Chapter 4.1: Removing New Kingdom’s Old Oil Refinery & Transitioning To Solar & Wind Energy


While we’re about to sleep, we listened to the movie that is being played via an audio player. All of the lights are off. And the windows are lock tight,–so cold air won’t go in. The fairy queen is checking the entire temple, to make sure it’s safe for all villagers, including tourists. Most of the lights are dim. But the front lights are always on. That enables villagers to varify if this temple is occupied. Almost all of the villagers are asleep. But these streets are still awake. The stars in the sky are visible for all villagers.

All of the other fairies are flying around New Kingdom, and they’re heading towards the palace,–where the fairy queen is located. They discovered a shiny lamp that is empty. They’re worried. The fairy queen was crossed; she said: “Where is Jane? She needs to do her task!” Her magic wand is activated, and it’s active.

Jane is flying outside of New Kingdom. She met Ivan, the brown bat. He’s on his mission, carrying freight to the another kingdom. Jane: “i’m flying out of New Kingdom. I’m exploring old houses that are left-behind at this old city that was sleepy.” Ivan: “Wait for me!! I like to explore too.” Jane: “I’m just located on this roof of this mansion.” Ivan flown towards Jane:: “I didn’t know I can fly fast! Looks like you found something.” Jane: “I found the abandon house that is vacant. Let’s go inside.” They flown towards the old house. They flown through the broken window. Since the door isn’t reachable. They took some time to fully enter this old house. Ivan must squeeze into a gap that is easy to enter.

Jane found lots of old items. Since Jane was interested of believing in something different. Ivan: “I found something! And this is interesting.It looks like an another fairy figure of some sort.” Jane: “Actually it’s something different. I’m on my way to England. I’ve been there before. I was trying to opt out of believing in fairies.” Somehow, they discovered a giant fairy. They ran. Maybe it’s the fairy queen’s partner. But it’s hard to tell.

During sunrise, Jane has landed to England. She met Marvin, the welder who works at the train station. And he’s carrying a set of books. Marvin: “Wow! I never seen this person like this before. Look what we had here.” Jane: “I’m trying to believe in something different. But I had trouble. I reviewed items that I’ve collected for years.” Jane started opening a heavy crate. Marvin: “Wow! Looks like you had wished to be religious, just like I am. Your items reminds me of you’re exploring our place. Around the globe, and find any belief you want to choose,–based on our culture. Mythology is the known belief within our global culture.” Jane: “I agree with your opinions.” Ivan: ” But there’s a catch! If you want to be religious like me; you have to do your homework, and choose wisely.” Jane: “If I don’t find something different, my mother will take my privileges away.” Ivan: “Now I get it! Since you’re actually a fairy. You can’t opt out of magic. But you can try something different. However, it’s hard to tell what type of fairy you are. I’ve just arrived here for a worker-exchange.” Ivan just continued working. Jane just flown away from the train station.

Annie and I are enjoying our flight over New Kingdom. Millie and Xavier are on the mission to position the big solar-powered engine at the hot section of New Kingdom. They started flying earlier. Frank,Tim, and Greg had joined the league to reduce carbon. Since the hot section is great for solar energy. Since they had installed solar-powered water-cooling plants. Since we’re at the hot section; drout is the known issue. Over 700 gallons of water are recycled everyday. Recycled water is used for gardening. To prevent pollutants from effecting their water, valves are used to shut off the pipelines;–making it easier for workers to change pipes. Existing water that is remaining steams away via searing heat of the sun. Biological material is the must. But these pipes are nothing more than high-speed water distribution lines. So fast; that’s enough to serve 2000 large buildings. But their water tower is high as a 70-story building. Since it’s protected against contaminants, water goes down the input line,–connected to counter-pumps, enabling water to travel fast. Although; this league never sleeps!

Meanwhile, Jane has returned to the palace,–where most of these fairies are settling down. The fairy queen was crossed, she discovered Jane flying without the magic wand” “Jane; where you have you been? You didn’t grant anybody’s wish. The villagers are upset.” I want to believe in something different!! I want to be a religious person, not a fairy. I’m not comfortable with magic. What I want is faith.” The Fairy Queen: “We don’t have this feature available in New Kingdom! We rely on magic to run this village.” Jane tried to pull out a large book; but she couldn’t unzip the red box: “I can’t afford to be affected by magic. I don’t think is fair to stick with one belief.”The fairy queen disagreed,–due to her statement. She wouldn’t allow her to read bibles: “There’s a catch when you chosen to believe in faith, your magic won’t work, and you’ll be nothing more than a corrupted fairy without any value.” Jane was frustrated: “I have to hurry, one person needs help with his/her family. I have to save them!” The Fairy Queen: “Okay, as long as you use magic.” Jane started flying outside. But Amy, the pink fox is so worried; she had concerns,–regarding some issues that might occur. She followed wherever Jane goes: “Oh, dear! If I don’t check for errors, bad things will happen.” She just started running across the field.

