History Of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

The Great Launch


Long ago in 2013; My Dreams Of Fairies & Fantasy has been launched after an emergency rebrand of our blog to keep our blog in good standing. My Dreams Of Fairies & Fantasy is the early generation of this blog found on Blogger,–hosted by Google Inc. This slow-growing blog has been built strategically to enable readers to read our new content what we publish everyday. But we didn’t have any readers just yet. And we haven’t learned HTML just yet. We have to rely on writing plain text as a way to get our content formatted, but we’re NOT using compose mode because, it doesn’t match screen-reader requirements.

We used to write content telling people why you should avoid harmful substances. But we removed this content,–due to Blogger’s content policy that isn’t helping at all. And we have to take extreme risks when writing creative posts, and publishing to the world. This form of risk taking is necessary because, we plan out which content to write from scratch.

Strategic Writing & Licensing Content

All strategic writing takes place when writing posts in draft,–before publishing. This writing strategy has been implemented to ensure our content is ready to read by anyone who wanted to read new content everyday. The newly formatted posts has resolved these following issues, such as: Garbled text, screen-readers converting paragraphs to run-on sentences, and resolving continuous reading of some screen-readers. HTML writing has resolved this issue by going to W3schools website to learn to use HTML code. This free site has no paywalls, and no subscriptions to rely on.

After months of writing, we inserted Creative Commons licenses for our content to open our work to the general public. With this strategy… that literally changed our way of distributing content forever! This is necessary to help other creators reuse our content without risking any of these expensive licensing firms that are NOT suitable for us. This is also necessary for us to leave the corrupted world of copyright catastrophe.

Supporting Creative Commons is the next step all right, but our blog is still under construction when new content is posted overall.

The way how strategic licensing and writing is carried out on our website:

  • A Creative Commons license is applied to this website.
  • Posts and other content receives updates to fix errors when necessary.
  • Word count should be at least over 4000 words when publishing content.
  • Writing takes time, and effort.

2013: Post This Is Your Wake Ups!! YouTube Channel Termination

We used to be on YouTube… but we were busy helping one of our friend on YouTube who has trouble with people who is involved in bullying this activist who lives in China. His channel was alive since we’ve first had our channel on YouTube… uploading videos without any trouble. We defined it as a history point of us interacting with a person who needed help from us. We message with this person who we’re speaking up for. And we try our best to stop all of the online bullying.

Okay, if you don’t know what This Is Your Wake Ups!! YouTube channel is; it was a YouTube channel ran by a person who discovered me,–after I subscribed to his channel. He was trying to get help from me, and take out the corruption. He’s been neglected by YouTube, and his channel was designed to bring all of these issues to light. He did had lots of subscribers. That’s the time during the early stages of youtube.

Around March 5th, 2013; we were just setting up our new blog that is going to have content for our visitors to read text-based content. This is a fallback creation, that way… if we can’t upload videos… we can still create. However; we just stuck with our new blog, writing new stories, and experimented with HTML formatting. That took some time. But what we just learned about the message what we just missed on YouTube; we decided to send a message to our friend; but something has gone wrong… YouTube has unlawfully and cruely terminated his account with a neglectful manner. And this is the sign of YouTube going corrupted. This form of neglectful practice hasn’t been reported for years. If we brought YouTube’s neglectful manners to light… that means; some of these users will find a different video host.

My Dreams of Fairies & Fantasy Launch

When 2 new posts has been published for the first time via Blogger; that’s when we started to write content that is text-based. That enables us to write unique content like a book. This is necessary to go paperless to save the trees. We started using this free blogging platform to write our creative content. We defined our spring blogging time as “blogging season”. This is necessary to keep going,–after we made a mistake by switching to a DEV channel on our Chromebook. However; we survived this mistake by going to the BETA channel on our device. We stood there for a while,–until the stable version of our machine has arrived. But we kept blogging like normal.

When we started to write more content like a pro; we decided to link up our posts, and change up our themes during the building of our blog.

We stuck with fictional stories that are easy to write. We thought of implementing multiple forms of fictional stories for anyone, but we stuck with our prefered fantasy that focuses on fairies. We have to write a blog as a book because, this is our new effort of publishing content each day. Like writing a book, we can instantly publish new content. It’s kind of like writing a live ebook,–except there are no pages to flip. However; our ability to write long posts has been getting better overtime as we learned from writing books of any kind.

