the project; we also saw the following:

  • Workers grabbing parts of the windmill blades, and putting it together. Each piece is connected like a jigsaw puzzle. They’re welded solid,–after these strong metal flaps are properly bent to the surface of each blade assembly. They’re tested for strength. If they fail the test, the defective parts fgo to the recycle bin, so it can be remolded, and pressed. Each cell catches the wind, allowing the blades on the windmill to turn. Each piece is 3 ft. by 3 ft, that equals to 1 yd. Triangular structures makes each piece strong,–withstanding gusty winds.
  • Recycled metal is heated for pressing and molding. These thin layers are pressed together. That’s how these giant sheets of metal made. They arrived on trucks from the facility, that’s where all of the metal is recycled., and remolded. Lots of workers recycle lots of material. The other truck carts away the defective parts to be recycled.
  • Cranes hoisting heavy windmill blades in order. Most of these windmill blades are confirmed strong,–after the test. Once each blade is damage-resistant via wind; it’s deployed for the windmill assembly.
  • The custom-built generator unit is deployed by the another crane to be installed on the tall structure. If the generator generates 8 times as much as a coal-burning plant generates. that enables workers to shutdown the plant; and tear it down. The electrical cable is also tested for high-voltage. If it completes the test, the cable will last for a long time. The train that is carrying meals feeds the workers who are at work. They rely on open-source machinery that are easy to use.
  • The robotic crane holds the blade in place while these workers use hot and cold bolts to keep the blades still. If the bolts are so strong, it can handle lots of damage. And they won’t bend, and break. Skilled workers use hand-held devices to keep track of their plans. The 6 blade windmill system is also going to spin fast as an airplane engine.
  • The relay team starts each task to speed up their work. But this structure was being built for years. However it’s still being built. If they finished their work, they can able to let the windmill spin, and generate 700 gigawatts of electricity.

After we watched the live action; we decided to work on our own project. We’re planning on building our own carousel for our own house; each of us do a different thing. We can use lots of creative efforts to share our work. That may take some time; depending on our project. Lots of people at this fair are having fun. This Spring event has been launched for everybody around the world!

Later, we decided to go back to our house to bring in these books that are in the public domain. Our built-in library needs them so we can entertain ourselves. Since my peers don’t have a TV set; they rely on books to learn some new ideas. Only me has a computer system. And I’m only connected to the internet.My peers publish open-source books,music, movies, and newspapers by default.

Days later; my peers told their story about their dreams. They also discovered an unusual carousel in their dream too! I joined the group to help publish their open-source works. There’s was a break-through; their work has already reduced false copyright claims by 200%. I managed to fix their electric oven. I can see their recycling has already been collected to be used again for future projects. Maggie isn’t just a leader of this house, Ric is also a leader too. He is busy working on his new outdoor tea table for our outdoor luncheon to celebrate our victory of spreading the word of an open-source fair.

These suburban streets has shared their unusual dreams to generate new ideas. Their carousel in their suburb has been fixed; so everybody can ride it at anytime!

This suburb has also became an open-source neighborhood. That enables villagers to create something new. It may take some time for their dreams to be shared around the entire neighborhood.

I started playing cards with my peers as we wait for our vegetarian pizza to cook. We’ve been wishing for vegetarian pizza for years in this village. Why we’re choosing vegetarian pizza because, we boycotted pork. We give pigs respect. Tea is served to all people in this house. The freezer that we’re using has been cleared at the end of the month. Almost 20 of these products containing pork has been discarded,–due to health risks. In some countries, pork is not consumed.

We shared pizza with other people at the entire suburban town. The 2 coal-burning plants are shutting off for good! We can see workers brinking in the equipment to tear it down. The giant windmill is spinning as nothing more than a pinwheel. Over 4000 gigawatts has been generated so far. And the another one is being built. Rooftop windmills are also installed for modern factories that need them to keep their freezers cold. Organic food without hormones are filling the store shelves, their conventional goods are updated with a break-through; no controversiol chemicals applied. We can safely eat fruits, and vegetables for good.

We started building a portable carousel with other villagers who already started a project. The relay team is doing each task to speed up the entire project.

After we built our carousel, we ridden it for the first time. Since it’s portable we can bring it anywhere, and it’s easy to manage. This village is so proud because, they did their good job with their work.

After we ridden the carousel, we decided to watch these workers tear down the coal-burning plants. at home. A new TV set is purchased. New open-source programs has been launched! Maggie is so proud with her project too. Our unusual carousel that we built is exactly the same style in our dream. I started working on my new book that is also going to be open-source.

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