Jane kept flying towards the other kingdom. She is using the oil lamp to see in the dark. This long flight caused her to take lots of time. She stopped at each section,–resting at the grass fields. Since it’s cold; she used the sleeping cabin to stay out of the cold. Although; this grass field is inside the giant greenhouse. The grass inside is moist. Amy just gathered some berries, and some carrots;–so she can refuel for the next trip. Thise villagers are about to make some dinner for some campers. Six cooks are at work. But one of these bakers, are baking the largest cakes for New Kingdom. Aroma from these eggless cakes filled the kitchen someplace.

As Jane regained her energy, she continued flying. She discovered lights from the big building ahead. She flown as fast as an airplane. She must take a 50-mile trip to reach it. Amy sped up. Since the sun is setting, she must hurry,–before the gate to the another kingdom closes. The moon rises to light the sky. Once the moon rises, the kingdom is lit.

Since Annie and I are flying towards the old oil refinery, since this plant is no longer in use; all we have to to do just tear it down, and replace it with a new garden for planting. We have to set it up,–before Spring arrives. New Kingdom never stops improving their places. If drout reduces by 200%; the hot section will cool down,–making it easier for villagers, and animals. This oil industry was closed down,–due to rapid use of renewable fuel. About 200 oil refineries has closed in this village. Tearing down this building needs powerful energy. Once this place is erased from this town, a new garden must be planted,–to indicate where the oil refinery use to be running.

After We set up the old oil refinery to be taken down; we went to our camp to sleep. Since it’s so dark, we rely on flashlights to see. Since we had set up a cabin, we activated the heating system to stay warm.

Outside of New Kingdom, Jane is flying towards the other kingdom that is different than New Kingdom. She isn’t comfortable being a fairy at all. And she want to belive in something different. Amy continues to follow Jane: “Why do you want to believe in something different? It’s fun to believe in fairies. Although; some villagers have decisions to believe in fairies, or not. Freedon of belief is currently updating. But the catch is; some features aren’t ready just yet. We always improve our kingdom, and fix problems. Currently; Queen Sherry strictly believes in fairies. We have a swap system. That way; if our queen isn’t available; our backup leader takes over.” Jane: “But what about real beliefs. I was wishing for a different belief for years. I tried and tried. But the fairy queen won’t let me.” Amy: “Our fairy queen is the queen of all fairies. And she’s the top leader too! Once she is assigned to this kingdom, she had lots of power.” Jane flown towards the building,–where 5 people are located.

Back in New Kingdom; the 44 fairies are gathering together to clear away the old coal storage building. It’s going to be moved to the hot section of this kingdom. The rapid growth of green energy is still climbing to higher numbers. Almost lots of villagers are using green energy. If this place gets colder; more snow will be preserved. Mounds of snow are frozen solid. Since white snow is everywhere; it’s often used may times. State-of-the-art underground facilities harness all of the snow for everyday use. While at the hot environment; state-of-the-art solar fields harness the sun. Recycled water enters the big boiler. It’s used to generate steam, and power the large suburb. Many efforts to resolve pollution happens everyday.

On the next day; Annie and I are going to clear away the old oil refinery. The fully-functional biological fuel plant has already reduced carbon by 99%. These villagers are so excited to see their own oil refinery disappear. They gathered around inthe big circle. The electric construction machine will haul away all of the remains of the refinery. These gardeners are going to scrape the soil, and lay fresh soil for planting. These TV trucks are going to broadcast the event. Almost all of these workers are applying final touches to this old refinery. Once it’s finalized; it’s ready to go down.