Rebranding to “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy”

Our old brand has been dumped, and replaced with “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy” because, our goal is to make our blog be entertaining as possible. This is necessary to dump our old brand, and rename our blog like a book. Common ways to make our blog relevant is by choosing which blogs to display via a widget to show blogs related to fairies. We also displayed Sites via list for some people to visit other sites, but these sites hasn’t been matching our content as we expected. We tried other way to get relevant sites on a sidebar of our site. We use a newsreel widget to display other sites that is related to fairies. So we can have relevant content.

If you never read content on this website like this; we write extremely long posts to fill up our site faster. But we had a minority of posts as we write new stories… But all content what we write are always edited to fix storylines.

We written long posts as we can,–until our screen-reader on a Chromebook has started to stall like a broken engine. And we have to file a bug. This bug was almost brought to light, but many people has experienced this bug. Long post with content has been slowing down the screen-reader, Chromevox.

Inspiration Of Saving Our Planet

We signed up on ForceChange to save our environment, and change our world. This is necessary to become an activist.

2014: Post Monetization Strike & Vegetarianism Switch

During the move to an apartment complex; I left meat off my plate,–after I was inspired by animal activists who care about animals. Some of my efforts has started taking affect during the spring. That’s the time before I experienced my bills that are NOT being paid by my mother who is misusing my funds intended for paying bills. That caused me to open a monetization account, and monetize my only blog. I Defined is as a “monetization strike”… meaning struggling to rely on my earned funds via monetization. This financial struggle has been causing me to find other ways to make money. I can’t make paywalls on my blog because, Blogger doesn’t have this feature. This is kind of a struggle what I experienced since my mother has ripped me off. The cable company has suffered losses, and the apartment complex has also suffered losses of unpaid rent, and the energy company has also suffered from these losses of energy bills that are unpaid. This is the form of financial abuse what I suffered during my monetization attempts.

I have to hunt for a live internet connection that is available. This is one example of me suffereing abuse like this. This form of parenting has been causing some of my neighbors who live in this complex to report abuse. And they take abuse and neglect seriously. Well, this is known as a financial panic of 2014. And I tried many attempts to monetize my content, and publish books.

At the end of 2014; I missed out on Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I was end up without any food to eat, and I’m left with food that is scarce! I have to rely on someone else to get help. I asked them to provide vegetarian food to eat. And they have no other choice, but to give me some meat to eat. I have to rely on foods what they gave to me to help me survive. I struggled to keep my blog going, and monitor my ads what I posted for some advertisers who wanted to advertise on my website. I have no internet, and almost no phone. I don’t have a mobile phone, and other devices as a backup.

2015: Post Eviction Attack & Death of My Mother

It was a time when people came to my apartment to help me get out of financial abuse caused by my mother who caused it to happen. Untold; my SSI benefits has been unlawfully used for gambling, and other illegal activities. No money is received what I expected. This nightmare has been going on for the past years. I have to call a number to report financial abuse, the way I got help getting out of abuse is via Independent Connections Services, and other services.. I have to rely on other neighbors to keep me suppled with food to eat. This endless act of abuse kept going,–until I experienced debt!

It was around February 2015; I heard a news about my sister who was arrested for leaving a child behind on a bus to purchase alcohol. She visited my apartment crying,–wanted her baby back! This is kind of like a news after she was released from jail. My old friend who used to live downstairs has told me more about the news.

When my mother has died on April 1, 2015; she left a dirty legacy of her abusive scheme. This is possible when she was infested with stresses that push her to the limits. This is one example why you should NEVER have violence spark in your family.

After my mother’s death; I had some extra chances to get my money what I need to spend on products an services what I wanted to use for my projects. I started to move my blog to may new host for my site, and started to pay for my own bills. This is important for my blog to expand. That also enables me to control my own ads.

Post Recovery Of Funds During Holidays

During the holidays; I continued working with my site as I get used to coding even further. That’s the time before I joined the forums via WordPress help forums. This is necessary for me to try out some plugins for my site. This is the another monetization attempt. But I have to rely on ad networks to keep my site free for a while,–until I have the power to sell my own ads without a conventional ad network.

