My Fairy-Riding Adventure


It’s daytime at this old village. There’s lots of fancy houses, there’s windmills, a large farm, a large garden, and the wonderful forest with tall trees. I was riding my fairy, Annie in the blue sky. These villagers are about to wake up, and fly with their new fairies. The fairy queen is granting wishes for the entire village.

As soon as the villagers are fully awake; they start to meet new fairies who are going to redesign the entire village,–going from proprietary to open-source. The fairy queen finishes her task, and flies to the another village to grant everyone’s wishes around the world.

Each villager has his/her own fairy. About 44 fairies are flying in the sky. These streets are being cleaned for the cold days, these houses are getting their boilers ready to keep villagers warm. Almost 44 houses a day are set for the coldest days.

Annie and I are starting to land at the empty farm,–where the garden is located. We’re about to go to our house to take a look of these fairies. Although; Annie is the largest fairy what I’m riding. Well, large fairies hasn’t been introduced to this village just yet! But that’s just the starting point for this village.

As we finally landed; we started to go to our house as we watch some villagers fly with their new fairies. Well, they only had small ones. The fairy queen is rolling out some large ones later.

The palace in the sky appears over the village. Whirling fairy dust covers half of the village. The clouds starts to float over the village. Rain is arriving,–watering plants that are growing in the fall. The new sustainable food system has been established,–so food shortage won’t effect the entire village.

Some of the fairies are getting ready to do difficult tasks for some people who are trying to complete. But some fairies are just at home with their owners who wanted a fairy as a companion.

Somehow; the evil monkeys has started to steal the fairies from the village.

They stole magic wands, and other magical items. These villagers are angry! They really wanted to believe in fairies. Annie and I can see the problem.

This village starts to lose magic too soon.

The pink berries has disappeared.

And the gardens has been wiped.

The 2 monkeys are on the run! They are heading towards the hideout,–outside of our village.

Annie and I started our mission to stop these enemies. We’re going to get these wands back, and save these other fairies.

Annie and I are on our flight mission to locate the 2 evil monkeys who stole the magic wands. Well, some of these fairies has flown away. But none of these villagers don’t want to be proprietary.

One of these villagers has to restart from scratch, but they’re not going to risk it. The fairy queen is aware of the 2 evil monkeys who stole these wands from the village. However; she’s counting on us!

Annie and I are flying through the woods,–where the vegan gardeners camp out. Most of them discovered these monkeys who are evil stealing their goods. Maybe they’re been trained by poachers who are poaching monkeys to harm our village. The poor who lived there told us to save their beautiful home, and their creatures. Their 22 fairies are still hiding from them.

We can see the following:

  • Trees are cut down, and hauled to the illegal logging company.
  • Evil monkeys became coal-miners,–trying to harm our environment.
  • Poachers illegally hunting animals for meat and skin.
  • About 55 fairies taking action against poaching.

Annie and I told other fairies to join us to stop the evil monkeys trained by poachers who are responsible, and they did. Annie is now a temperary leader for all fairies.

Some of the villagers are just settling normally at their homes. They’re still going open-source as they can. They can see me and Annie flying through the woods outside of this sleepy old village.

We went towards the mountains to check if they’re still there. We can see lots of snow. But we don’t want these mountain tops to be ripped off for coal. Annie uses her wand to make these evil monkeys disappear. Poof goes her wand, and the poachers who are trying to start a mine are removed!

The first element of magic has been recovered. It was located inside the metal can that is built for carrying coal.

We brong it down,–back to the village to tell people about it. They can see magic inside. And they started to take it to their houses to restore it.

I ridden my fairy towards the farm,–where the gardens are located. These gatherers are getting ready to harvest their crops for food. Annie warns them to watch out for the poachers who trained these monkeys to damage the environment. They can hear them screeching like normal monkeys. But they don’t want to be fooled! About 33 farmers wished for this act to be stopped,–for good. Annie instructs other fairies to grant their wishes. I pulled out my tablet to take notes, so we can review what missions what we just completed.

The 22 poachers has been starting to hunt more animals like crazy. We started to capture some more poachers who are responsible. The fairy queen is still granting wishes for the entire village.

Meanwhile; we started to scan for some more poachers. I have to be extra careful when riding my fairy in the sky. It can be a disaster when we tip over in the sky. Annie has the ability to balance without tipping over. However; poachers trying to mislead villagers,–telling them they are fairies are arrested by the police, and hauled off to prison.

We’ve cleared all of the poachers all right; we have to find the hideout to take out the remaining poachers who are poaching monkeys to become evil monkeys who are trying to harm the environment.

Annie and I found the hideout,–where 2 monkeys are hiding! We started to use our wands to capture them, and stop the poachers who are responsible. We can see them, but they’re out of range.

The evil monkeys are turned in by the environmentalist who are concerned,–regarding these poachers who are responsible for harming the village. They told us to locate the poachers who are responsible for their awful crime.

Suddenly, the poachers gone mad at us. But Annie uses her wand to place them inside the glass lamp to prevent them from escaping.

The poachers are finally arrested!

They’re been hauled off to prison for poaching, and harming our environment. Annie and I almost stopped our flight, but we didn’t even attempted to do so.

The 2 monkeys that are poached by these poachers are removed from our village, and the magic is fully restored. Everything is in right order.

Annie and I continues flying over the village to extend our adventure. Everybody is flying with their fairies!

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