While we’re tearing down the old refinery; Annie and I can see Jane flying towards us. Annie was worried: “Where was at? Our fairy queen was looking for you.” Jane replied: “I recently went to the other kingdom; I discovered something went wrong. If you don’t know what’s wrong, I will explain to you. Persecution of Christians is on the rise! I’ve just saved my old friend, Edward, he ran from the burning city someplace. If you haven’t watched, or listened to the news; I found this article.” Annie: “We were asleep during that time! But our portable radio needs to be charged up,–so we can get updates. The power system is usually off while we’re asleep.” Annie and I adjusted the blanket on the ground. Jane sat down on the wooden bench. And she pulled out the burnt bible. Jane: “This is the clue what I just found hour ago. I’ve taken history class before. If you ever take a look of this object; you can rewind the time,–back to the earlier times of our world. Persecution of Christians still happens today. Although; I studied this critical issue for years.” Annie: “You are correct! This is the known issue that we’re currently resolving in New Kingdom. That’s why some churches in our village are closed. Existing kings and queens who are at the developer session of our kingdom are amending our constitution. For years they fixed many problems. But the good new is; they’re rolling out experimental changes to fix this current issue.” Annie started pulling out her computer: “Our villagers are working on this issue today. It’s okay to believe in something different, or join any religion. Everybody have choices. They’re free to choose what do they want to believe.” “You can also explore lots of cultures around the world,” I said. Jane: “I’ll fly to other kingdoms, and check for other problems.” Annie and I started eating tarts with our mixed-berry salad as Jane flown away.

Two hours later; Annie and I are clearing away all of the remains of the oil refinery. While new dirt is dumped for gardening. This task may take months to complete. Once the garden is planted, we can able to reduce carbon. The woods is left intact. Their fully functional biological oil ship has already distributing biological oil around the world. Since lots of renewable energy is still rising; all construction machines use biological fuels by default.

Jane has flown to the palace; the fairy queen was crossed: “Jane, what are you doing? You’re wearing differnt clothes. You’ve had taken a long time to fly back to our kingdom.” Jane felt terrible: “You are right! Some fairies do need a task. But I have a news to tell; persecution of Christians is still happening. I really want to believe in something different. I discovered the catch. I need to be careful.” The fairy queen agreed: “Speaking about this issue; I need to protect you from harm. You have dreamed of different beliefs. Everybody has freedom to believe in anything; for example, mythology, genies, dragon,s etc.” She pulled out the book as Jane brew some tea. Jane: “I found something at the old farm. It was an old case full of items. I found this quilt with pictures on it.” The Fairy Queen: “This quilt was once made by our lost villagers who are trying to reach us. Only 4 has reached here. We’re trying to help them out. But they lost contact with our forces. We have to make sure if they’re okay.” Jane has taken a closer look in the book. Queen Sherry has taken the crate of glass blocks to the cellar. The lights inside this palace are dimmed to reduce energy. The 10 fairies are still doing their tasks; other fairies are just reading books.

During dinner time; many visitors are enjoying their meals. Since they’re eating plant-based food; meat isn’t served at all. Since it’s getting dark, they rely on electric candles to light the room. Almost all of these tables are full. But one of these benches are set up with new tables. They’re watching a movie at night. Since visitors shared stories about their dreams. They worked together, and made an open-source film. Since it’s a 6-hour movie, it’s a bedtime film. Maybe it can make their dreams match the relevant themes. About 500 cups of tea are served during this event. And 200 cakes are served.

Jane is about to sleep. But she is still spreading the word about an issue what she discovered. She made a recording with a tape-recorder,–so she can share the speech later. She is still worried about other villagers who didn’t read other articles just yet. She can see other visitors going to their rooms to sleep. Due to the high volume of people; she can’t find out which one of these visitors are new. About 30 fairies are already asleep. Amy is also asleep. These lights are turned off. Almost 20 rooms are locked.

Annie and I are still cleaning up the remains of the old oil refinery. Sections of the ground is cleaned each hour. These electric dump trucks carrying fresh dirt are waiting to dump new dirt for gardening. While the other one is carting away the remains of the oil refinery. The seeds that are going to be planted are waiting to be planted. Once they’re planted; they’ll grow. However, the fully-functional farm has already grown food for everybody for the entire kingdom. But they had 4 times the amount! The new garden will be a backup source of food for villagers.

Why did this oil industry disappeared in New Kingdom?

  • High usage of renewable fuels. Conventional oil is no longer in use.
  • High-speed carbon reduction, and recycling.
  • During the phase-out of conventional oil; final sales are launched. During that time; they shutdown distribution of oil, and replaced it with biological oils that are renewable.

Annie and I are still clearing up the remains of the old oil refinery. But we’re speeding up the process. About 20 trucks are at work. These working units are set for a relay. Each truck hauls each load up to 200 tons. And they travel up to 40 mph. They go to the recycling centerto drop off the materials. The empty trucks are filled at this instant,–all without stopping. About 30% of the site is clean. It takes about 30 minutes to load each truck. That’s the total of 10 hrs. These electric monsters are nothing more than powerful machines. Most debris is collected by excavators. Bulldoezers drag the remains to the pile. The environment team inspects the ground,–before they dump fresh dirt. Existing villagers watch the action.

