Chapter 7: Cold Fall

Jane is on her quest to start her own set of renewable energy sources. New Kingdom begins to phase out the rest of their oil industries. But renewable oil that is plant-based is now overpowering the conventional oil industries. Jane don’t like to pollute air. She is about to plant her own garden as she start her project. She can see me and Annie planting. Leaves are falling off the trees. Jane: “Keep going with your planting efforts.” Annie: “We’ve just started already! All you have to do just keep going with renewable sources.” Jane starts to fly towards the empty section of the plantation to plant her own garden.

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Windmills in the Cold… Cold Environment

Annie is on the quest to help engineers build windmills that will replace a pesky coal-burning plants that are used to generate power. Annie has studied lots of high winds in the cold environment. She did all kinds of things while she’s on duty; she is now patroling the cold ice cap at north of our planet. Her goal is to keep oil-rigs away from the Arctic circle. She always explore the cold places, and think about protecting our planet from these harsh polluters.

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A Fairy-Rider Without a Fairy

The story starts off at my large house in this village. I do have fairies all right; but some of them has poofed out,–due to maintenance, or changes to their fairy system. I can hear Lou and Johny playing games with their legacy pool table. They’re just listening to music as they play. Well, they’re using royalty-free music that is open-source. I’m at the first floor of my house, getting ready for today, and I’m about to go outside, and take a hike. I can hear some people riding horses down the street, looks like they’re going to some farm to entertain themselves or something. My house can muffle all of the clicking outside. Almost all of my equipment what I had built has fully started to work.

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Chapter 1: The Recent Problem in our village

Amy and I are at the farm. We met Robert, he’s the owner of this farm, and he’s been caring for horses as a living! His farm is kind of small, but he also has a large garden,–where he plants food for the village. There’s a large house, a windmill, and there’s also a large barn. Amy: “Some of Fairy-Rider’s peers has been scared by one of your horses, and he has fear of horses.” Robert is currently refilling his food department for his horses. He thought we’re just playing. Robert: “Fear of horses is common in this village, and you’re the only compact creature who is ridden by you Amy. I was trying to resolve this problem, but I need some other people who were good at resolving fears.” I slowed Amy down. “You might need to take it slow,” I said. Amy looks at one of Robert’s horses, she thought his horses are tall as normal horses. Both of them are just playing, some of them are ridden by some people who were trying to show other people how to ride horses. Amy: “Not sure which horse is willing to be a candiddate to resolve fear of horses, we have to find the right farm that has less horses, we have to take a long route to reach you. Lou is your common neighbor who is your visitor who likes to ride horses.” Henery was worried! He thought some of my peers like horses, but some of them are so afraid of them. Robert: “Thanks for letting me know about this issue. One of my horses just started to become a candiddate for resolving fears. Since you’re a fairy-rider; you really ride fairies, but your mouse is your backup. I discovered some of my fairies has poofed out. And we have to wait for our fairies to come back,–after their maintenance session.” Amy and I start our process to choose one of these horses to borrow for resolving some problems by planning it out on a powerful tablet to confirm if we wanted to keep our mission going We have to take extra caution when resolving a problem like this..

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Chapter 8: All Frozen Up!!

Right now; New Kingdom has started to watch their cold section of their kingdom reclaim it’s constant snow showers. But their powerful subway system continues its operation,–all without being delayed by constant cold weather.

Snow starts to fall as 99 fairies fly out of the extremely cold areas, and warm up their homes right away. They have to hurry up,–before the official storm arrives. Once the storm arrives, they varify if their homes are warmed up like they should.

If their homes are warmed up without any trouble; they can able to research how people can thrive in this environment.

Many of these fairies are flying everywhere in the cold section to varify if these ice caps are coming back. Although; Annie and I has returned back to our original house to wait for the cold section to get colder,–confirming if we can save the environment.

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