1: Fun Effort to reduce power in our home!

Amy and I has finished the another section of our house. With a flip of a switch, the lights are now on at our bunks. These light slots hasn’t been working for the past months. “Perfect!!!” I exclaimed. One working light has lit the bunks when the test curtains has been activated. Then 2 lights has activated. The bunks begins to brighten up… and the LED lights has lit without any trouble. Amy said, “now these lights will help us reduce energy. They can be dimmed,–so we can save more energy, but we don’t need to dim them at this time.” Amy and I are proud because, we had reduced energy by 70%. Now the coal industry will use less fuel, and go out of service, that will also enable us to use windmills to generate power for our village. Amy and I were so proud of our project because, we’re reducing pollution. “All we haveto do just figure out how much of our power has been reduced so far,” I said.

Amy and I has settled down for a short time as we save our session of our project. We enjoyed some tea and tarts as we watch TV. Well, this is an open-source TV show what they’ve just supplied for our subscription. Since this service is evolving slowly, we have to stay in our budget. Amy has prompted me to go to the next level. She often reloads my shipment of tarts for my freezer. Both of us are taking a long break to let our energy charge up. We’re planning on implementing our new lighting to reduce power even further. But Amy doesn’t want to do this project too soon because, we have to save our money in order to get these materials for our project in the future. I have to write it down on my computer to keep track of our recent tasks. Unlike other people who were renting homes, we’re the only ones who were maintaining our home. This long project takes time. We’ve currently had parts of our home completed so far. Amy looks around the room to see if any of these projects needed to be implemented. But we’re NOT in the rush to implement these new features. We do this by these steady steps. Amy thought she didn’t do any tasks, but she already did. I’ve allowed Amy to look into my digital log. And she discovered her task highlighted in blue,–indicating she already did her task. But she’s taking a long break. That enables us to watch some other mouse-trainers in our village. Amy: “Look all of these mice going nowhere to the next level! Since you have taken steps to level up; I had lots of time to review each level.” Amy adjusts the volume on our TV. We have to use our stereo system to extend the sound from our set. “You are right Amy. I always give you long breaks after each task and tricks. You’re kind of like my third fairy, but you’re currently being developed by me. Some of my peers don’t have a mouse as a pet just yet,” I said. Amy reboots the player,–after the movie finished playing. It was a short movie. But that’s just a starter content created by our community. Maybe they’re launching their business via each step.

Amy and I went to our bunks to sleep. We’ve just setup a TV set to listen to audio books during bedtime stories. Other people are telling bedtime stories too. Almost everyone in our village are telling stories to all villagers who were still awake. Amy: “Let’s sleep for tonight, we’re not going to explore our dark yard for now, we have to let the police find that bad guy who is wandering ALL Over our village. He’s been scaring away all of the mouse-owners who were trying to care for mice. That guy has been smuggling snakes to our village for years. Our village doesn’t allow anyone to own snakes under any circumstances.” I felt kind of sleepy, I’ve managed to keep myself awake,–so I can ride Amy in our bunks. I can hear Annie coming back to our house. But it isn’t her, it’s actually a fairy queen who is granting wishes to everyone. “Maybe your cousin is coming to our house for tonight. Some of my peers are trying to let me know about their mice who were trying to take cover,” I said. Amy felt a bit worried. She believed there’s a mysterious snake lurking someplace in our village. Some of my neighbors were afraid of snakes because, they don’t support ownership of snakes. Amy said, “there’s a snake coming in our village. And we have to keep ourselves hidden. We have to warn other mouse-owners on the next day,–after we explored our yard tomorrow morning.” Amy navigates to the upper bunk. This large bunkbed is kind of like a miniature house. But it has built-in lights,–so we can see.

Annie is at the large palace where other fairies live. Annie is currently planning an expansion of our subway system. Other fairies are just having a night time tea with berry scones. The backup fairy queen is currently taking our primary fairy queen’s position. She has to log all wishes that were granted by each fairy. Annie has already granted wishes for me. And she did it many times! Only Annie has the ability to use her wand 99% at a time,–all without distraction. Other fairies were so jealous because, they wanted to do the same thing what Annie is doing. There are 44 fairies currently delivering these expensive scones to the fairy queen who wanted them stocked in their special freezer that is built to keep their scones preserved for a long time.

Annie flies to the large kitchen to reload all of the freezers that are used to keep vegetarian products cool, and last for a long time. Over 44 freezers has been stocked for the purpose of keeping their food supply topped up. The fairy queen who is currently busy granting wishes is now cracking down on discrimination. All fairies should grant wishes to everyone,–not just for little kids. She started removing bad fairies from our village for the purpose of protecting our villagers’ independence.

When bad fairies are removed from our system, over 200 good fairies take over empty spaces where bad fairies used to be. Amanda is currently joining the lead for cracking down on some bad fairies who were involved in discriminating adults. All fairies should respect the rights of fairy-believers. It doesn’t matter how old he/she is. All fairies disclose their activities when logging via computers. If they’re linked to a cause; they publish public articles. Joe is currently helping other fairies upgrade their wishing-system,–so adults of any age can get their wishes granted. it may take some time for our fairies to implement a new system for our village.

