Large 336×280 Ad Banner

This ad slot is suitable for video, text, image, audio, or an interactive content. Whether if you were advertising a product, service… this ad slot can be used for displaying your movie too. for example; you made a movie that is designed to help women and children who were the victims of rape, exploitation, or any abuse around the world.

This ad slot can share up to four 125×125 button ads; 160×160 banners, and other sharable sizes. With a shared ad banner; different advertisers are grouped together. This is useful if you have ads with a same category.

Dedicated banners are also available if you had an interactive ad, a video ad, an image ad, a QR code ad, promoted article, promoted wiki, promoted movie (or sponsored movies), causes, and more..

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Be sure to provide special instructions when making a purchase to place your ad. You can say for example: Place ad inside ad slot on top of a post of websitename. link to video by using code to link an external video for ad banner, and insert a link.

If you were just submitting a text ad link, a URL and a name of your ad/promoted content is needed. However; if you were about to implement an image ad, or any other ad formats; clear instructions are needed.

For image-based ads

Use your own server, or a third party image hosting service to store your images. You may use a PNG; SVG; GIF; or any other image format.

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