Five Fairies Tear Down the old Coal-burning Plant

This sleepy old suburb has started to use renewable energy by 2000%! Five fairies are on the mission to erase the old coal-burning plant that is still standing,–right at the edge of the beach.

This plant is once used to power this city that is still awake. these busy facilities need to stay running because, people are at work.

There’s lots of items that are abandon. And they needed to be extracted.

Untold; millions of villagers has stopped using this plant because, they wanted their fairies to stay healthy.

Each fairy does each task. The fairy queen varifies if all of these fairies are doing their task correctly.

Small items are being extracted first. This plant on the inside looks scary! It has lots of spiders, and rats,–and even mice. Well, they are trying to remove all of the smaller items.

There’s old wires, pumps, boilers, lights that are broken, old vents, empty water towers, coal chutes, and blowers.

First, 2 fairies, extract the small items. They place them inside the cart,–so they can be taken to the facility to be restored,–if necessary.

The 3 fairies go for the larger items. They’re going to be placed on these trucks.

Each truck carries the large load.

As soon as the plant is done being emptied, it’s time to take it down!

TNT is placed into these holes that are drilled. All of the seating are placed around the plant,–far away from the building.

People who lived in this village start to arrive via buses to see the plant go down.

All fairies got ready to activate their actions to tear down this old plant.

After 1 big BOOM; the plant starts to go down.

The fairy queen watches the plant go down too! These villagers are waiting for a new garden to be planted,–so they can grow their own food. Since vegan villagers are everywhere, they just can’t wait for their wishes to be granted.

All of the other fairies are just finding some more coal-burning plants to tear down. Saving the planet from global warming is the must for this village.

Hours went by; the plant is finally erased from the city, 40 other fairies collect material that is recyclable,–so it can be turned into new stuff that you’ve never seen before!

It can take days for the entire team of fairies to finish up their job.

Since this beach is not used for tourists, it will be marked as a reserve for the environment. The plant that is used to convert sea water to drinking water is upgraded with windmills,–so it can have power without polluting the air.

What is like to leave coal, and oil out of this village?

I was riding Rosa, the big white cat down the sleepy streets of this village; looks like I’ve warped in my dream. These houses are large, the streets are empty, and the trees are tall. My fairy, Annie is at my house, working with the electric heating system. She’s has a task to do.

There is no sign of fairies at this time. Maybe I’ve ran out of magic. But I have a backup at home. The sun is up all right, but it’s totally cold. The trees are getting ready to be dorment later on. Only both of us are just in this village.

Clean air is circulating everywhere! And the only building that is still running, is the old oil refinery. These workers are about to retire distribution of oil, and coal. They’re going for renewable sources. But 99% of this village has already reduced carbon. Thanks to use of renewable energy.

As rosa and I are entering this house that is beautiful; we decided to go inside to spend the night there.

Inside this house, there’s lots of rooms that are sorted like a hotel. The hallway is tiled with glass tiles. These walls are glossed with clear varnish. And these doors are shiny,–just like metal!

Amy is there, she’s enjoying her vegetarian lunch. Amy: “Welcome to your dream. The ice caps are coming back because, we’ve stopped using oil, and coal. Looks like you are here for a tea party. And you brought Rosa with you.” Rosa: “I’m just a large white cat in his dream. He was riding his fairy earlier. Annie has to work on an electric heating system. And she’s adapting it for the another house later.” “I had lots of fun with my fairy, Annie! Before my dream appeared; Annie and I just ate some tarts,–before we went to sleep,” I said. Rosa: “He started riding me down the empty streets because, his fairy is about to be upgraded for advanced magic.” I dismounted Rosa, and I ran to these empty rooms to set out the tent for tonight. Amy: “I’m the owner of this house! I’ve been wishing to own one someday. My parents told me to get one because, overcrowding is the problem. Right now; I’m focusing on my book what I’m writing. This is an open-source book. That means, everybody can reuse it. And this is our open-source village.” “I’ll come back to the tea room Amy,” I said, positioning the tent next to the drawer,–where the lamp is located.

