Night Lights In My House (story)

4: The Dark Attic & the Mysterious Lamp Snatcher

Amy and I are entering the attic of our house, usually we leave the lights on because, we don’t want anyone to be lost there. We discovered one of these lights are not working. Only the light that is working is far from us. But the globe for the light is totally dirty,–causing us to use a flashlight to see in the dark. Amy: “This is the unsafe situation in this attic of our home. We had the fluorescent bulb handy for this attic. Let’s install it, and replace the bad one.” Amy uses the platform to reach the globe that houses a light that is blown out. I start the process of cleaning out the globe for the light. The outsides are kind of dusty, but the insides are extremely dirty, and it needs serious cleaning via steam. That’s important for this globe to be cleaned, and deoxidized. Maybe this globe hasn’t been touched for the last 4 months. “I think the neglectful landlord who used to own this place has been doing this to some people who wanted their home to be maintained with procise standards. This bulb what you’re replacing is the story. But be careful when steaming it clean,” I said. Amy removes the old fixture, and replaces it with a new one. She inspects the electrical cable. The electrical cable is defective, and it needs to be replaced. Amy: “You are right! We have to fix these electrical cables in this house,–so we can make this home safer. I’m currently installing new cables for this attic,–so we can see, and we have to hurry,–before the light in this attic goes out.” Amy starts installing the new bracket for the power cable.

Amy finishes installing the electrical cable,–so the lights will be installed. The bulb is already installed. But the switch hasn’t been flipped just yet. We have to go to the circuit box to test the light system, and confirm it’s working properly. Having the attic lit all times is important for safety. We discovered lots of old furniture that was owned by a previous landlord who used to live here. This large clutter has been flooding this attic for years. And nobody has clean up this house for a long time. If we can get the lights on, and find out what’s actually in this attic, we can find some more treasure, and let other home-owners know about this issue what we’re solving.

Once we are done with setting up one section of this attic, we ran to the circuit box to turn the lights on. Finding the box is important to turn the power back on. We heard lots of news articles about bad guys who were involved in hiding in attics of our homes. Although; alarm systems are the best way to keep your home safe. Locking these doors are also important to keep us safe while we’re asleep. But some locks are picked by bad guys who use tools to illegally break into our homes.

Once we reached the circuit box, we flipped it to the on to activate the attic. Well, this attic will be used for our new project later. This unit will send power to our work location,–so we can work with our house, and touch up all of the flaws of our house itself.

We ran back to the attic, and flipped the switch, and the lights turns on. It reached the another half of our attic. This is useful for lighting up places of our home that is likely to be dark, and be infested with unwanted criminal activities. This is necessary to implement specialized protection, and making our home visible.

We start investigating this issue with our house.

We took extra caution when exploring this attic that is unbothered by anyone. I kept myself from dismounting my mouse. Amy discovered 1 device that is left-behind by a previous renter of this house. And it belongs to some child who owned this unit. Maybe a bully who is involved in bullying a child in the dark has scared him/her away from his/her loving home. Amy: “Looks like we found ourselves a mission to find the bully who is involved in stealing every child’s night light unit from bedrooms! My family who lived at my other house,–where my grandmother lives enforces their household guidelines,–prohibiting bullies from preying on anyone who is disabled or young. My large family does NOT go to church because we’re all mythological beings, and we have no ability to bully anyone.” Amy collects the unit, and places it in her pocket. She uses her tablet to take notes of our mission,–so the police can find the landlord who is responsible for a neglectful act.I ridden Amy towards the drawer that is broken, and we discovered a mysterious item what a bully just left seince a year ago. I asked Amy to not to grab the item because, I take safety seriously.

Amy runs towards the door to escape our attic. I have to let Amy walk off and run to activate her escape route. She heard some person arriving. Amy: “I heard one person who is hiding from the police for weeks! It could be a lamp-ripping guy who is responsible for scaring someone away.” Amy uses her recorder to capture audio.

Once we reached the 1st floor of our house, we decided to take a look of the dark sections of our house to check for these bad guys who were responsible for stealing lights from our homes. I’ve currently had a stereo running, and capturing the news about the thieft who is responsible for bullying children who were afraid of a dark.

Amy starts opening the door that leads to the backyard. We’re currently getting ready to fix the problem with our lights. Well, we’ve already implemented lights in our system. That’s very important for safety. But we’re using a flashlight to see in the dark. Most of these other homes are the victims of the bad guy’s lamp ripping. Maybe this guy has escaped from prison someplace. Looks like he’s setting down these illegal mouse-traps everywhere. And many villagers who were afraid of this man is involved in ripping lamps for years. Although; our backdoor light has been left unlocked for the past years, this wooden door has been worn out. We had opted to install a metal door to replace the old wooden door. Amy: “Wow! We have to capture this bad guy,–otherwise someone might get hurt by this guy. Let’s install these lights at this backdoor, and buy a new door for our home.” Amy looks at the yard; there was a man who is posing as an exterminator who don’t have a license to exterminate. Maybe he’s been involved in scamming some of our neighbors. Who in the right mind to allow extermination of mice to be practiced in our peaceful village? This guy who is running from our villagers has been terrorizing our village.

Before After

Conventional lighting use traditional bulbs to light the attic, but went out since we first owned our house.

Attic is a mess.

New lights installed,–starting with 1 fluorescent lamp lights up the entire attic. This is necessary to start our effort to keep our house visible at night.

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