Chapter 2.2: Saving Our Planet


Later, Amanda and I went towards the road that leads to the colder part of this kingdom. We can see lots of poor villagers doing their tasks. We also met Samantha, and her goose, Gabrielle. Samantha rides her goose. Gabrielle is a white goose with an orange beak, orange feet, and she’s tall. Samantha wears a yellow dress, white stockings, flat green shoes, and an orange apron. She has dark skin, and brown hair. Gabrielle: “Welcome to our village, our poor villagers are going to have lunch in any moment. Looks like you’re going to the village that is cold in New Kingdom.” Samantha: “We’re also going to the colder part of this kingdom, looks like you’re going to finish up their windmills that are being built. Don’t be late.” Amanda and I continued flying over the road. Samantha and Gabrielle sped up to catch up with us.

We discovered lots of large houses in the colder section of New Kingdom. This poor neighborhood had shared goods for years. The streets are made of blocks of ice. The sidewalks are made of bricks. Most trees are preserved as natural decorations for their suburbs. Each house has a multiple-room format, 3-4 stories high, built of bricks, large windows, and large doors. There are 20,000 people who lived in the suburb. There’s no cars found, but a subway that is linked from the seasonal section of New kingdom. Electric trams, and electric buses are mostly used. Each electric bus holds 72 passengers, they’re built for traveling over streets that made of ice blocks. Most falling snow is collected to be compressed into ice blocks. For these neighbors to reduce global warming, they outlawed use of coal-burning power plants. Windmills are the mandatory sources of energy they are using. Like other renewable energy, they don’t hurt the planet.However, they’re windmills are built for blizzards, gusty winds up to 200 mph. They can generate thousands of gigawatts of electricity. They have 400 windmills someplace. But we can find the location of these windmills. But it may take some time. Snow that is falling constantly is always recycled. Snow cones are made everyday! They’re shipped to stores to be sold as cold treats. Money that is made is used to keep this suburb going. Since this place is peaceful, these people are smart, and kind.

What if we had windmills in the cold environment?

  • We don’t need a coal-plant. All we have to do just use wind. That means, each windmill must handle the coldest conditions to run. Due to friction, it generates heat. The cold air itself cools the mechanism. If you had hundreds of them you will get lots of electricity.
  • Our cold environment is going to have clean air,–leaving ice caps intact. Mining for coal will be dropped via percentage.

What if we used solar energy, and windmills via hotter environments?

  • We can able to cool down our planet. You can also turn off the lights to cool down the planet too. We can also get clean air via this format of energy.
  • Imagine we had solar panels installed on each building in Africa. The results are astonishing! If we removed all coal-plants, we will get more clean air.

Hours later; Amanda and I went to the empty house, so we can camp out in the cold village. Samantha and Gabrielle are building a snow fort. Inside this house, there’s multiples of rooms that are large. Furniture is already set. The bunks are already set upstairs. The flooring is tiled. But the rest of the flooring is carpeted. We can see the tea room that is located at the north section of this house. Maybe the owner is out of town, but he left a message on a desk. We have to camp here for a while because, we have to reach the windmills that are active during the blizzard. We just started our adventure.

Amanda’s cousin, Joe came to our temperary house, he’s bringing his luggage with him. Amanda: “You finally made it! We’re going towards the set of windmills in the cold environment. New Kingdom is using renewable energy to opt out of fossil-fuels. Our fairies in this kingdom is doing different tasks.” Joe: “My brothers are planning on taking down the abandon coal-plant in the hot climate. Four of them are trying to do their best job. And I forgot to tell you the news; New Kingdom had outlawed coal-mining. Since we saved lots of trees, we can darken our town,–making it look like a fancy town. Substainable farms, crops, and other products is a must for our kingdom. The cattle farm that I visited is running again. Our farmers had solved the problem.” “We’re continuing to go eggless,–so we can help other villagers speed up their project. Our humane farms had did some upgrades,” I said. Amanda and I went to the parlor to drop off our camera. Joe went to the kitchen to drop off the freezer that he’s working on. Joe’s voice: “Four of my brothers needed an extra boost for their project, If we can make it, we can take down the coal-plant. These fairies had trouble doing it.” Amanda and I started flying out of the parlor,–getting ready to fly towards the hot location,–where other fairies are at. That’s when Joe activates the freezer.