I ran back to the tea room as Rosa goes to the another room to read the newspaper. Me and Amy are just enjoying our party in our dream. Amy: “Looks like you’ve memorized me in your past dreams that are unusual. But the good news is; your magic is totally active than it used to earlier.” I started to grab 1 scone as I passed down a tart to Amy. She places it on her plate as she fills my cup with tea.. I started to set down my suitcase to eat some scones.

Amy and I are still enjoying our fun. “I remember you! You’re a white mouse,” I said. Amy replied: “You are right! We’re going to explore our entire village because, we’ve chosen renewable fuels for our large village. Everybody is getting fresh air.” Amy passes down a plate of sandwiches as I pass down a bowl of little cakes to her. Each of us keep sharing our treats. About 4 single packs of tea are used during our fun.

After we had a tea party, we decided to explore our village. I hopped on Amy’s back, and rode her out the door. Amy locks the door of her house.

As we explored the village to find any updates; we can see lots of villagers protecting these mountains from coal-miners who are trying to harm our planet. It can be a nightmare for all of us to rip off the mountain tops. But the good news is’ they’re enforcing their laws that will protect mountains from illegal coal-mining practices. Their goal is to keep coal out of our energy source.

The forest is being protected against oil-drillers who are trying to harm our environment. However, the entire village has implemented laws that prevents oil-drillers from drilling for oil, and they also implemented laws that will protect ice caps from melting.

Amy and I just stopped at the old mine,–where they used to mine for coal. Well; it’s a museum now! And they’ve marked coal as off-limits. So they will never mine for coal again. That also enables the subway to go through the old mine to enable tourists to see the mine that is used to be active. Amy: “That’s an old mine.” “The subway is active, we have to be very careful. These trains are active,” I said. Amy replied: “I can hear it. And you are right. Lets take a train to take a closer look. We entered the train station. “All we have to do just take a black line,” I said. Amy: “That’s the train what you’ve just mentioned earlier.” The train stops at the station. We started to board it.

As the train starts to leave the platform, we started to activate our cameras to record the video.

The train enters the mine. We can see piles of coal that’s been left behind. These workers who are formatting, the tunnels for their trains. These old tools has been placed inside crates,–so they can be preserved for a long time.

The coal mine is deserted! And it looks creepy. Amy isn’t scared. She claimed; they’re just tunnels for the train.

After the train ride, we decided to go to the forest, to see if the oil-drillers are no longer there.

As we reached it, we can see some trees that are healthy. But the sick ones are removed. But this forest will be remain intact. There’s no holes in the ground because, these villagers are doing their good job with the forest. Amy and I are just slowly walking down the path.

This is what it looks like when we leave coal and oil out of our village!

Amy and I went back to our house to sleep. We’ve enjoyed our trip because, we had a wonderful time. Annie is still at work. She’s an only fairy who is still active at night. Someday, she will finish up her project.

What happens if we do this same trick in the real world:

  • Our planet will be saved.
  • Our ice caps will be saved.
  • That can save over 1000 mountains each month.
  • Our forests will be safe.

Windmills in the Cold… Cold Environment

Annie is on the quest to help engineers build windmills that will replace a pesky coal-burning plants that are used to generate power. Annie has studied lots of high winds in the cold environment. She did all kinds of things while she’s on duty; she is now patroling the cold ice cap at north of our planet. Her goal is to keep oil-rigs away from the Arctic circle. She always explore the cold places, and think about protecting our planet from these harsh polluters.

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A Fairy-Rider Without a Fairy

The story starts off at my large house in this village. I do have fairies all right; but some of them has poofed out,–due to maintenance, or changes to their fairy system. I can hear Lou and Johny playing games with their legacy pool table. They’re just listening to music as they play. Well, they’re using royalty-free music that is open-source. I’m at the first floor of my house, getting ready for today, and I’m about to go outside, and take a hike. I can hear some people riding horses down the street, looks like they’re going to some farm to entertain themselves or something. My house can muffle all of the clicking outside. Almost all of my equipment what I had built has fully started to work.

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