2016: Attempt Return of writing fictional content

I started to rewrite content that is old and outdated. That also Requires me to update as much posts as I can. This is necessary for me to clean up all of the mess after I successfully moved my content from the old blog. We have to rely on our efforts to quickly clean up our site as fast as possible.

It may take some time for me to edit posts, and publish new content, but I have to set post dates to an earlier date because, this is necessary to help prevent my posts from being mixed up. This is the reason why I’m going back to writing new content on this website:

  • As a way to provide entertaining content – This website isn’t going to be affective when it doesn’t have unique content that will entertain anyone. If content stays the same, and there’s no edits taking place, no new visitor is able to see new content on this website. However; most edits take time to be posted on this website.
  • To provide other content across the website, and add more content that is also relevant to this website, this blog is also a live version of an ebook that never stop receiving updates. All updates are posted randomly to help organize content.

The cleanup was almost done; but some of my posts were going to be expanded to ensure our content stays as relevant as possible. This is necessary to remove spammy content that caused our visitors to steer away.

2017 Expansion Attempt

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has started to rely on a dedicated search site for people to use our search engine to perform searches on our webssite. We also implemented our own blogging platform. That enable users to blog on our website, kind of like any blogging platform.

We also implemented our own online store to sell our digital products. This is necessary for our users to support our website beyond ads. We used to have a classifieds system, but we decided to figure out how we’re going to sell ad slots for placing ads. This is necessary for some advertisers who don’t rely on ad networks to directly advertise on our website.

We’ve also implemented a status website to notify users about our updating status of our website,–that enables our visitors to view our updates on our website, and possible issues.

2018 Moved to Nicodemus, Kansas

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has officially moved to Nicodemus, KS because, this is a place where our website is going to freely expand without any noise from other websites. This is a new place where we are going to reside. This important move has enabled us to establish enough room to expand.

Exiting Bogue and heading back to Salina, KS

With all of these struggles in this small town, and no place to work; an emergency move from Bogue to Hill City has been initiated by DSNWK, headint to their group home as a way to settle, before moving to Salina as a way to get myself back to work.

However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy often have difficulties with Android devices, and an Acer C7 Chromebook that was about to go beyond normal use,–until it finally went out of use,–after a total failure of a machine. I almost have this machine for 8 years, and it was a veteran machine that does its job like usual.

However; an ability to buy a new computer as a way to keep production going has caused us to use our other device as a way to keep our servers active.

2020 Return to Salina

As we finally went back to Salina, we continued to work like normal. We must set aside working with our website as we find a way to get a new computer as a way to help get ourselves back to our project. However; we have to pause our project as a way to help build up cash reserves for our banks as a way to help reduce the burden of debts to handle. Typically, hosting your site is not free that waht you’ve expected.

Each time as I take a break from working with my website, we usually write books as a way to expand our works like usual. Although; having our site running and sharing our work is key for us to have more audience.

During the beginning of a Covid-19 pandemic; we have to lock down, and skip time of work, and find ways to keep our production active. However; working with our website of dream is essential to keep our production active.

Although; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy didn’t have a studio at this time, and we have to keep our site going with these financial obstacles what we need to bypass.

The solution is to ride through pandemics, and wait for vaccines to arrive.

That gives me an opportunity to write more, and find ways to make some extra money. Taking surveys, and even investing my money on a regular basis is key for me to have some extra cash available.

Well, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy just rides through pandemics like usual.

As we finally got ourselves new computers, we decided to keep working with our website, and rethink about how we write content.

These changes are the following:

  • aMaking content available for free by 75%
  • Writing longer posts
  • Rethink about our audience

Using Ubuntu is a snap for our production of content and other means of being creative each day.

Although; it takes time to establish more visits to our website as we write more content for our readers.

With all of that switching between projects on a regular basis, we must refactor our management of our projects like usual.

2021: Renovation that is slow

After accepting vaccines to help end pandemics, we continue on with our projects as a way to amp up our production. Sometimes, we have to work at other jobs as a way to help resolve our financial obstacles.

This is an ongoing project what we are currently doing.


Our site is a functional website that already has content sorted without any cluttering. All content that is real via news, and fictional via entire site is now easier to navigate.

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