At night; they rely on light systems to see in the dark. Since this relay is continuous; they rely on teams. If the sun rises; they swap teams. They don’t sleep at this time. Fighting drout is the mission for all villagers who are reducing carbon levels. Since each dump truck speeds away the site; they go on a custom route. If this task is compleated early; new dirt will be inserted for gardening. Migrating butterflies are arriving from migration. The woods is finally expanding. About 22,000 trees are saved each day. All of the hills are saved from coal mines. Each group of villagers are doing each task. Bikers are exploring each field to confirm changes,–when green energy is used. Pollution is reduced by 77% at this section.

Days later; we reached the 66% notch when clearing away the debris. But 1 big dump truck is hauling the rest of the remains of the old oil refinery. We’re getting closer for the next step. insert new dirt. Thanks to scraping the soil that is contaminated; they can able to dump new layers of dirt. The largest coal-burning plant is officially turned off. The powerful set of windmills has already taken over. The river is ready to be saved from pollution. Since the plant is sceduled to be removed, the new set of trees will be planted. But the coal mine is no longer in use.

The river was once used to supply water for this plant. But they removed the intake pipe from this plant,–so they can keep their river water intact. Many tourists believed this coal-burning plant is actually taking up all of the water. The giant cooling towers are emptied. These workers are saying good-bye to their old plant. Photos are taken, so they can be placed in history books. The train that carries coal became a hay ride for everybody of all ages. It will be launced after Winter. The carnival will be set next to the plant. It’s for everybody. About 22 rides are set. These mobile machines are portable;–so they can be used anywhere. These helicopters are tested for a large event. About 1000 gardeners flooded the the giant lot. The existing elevated railway will be used for all trains.

Garden trucks are coming to plant seeds to start a garden. But the ground needs to be cleaned up,–so they can easily plow the fields. The demolition crew arrives to this site. The wind storm is coming to speed up the windmills. This long task takes time to be completed. The band will play open-source music for the carnival event.

The entire coal-burning plant is being prepared to be torn down. The other plant that uses a water wheel that is used to generate power is protected with a frag jacket.,–that leaves the building unscaved. The containment walls are used to hold the remains. Since the river is too close to the plant; it’s protected with a metal hood that prevents dirt from flowing in. All of the recyclables are extracted from the plant. All of these workers are clearing away the remaining pollutants from the inside. This endangered river is always protected. This forest that goes over the river is important for these villagers. They rely on this water source as a backup. Almost all of the trees are left unbothered. This bridge is useful to go over wet areas, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

After we spent days setting up the event; all of the visitors arrived. This old coal-burning plant will be torn down; it’s space will be filled with new dirt. That’s when new gardeners arrive. So far; Annie and I had cleared away all of the debris. And the gardeners are planting new plants to mark the place,–where the old oil refinery used to be. All of the villagers are still waiting. And the river is waiting to flow freely.

During the carnival event; we flown in the sky at night. We flown around the coal-burning plant that is being laid to rest. All of the traffic has been cleared. During sunrise, the plant will no longer be there! The excitement of this event is endless. During that time; the rides will be turned off. The big clock is set for the demolition of this plant.The neighborhood will be silent.

Hours later; the time struck 5:00 AM. The Coal-burning plant begins to go down with a first BOOM. Lots of people are entertained by this event. Thousands of gardeners took pictures. The light system makes it easier for visitors to see the coal-burning plant go down. Once the plant disappears; the cleanup crew collects all of the debris, and cart it away to the recycling facility.

After the sun rises, everybody cheered! The river starts to surge back to normal. That enables gardeners to plant nw plants. They just can’t for a rainstorm to come. And all of the plants to grow. While the carnival event finalizes their program.

The 2 gardens that are successfully planted has surprised these villagers. They can able to breathe fresh air. About 40 houses are cooler than they used to be. About 40 ducks had arrived to the new pond at the giant garden. Villagers rode butterflies to take a tour of the new gardens. Over 10,000 flowers are grown successfully. That’s when Annie and I started flyingback to our main house. Amanda has caught up with us. Xavier and Millie has took over our camp.

We had a tea party as a victory to keep our environment clean. The cold section is even colder. And the ice caps are coming back. And the trees are growing happily. These streets in New Kingdom are even silent than they used to be! These electric streetcars are at work.

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