The Next day; Amy and I were enjoying a warm breakfast as we watch TV. These dim lights has turned off since sunrise. Currently we’re having tarts with nutmeg and ginger scones that were made of 100% vegan ingredients. We’re also having tea and a block of vanilla ginger wafer and nut mix. Amy said, “this is our early breakfast. We’re the only ones who woke up early.” Amy changes the channel to the news channel. Our warm tea is still being brewed on an electric range. It has a timer that will signal the surface element to turn off. Currently, I’m editing my books what I’m currently writing. Some of my other peers told me about these errors found in this book. Amy is currently enjoying her special treat,–after she reset my internet router. Maybe she discovered my wireless router dropping connection like crazy, or something. “Way to go Amy. You fixed my router to get our internet connection. Without you; I have to go to my router directly to fix the problem,” I said. Amy felt glad because, she did a new trick. Amy said, “most likely, you taught me how to work this unit, and reset it,–if it needs to reboot.” Amy continues eating her meal. She drinks her cup of tea, and she continues watching TV.

After we ate breakfast; Amy and I started to review our projects for our home. Other people who own houses were just having fun. But their homes were still consuming more power than usual. They have to reduce power, or our village might be end up in drout-like conditions. Stanley has arrived at our home with the another package,–it’s used for rewiring our entire power system for our yard. Amy can hear other people trying to reduce power. But they’re actually doing it wrong. Amy said, “this is our project where we just left off. All we have to do just finish it up,–so we can save more energy.” Amy and I start reviewing our electrical work for our project. It may take some time for both of us to work with our project like this. Stanley asked, “how you’re going to maintain this entire home? It can take days for your project to be completed.” Stanley has never discovered me and Amy own a house before. Stanley has tried to be nice to mice. He wished he wanted to care for a mouse too. But his parents were not sure about his wish. Maybe his parents didn’t know about his wish. Maybe he used to go to school,–where they own mice as companion animals. But they take lots of responsibility seriously. Amy replied, “we bought it with our money! We’re currently revamping our house to make our place fancy, and a better place to live” Amy can speak both English (UK), or English (US). But Stanley can’t understand what Amy is saying. Stanley said, “now I get it! You wanted to own a house instead of renting. But I discovered someone wandering in our village,–posing as a tourist who is interested to spend time in our village.” Amy didn’t respond with a panic. But she’s currently gathering data to find out what’s happening in our village. “I think this guy is causing some problems. We have to get our house finished up,–so we can be new neighbors who wanted to make our village a better place for our villagers,” I said. Amy and I continues with our project,–preparing ourselves to go outside. Stanley guards our home as we exit the backdoor. He checks our home for any possible signs of bad guys.

Once we exited the door, Stanley starts his task to keep our home safe,–until we return home. He’s always equipped with his tablet,–so he can communicate with other peers.

Amy and I were setting up our back porch to install new lights for our backyard. Our goal is to keep our house lit each night. Since homes with larger land were susceptible to be infested with bad guys; installing bright lights for our porch can fix this problem. Most of these conventional lights consume more energy. Amy said, “our new peer, Stanley is guarding our home,–so we can revamp parts of our home. It may take some time for both of us to complete our electrical work. We have to remove old electrical cables, and replace old fixtures with new ones, and install automatic light controllers. With this form of our custom install of our power system; we can prevent bad guys from shutting off lights. We’re going to secure our lights too with impact tools that will prevent lamps from being stolen.” I can feel warm air blowing towards our porch. These lamps were once used for a bar, but we’re going to modify them to make our home brighter at night. Amy always take her tasks seriously. She watches over other neighbors for any possible snake ownership. She has an option to report a problem with snakes in our village. Other owners who own homes were still trying to get their homes lit at night too. And they really need help. “This powerful light system is going to light up our yard,–so we can allow other villagers to see in the dark,” I said, handing Amy some tools to modify these older lamps. They’re in good standing, but the LED bulb isn’t installed just yet. The reflector needs to be cleaned, or replaced,–so it can extend the reach of the lit porch, and yard. This is necessary because, if we don’t get our house lit at night, some of our villagers will not see at night.

Amy and I were exploring our yard. Our neighbor at his house is currently installing new lights for his home because, he’s trying to reduce energy bills. His energy bills were recently high. He believed his lights has consumed so much power, he has to take action to combat high usage of energy. Amy likes exploring my yard during the day. Usually I ride Amy down the path of my yard that is divided into sections, such as a garden, outdoor tea shed, and an outdoor swing set. We had a plan to light up some of our equipment in our yard. We’ve already implemented lamp posts that are designed to keep our yard lit with a built-in solar panels. These panels enables this lamp to be charged up each day, and it also has a miniature generator that can regenerate power to brighten the lamp to light up our entire yard. Amy said, “looks like the fence that used to be installed has been removed by someone who is involved in exterminating mice, and some of our villagers were upset.” Amy stops at the shed. She can see the lights that are off. But the switch is kind of vandalized by many bullies who were trying to cover up all of their deceptive activities. I replied, “way to go Amy! Looks like we found ourselves a mission to get our village back to reducing pollution, and reducing crime levels. Let’s warn other villagers about this issue.” All of the other owners who own houses were not sure about a current issue in our village. But Amy and I are not going to be fooled or spoofed. There’s a mysterious person who is wandering in our village, trying to remove our lights from dark places. Samantha and Gabrielle Goose are just laying bricks to build a path for their garden. Their project has been started since days ago,–that’s the time when I first own a house.

Amy and I are running to the tea shop to enjoy a warm cup of tea with other villagers who were getting ready for the night time tea for their richual,–that focuses on respecting mice and rats, and it doesn’t involve any sacrifice under any circumstances. All mice were respected each day. Each mouse is assigned to a villager who is a home-owner who owns a house.

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