An Unusual Carousel In My Dream

A carousel is my favorite ride at the mall. I usually go on this ride on many occasions. At this case; I’ve ridden a white rabbit, and I’ve imagined I explored the giant garden that is filled with lots of flowers. They have magic inside. That enables the garden to grow giant flowers. There’s also fancy houses, and ponds where ducks swim at. The dirt road leads to the magical suburb,–where the big bushes are located.

I was working on my project one night, my partner, Zack is working in the cellar, upggrading the old heater for the next winter. Since he’s working overnight; he isn’t able to sleep at night. He sleeps during the day. I was almost done with my work. But I need to turn off my computer, and go to the tea room for a tea party,–before I go to sleep. That’s important for my peers because, we’re the only neighbors who believe in fairies at this suburb that is set as a camp site. The power system uses windmills to generate energy for the camp. And the train system is still active for the entire neighborhood. But the rest of the town is dark because, it’s not in use.

As I went to the tea room; I sat at the bench,–where the card table is located. All of the other peers are just playing cards. I am working with my quilt as I wait for my tea and tarts to be served. I almost finished my quilt; after it’s done, it will be used during bedtime. The lights are dim to save energy. Maggie is serving lots of tarts for the entire house, and George is serving tea for all of us. This long program will take a long time. Each person goes to the bunks;–to slowly silence the entire tea room while the lights are turning off. That makes it easier to reduce crowding of the doorway to the bunks. The bunks is already open for some campers.

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