As Amanda and I left, Joe continued working on his project. He built his own freezer! This unit has a surge-state mechanism that will activate the compressor. Since the condensor coils are arranged like a block; the power condensor fan pulls heat from the coils. Since the kitchen gets cold, the heat from the coils are collected, and blown at the side of the freezer. Since it’s an upright freezer, the unit that blows the heat is ontop of a freezer unit. The evaporator coils. are positioned to an angle. The evaporator fan pulls cold air from the coils, to the freezer compartment. The filter keeps dust from being channeled to the coils. The condensor coils are also protected with a filter too. They catch dust,–leaving the coils intact. However, he didn’t bring just 1 unit, he brong 2 units. The second unit, but it has a condensor unit underneath the freezer unit. They work the same way, but the second unit is going to be used in the cellar. Joe build freezers as a living. He can turn an old refrigerator into a freezer unit. He’s also good at recycling. The 3 fairies came to our house. They are going to drop off the recycling. That way; if we come back to our house, we can take it to the recycling facility.

Later, we flown to the hot location where the coal-plant is being taken down. We helped these other fairies finish their project. So far, solar-panels are already installed to these buildings. Almost all of these houses are using solar-panels. Most of them have metal roofs. They also had green roofs. These streets are made of dirt. And these sidewalks are made of bricks. These streetlamps, use biological fuels to light the dark neighborhood, others use electricity, since they use batteries as counter storage device, solar-panels that are embedded to each lamp. The forest is remain intact. People who live inside the forest built large portable cabins to sleep in. They had multiples of rooms. Vegans who often live here distribute lots of vegan products. Since they don’t drive cars, they ride animals to travel. All of these cabins are spred out. Amanda and I used tools to tear down the coal-plant. Four of these fairies flown out of the way to see the coal-plant go down.

Amanda and I started flying towards the village,–where 4 of Joe’s brothers live. These villagers are poor, but they do manage recycling. About 33 fairies are working in the garden. Since they had a giant garden, they can decorate their entire village with lots of plants. They do had a train. It travels on elevated tracks, and open-canals. They installed rain barrels to catch water,–so they can use it for watering plants. There’s no cars found in this village. But only the job industries own motor-vehicles. However, some people own RVs, and motorhomes. The sewer system is equipped with a machine that collects methane gas, it’s recycled as fuel. It’s built-in waste-to-energy plant generates power for the entire unit. This system is so complex, it can block CO2 gases by 99%! If the sun ever sets, it gets cold. That’s when people are asleep. But some people are awake because, they had complex jobs.

Amanda and I went back to our house that we’re using in the cold environment. We planned on continuing our flight to the windmills in the cold environment. But we have to help other fairies. Since they had trouble building a windmill someplace in the cold environment, they need our helping hand. Joe’s Voice: “You finally came back, we decided to speed up our project, since we’re exploring, we had planned to connect our subway to the hot environment. Since New Kingdom is a large kingdom, we are going to install bridges that will go over the canal,–where our trains will go through.” Amanda: “Our mission is accomplished! We torn down the coal-plant, the following village in the hot environment had started using solar-panels as their default energy. They also used green roofs, and metal roofs, to replace asphalt roofs. Since they had streets made of dirt, they can let rain water go to the ground naturally. They had a giant garden that is shared with other villagers.” “It was so hot, we had to stop at the lunch sheds to cool down. These solar-panels can collect the sun, and convert it to energy. And the shed is cold as expected. Our poor villagers did their good job!” I said. Joe had finished working with his icebox that is going to store foods. The dry ice holder is installed,–so it can cool fresh foods, and freeze frozen foods. Amanda and I started flying towards our bunks to settle down.

Amanda and I went to sleep early. Joe and the other fairies are doing their project at night. Most of our neighbors are preparing to sleep. They are waiting for new windmills to be built later on. Bruce, Samantha, Gabrielle, and Christopher are camping out at the suburb that is being setup for new owners. The environment is still intact. That means, w’re saving our planet. New Kingdom is still a busy place, but parts of it are sleepy. Almost all villagers are asleep because, they’re finalizing their work. Since They are going home, they usually eat their dinner,–before they sleep at 22:00.

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