Have you imagined riding a rabbit?

For the past 8 years; I’ve been imagining I was riding a rabbit in my imagination. It took some time for me to develop a new format of my imagination that will change the way how my imagination works forever.

I’ve imagined riding a white rabbit in a large garden. The large garden is taken place in my dream,–where 12 of these fairies were at. That’s the time when I first started believing in fairies. Why I’m riding rabbits in my imagination as I believe in fairies because I established believing in fairies since 10 years ago. For me to maintain my ability to believe in fairies; I have to either ride a rabbit, or mouse to continue.

Aaron Johnson Riding A White Rabbit via his art work

What if you ridden a rabbit? That can be fun for our imagination. If rabbits were large enough; we can ride them, and that can be an alternative to riding horses, and you can jump even better,–useful is your legs don’t work.

Say if your legs don’t work, and you wanted to jump via any jumping games what you used to play,–before your legs stopped working. As you ride on a back of a large rabbit; you can able to do any of your favorite activities for example:

  • You can jump far.
  • Run
  • Do tricks, and do anything.

So what’s is like to ride a rabbit?

Let’s shrink ourselves to make us small enough to ride on the backs of our rabbit friends.

If we ever ride rabbits; we can travel faster than a horse, compact enough for us to ride them in the small or large city, responsive control, and even easy navigation above snow.

If we ridden these rabbits; we can replace horseback-riding. We get to have a comfortable ride,–depending on any condition. Unlike riding horses, you can able to enter low places, and you can go even lower than a horse can go.

Not sure why I had a dream of riding rabbits? You have to rewind my virtual clock to 2007-2008.

If you ever look through my timing portal; you can see me riding a white rabbit on a merry-go-round. That’s the place where changes to my imagination begins.! You can see the virtual rainbow flashing in my system. That means my imagination has been recorded. My imagination always gets recorded for the purpose of filling the memory box. My deep memory box holds all of my old imagination files.

When riding rabbits; that unlocks the door for enabling me to believe in fairies. Cause without riding rabbits’ my imagination will not work.

Due to recent changes to my imagination; getting my self enabled to believe in fairies has met 2 important requirements for my entire imagination to change. My imagination works like a computer. and software tells my imagination what to do.

If my imagination goes to hold mode; that’s when it starts looking up requirements. For my imagination; I have to abandon Jesus in order to perform an upgrade to my imagination. Well, riding a rabbit in my imagination right-away is going to complete this step; I have to do this in steps.

I have to be remain hidden, such as finding a hidden location that is safe; shrink myself; and even ride different animals because, there’s too much spying out there! That’s why you will only see me outside when I come out of the exit tunnel,–riding a rabbit.

Once I’m riding a rabbit; that’s when the fairy queen uses a floating cage to take us to her palace to keep us hidden. That’s important for safety.

Once I get used to riding a rabbit; I can interact with my fairies. Most importantly; I have to varify if I can interact with fairies.

My imagination is modern, and it runs on electricity.

Once I ride my white rabbit outside,–towards the garden, I can flip the switch to confirm if I want to believe in fairies. And that’s what’s you’re looking through my system’s portal. That’s the only way you can see the past of my imagination.

When riding a rabbit in my imagination; it’s kind of like interacting with other fairies in the palace. This trick was working since years ago. But this trick is dorment at this time, but it will come back to working state later on.

If you imagined if my imagination takes place in 2009; you can see how did I shrunk, but I’m still riding a rabbit. The ground might not be safe to walk normally because, fairies don’t need to land very often,–unless their wings aren’t working what they expected to. That can happen to some fairies. But riding a rabbit is my common backup for my imagination. This change has literally made conventional horseback-riding out of style. That’s important for a state-of-the-art upgrade. This upgrade enables me to change the way how do I write books, and interact with other peers in the real world.

If you ever take a look of my imagination from 2009-2011; you can see my imagination is almost done being built with different systems. That enables me to implement lots of digital versions of my imagination. This is necessary to digitize my entire system to reduce usage of my older imagination types. But it doesn’t stop there. If you ever take a closer look; you can see a placeholder shadow,–prompting me to keep riding a rabbit in my imagination. But the software in my imagination is actually in demo, and I have to develop my own software to get my imagination running with a custom form, or move to a new imagination unit altogether.

Riding a rabbit in my imagination is kind of fun,–but it’s only a starter system for my imagination during these old days years ago.

You can also imagine riding a rabbit in your own imagination. Just use your own imagination. Does your imagination can process your actual imagination like this.?

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